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magical, truly

pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

summary: You find solace in the huge library in Avengers HQ and it’s always just you there, which is partly why you love it so much. One day, you find Bucky in the library, and you quickly decide the library’s much nicer with him in it. 

word count: 900ish

warnings: just fluff boyz

a/n: this is a little something for my love Anika’s birthday! I hope your day was as amazing as you are @avengerofyourheart

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You walked into the library, fully expecting it to be empty like it always is. You weren’t prepared for the sight of  Bucky Barnes, sitting on the hardwood floor, surrounded by books. Tony would’ve seriously lost it at the sight. Good thing he rarely came down here.

You observed the soldier for a little while, taking advantage of the fact that he hadn’t yet noticed your presence. He’d only been with the team for two months, so you hadn’t had too many encounters with him. Not enough to know more than the basics about him. You knew enough, though, to know that him being this relaxed and unguarded, enough to not have sensed your presence, was a rare occurrence.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I never pegged you for a reader.“ 

The way his head snapped up towards you further solidified the fact that he’d just been in his own little world. You felt kind of bad for disturbing him but you didn’t want him to think you were creepily spying on him or something when he inevitably noticed you standing there and watching him.  He chuckled and seemed to relax a little when he realized it was you. That was a relief. 

 "Well, I’ve always been more of a poetry guy.”

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Shinee hanging out watching TV! Different snacks, lounging habits, bickering over TV programs... :D

i love dorm!shinee bc yeah they’re celebrities but honestly they’re just so normal???? like seriously look at these dorks 


  • starfished on the floor (taemin: *sits on his back* if it fits i sits / onew: *wheezes*) 
  • making swimming motions to propel himself around
  • why is no one laughing at my gag (kibum: bc you killed the joke jinki. it’s dead you killed it / onew: O▽O)
  • tried to use a bag of chips as a pillow and it popped and his head crushed the chips and he’s a lot devastated 
  • the tv isn’t even on yet bc he can’t bring himself to roll the two feet to push the button on the screen 
  • drags his body over and allllmost pushes the button when jong flips it on with the remote 
  • just lies there for a little bit, arm still extended 
  • remembers he has half of a fried mackerel and gets up to munch on that with rice 


  • spinning one of his caps on his finger which flies off almost immediately and smacks minho in the face (jong: LOL sorry but not sorry) 
  • flips on music bank and oh look it’s us~~~ and dances with the top half of his body 
  • aigoo look at the hoobae babies 
  • sitting cross-legged on the couch arm and eating a carton of strawberry ice cream (taemin: are you eating all of that?? jong: yes??? do you have an issue?? / taemin: normal people don’t eat an ENTIRE PINT in one sitting / jong: ok)
  •  looks down at his ice cream but doesn’t feel shame so he just finishes the pint 
  • can we watch a nature show i want to see some whales 


  • is eating chips with chopsticks, it’s called sophistication 
  • jk he just does want cheese dust all over his hands 
  • where’s the remote / ot4: *shrug* 
  • “minho, i think it’s under you” / minho: no it’s not / key: get up 
  • lo and behold, it is there (jong: why is there no trust in this family)
  • flips on his drama, lookout, and keeps commenting how good he looks (onew: you can’t actually ride a skateboard tho / key: NEITHER CAN YOU `ㅂ´) 
  • cutting up apples and golden kiwis and taemin is sitting next to him chanting “give me the knife, give me the knife” (key: nO / taemin: i swear i got better than i was during hello baby) 
  • lee taemin is a liar and should never be allowed to cut fruit ever 


  • SPORTS but 
  • everyone is keeping the remote from him
  • minho do you even understand enough english to understand the games in england?? / minho: soccer is a universal language ok and i am fluent
  • sitting on taemin who is sitting onew and they are watching soccer (taemin: *trying to kick him* / onew: *ceasing to exist*)


  • bored bc despite the constant channel flipping there is nothing on
  • he turned on pororo and they mindlessly watched it for a solid three episodes (jong talks to the characters like they are having conversations with him)
  • “let me see if i can…aha!”
  • he’s doing a handstand bc everything is a little more interesting upside down 
  • but then again, that might be the blood rushing to his head
  • shinee: …..
  • now he’s walking around on his hands 
  • he wonders how long he could do this and is walking into the kitchen 
  • minho: honestly if taemin wasn’t an idol he probably would have had a promising career in the circus / taemin: *still upside down* damn straight 
I'm just saying...

It seems pretty damn possible that Ali is the one who moved that game into her own house, or at least like knew it was going to be there.

1. She has a key to the barn.

2. She sorta created a situation for Aria and her to go in the kitchen and find the game. She asks her if she’s eaten and when Aria says she’s not really hungry, she kinda presses it with “that’s not what I asked.”

I get that that is totally a concerned mom thing to say, but if she had just let her go to bed instead, then she couldn’t have guaranteed Aria was there when Ali “discovered” it.

3. Seriously how TF did she not notice something that huge sitting on her table? I mean, it’s a pretty open floor plan. It’s literally RIGHT behind where she’s standing, and it’s the size of a coffee table.

Laundry • H.S.

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I huffed, shutting the dryer door with my hip as I balanced the basket on my hip, walking out the laundry room and into the living room. This was the third load of the day and I was deeply regretting packing both mine and Harry’s whole wardrobe for our vacation in Greece.

I set the basket on the floor, sitting criss cross on the white fluffy rug in the living room, surrounded by piles of folded clothes and paired socks. 

“Harry, can you help!” I shouted out, hoping to hear the sound of footsteps coming from the upstairs bathroom where I heard the water stop running and the door open. 

I carefully folded one of his silk shirts, putting it in the pile that was meant for hangers when they were transported into the bedroom. Soon enough, footsteps came down the stairs slowly and I turned my head to watch my tanned boyfriend walk down the stairs with just a white towel around his waist.

I smiled big, leaning back on my palms and looking up at him as he hovered over me, small droplets dripping around from his still wet hair. “You called?” He smiled, looking around the living room at the piles of clothes. 

“Can you please help?” I begged, pouting with big eyes and a jutted lip hoping to persuade him easier. I watched his face scrunch up before he leaned down to pick up a pair of boxers I neatly folded, dropping his towel and quickly slipped on the pair of boxers. He walked around me, sitting across from me and picking up on of my bralettes from the basket.

“You should wear this one day,” He nodded to himself, slowly folding the lacy piece before lightly placing it near the rest of my bras and underwear. I stopped folding the pair of jeans and looked up at him.

“Babe, I wore that yesterday,” I giggled, shaking my head and watching his eyes widen, looking between me and the bralette he just set down.

“I took it off s’quick I couldn’t even see it!” He defended himself, winking at me with a smirk on his face before grabbing a t-shirt from the basket.

After a few minutes and a now empty basket of laundry, I let out a breath, finally finishing the laundry that’s been piling up for days. I stood up, setting my hands on my hips and looking down at where he still sat, legs crossed in nothing but a pair of boxers, his hair laying almost flat from being wet.

“Y’know we still gotta go grocery shopping, mum’s coming over tomorrow.” I sighed, rubbing my temples, stressed over thinking about having the house perfectly clean for Sunday dinner with his family.

“S’what we doing just standin’ ‘ere, let’s go bub.” He snapped up, grabbing my shoulders and spinning me around, leading my up to the bedroom. “Gotta get dressed, th’ both of us.”

“All my clothes are down here you bum.” I laughed as he tried leading us to the stairs before stopping in his tracks.

“Shi- you’re so smart bub.” He said, turning my back around and tapping my nose. “Anyone ever tell ya that?”

“A few times,” I shrugged it off, laughing along with him before we searched for something decent to wear from the floor of our living room. Clean clothes this time.

(this was originally called domestic, donut be confused grasshoppers)

okay this might be some sort of a mini series, only because the idea of Domestic!Harry makes me so happy. Folding laundry, grocery shopping, the whole nine yards…

also sorry for any mistakes, i’m delusional at the moment :)

My heart is with Manchester right now, everyone please keep them in your prayers. Music is meant for love, keep that in mind and stay positive. Love you guys, stay safe x

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Kylux + 15 ("Shhh, they'll hear us") please? :)

(Modern Benarmie, for your reading pleasure!)

They are in a part of the college library that other freshmen hardly ever frequent, only the grad students hard at work on their theses, and library assistants who want to take a break and sit down without being scolded. It is on an upper floor but it feels like a basement, because there are no windows and hardly any light. Dust motes hover like fairies in the dimness. It is finals week and hot. The air has risen up to this infernal attic, and they have been wilting into one another, sweating nice and sweet while they kiss.

“I want to ask you something,” Ben says, and Armie hushes him.

“Shh. They’ll hear us.”

“They?” Ben asks, quieter, but more irritated. “Who’s they?”

Armie points. There are two librarians coming around the corner, talking about the finer points of next school year’s budget, and Ben and Armie flatten themselves against the shelf where they’ve been standing, kissing each other hot and stuffy and sweaty in the close musty air. It feels like ten minutes before the librarians are gone, though it’s probably shorter, since it just seems like an agonizingly long time. Armie’s hand stays soft and clammy on top of Ben’s, rubbing the top of his hand with his thumb.

When they’re certain they’re alone again, Armie turns to Ben. His face is half-hidden in shadow, but his eyes are bright. Mischievous, almost, except Ben has never seen him engage in mischief

“Okay,” Armie says, soft. “Okay. Tell me what you wanted to tell me.”

By now Ben has just about lost his nerve. He’s been overthinking as they waited, tethered to his desire to say it only by Armie’s hand.

“Tell me,” Armie says again. 

He should just say it.

“What are we going to like. Be. When next semester happens.”

The dust is irritating Armie’s nose, and he rubs it with his free hand. He hasn’t taken the other one away from Ben’s.

“What we are now. Or, I dunno. More, maybe. I guess it just depends on what you want.”

“I don’t know what I want…”

There’s a pang of hurt in Armie’s eyes, Ben can see that even in the dim light, and he hurries to explain himself. “I–I don’t know what I’m allowed to ask for.”

“Allowed? You can–you can ask for whatever you want. I guess, within reason?”

They both sound so uncertain, like they weren’t just kissing with the deepest degree of confidence, like they weren’t both thinking they had never kissed anybody that just felt–right–that way. The spell seems, well, not broken, but interrupted. Ben is wondering how to get them back into that comfortable groove, worrying that he is responsible for the universe going briefly off kilter.

“I know I want to keep–doing this.”


“Sure. More than that. If you like.”

Armie squeezes his hand. “Will you wait for me? This fall, can we…?”

It is an agonizing length of time to wait, sure, but it is something to anticipate. It is worth being three hundred miles apart all summer long, if it will lead to this.

“Of course I will.”

“You have to promise, Ben.” Armie pretends to sound huffy, but he can’t, he just sounds tender. “I’ll only accept it as a promise.”

“I promise,” Ben says, unhesitatingly.

And that is all Armie needs to let go of Ben’s hand so he can pull him closer for another kiss, another, another, until they cannot stand the warmth anymore and go in search of air conditioning. 

(Not So) Innocent Night

Originally posted by leojuseyo

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut (Exhibitism? Sorta??)

Word Count: 1.3k

Not Requested

-Admin Sonsee

It was supposed to be just an innocent movie night with your boyfriend, Yoongi, and the rest of the Bangtan members.

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Kit - Alfie Solomons

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your imagines! I had this idea floating where I would love to see Alfie and (maybe) a little sibling or his kid interact w each other but like the kid is like… Autistic so they get bullied a lot. IDK. It’s been bugging me. However you’d like to interpret it. @thinkingsofamadwoman

Kit - Alfie Solomons

“Kit, let the dog alone for a moment.” Alfie commented, catching his son’s attention.  

The eight year old stood up and came over to his dad, keeping his eyes trained on the desk, carefully running his small fingers over the engraved wood around the edges. He had been sitting on the floor petting the dog and cuddling him.  

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Bad Girl Ch 24: Are You Sure You Want To Know?

I’m back! Did you miss me? Maybe not after this chapter!

Yixing’s POV

A few of us are sitting in the living room, scattered on the couches and floors waiting for Suho and Jooyoung to return from their date. The youngest three are whining about when will it be their turn and other stupid things. Jongdae is on my left typing mindlessly on his phone, doing some tech thing that I can almost guarantee is not legal, not that I really have room to judge. I should be doing some thing work related but I can’t get myself to leave knowing Joo could be home any moment. I much prefer her small frame in my arms compared to cutting up barely alive people for their precious organs in a cold, half assed surgery room built in a random warehouse. Though that doesn’t sound too bad either.

The sound of someone rushing into the living room gets me excited, only to crush my dreams when I realize it’s just Xiumin. I’m about to turn back to the TV when I notice his heaving chest and trembling hands. There is a thick coating of sweat on his forehead as if he has ran a mile.

“Hyung?” Tao questions first. The five of us in the room all look to him confused.

“I-I know where the song is from.”

For some reason that puts all of us on edge, “The song?”

He nods, “I kept thinking I knew where it was from I just couldn’t place it but now…”

“Where is it from?” Chen is on the edge of his seat, obviously annoyed with the elders beating around the bush.

“The-The videos. The ones we got when Jooyoung was taken. It plays in the back round, behind her screaming,” He closes his eyes for a moment, as if trying to keep those horrible images at bay, without much luck.

“Did you go back and watch them?” My stomach twists at the thought of looking at those again.

“I had to. I had to know…”

“But Joo always sings it to comfort herself,” Kai points out confused. “If that song is connected to Block B shouldn’t it scare her?”

It dawns upon me, “It’s Jiho’s song. Which means Jiho is connected to Block B.”

“Does that mean…” Sehun looks at us with concern in his eyes.

“Yes, it means that Jiho was involved in Joo’s kidnapping, and that’s going to fucking destroy her,” I grumble rubbing my face.

“Do you think Jiyong knows?”

Jongdae sighs, “Probably.”

“What do we do?” Tao wonders.

“We can’t tell her,” Xiumin and I say together.

“Not until we have actual proof of his involvement,” Chen specifies.

Kai huffs, “How do we confirm that? If Joo finds out we are investigating him she will want to know why and if don’t we give her a reason she will hate us for not trusting her to trust the right people.”

“She obviously can’t trust the right people,” I snap. The younger looks down, obviously frightened, I have to take a deep breath to calm myself. “I think I know someone who could help us out.”


“Haneul, she probably already knows everything that’s going on.”

“If she knew this was going on why didn’t she tell us? Joo could be in danger, doesn’t that worry her at all?”

I roll my eyes at him, “I know you are young Jongin but don’t be stupid, that isn’t how our world works. Plus Noona already helped Joo out a lot from what I hear. She is also the one who helped us get Joo back so don’t be rude.”

“I’ll get the others, hopefully we can figure this out before Suho brings her home,” Xiumin rushes off to grab the others. I pull out my phone and text Haneul, Can we talk right now?

It only takes a moment for my phone to go off, NO –T

I roll my eyes. Taemin is such a jealous bastard, though I don’t imagine I would be much different if guys texted Joo. I wait until everyone has joined us and for Hyung to explain before glancing at my phone again.

Fine –T

“What is going on?” Kris asks, both annoyed and concerned.

“We figured out that the song Joo hums is from the videos of her getting beaten to death,” Tao seethes, glaring down at the floor as if it was to blame.

“What?” Luhan’s eyes go wide.

Chen continues our findings, “We think Jiho is involved in Block B since he is the one who sang the song to her.”

“What are we going to do?” Chanyeol whines.

Baekhyun joins in, his voice just as whiny, “We can’t let her leave with him tomorrow! What if he doesn’t bring her back?”

The room breaks out into chaos, everyone yelling over each other, the youngest look their about to have breakdowns, horrified about what he could do to her again. Kris is just pissed, along with Kyungsoo, they roar on and on about how they knew he was bad news, blah, blah, blah. Luhan and Xiumin just look a bit shook up, Luhan from the news, and Xiumin, I’m assuming from the videos and realization.

“Ya!” I yell, gathering everyone’s attention. They all take a large step away from me, regardless of age they all look terrified. “Now that I have everyone’s attention let’s talk about this calmly before I murder someone. Okay?” They all nod. “Great, now I’m going to call Haneul noona because there is a good chance she knows what’s going on. I’m going to put in on speaker as a courtesy but if you guys offend her in anyway I will not be the only one out for blood okay?” Again they nod.

I pull out my phone and dial her number that I know by heart, placing it on speaker as promised and placing it on the coffee table in front of me.

“What?” A rough voice answers.

I roll my eyes, “Hyung I don’t want to talk to you, I want to talk to Noona.”

“I can pass whatever you want to say along-“ There is a very non manly yelp followed by a few crashes and whines. All normal things.

“Hello!” Haneul sing songs.

“Noona, I need your help.”

There is a pause and more whining, “What can I do for you Xing?”

“I’m calling about Jooyoung and Jiho.”

“Oh! I’ve been waiting for this call for the last few hours! I haven’t heard much, my link in the precinct has been pretty hush hush about the whole thing. They were so stupid for even trying to get Joo to flip on Jiho, idiots,” She snorts.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Kris blurts out.

“Am I on speaker?” She questions.

“Sorry, Noona, I forgot to tell you my brothers are in he room. But Kris hyung is right, what are you talking about?”

“You mean you didn’t call about Joo getting arrested today?” She muses like a child who let out a secret.

I glare at every single one of my brothers before the have the chance to blurt something else out, “Please elaborate.”

“It was no big deal, something about realizing Joo might not be a fake and trying to convince her to turn on Jiho and Jiyong, thinking they are the white and black dragons.”

“Okay, we will talk to her about that when she gets home but for now we need to talk about Jiho.”

She hums.

“How is here related to Block b?”

She coos, “Xing, you are stepping into dangerous territory. This shit won’t come for free.”

I groan, forgetting that I freed her from her debt, meaning I need to strike up a new deal, “What do you want?”

“I thought you guys were friends,” Jongin mumbles.

“Was that Jongin?” She chuckles.

“Nini!” Taemin yells happily.

“Princess we are talking business, go away or shut up,” Haneul snaps. “Kid, you must not have done good as a foot soldier, just cause you are friends with someone doesn’t mean you loose your professionalism, especially someone in my particular area of expertise.”

I glance at the younger who is looking away, he hadn’t completed his foot soldier days because of our father’s death when he was 14. He learned his murderous tendencies from us and Taemin and a little experience in the mafia world but he knows nothing of what it’s like to be anywhere but at the top. He never learned about working for information, I mean really working for it, doing things and making deals I don’t wish to look back on.

“Can we get back on track here?” Xiumin suggests calmly.

“Of course! Now Xing, what are you willing to offer? I’ll take information, money, embarrassing stories about Tae.”

“How much are you asking for?”

“Depends what questions you are exactly asking. Ask your questions, I’ll write them down and think of a proper price for my knowledge.”

We all share a look, Xiumin comes up with the first, “Who exactly is Jiho?”

Our gazes move to Luhan, all of us assuming we are going by age at this point, “How was he involved in Jooyoung’s kidnapping?”

“What does he want from her?”

I let Baekhyun and the youngers go first, “Does Jiyong know about him?”

Jongdae runs his fingers through his hair as he tries his best to pick just one from this mess, “Does he want to hurt her again?”

“How long has he been in her life?”

Kyungsoo asks the question that has me worried, “Is he in love with her?”

“He won’t take her from us again, will he?”

“How much power does he have over her?”

Sehun takes a deep breath and asks, “She isn’t in love with him too, is she?”

“Xing, finale question?” Haneul hums.

“How much is it going to destroy her when she finds out he is involved?”

She just hums for a minute before sighing, “Eleven questions. Most of those are pretty easy to answer, simple yes or no, so those shouldn’t be too expensive, but Xiumin-ssi’s question is pretty hefty, along with Luhan-ssi’s. I’ll do a family discount so about half a million should be pretty good.”

Without hesitation we all agree.

“If I had known it would be that easy I would have asked for more, but whatever. So let us start from the top. Woo Jiho, also know as Zico, the leader of Block B, more popularly known as now, the white dragon’s right hand man. 24 years old, born in the Mapo District of South Korea. Had and older brother but he was murdered along with his parents when he was young. He grew up on the streets gathering a bunch of other misfits and psychopaths to create Block B. Is that thro enough?”

We are all dead silent for moment. Are you fucking serious? Fuck being involved he lead the shit that happened to her! It takes all of my strength not to go out and murder him right now. I have to rest  my for head on my knees and take deep breaths. I can’t even care about my brothers are feeling at the moment, my head is spinning with the news. How could we have not known? How can she not know? How the fuck can Jiyong let him anywhere near her? I’m going to fucking murder him too at this point! Yixing no, I tell myself, deep breathes, no murder.

“I’m taking your silence as a yes and moving on. Hope you boys are ready, you asked a lot of questions if you can’t handle it tell me when to stop. Next question, ‘how was he involved in Jooyoung’s kidnapping?’ Well lets see! As the leader he was hired to investigate and pursue her to gain her trust. It worked incase you can’t tell. By the way, for being such protective assholes you guys really should have done a little more when it came to sending her to Jiyong. Jiho literally walked her to him every Tuesday during the summer. But at the same time I guess it was good because it gave her time to dig her claws into his soul and at the end of the day it saved her from a much worse fate. Back to the kidnapping, so while the rest of Block B was acting like their normal selves with her Jiho wasn’t around for the punishments and recordings. He just made sure things didn’t go to far.”

She doesn’t even give us a minute to process, “Since I have a feeling you guys won’t want to respond to that either lets keep this moving. He wants nothing from her that I can tell. If anything he wants her safe and happy, in that order. Of course Jiyong know!” She scoffs as if it was obvious, “It’s impossible for him not too. That is why they are basically at each other’s throats half the time. Jiyong hates Jiho for hurting Joo, while Jiho hates Jiyong for getting her involved in all of this in the first place. Are you all still with me?”

I don’t even know if I’m fucking alive at this point. There is so much going on in my head I don’t know where to even start. But I find myself saying, “Yes.” It’s better to get everything out now, I’ll organize my thoughts later.

“Perfect! Lets see, Jiho would never hurt Joo, not counting the whole kidnap thing, he is completely harmless when it comes to her so no worries there. Be more concerned for your own safety, if you try to tell Joo about this in front of him he will murder you in cold blood right in front of her. As for how long he has been in her life, they first met after that detective tricked her into thinking you guys hated her. So when ever that was.”

“Noona wait,” I stop her before she has the chance to answer Kyungsoo’s question. The large eyed boy stares me down. “Give us just a minute okay? Let us process all of this,” I thought I could take it but this answer has me on edge. What if he loves her? What the hell are we going to do? We can’t just get rid of him then, can’t pay him off, nothing if he is really there for her and that beautiful smile of hers’.

“Minutes up Xing, I have things to do so if you want your answers it has to be now,” She pressures me gently. She is right, we don’t need her to answer this one.  I don’t want her to but Kyungsoo snatches my phone away and demands it. “This one I’m not 100% sure on to be honest. I feel from what I’ve seen that he loves her like a little sister but there is always the chance he does. So no worries boys, he isn’t out confessing his love for her like Jiyong did. Now calm down and put me back on the table Kyungsoo.”

The younger boy obeys, obviously confused on how she knew he was holding the phone but doesn’t question it.

“I don’t think he has any plans on taking off with her but with this rising tension he might so keep an eye on him. When it comes to power, I think she holds most of it. He can sway her opinion slightly but if she is dead set on something he can’t budge her. As for your question Sehun, rest assured she has no romantic feeling for him. Her heart is already consumed by you men, okay?”

The youngest hums a quiet thank you.

“Last question,” Haneul takes a deep breath and says, “She will be absolutely crushed. Her world will fall apart when her last support beam falls. I know you all hate Jiho but he is good for that girl. He holds her up even though she can stand on her own, she needed that support system with you guys gone. He built that girl up and I have no doubt he can tear her down. Because without him she will have no one she can trust completely.”

“What about us?” Kris sneers.

“You guys burned that bridge. She will love you forever but there will always be something in the way of complete trust.”

“Can I ask one more question?” Sehun surprises us by asking.

“Sure Love, this can be a freebie.”

“How do you know all of this?”

It is her turn for a moment of silence before she spouts her usual response, “I am Haneul, the woman who knows all.”

“No! I’m not accepting that as an answer!” Sehun snarls, ignoring the glare I’m giving him. “You know way too much for being an outsider! How do you know? Did Jiyong tell you? Zico?”

She sighs, “Be careful kid, watch that mouth of yours, I’m doing you guys a favor by telling you this.”

“I’m curious too,” Luhan admits, staring at the phone.

“You guys leave it,” I warn them.

“How are you not curious to know about how she knows exactly when Zico ran into our baby’s life? That is a very specific thing that only the two of them should know about, so how the hell does she know?” Baekhyun snaps.


“Xing, don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to.”

“Please?” I find myself begging.

“I may or may not have a connection in Block B that is not Zico. That is all I’m saying on the subject, if that is all I’m hanging up.”

“You can’t just hang up!” Kai yells. “How could have let Jooyoung around that man when you knew what he had done to her? When you knew what she had gone through? Did that not make you feel guilty? Did you not think she would want to know these things about her own life and the people around her? How could you be such a cold hearted bitch?”

“Ya!” She roars over the phone. Fuck. “I swear to god you little punk I will come over there and rip that disrespectful little tongue out of your pretty mouth. I owe that girl nothing. She should open her eyes and realize it on her own that every person in her life is a lying bastard. But she doesn’t, she looks at the pretty life in front of her and decides that there is nothing else to it. That is no ones fault but her own.”

“She is just a child,” Xiumin snarls back. “Why should she have to look past it?”

“Because look where she fucking is! You would think she would realize by now there is more to this world than rainbows and unicorns but she hasn’t. One day she will have to look beyond that and realize the world is much darker than she could ever imagine.”

“She won’t ever have to do,” Luhan stammers out. “We won’t let her see that darkness.”

“Than you all should stop asking questions and play dumb along with her,” Hanuel hisses. “Because the moment she knows that her right hand man is the man behind the mask is the day she sees the darkness and realizes she really has no one she can trust.”

The line goes dead and we are left staring at each other. Kris is the first to lash out, he grabs the nearest vase and chucks it at the wall, it shatter into a million pieces into the carpet. I am not cleaning that up.

“Do you think it’s true?” Sehun mumbles to me.

“Which part?” I groan rubbing my eyes.

“That she doesn’t trust us?”

Chen scoffs next to me, “She trusts us, but not the way she trusts Jiho or Zico or whatever. It’s true, everything that Hanuel said is true. Our baby is going to hate and run away if we tell her. She will have no reason to stay.”

“You don’t think she loves us enough to stay,” Chanyeol shoots back.

“Oh she loves us but she’ll feel so fucking betrayed that she will just up and leave without looking back. She’ll leave Jiyong, Jiho and us because who would want to be surrounded by men like us.”

“We are nothing like them!” Baekhyun snaps.

“We are no better!” I correct. “We are the whole reason Jooyoung is in this mess. We are the ones who took her and forced her into this little idea. Of course she lashed out and latched on to a man who forced her to do nothing but be herself. We made her do that. No matter how you put it, it comes back to us. This is all our fault! I wish we never fucking asked! I don’t want to know about any of this!”

Just then the front door opens and the sound of heels click through the house, Jooyoung appears in the doorway holding a balloon in one hand and a stick of cotton candy in the other, “We’re home!” She yells happily. Her perfect green eyes are lit up like the fourth of July. She dances on the thick heels of her shoes with ease, in jeans and an oversized sweatshirt she looks so young, so little. Suho appears behind her, beaming as well. The atmosphere quickly shifts, everyone smiles despite the aching in their hearts and beam back at our little angel.

“Baby!” The youngers coo together, she rushes to them, cotton candy and all and joins them on the floor. She doesn’t seem to notice the tension still in the air but Suho does. He has a silent conversation with the eldest before replacing his grim expression with his one smile from before.

“Baby why don’t you and the younger boys go upstairs and get ready for bed?” Suho suggests.

“You are with me tonight Baby,” Jongdae jumps to his feet regardless of the fact he was not part of that group. He just wanted to get away from the conversation that is about to just start all over. Him and the three youngest, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun leave the room with bright smiles on their faces as if the last hour hadn’t happened.

With them gone Suho looks to us with a scowl, “What the hell is going on?”

“You are going to need to sit down for this,” Luhan recommends.

I don’t know if this is any good or makes sense but I’m going to bed and sorry for not updating All my idols, I’ll do it before the week is over, promise!

anonymous asked:

Can you pleaaaaseee continue the fight between Cindy and Salty AF! Neeks BC you can NOT just end it without the satisfaction

Anon 2: Please tell me there’s going to be a continuation of the fic you just posted where Cindy flips out and almost fights Nico bc she saw Carter and Joseph kissing. Please please tell me you’re going to write more I need to know what’s going to happen.

Part 1

“I murdered my boyfriend.” Will pressed a steaming mug of tea to Nico, who was sitting on the floor next to their son. Nico passed the mug onto, who took it and held it tightly against his chest. Will was afraid he was going to burn himself.

Carter had all but had a complete meltdown after Nico and Will came back inside without Joseph. He told his fathers that he understood that they couldn’t intervene, but that he couldn’t believe they just let Joseph go without trying to stop him. “If she comes at us with legal action,” Will had stated simply, trying to calm down his panicked son, “we can say that Nico hit her on self-defense. She hit him first. If we didn’t let Joseph go, then we could all be arrested for kidnapping. He’s under eighteen.” Carter was still shaking, and Nico wrapped his arm around his son’s shoulder.

“Bean, Joseph knew what he was doing when he went out there,” Carter set his head on Nico’s shoulder, and Will wanted nothing more than to envelop both his husband and his son in a hug. There was the matter that Nico was still bleeding from his cheek where Cindy’s ring had cut him, but Will didn’t think Nico would want to be tended to right now. Carter was their main priority. “You know him better than anyone. He’s trying to do what’s right. All we can do now is let him know we support him and offer him a safe place away from his mother.”

Of course Nico was right, but Will knew that look in Carter’s eyes. He wanted to run to his boyfriend’s house and wrap him in a blanket before carrying him back home. Their house was more of Joseph’s home then his own house was. “She’s going to hurt him,” Carter mumbled. “She’s going to hurt him and it’s all my fault.” Nico glanced up at Will, helplessness shinning in his eyes. Will sat down on the floor in front of his son, trying to give Nico a reassuring smile. Even after seventeen years, Nico still didn’t always know exactly how to handle Carter’s emotions and reactions.

“Carter, listen to me,” Will set his hand on his son’s knee, “Joseph’s only a few months away from turning eighteen. Then he can leave Cindy’s, and of course he’ll come stay with us. But until then, she is his mother. I know it hurts, but I want you to understand that you didn’t do anything wrong.” Carter takes a shuddering breath and nods, and Nico hoped that Will finally got through to him and maybe he would start calming down now.

Nico didn’t expect his son to turns towards him with his big, wet, blue eyes though. Nico’s breath caught in his throat at the sight of his son so obviously miserable. “I’m so sorry. We were careless. We never thought Cindy of all people- in the window- and your cheek is bleeding because you were trying to protect us and-” he started crying again and Nico could only pull his son close to him.

“Don’t apologize for loving someone, Carter. Never apologize for love. I chose to throw a punch at Cindy because I chose to protect your love. Please, never tell anyone you’re sorry that you love someone.” Nico kissed his son’s temple, letting him cry on his shoulder. Nico wished he could do more, but all he could do for Carter was assure him that he didn’t do anything wrong and didn’t hurt anyone.

For now, all they could do was wait and see what happened.

This was more damage control

I’m sitting on my boyfriends living room floor, while other people are being people elsewhere in the house. And it’s not dark but it’s not bright and I’m having a drink and listening to the mountain goats and I’m alone. I’m alone. I’m alone. And this is a blessing and this is a terrible thing and this is something that used to be true and its something I can’t afford to believe doesn’t have to be anymore
But Gabe and Kristi are helping me get my stuff out of the apartment, are being so nice when they don’t have to be, everyone’s being so nice when they don’t have to be
And today was terrible
Things are going to keep being terrible.
Things are going to keep hurting and I used to love honey and maybe that’s the worst part
That you can love someone so much and it can just not matter. That you can come out of that much love and hope and give that much and be left… this. Left terrified and lonely and sure that you were stupid for ever trying. Stupid for not getting out when you could. All that love and all that pain and he still left you. Left this stupid thing who is more mess and chaos and sadness than girl.
But I don’t have to be anything right now. Other people are being people. Right now I can just sit here on the floor and I can be alone and I can listen to this one song until even I’m sick of it, or until part of me believes it.
I’m gonna make it. I’m gonna make it through this year if it kills me.