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Prompt: “You’re so clingy. I love it.“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

A/N: I came across this prompt and felt like writing a random drabble.

“Ackles? What are you doing here?” Jared’s met with a surprise visitor at his front door, it’s his best friend Jensen and he’s grinning like a total idiot.

“Figured I’d just stop by to say hey. So…hey.” Jensen barely waits for his friend’s reaction before pushing past him to enter the beige colonial house.

“You’re so fucking transparent.” Jared declares striding fast into the living room. He plops down onto his lazy boy and waits for the inevitable question.

“You’re…alone?” Jensen scrunches his nose while examining the area, he’s trying to find any kind of evidence proving that you’re there.

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it doesn’t take forever

A/N: I wanted to write a little blurb about Eggsy Unwin because THAT MAN but it basically ended up being a plotless 1,108 word dissertation written simply for fun (and to fulfll my dreams). Hope somebody enjoys and sorry for any typos! 

Small plot synopsis: Eggsy asks the reader, who’s his best friend, to move in with him because they’re soooort of like a couple, right? There’s just a lot of waffle before that. I’m sorry…

Pairing: Eggsy x reader

Words: 1,108

Warning: a teeeeny bit of cussing… :o 

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What looks like an Italian Renaissance painting catches your attention and you do a bad job of suppressing your amusement at the idea of your best mate owning such a fancy thing. Eggsy, who’s in the kitchen making drinks, obviously hears you laugh because he asks what’s funny, looking slightly defensive as he stands in the doorway.

“Nothing,” you tell him innocently. When he looks unconvinced, you gesture around casually. “It’s all just very… fancy.”

“I suppose,” he muses, glancing around the living room.

“You suppose?” you gape. “I’ve seen worse hotels! I’m scared to sit down in case my jeans mark the couch!”

He rolls his eyes, re-entering the kitchen as he accuses, “you’re bein’ ridiculous,” over his shoulder.

“I’m not, Eggsy!” you deny, pulling a face when he appears again, this time holding two glasses of amber liquid. “I hope that’s Red Bull.”

This draws a laugh from him and even you grin thinly as you join him on the sofa, Eggsy shooting you a pointed look when you initially teeter on the edge.

“Don’t be a wally,” he says, tugging on your arm until you’re nestled in the cushions alongside him. Your face grows warm as his hand slides up your arm and over your shoulders.  

“Who did you say left you this house? A distant uncle?”

He shakes his head. “A colleague of my dad’s. I heard they were close.” His expression turns sullen suddenly, like he’s mourning an old friend.

You take one of the drinks and hold it aloft. “Well, whoever he was and wherever he is now, may he continue to sip the strongest whisky as he sits among kings on a gold throne in a fancy arse suit.”

He smiles and clinks his glass with yours. “I’ll drink to that.”

You both neck your liquid comfort, you humming in surprise when you realise it’s lager.

“Y’know, it’s a pretty big place,” he says, his pensive tone suggesting he’s thinking out loud. “Here by ‘imself… a bloke could get lonely.” He deliberately avoids your eyes, focusing on his index finger as it traces the brim of his glass. The implication his words carry isn’t lost on you but his sudden reticence is out of character.

You and Eggsy have been friends for years, and you’ve never really known him to be anything but poised, a bit wicked and, at times, maybe a bit of an exhibitionist. Even after nasty run-ins with his stepdad he always seems to have little trouble picking himself back up again. His inability to let things affect him for too long is something you’ve always admired about him. That and how unwaveringly loyal he is to those he loves.

Now, however, he seems unsure; almost timid.

“You’ll never be alone,” you insist, keeping your face stony when he turns to you. “You’ll always have JB.”

Eggsy tugs at his bottom lip with his teeth, looking over toward the corner of the room where his pug is laying in his own plush bed, spread flat on his back, tiny legs twitching while he dreams.

“The world’s deadliest beast,” he derides, shaking his head fondly. “Daft as shit.”

Your chest does its annoying little habit of compressing when Eggsy’s free hand finds yours in your lap and starts fiddling with your fingers. You peek sideways at him, and, as you expect, he still seems too absorbed in the sight of JB to notice he’s doing it.

What may be a surprising fact about Eggsy is just how tactile he can be, even if it is a subconscious trait. There have been numerous 24 marathons you can recall where your interest in the show’s story shot straight out the window as soon as Eggsy took it upon himself to rest his hand on your knee or idly play with your hair.

You’re sorry to admit you have no complaints about this. In fact, maybe that’s the problem. His supposed proclivity for needing to touch you somehow has – inevitably, you suppose – completely changed how you see him.

“What d’you reckon then?”

“About what?” You blink, pulling yourself from your reverie.

“Movin’ in with me,” he proposes simply.

You choke out a laugh. “You want me to live with you? I mean, you want to live with me? Together? Here?”

“S’what I said, wasn’t it?” He laughs, but you’re struggling to see the joke.

“Yeah – but – it’s kind of…”

He waits patiently for you to finish but increasingly looks disheartened the longer you’re silent.

You inhale deeply, more so to gather courage than anything. “It’s what couples do, Eggsy.”

His brow furrows as he mulls this over. “We’re practically a couple though, aren’t we?”

“We are?” Your eyes widen.

He shrugs blithely. “We do everything together. You’re the person I spend most of my time with cause, I realised recently, you’re the person I wanna spend all my time with. We always go to the cinema and the pub and there’s no one in the world I trust more.”

You grin, unable to pass up an opportunity to tease him. “And in your eyes going to the pub automatically makes us ‘official’?”

“You really going to focus on that part and ignore the much more romantic shit I said?”

You bite the inside of your cheek, taking it all in. “I didn’t know you felt like this—”

“It’s been on my mind for a few weeks,” he admits with a nod, “since I was told by a certain someone that you’ve fancied me since Year 9. At first I was like, ‘no way’ and told them to fuck off and stop making up stories. But eventually I came around, saw what everyone else saw.”

“And what’s that?” You wonder warily, slightly horrified to be hearing all this.

He wriggles his eyebrows. “The way you look at me.”

You flatten your palm against his face, gently shoving him away and granting yourself a moment to think of a clever response. That plan backfires however when he snatches your hand and pulls you closer.

“So what d’you say?” The grin on his face is complacent and you hate it as much as you love it. “Wanna be roomies?”

You can smell his aftershave (is he inching closer?) and you think of how humiliating it is that he’s known for weeks about your eight year old crush on him (he’s definitely getting closer) and you’re not sure how exactly you can laugh your way out of this one when you catch his eyes flicking down to your mouth.

Panicking, you say, “There’s a stuffed dog in your loo.”

Eggsy laughs and kisses you finally.

Kinda really concerned about Vanitas’s head tho. He literally was thrown into a brick wall and blacked out, and compared to a lot of injures of others we’ve seen in this series he’s holding his head a whole bunch, and also he already basically had a panic attack and still fucking DOVE INTO HELL and please…let him sleep but wake him up periodically in case of concussion.

  • Shiro: So, how did it go?
  • Keith: I asked him how he was doing and-
  • Pidge: And then he shot you.
  • Keith: What? No! That's not what happened at all!
  • Pidge: Alright then, what did he do?
  • Keith: *mumbles* He ran away screaming 'Not today satan'.
this place is home to us

Genre: smut. don’t be mad.

Pairing: phan. dan and phil. phil and dan. who else?

AU: Punk x Punk because I don’t see this enough

Warning: Swearing, sex, the usual. Top!phil bottom!dan

Author’s Note: send me asks/requests!!! I will write them!!!!! I need prompts!!!! also keep this out of the main dnp tags pls ty

Phil dangled his feet off the platform of the train, swinging them with the wind that travelled through the cars. He picked and bit at the skin around his nails. The bite of the February air stung his nose, making his already pale skin turn red. He could hear the train tilting, with the metals shifting against each other. Phil had nothing to worry about, though. These trains, this station, hadn’t been in service since 1978. These trains weren’t going anywhere.

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Jailbreak with Fifth Harmony
  • Normani: *on phone, talking with Lauren*
  • Normani: You want me to help you get out of jail?
  • Camila: Jailbreak! Tell her we're in.
  • Dinah: I'll put on a dress and distract the guard!
  • Ally: I'll be sitting in the car with my feet on the gas pedal... just in case.
Because I just had to run myself through this checklist

You! Yes, you! 

  • Have you been slumped in front of the computer(s) for a bit? If you can, get up, stretch, and walk around for a minute.
  • Blinking! There’s been no sign of the Weeping Angels lately, so you should blink a couple times and rest your eyes.
  • Drink some water!
  • Have a snack!
  • Are you a caffeine-imbibing lifeform? Have you had enough caffeine, or have you forgotten that you have a cup of tea or coffee sitting next to you?
  • Did you take your meds? (And, in my case, have you finally gotten up and taken the Advil Cold & Sinus you meant to take two hours ago for this headache?)
  • Stretch some more. Have another drink of water.

Okay, now you can go back to what you were working on. 

When it’s all over – Jeff Atkins x Reader

Summary: This one shot was inspired by two aspects: I saw the 7x16 chapter of The vampire diaries and I took inspiration from the last scene, (I won’t say spoilers just in case) and then, I was sitting in my bed listening to music when this song appeared, I listened carefully, more than once and I said “this is perfect for what I have in mind” and here it is. I must admit I was crying when I finished writing this one shot. I put my heart and the pain I felt when I saw the scene of Jeff’s death in the serie. I hope you like it.

I heard this song while I was writing.

Words: 3408

Reader’s point of view.

Enjoy it!

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“No more supplies”

One of the boys approached our circle. Our laughter was cut but happiness didn’t go away. Undoubtedly, Jessica had been excellent with the organization of this party, what a good way to start the new course. I was having a great time, I couldn’t stop laughing with Zach, Montgomery and Jeff; Great idea of ​​the latter to insist that i attend, right now i would be at home in the armchair watching knowing what series on Netflix, but certainly boring.

“That’s my sign,” my boyfriend said after taking a sip of his soda. “I’m the only one sober of you, it’s my turn, idiots.” They all laughed and raised their glasses in Jeff’s direction.

“I’m coming with you”

“Are you sure? I won’t be long”

“I go with you” I insisted with a smile “This way I make sure the provisions arrive complete.” He let out a laugh.

“Y/N Y/N!”

The boys started chanting to me, and my boyfriend shook his head; But soon they changed the name and now called Clay, to join our gathering outside of Jessica’s house. I had a lot better when the social circle was small, but I liked Clay. He wasn’t like the others.

Jeff was the only one who approached him to talk, while the others made sure to tell me what kind of beer they wanted, they made me feel like a alcohol dealer considering that none of us were legal age to drink, but what’s more, I wasn’t going to against the wishes attributed by a party and the adolescent hormones swarming in the air. I said goodbye to the boys and walked to where my friend and his best friend were.

“You drive?” I heard Clay say.

“It’s coca cola, my friend. Two beers two hours ago, I’m good”

I rested my arm on Jeff’s shoulder and nodded in agreement.

“It‘s true. He’s the most sober guy you’ll ever meet in the whole party.” Clay smiled and shrugged. I looked at my boyfriend. “I’ll wait for you in the car. Come with us, Clay”

I walked to where I knew his car. Of the two, tonight was he to be the driver, not that I drank too much, but if it got to the point of getting dizzy. Usually we took the time to take the other home safely after a party, it was a fair deal. I was grateful that this incredible party wasn’t my turn to drive. I leaned against the passenger’s door and looked at my fingernails while I waited, even in the distance, the music was still listening as if my ear was taped to one of the speakers, I was still surprised that the neighbors didn’t call the police yet, If they were going to do it, I’d wait outside while Jeff and I were out, didn’t intend to spend the rest of the night in the police station for having brought beers. I imagined myself returning to it with arms full of bottles, then my body against the hood of the patrol; I felt crazy when I started laughing at that idea.

A few minutes later I saw my boyfriend walk towards me. I got out of the car to meet him with a smile, I ran my hands down his neck and gave him a short kiss on the lips. I was almost sure that he wouldn’t come alone but I was wrong.

“And Clay?”

“He went home.” He shrugged before giving me another kiss.

“He’s a weird guy.” I chuckled.

“Yes but also a good guy.” He let go and I did the same reluctantly. I loved to always be close to him, to feel his body under my hands and to know that I wasn’t dreaming of having someone as great as Jeff Atkins “We better go, there are beginning to notice the alcohol drought”

I laughed and nodded. I watched as my boyfriend opened the door and went to his. When I turned to get up, I felt a pressure in the chest that made me fall back; I took a hand to this and I stayed still. My heart began to accelerate, my hands felt sweaty. Jeff stopped in front of his door.

“Are you okay?” He questioned me.

I shook my head.

“I have a bad feeling” I looked at my boyfriend “Maybe we shouldn’t go” I whispered.

“Everything is fine, Y/N, I’m really sober”

I shook my head. Why do I begin to feel restless? Why a bad feeling right now?

“That’s not why” I murmured feeling the anxiety hugging me from the ankles to my hair, I could feel it moving through my veins.  “Jeff, please, stay"

He circled his car again to stand in front of me and take me by the shoulders gently, he smiled at me and, although that sometimes calmed me, this time wasn’t the case. Even though I was still very restless, little by little I would begin to lack oxygen. I thought that staying here was a better idea and that was another, we would find someone sober, we could stay and keep laughing with the boys.

“Stay calm, my love. We’ll be back in ten minutes.” His hands went up to my cheeks. I looked into his eyes. “Would you rather stay?”

Stay alone? I looked at his car and shuddered. The point was that the two of us would stay here, safe from a presentiment that couldn’t know what it was.

“Maybe the store is already closed, we’re just going to waste time, Jeff.”

“You’re getting very pale, you better stay, I won’t be long”

Jeff gave me a kiss on the forehead and released me, when he did, I felt another pang in the chest. No, I couldn’t let him go alone. Without saying anything and even with the restlessness, I got into the car and put on my belt with mechanical movements. When he did the same, he looked at me worriedly, his frightened gaze returned, now i was worse after not convincing him to stay.

“I’ll slow down if you prefer. We’ll be fine, okay?”

My throat was dry so I just nodded.

To buy the supplies, I left him alone while I stayed in the car trying to calm down. We had arrived well, there were almost no people in the street and much less other cars, nothing could happen to us in that case, right? We were both going to make it to the party. We wouldn’t leave until the next morning, being able to drive in daylight would be best, even if I had to do it myself and break our agreement.

While I waited I made sure to look in the rearview mirror, every few minutes a single car passed, we would find almost none on our return. I took a deep breath, the restlessness wouldn’t leave, I would do it when I stepped on Jessica’s house, with an arm full of bottles and my free hand fixed on Jeff’s. I’m not going to let go of him at any time.

“Are you calmer?” His voice startled me as I opened my door and left the beers at my feet. I helped him adjust the bottles.

“Yes” I lied. I knew he was worried. He already had the worry of managing as slow as he could to not disturb me, now adding my status, it wasn’t appropriate that just now he was aware of how I was and/or my reactions “I think they are wanting to start killing for the lack of alcohol” I said a joke to ease the tension, especially in myself. Jeff smiled and nodded.

On the way back, my eyes fixed on the dashboard clock, we had been out for at least eleven minutes, mostly because of the slow speed my boyfriend was driving. I rolled my eyes to his profile, concentrated a hundred percent in the street, I had always liked to see him drive, never told him that he looked three times as handsome when he did. I smiled and ran my hand down the back of his neck. He smiled too.

“Can you increase the speed a bit?” I asked, so we would get there faster and my anxiety would fade.

“Are you sure?” Jeff raised his eyebrows and looked at me for a few seconds.

“Yeah” I nodded.

The speedometer went up a little more than it seemed crazy. After a while, he and I were talking about the start of the course and the requests we had sent to the university that afternoon. We both had the perfect plan this fall to attend it; our requests were sent together, to the same sites. Our plans together went beyond four years and to be honest, I could no longer see myself with anyone but him. I had never spoken of my feelings aloud, Jeff was content with what I showed him, for to express it in words was always a difficulty for me; But the love i felt for him was too much to believe. I never thought that a person could come to love someone so much the way I did with him. I would literally feel breathless if I went my way without his company. His way of being, his smile, his smell, his voice, his metaphors using baseball words, even his clutches of feet and the way I felt protected when he hugged me. I even loved the friendship he had with others, but especially with Clay Jensen, they were so different but they complemented each other in an astonishing way, as did the opposing poles. No doubt i could shout to the four winds that i was totally happy with him.

“We’re coming,” he announced.

I nodded and smiled. The anxiety and bad feeling left me slowly, now I could feel breathing more easily. The first thing we would do when arriving at the party, would be to join a game of drinking, I needed it urgently.

Then it was only a few seconds.

I removed my eyes from him and stared at his window. Lights became big in seconds … straight to us.

“Watch out!”

I shouted, before it was a deafening noise, pain, squeaks of tires and then … silence and darkness.

I complained. My body ached, my arms burned and my head stung. I tried to open my mouth to scream, to ask for help, for someone to take away anything that caused me such pain. My nostrils filled with the smell of smoke, I wrinkled my nose causing discomfort all over my face. I wanted to move but there was a force that pressed against the seat. If I opened my eyes, which scene would I find? Everything outside of me seemed to be in an apparent calm, except for the frightful scent I perceived.


His voice. The faint sound of his voice alerted me. I opened my eyes quickly, in front of me was the broken windshield. I lowered my eyes to my arms, wanting to discover the ardor in them: small pieces of glass were embedded in my skin, I tried to ignore the blood that emanated from these before I got worse. Then I looked at Jeff. All of it was blood, even on his face, his eyes were muffled, his chest slowly rising every time he inhaled. He looked at me apologetically, in fear … I shook my head but let out a gasp. There was nothing to apprehend my body, it was simply the pain that had been inflicted upon me after the impact. Through the window I saw the other car, but I couldn’t distinguish the driver, my vision began to blur. Even breathing was beginning to burn. I didn’t want to close my eyes, if these would be my last seconds I wouldn’t go on wasting it on details that would no longer be worth it, so I looked at Jeff, though I didn’t want to see him that way one last time. I refused even to blink. What good would it do? I began to lose the senses of my body and little by little the consciousness was leaving me, the corners of my vision began to darken … I could feel it, as I gradually faded into absolute nothingness.

“No” Jeff whispered again. I savored his voice and even the effort he made to raise his hand and reach mine “No … don’t … let …you… go” He asked me.

“It hurts a lot” I murmured and made a face, why continue to endure so much pain?

“I should … I should have listen … to you” I felt a slight squeeze.

I couldn’t anymore and I started to cry. I wanted to let go but at the same time fight a little more. We would both come out of this, if I surrendered, he would, I couldn’t imagine a life without him, he didn’t have to die, not tonight, not so soon, our lives were just beginning. I nodded. I wasn’t going to leave this world.

Jeff smiled, but that gesture barely lasted for a second. He grimaced, in a way that distorted his face. I clutched at his hand as I began to feel his grip loosen and not at will.

“Jeff” I sat, still with all the pain in the world and I squeezed his hand between mine “No … don’t give up” I wanted to absorb his pain, that everything would happen to me, even if I ended up dead, I didn’t care but he didn’t have to die. Not him. He deserves to be happy “Don’t close your eyes” I screamed as he began to lower his eyelids “Look at me, Jeff, we’ll be fine. Don’t give up”

He smiled at me.

“Forgive me.” I shook my head.

“Please. Don’t leave me.” I begged as I brought his hand to my lips. He couldn’t leave me in this miserable world alone. I couldn’t go on without him.

“I love you, Y/N”

“My love…”

Then he turned his face to the window. I was a spectator of the last time his chest went up and then went down so that it wouldn’t rise again. I screamed with all my might as I pounced on him. I punched him in the face as I called his name, begged him to wake up, begged him to come back to me … or to take me. Finally the pain made me fall back into my seat, I would wait here for my death, I would have to go somehow, I had to feel the unconsciousness again, but, as a punishment, that didn’t happen, I felt more alive than ever. He was gone without me.

“Jeff … hold on … Jeff … hold on!”

I didn’t realize that someone had come to meet us until I turned and I spotted Clay Jensen trying desperately to open my boyfriend’s door. I sobbed and his eyes fixed on mine, maybe he didn’t think i was alive.

“Resist, Y/N, I’m going to call the ambulance”

I shook my head, I didn’t want to wait for anyone, I didn’t want anyone to save me. I only wanted to die right now.

I closed my eyes.

Where had i ended? How had i gotten here? I looked at my arms, without any mark or stain of blood. My clothes, a short white dress covered me, perfectly white, as if it had just been put in a shop window. I looked up, the illumination from wherever I was, was too much to almost blind me. Did this mean that i was dead? How long did i take me to get here? I walked forward, on my feet, I felt like stepped on grass, even if i couldn’t see it. I kept walking, I felt an atmosphere of peace surround me, there was no danger, there was no pain and much less misfortunes. I was very comfortable here. I never thought about the “What will there be after death?” Did I end up in paradise? What a pleasant place!

But I wasn’t alone and I realized when a figure came out of nowhere. The first thing I noticed was his white clothes, with a light brown vest, then his face and the smile he received me. My heart shrank as I ran to him, straight into the heat and the protection I always found in his arms. But this time, the touch was cold and there was no protection in them, in fact, I could hardly feel it. I looked at him frightened, we were dead … but together … I didn’t let him leave me.

Jeff took my face and smiled at me the way he always did. I couldn’t return the gesture. This was a place of peace but I no longer felt it, what more did I want? I was dead but next to Jeff.

“You’ll be fine” he told me.

“Where are we?” I refused to look away from him.

“You, in a hospital bed” He looked down for a few seconds “Doctors say you’ll get fine … but you need to wake up, babe”

I shook my head off his grasp, but quickly my hands gripped his. I wasn’t going to let him go.

“Am I not dead?”

He shook his head and smiled. For the first time i hated his smile. I cringed and started to cry, no, I wasn’t going to wake up.

“And you?” I said through tears.

“I have to go, I didn’t say goodbye properly” I tightened his hands.

“Don’t. Please, don’t leave me” I raised my hands up his arms, he was cold, too, barely and I could feel it and that mortified me “I can’t go on without you”

“You have to do it, Y/N, you have to live for both”

“I can‘t” I knelt in front of him without letting go, I had no strength “You have to take me with you, I won’t wake up, Jeff”

“Your parents are having a bad time, my love.” He rose to me and stroked my cheek.

“Why did you leave me? Why?”

“I wasn’t as strong as you. I love you, always remember it, and I leave in peace knowing that you are alive”

“I don’t want to live!”

We stood up. He kissed me on the forehead and went away until I extended my arms, I couldn’t more and ended up letting him go.

“Please” I pleaded as I watched him disappear into a white haze.

When I opened my eyes, I saw everything blurred for a few minutes until my vision cleared and I ran into the lights of the hospital room I was in. The sounds began to come to me, the sound of an infernal machine that was possibly connected to my heartbeat, I hated that sound so much. And the burning in my nose was due to the oxygen they were infringing on, I hated it too. And to all those who came to save me.

“My dear” I heard Mom’s voice and turned my face slowly toward her. Her face was emaciated, I wondered how long I’d been unconscious, but I didn’t need to know anyway. “We were very worried”

I didn’t answer and I looked at Dad.

“We love you, little one” He stroked my hair but I didn’t even flinch. I couldn’t feel anything, at least not emotionally. “I’m going to get a nurse.” He touched Mom’s shoulders and left the room.

“You’re going to get well, my love.” Now it was her that touched me.

I no longer wanted to be well. I didn’t want to go any further. I had seen the love of my life die. I hated me. I hated being here.

“Is Jeff …?”

I still wanted to believe that it was a nightmare and that he was in another room being attended to, that his heart was still beating, that his condition was serious but would improve. He still breathing. That soon we would be together again and in the autumn we would leave here to start a new life.

“I’m sorry, baby”

I looked again at the ceiling for a few seconds, the infernal machine made an even more annoying sound, my heartbeat had accelerated. Mom was alarmed, she called me, but I was already lost and I burst into tears.


I always had this headcanon that Sango and Miroku found out they were pregnant because InuYasha slapped Sango’s cup of sake out of her hand when she went to drink it. When probed about why he had done such a thing, he muttered something about how Kagome once told him that alcohol was bad for babies in the womb.

Can we talk about acceptable fat bodies? Now, it’s hard for me to express myself and articulate my thoughts and feelings, but I’m gonna try my best. 

There’s something that’s been bothering me for a bit. Of course besides the whole “good fattie/bad fattie” aspect that I fucking hate in the body posi community. But right now I wanna talk about another aspect of acceptable fat bodies. The way we view different kinds of fatness.

When I see pictures on Tumblr of white fat femmes celebrating their fat naked bodies, my first feeling is happiness. My first thought is how beautiful that is. How beautiful her body is. How good it makes me feel. Then there’s this second thought that somehow manages to squeeze itself in during these moments. That thought is “but my body doesn’t look like that”. My body doesn’t look like her body. I don’t have smooth porcelain skin. My breast aren’t full or sitting up right. My belly (or in my case bellies, since your girl has a double belly) isn’t plump and round. My body doesn’t look soft and delicate like hers.

No. Not my Puerto Rican body. My body has lots of hair. My body has dark spots. All over. From my not so soft features. To the the discoloration between my thighs and neck. Even certain parts of my arms. My bellies are flabby and they hang. My breast do just the same. My body has bulges. My body has scars. 

But my fucking body is beautiful.

Yet why is it in my mind her body is much more attractive and acceptable than mine? 

When I go out to shoot photos, I take my dogs.. 2 reasons, protection and company.. I love them dearly, but it’s a struggle most days. I get a shot lined up, the dogs run through the shot, knocks whatever i’m trying to shoot over, trample it down or sit in the shot.. case in point, Zoe’s nose in my shot last night.. @novice-at-play you know the struggle is real =)

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