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the first time somebody bakes a cake especially for isak, he’s four years old. it’s half vanilla half chocolate, and the edges are burnt black. across its face is scribbled elsker deg in a trail of lumpy blue icing, and it’s- perfect

even has it wrapped up tight in a raspberry box, bow nestled lopsided on the lid.

isak’s huddled himself up small in the corner of the hospital’s playroom, and he’s crying, knees tucked in against his chest, dimpled hands over his face. even sits down on the floor in front of him, cross-legged. squints his eyes a little around an awkward smile when isak peeks through his chubby fingers to glance at him - isak’s cheeks are even puffier than usual. 

“i want my mom,” is all he says. quiet, thick voice sticky against his palms. 

even scoots closer, lifts his shoulder nervously. he’s two years older than isak and even he hadn’t been allowed in isak’s mom’s hospital room - he too had been ushered into the dumb playroom with all the drooling babies.

“baked you cake,” he whispers. isak doesn’t respond, so even reaches out, strokes the curls back so, so gently from isak’s forehead. he’s seen isak’s mom do it before, when isak’s small and sleepy in her lap. “look? here.” 

it takes a few moments, but when he peels the lid away, isak eventually drops his hands so that he can carry out an inspection. crosses his legs and leans in over his knees to peer inside at even’s creation. 


for a moment, until he scrunches up his pink-tipped nose, and huffs, tipping his chin up defiantly when he combs out even’s gave, “wha’s it say?” 

oh, even remembers, jaw dropping, isak’s not in school yet. he can’t read. 

“it’s ‘kay,” he smiles. he wriggles around on the floor, shoes squeaking against the linoleum, until he’s sitting at isak’s side. as they both lean back against the wall, he takes isak’s hand softly and tugs it over. 

he traces the letters slowly with isak’s fingers as he reads aloud, “elsker deg.”

isak- doesn’t smile. doesn’t laugh. but some of the hot, black ice in the bottom of his tummy melts, and he nods, and when even’s busy tearing a piece of the cake off for them to share, he leans in - and presses a kiss to his friend’s cheek. 

“elsker deg,” he says. 

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as long there's fighting going on, imagine Sherlock going up to John's room a couple days after the wedding and sees the ashtray he stole from Buckingham palace sitting there on the end table, a beautiful memory of the laughter they shared and how close they'd been and John had just left it behind when he moved out (because it was too painful to look at, but Sherlock doesn't know that), so he sits on the floor and stubs out cigarette after cigarette in it, trying to make it disappear #fightme

Are you sure he didn’t break it into pieces? Only to realize what he has done moments later. Then tries to pick up the broken glass and cuts his hand. Blood dropping in the glass. Broken glass inside, outside. Heartbreak..

Lies || one

He comes to visit after a month.

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Word Count: 2,5k

Genre: Smut & Angst

It’s silent. I can only hear my breathing and the slightly sobbing. I’m currently sitting in the middle of the living floor. The view of the city was magical, but all I could think about was the slightly pain in my heart. I haven’t felt this way before, but today it hit me. This was something big and I didn’t know, why I felt this way. Maybe the fact that I been locked inside this apartment for a month all alone.

I hear him pull up in front of his apartment. Yes, this is someone else’s apartment. I can’t help myself to feel relieved, even when I’m supposed to be mad at him. It quickly turned into anger. I decided not to open the door. After all, this is one of his apartments, so he has the key to it.  I pretend to be focused on the night view of the city, that I didn’t notice him arrive.

I hear him fiddling with his keys, when I have been worried sick for a whole month now. I shouldn’t expect much from him, but not letting me know if he was okay a whole month straight. Was just a shitty move, even for him? Once the door was open, I hear his footsteps. He takes off his shoes, before walking to the living room. My phone lights up signaling that I just got a message. I picked it up and went on messager. I pretended to be disinterested in him. I hear him clear his throat and walk further towards me.

Hye: Me and Seoyoung are wondering if you wanted to come join as in the club on Friday or are you busy?

“Tell them you’re busy. I don’t want you to go to the club and I don’t understand why you’re even friends with those two. They’re both sluts and you know it”, he said behind my back.

I just grip hard onto the phone. He didn’t have the rights to tell me what to do, not after this. The blood rushed through my body fast and it was filled up with a mixture of anger and hurt. I just rolled my eyes, two can play that game. I knew he was standing behind me waiting for me to reply. The perfume he had on, let me know that he was in a suit. He must have came straight here after work.

Y/N: Fine by me. I was supposed to finish my choreography, but that can wait. See you guys in school tomorrow.

“So you’re in that mood”, he said and straightens his back.

“Of course I’m in that mood, you fucking left me for a month with no phone calls. Hye and Seoyoung may be the sluts of the school, but they’re at least nice and around me. Something you’re not” it sounded like yelling.

I stood up and faced him. Looked straight into his eyes and I didn’t notice a tear trailing down my cheek. I didn’t expect crying in front of him, but I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I been holding all this inside of me for a month and I’m about to explode. I didn’t care if he would start yelling at me for crying in front of him. I’m already emotional, because of this day.

“Sometimes I surely hate you, Kim Taehyung. Like why? If you’re already bored of me, just kick me out then. I know you just been with girls for few months. Like why be with me for a year. Why not just leave me after few months, just like all the other girls? Please, tell me it. Just say it, I’ll leave immediately.” I said more tears trailed down my cheek.

I just wanted to kneel down crying, because my heart was shattered into pieces. Why was this day so emotional for me? It’s like gun shots coming straight to my heart. It hurts so much, and I don’t know why it hurt that much. Why does it feel like I’m going to die? I should be happy that he’s here, not sad.

He just looked at me with no emotional in his eyes. This just made me more frustrated and mad. I felt used and betrayed for some reasons. Wow, he came here to make a fight. Why isn’t he answers me? Is this true? He’s here to kick me out. I should have noticed it, him being away for a month. He probably already find a new one to play with, but I surely didn’t want to leave.

“Are you just going to stand there or say something? You’re probably here to kick me out aren’t you? Fine, I take that as a yes” I said and turned around waking towards the front door.

I’m doing this. He doesn’t want me anymore. I should have noticed it, him acting weird. I didn’t own anything here anyway. My parents haven’t contact the police or done anything. I don’t remember anything anymore. It’s like my memories have been removed and placed with lies. The only one I trust is here kicking me out on the streets, where he once found me. This was just making me sad. I felt empty, even when he was here.

He suddenly grabbed my wrist making me turn around. “Like what have gotten into your head? I told you, it was work. Do I have to repeat myself multiple times for you? You don’t know how much I wanted to call you, but I was busy” He said with a raised voice, I didn’t want to look directly in his eyes.

“Fine, but I’m going to Hye and Seoyoung” I said and turned around once again heading to the door, but he was stopping me by holding onto my wrist harder.

“Can’t allow that. I’m betting that their already busy with visitors and I don’t want them to include you in it”

I had to drag him with me to the bedroom. He wasn’t letting go of my wrist. In this point I was mad at him for sure. My blood was boiling and I just wanted to curse out at him with all my pain. “Can you please let go of me? Or do you want me to cut your hand off” I said, while gritting my teeth together.

He eventually let go of me. “Don’t run away then”, he said and I just walked straight to the wardrobe. I on purpose let the door be open, so he could just look in. He was seated on the edge of the bed. My clothes went quickly on the floor leaving me just in a bra and panties. Before wearing an oversized t-shirt, I unclipped my bra. “Aren’t you going home?” I asked, while having my back against him.

“Can’t I stay in my own apartment? It feels like you’re the one kicking someone out here”, he said and I could feel him smirk.

“Then you can stay here and I can sleep on the couch”, I said, while walking out of the wardrobe.

When I was about to past him, he grabbed my wrist.  "Why are you mad at me? I told you that I was going away for weeks", he said, while placing me on his lap. I just focused on the door, ignoring him. He wrapped his arms around me, not wanting me to go. This actually felt good I missed him, but something inside me didn’t want this.

“Taehyung, I’m tired. You should had texted me or called, that you’re coming over. Come back tomorrow or something”, I said trying to stand up, but his arms were stopping me.

He started kissing my neck and I could feel his bulge press against my ass. How much I missed him, I couldn’t give him what he wanted. Not today. I had so much on my mind and I just wanted to sleep. My head was going side-to-side trying avoiding his touch, every single girl would do whatever to get this chance.

“Can we do it tomorrow? I’m extremely tired, please”


He lifted me up and slightly throw me on the bed, before hovering over me. “Please, don’t be mad at me” he said and in a second he smashed his lips onto mine. It wasn’t that rough, but I immediately melt under his touch. He bit my under lip asking for entrance and I let him in. My arms were wrapped around his neck. We fought about dominance, but he won in the end.

It didn’t take long, before he was just in his boxers. He was sucking on my neck leaving hickeys. My hands went through his soft hair. After awhile he started kissing on my collarbone down to my breast. When he put one of my the nibble in his mouth, while one of his hand cup my other breast, I started to moan. “The perfect body” he said and smiled.

His other hand slide down my stomach to my panties. Every time he touched my body made me wetter by the second. He pulled my panties down and the cold air hit my wet core making me gasp. “Already wet” he smirked and his finger slides through my folds. “Ah~” I moaned. I knew this was just making him harder then he already is.

“Did daddy’s baby girl miss him?” He asked with a tilt head and a smirk was plastered on his face.

I just nodded my head. “What?” He asked and I just sighed. “Yes, daddy” I said with my innocence voice. I gasped, when he put two fingers inside of me. He didn’t start slow, he was bumping them inside of me with a fast pace making me moan multiple times. He was back on sucking on my breasts and my hand went through his hair. His thumb was rubbing on my clit making me come faster.

“I’m going-” I couldn’t finish my sentence, because he pulled out his fingers. “Someone have been a good girl” he said and pulled his boxers grabbing his hard length stroking it. I could see precum come out of his tip. “Do you want this?” I just nodded my head, but he wasn’t satisfied with my answer. “I want it, please give it to me” I begged.

He slammed his hard length inside of me. I moaned, while he groaned. He started slow letting me adjust to his side. “You’re so tight” he said with gritting teeth. “Faster~” I said and he fastened his pace. The room was filled with moans, groans and skin slapping. He was sucking on my neck once again, making him deepen himself inside of me. His trusts was hard and deep making my head throw back in pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum~” I said and felt then climax in my stomach. “Don’t cum, until I say so” he said with a strict voice. He flipped me around my face facing down on the bed, while my ass was up in the air. It didn’t take long, before he slammed himself inside of me once again. He started trusting fast and hard. I held onto the sheets, while moan into the pillow. To deepened himself, he lent forward giving my back kisses.

It was hard holding my climax in, but I was too tired for his punishments. I hear him groan and trying hard not to moan. The skin slapping was loud, because of how fast he was slamming himself in me. I was crying into the pillow, because it actually hurt to hold it inside. “Just come” he said and I immediately clenched around him. Making him groan, on how tight I was around him. It didn’t take long, before I felt him fill me up with his cum.

He slowly trusted making himself jerk all of his sperm inside of me. After that he rolled over and grabbed my waist pulling me down with him. “I missed you” I heard him said and I felt a kiss on my shoulder. My body felt exhausted, so I fell asleep.

I woke up alone. What did I expect? The first thing  on my mind was taking a shower. I stepped out of the bed and the floor was ice cold, making me shiver. I turned on the shower and the warm water hit my skin. This felt extremely relaxed. After showing I wrapped myself with a tower standing in front of the mirror, seeing the hickeys on my skin. “Should I cover it up or just let it be?” I said to my reflection and decided to let it be.

The outfits I was wearing was ripped jeans, a black sweater with a low neck paired with plain Timberlands. I walked to the desk to grab my bag. I wasn’t hungry, so I just grabbed a apple and a energy bar. The way to school was just normal, people staring at me. Like I’m a kind of celebrity. I don’t understand why, but maybe the hickeys is the reason for today’s stares.

“What’s that?” Hye pointed at my neck. “Haven’t you seen hickeys before?” I said sarcastically. “I think, she means. Who putted them there and wow their huge?” Seoyoung said.

“Just a guy” I lied, no one here knows about Taehyung. We walked inside the school and I honestly looked like a slut with the huge hickeys on my neck and collarbone. “Like how? You don’t even go out” Hye said surprised. “That doesn’t mean, I don’t invite guys to my apartment” it felt like I betrayed Taehyung, but I was just talking about him. We arrived to the classroom and I sat down on my desk.

The teacher didn’t mind the huge hickeys on my body, I guess she’s used to it. It’s not a week, when we don’t see one of the girls have hickeys on their neck. I mean Hye and Seoyoung. Their known as the school’s sluts and they have fucked all the boys here. “Y/N, the nurse wants to talk to you” I looked at her confused, but just nodded my head. I stood up from my seat and headed to the nurse office.

When I came there. I slightly knocked on the door and heard her say come in, so I walked inside. I sat down on the chair across her desk. “Are you feeling okay?” She asked and I nodded. “You have been behind everyone and you’re the best student here. It must be hard living on you’re own. You know you can always talk to me”, she said and looked at my hickeys. “Yes, and don’t worry about them. No one forced me. You can say it was a stress reliever”, I said and smiled.

“Could I go? Or do you want to ask more questions. Feel free to do it, but I don’t know if I can answer them”, I said and she just shook her head. All the others in the class was probably in the dance studio, so I headed there. I was surprised, when I saw who was in there too.

Flashes - Part 8

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Bucky x Reader

Words: 1,461

Warnings: Angst (I’m back to my moody self), swearing

A/N: Um… wow. Well, my tired ass finally finished this chapter and it was by the end of the week! Woohoo! :D Anyways, I hope you like this part (I’m getting dark and dreary again, lmao) and feel free to send me feedback, what you think, any requests or just asking for a tag! Thanks for reading! :3

And that would be exactly how you ended up getting the spare room next to Natasha’s room, with you nervously sitting on the floor and leaning against the bed.

You had no idea how to feel. You, some random post-war veteran with a soulmate who didn’t know that you were his soulmate, were actually in the freaking Avengers Tower. Well, if that wasn’t a sight to behold for anyone looking at your half-pathetic life. You felt completely out of place here, and it didn’t help that no one had bothered to talk to you about what would be happening next, having left you here for a good twenty seven minutes and counting. You could already feel the anxiety creeping up on you.

Sighing, you picked at the carpet with your fingers, pulling at the individual strands of fur as your way to keep your hands occupied for now. You glanced around the room. Well, for starters, it was a pretty amazing room. Modern and sleek, just as the rest of the tower had been. In fact, you’d been so busy gaping at the furniture that you didn’t even notice Natasha Romanoff entering.

Then again, you wouldn’t have noticed her in the first place, her being a spy and all.

“Hey,” Natasha began, her half-raspy voice sounding like honey to anyone’s ears. “How’re you going?”

“Okay, I suppose,” you replied half-heartedly, glancing at her form in the doorway and watching as she shut the door behind her and smirked at you. “I mean, the room’s great—”

“But I can tell something’s bothering you,” Nat replied, politely cutting you off. You sighed and shrugged, yet again tugging on your sleeves. Nat’s eyes trailed down to the movement, and you might as well be able to hear the cogs turning in her brain as she thought this out.

“You have anxiety?” Nat inquired. Although you could sense the following questions after this, you let yourself be led on.

“What makes you think I do?” You said, answering with a question. She smirked down at you somewhat fondly, liking that someone else was so similar to her even though she’d met her only once. But then again, Natasha was constantly thinking and puzzling, and right now, she was trying to puzzle (Y/N) together.

“Well,” Nat conceded. “You’re definitely a vet. I can see that. You have a jumpiness within you because you remember the battlefield. And you have a thousand stories to tell.”

Well, wow. That was actually a pretty good description, you mused to yourself. Does everyone here have a degree in analysing people and their stories?

Probably not. Then again, you were in the tower where several elite spies, ex-assassins and meta-humans lived, so what did you know?

“You’re not wrong,” you conceded, smiling a bit at the redhead who had taken to sitting down next to you. “I was in the army. But that no longer really bothers me.”

She full-out grinned at you, revealing her pearly whites. “Oh, I already like you.”

You felt slight relief bubbling in your chest. For starters, you would most likely not get murdered by Natasha Romanoff. Second, at least someone liked you, right? That was— that was important. To be loved. And cared for. Something that someone like you direly needed in your situation.

Then, she added, “By the way, I showed up to tell you that Stark’s arrived. He wanted to see you above everything else. Says that if there’s a hype about some civilian, then he wants to meet said civilian.”

Oh. You felt yourself grow a bit cold, the usual anxiety replacing the temporary joy you had been feeling. The thought of meeting Tony Stark…? Terrifying. Hell, you’d just met several assassins and super-humans — which you were still trying to get over from — and now you’d also meet a pioneer in engineering and the guy that had had a hole in his chest. Well, great.

Swallowing down your fear and trying your best to muster a brave face of ‘I’m fine and totally not dying inside’, you replied, “Sure, let’s go.”

The two of you stood up and you already know that your change in demeanour had thrown Natasha off. Of course it did. Honestly, you tried. You fucking tried your entire life — ever since your moods of hopelessness had hit — to calm down, to be happy for once. But it never really happened. You always somehow lost that shaky grip on your emotions, always screamed at someone to shut the fuck up, always shut them out with ‘it’s nothing’s and ‘go away’s.

And when you were finally ready to try and get help, there was no one there.

So you’d turned to trying to shut those emotions out. Saying ‘I’ll be fine’, ‘it’s nothing’ and ‘just need a distraction’ to those who raised any concern. It was the only way to go. And even though there were days where you would be able to lift your lips up into a smile, you’d still end up bawling for a solid hour at two in the morning. Because somehow, that’s where you’d always end up; in a never-ending, torturous cycle of guilt and sorrow.

Following Nat out of the room, your thoughts simmered in your head and made your heartbeat a bit more rapid, however not the good way. It was a quick, echoing thump that made your blood feel cold, your insides unhappy and you being unable to pull the almost-constant frown off your face.

After a series of twists and turns through the hallways which made you sure you would never find your room again (unless you clung to Natasha like a koala-bear), the pair of you made it into the lofty living space of the Avengers.

Glancing around, you saw Steve, a young-looking teenager (why was there a teen in the Avengers tower?), a man in an absolute exquisite suit (that must be Tony Stark) and Clint, whom you’d already met. The four men turned to you and Natasha standing in the hallway, and Nat shot you a reassuring smile before waltzing in.

Except, as reassuring as that should’ve been, for some reason right now, it wasn’t.

“And this must be (Y/N),” Stark called out, his arms spread out like the showman he was. He had sunglasses on although he was inside, and you assumed it was a habit of his. Then, the billionaire stood and strutted over to you, holding out his hand, “I’m Tony Stark, but you might’ve heard of me.”

A small wave of panic rushed through you as you could feel several sets of eyes on you. Hesitantly reaching out, you shook the billionaire’s hand carefully, your grip a rather decent one that you’d developed in the army. He seemed to notice and whistled lowly.

“Damn, that’s a tough grip,” he smirked at you, but as you met his eyes, you finally came to realise why he had been wearing sunnies. He was hiding several thorough layers of emotions beneath those chocolate orbs, and the top layer of feelings you could see in those worn eyes was pain. It was paining him to be here — for obvious reasons that the killer of his parents was in the same building as him. That, and the argument he and lots of his team members had had just recently — a wound he’d been reluctant to open.

In some ways, you pondered, these people — all seemingly glorious, yet cracked on the inside — were similar in ways like yours. They were just like citizens that had been picked for the greater good. They were mere humans at the end of the day.

Suddenly, you felt a cold rush fill your veins. Out of the corner of your eye, you spotted Wanda rushing into the room, a shocked and mildly terrified expression wearing her features. You didn’t know why, but all of a sudden you felt… invaded. Like someone was there, knowing your every thought and feeling every inch of your skin like a second soul. And no, it wasn’t the pleasurable feeling of the bonding of two soulmates that you’d constantly heard of — it was something different, something that felt like it was strangling you with invisible hands.

Wanda’s lips formed soundless words. Your vision began caving into a tunnel. And for some reason, you didn’t even know why. And the worst part would probably be that you couldn’t stop it.

So as you tried forming a single word, a cry for help, anything, you felt your world tilt, your head feel like it was being torn to shreds and nothing but hollowness.

And then, just like it had always been in your life, there was darkness.

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He’s SO skittsh. Before now he’d only let me pet him once or twice before running away. But I was sitting on the floor and he was coming over for a pet, running away, coming back, and then I stopped reaching out to pet him and he came over and headbutt my knee

and then I went and sat on my bed and he JUMPED UP and he was being skittish at first but then he was rEALLY RUBBING MY HAND AND HE WAS PURRING AND HE FLOPPED ON HIS BACK AND LET ME PET HIS BELLY


Dad’s disclosures about the house include, but are in absolutely no way limited to:

  • One time a raccoon died under the house.
  • The kitchen floor squeaks by the back door.
  • He has no idea how the timer for the sprinklers works.
  • At one point in time we had seven dogs (six of which were puppies).
  • The door to the circuit breaker box is bent because one time he forgot to close it before closing the garage door.

I mean, they’ve lived there since 1980. A lot of shit happened. He also provided names and phone numbers of anyone who ever did work on the house. The only thing the buyers have requested is that my parents replace the back bathroom toilet. Which, fair enough. That thing is old and never looks clean and doesn’t even sit flat on the floor.

Almost got caught

Jungkook was sitting down on the floor in their practice room. He was alone since everyone else haven’t reach yet. They just got back from the fansign event earlier on. Jungkook was so deep in thought about what happened at the fansign. He was almost caught. Jimin almost found out about his feelings.

Okay, here is what happened. Jiminie hyung was walking around with the large pokeball plushie and i was sitting down posing for a selca when i felt something soft hit my head. I knew it was jimin hyung who threw the plushie at me. I just smile it off. Jimin took the plushie in his small hands and walked towards me.

Suddenly i felt shivers run down my spine. His hand slowly make his way around my neck. Caressing my neck oh so sensually. My eyes automatically closed. I have to say that i was enjoying every single moment of his touch. I have a weak spot around my neck area and jimin hyung touching that spot doesn’t help me at all. I closed my eyes feeling his small but warm hands around my neck area. It really felt so good. I am feeling it too much. Suddenly, i can feel his breath around my ear. My body tensed up at the sudden action. “HE’S TOO NEAR!!” my thoughts was in a mess. I can feel him coming nearer. Suddenly i heard a whisper, “Jungkook ah” . Was it my mind playing or what? Thats definitely jimin’s voice. My body shivered at his voice. It sounds so…“needy”?or maybe i am just too delusional.

I can feel him coming nearer around my neck area. Suddenly i heard a kissing sound. Two times. I know he didn’t really kiss me but the thought of jimin hyung kissing my neck makes my body hot. It all happened very fast. My description may be long but everything was just too short for my liking. He let go of my neck gently and walked away.

I quickly stood up from my seats to distract myself. Beside me i saw Jin hyung looking so suprised at the sudden event. I, too was shock. I stood up and walked the other side. The fans totally saw my face, i was legit enjoying it too much. Shit..

After that event, everything went back to normal except, i can’t help but keep thinking about it. I tried not to look at jimin hyung too much even though i wanted too. Finally we finished our fansign event and bid goodbyes to our ARMYs. When we were backstage, i keep feeling that someone is looking at me. Maybe my imagination again haahha.. i am getting paranoid after the incident.

We quickly pack our stuff to leave the building. Everyone went out already, leaving me with Jin hyung. I was too focus on keeping my stuff that i did not notice jin hyung standing beside me.


I jumped at the voice

“Woah jin hyung! You scared me!”

All jin hyung did was giving me this weird evil smile. I have a bad feeling about his smile.

“So..Jimin huh?”

I gulped nervously at what Jin hyung had just said. Did he notice?

“W-what do you mean hyung?”

I tried to play it off but my voice didn’t even help at all. Jin hyung smirk at me.

“I saw everything kook-ah. Control yourself abit yeah?”

My eyes widened at what Jin hyung said. He knew! Shit

“W-what? Hahaha hyung you are so funny!!”

“You can’t lie to me JK. I knew everything from the start. Just know that i have your back. I am sure everyone do.”

I was abit touched by what Jin hyung said. I never told anyone before but he knew. I honestly thought i was going crazy and everyone would hate me. I guess i was wrong. I sincerely smiled at jin hyung.

“Thanks hyung..i really thought you guys would hate me..and thought that i am disgusting or what..”

“Oh come on JK! You know, we except jimin and you, talked about this before after we saw you always looking at jimin with those heart eyes and following him around. We thought that if there is a possibility that you like jimin, we will support you. Everyone is supporting you!! So don’t worry.”

I was shocked that everyone talked about this before.. i guess there is really no need to worry. What i am worried about is how to not get caught by jimin..

“Kook,i am sure Jimin feels the same”

“But hyung, you can’t be sure..i don’t want to spoil what we have”

“Its okay. Don’t think too much. It will be fine”

I smiled at his comforting words. I was about to say something back when i heard the door to our waiting room open.

“Guys, we are going off soon.”

My body stiffened at the voice. I turned my head towards the voice. We made a brief eye-contact which had my heart beating so fast.

“Oh Jimin! Okay. We are coming. I will go first. Faster and packed up JK!”

Jin hyung pat my shoulder and squeeze them lightly to give me some sort of assurance. Jin hyung walked out first leaving me and Jimin. I was so nervous with his prensence here. I quickly packed up my stuff. I knew jimin is looking at me because i can feel his stares. “So, what were you two talking about? It took you guys a long time to come out” I was taken aback by the sudden question. Jimin doesn’t sound too happy.. My mind was in a mess trying to find the perfect answer to the question “O-oh we were talking about food” nice jungkook,nice-.- “Hmmm..” Jimin doesn’t sound satisfied but it seems like he won’t ask anything again. I am glad that my back is facing him. If not, he can see my face. I was shocked when Jimin hyung backhugged me oh so suddenly. What is he doing omgomgomgomgomgomg!! Even though he is a bit shorter than me, he can still reach my nape area. I can feel his breath on me again. Omgomgomg i am freaking out. My heart is beating so fast. I hope he doesn’t notice it. Ohshit. “Why are you taking so long?” He fuckin whispered at my ears. Wth park jimin. I was so flabbergasted that i stuttered “I-i was finding umm m-my phone!” i try to dig around my bag trying to really find my phone. Where the heck is it??! “Hmmm..“ I gulped my saliva when he still doesn’t let go of me. I am about to die but i really enjoy having jimin hyung close to me. He smells so good and i feel safe with him. I smiled inwardly. I shivered when jimin hyung slowly rubbed my abs. What the flower! I bit my lips not trusting my voice at all. He kept rubbing my abs slowly. Carassing my stomach with care. He kept going until i am done packing. He finally let go of me. I let out a sigh of relief. Phewww. That was intense. I tried to act normal. I looked at him in the eyes like normal but deep inside i am dying. He is so beautiful. Omg. Does he know what he does to me? He is so perfect.. “You done?” “Y-yeah” great job again jungkook -.- Jimin smiled at me gently. “Lets go then. The others are waiting” He took my hands and lead me out of the room. I looked at our hands. This is nice.. it felt nice having jimin hyung holding my hand. I smiled gently at the thought. I am so whipped

Side note: Okay guys.. i don’t know how the spacing got like that at the last paragraph-.- but hopefully you can read it. I tried fixing it but its still the same. I don’t know why. Still i hope you enjoy it. I am not good with english and grammars so pardon me. Hopefully you guys enjoy it. Maybe part 2 coming up soon ;)

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I don't know if it's just me but I find it very touching when Carrie sits on the floor with Quinn in the psych ward. She is very sensitive to his emotional state. I've always been a Carrie fan and I love how the writers have been showcasing her growth of empathy over the seasons. Love watching my Carrie Girl blossom!

Me too! She is very attentive to Quinn, and even when he freaks out, she tells him she is “on your side”. And the she beats herself up later on the phone with Conlin for “making it worse”. She isn’t going to let another “9 days” happen, which is why I think she is the one who reached out to Astrid. 


26th February 2017

Happy Sunday 🤗✨ For some reason I absolutely love Sundays because I get majority of my work done.

Today, I took to the floor because I was tired of sitting on my desk and worked on Intellectual Property, reviewed some I.P documents, cases and tried to work on some problem questions. I’m quite satisfied with the rate at which I’m working 😊

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Can I have a Supernatural ship? I love to read, am a total nerd/fangirl, have brown hair and hazel eyes, and I'm average height. We all know Sam's my favorite...😉. I could spend hours in a bookstore or library. I love Star Wars and Harry Potter. I love kids, dogs, and cats. I am a history nerd...I aslo share Sam's fascination with serial killers.

Supernatural: Well I guess it’s a good thing he’s your favorite, because he’s who I ship you with! Sam is like a tall Cinderella who’s head over heels for you. Between the bookstores, Harry Potter, and love of animals and munchkin kids, he can’t get enough of you. Obviously you’re much shorter than him. So when you try to be all romantic and braid his hair he literally has to sit on the floor. The best date of all time is a Harry Potter marathon while drinking homemade butter beer.

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The Originals: Nobody really see’s Rebekah as the nerd type, but she’s not all badass and hot looks. Hidden underneath that thick accent is a book worm and obviously somebody who knows her history. Neither of you really fight with the other. That is unless it’s over a historical fact. She always claims since she’s over a thousand years old she knows what she’s talking about. You say she was daggered for a good portion of it and doesn’t know jack squat. Overall, you keep each other on your toes.

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last hours snippet

Will had been sitting on the floor, the rug bunched up under his feet, with his back against Tessa’s legs. He looked up when Jem came in, and Jem, in his Silent Brother robes, went over to Will and sat down beside him. He drew Will’s head against his shoulder, and Will held the front of Jem’s robes in his fists and he cried. It was the first time it had ever occurred to James that his father might cry about anything. — Chain of Gold, The Last Hours Book 1

#mollyhadthenightwatch 😔
  • *221B*
  • Sherlock & Molly: *sitting opposite each other*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Sherlock: *reaches for his phone*
  • Molly: *sits up*
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* Relax. I'm ordering takeaway.
  • Molly: *frowns*
  • Sherlock: *smiles* For two.
  • Molly: *folds her arms*
  • Sherlock: *sighs; hands over his phone*
  • Molly: *stuffs it in her bra* I'm ordering *goes to the laptop*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *eating chips*
  • Sherlock: *staring at her*
  • Molly: What?
  • Sherlock: You answered the door like that?
  • Molly: *confused* Like what?
  • Sherlock: *shakes his head* Nevermind. I could snap you in half.
  • Molly: *raises her eyebrows* Excuse-
  • Sherlock: *annoyed* If I wanted to, Molly. I could easily overpower you. What makes you think you stand a chance?
  • Molly: *giggles* Try me.
  • Molly: *pinning Sherlock to the ground; smug* Satisfied?
  • Sherlock: *his face pressed into the floor* You're deceptively strong.
  • Molly: *stands up; smiling* And don't you forget it.
  • Sherlock: *jumps up; brushing himself down* By the way, that was arousing.
  • Molly: *gives him the look*
  • Sherlock: *sits down* Sorry.