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— Hey, guys! So, today I kinda re-tweaked an old theme that I used when I was roleplaying Yoo Jiae of Lovelyz. But since I realized I would never roleplay her again (sadly), I decided to make it available for your usage. Some people say they really like my themes (although I personally think they suck), so why not “give” this theme away? The base code is not mine and some things might look weird, I don’t know. It’s very simple and clean, and it doesn’t follow the trend theme style roleplayers are following at the moment (but I was never someone who enjoyed following trends, haha). If you have any questions or critics or whatever, let me know! I myself am not sure the whole code is working properly. Please reblog or like this post if you use it! That would mean a lot to me.

The posts are 180px wide.
The pink color is #ffcccc, if you want to change it to another color.
Sidebar image is 460px tall.
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"the way you slam your body into mine reminds me i’m alive, but monsters are always hungry, darling, and they’re only a few steps behind you, finding the flaw, the poor weld, the place where we weren’t stitched up quite right, the place they could almost slip right into through if the skin wasn’t trying to keep them out, to keep them here, on the other side of the theater where the curtain keeps rising. i crawled out the window and ran into the woods. i had to make up all the words myself. the way they taste, the way they sound in the air. i passed through the narrow gate, stumbled in, stumbled around for a while, and stumbled back out. i made this place for you. a place for you to love me. if this isn’t a kingdom then i don’t know what is."

wicked games - the weeknd • holland, 1945 - neutral milk hotel • taste it - jake bugg • east harlem - beirut • it ain’t me babe - johnny cash & june carter • babygirl - anthony green • no hope - the vaccines • everlasting light - the black keys • litost - x ambassadors • changing of the seasons - two door cinema club • forever - haim. 

Okay Avatar RPErs. Here’s what I want from ya’ll. 

A thread where Sokka and Aang talk about Hakota’s death and the Tribe’s search for a new chief and how Aang urges Sokka to go for it. Feels and Bromance. 

A thread where Aang and Zuko argue over something political and it gets more dramatic than it should. As they tend to do. 

A thread where Aang tells Zuko that he met Iroh in the Spirit World and of Iroh’s decision to stay there. 

A thread where Toph tells Aang she’s pregnant. Either time. Or Aang being there when Lin is born, just so I can write Aang telling Toph how beautiful she is. 

A thread between Katara and Aang dealing with the rise of Yakone and his gang and bloodbending ways and Katara taking it very personal and getting way to incolved, and put in danger, and maybe even some how getting arrested for getting in the way or attacking gangs or Yakone frames her for bloodbending or something IDK yet but it would be dramatic and in front of the kids, and Aang would be pissed and that’s why Tenzin got so passionate whenever Yakone was mentioned. 

An AU thread with a Bumi where Bumi was born an Air Bender, and he’s pretty good, but he still wants to join the UN and Aang is not so pleased with this but has to come to terms with letting his son live his own life. 

A thread where Aang anf Suki gotta team up and save the day. 

A thread with Tenzin where Aang feels bad about him training too hard or taking training too seriously and first attempts his tactics of “play training” and its way cute. 

A thread with their Mako, Bolin, Asami, or one of the Air Babies where with tumblr just-go-with-it magic, Aang from the past! and Korra switch bodies. 

ANNNNNNDDDD does anyone want to play with me?

Open ||

He was doing it well. Great, even. The house seemed empty, either the occupants were away or soundly asleep. Nicholas tiptoed on the tiled floor, squinting his eyes in the dim room, with the streetlamp filtering through the thin curtain. It would be plainly visible, Martina had said, the family was one to brag.

Livingroom it must be, he thought, making his way in silent steps. He was peering through the various ornaments when faint steps sounded from the room next door. The boy froze, eyes wide and head swiveling around, contemplating places and crooks to hide. But where?


cough syrup - young the giant • you don’t know me - ben folds ft. regina spektor • don’t leave me [ne me quitte pas] - regina spektor • lover - devendra barnhart • sounds like hallelujah - the head and the heart • she’s thunderstorms - arctic monkeys • breezeblocks - alt-j • hold on we’re going home (cover) - arctic monkeys • san francisco - the mowgli’s • sleep alone - two door cinema club • you! me! dancing! - los campesinos

Jontron quote starter prompts (part 1 of ??)

I’m sorry world (inspired by many a various Jontron episode, in no particular order)

“Fool me once, I’m mad. Fool me twice, how could you. Fool me three times, you’re officially that guy, okay?”


“Now listen here, pip-pip: a racist mind is a racist kind.”

“Until then, I’m gonna give you a kiss, muffin.”

“I mean, what do you put on a goiter? Salve? …SAL–”

“Did I just trip up that robber with a spider and then do a moonwalk?”

“Kick it! Let’s start the party!”

“Far out.”

“Those who can’t teach, preach. Those who cannot preach also preach.”

“Is that a fuckin’ poop rat??”