sit n spins


Tonight I saw Sleater-Kinney perform in a restored Brooklyn movie theater built in 1929, where every woman in the bathroom line had on the most interesting eyeglasses or the cutest Mary Janes. Planned Parenthood was there, which I appreciate because if the goal was to create awareness and reach potential sustainers, literally show me a more perfect demographic than a concert hall lobby full of Sleater-Kinney fans. They gave us free pins and my friend said, “Ah! I love you guys! I just had an appointment the other day!” I spent my Friday evening poring over old Spin profiles from the 90′s on S-K. Did you know Corin Tucker mastered that banshee wail vibrato by training with a septuagenarian opera singer? She found her flyer on a bulletin board at the local Sit ‘n Spin. To pay for the lessons, Corin bartered by doing chores like vacuuming, dusting, and filing the woman’s mail. The concert tonight was triumphant. If I knew how much easier it was to metal out at rock shows with shorter hair that doesn’t cling to my sticky lip gloss, I would have cut it all off years ago. By the end of the night, my mini skirt was on backwards and I’d lost an earring. One of my favorite things about seeing a band with a rabid cult-like following is that the playlist from a few hours ago is already available in some online fan forum. Sleater-Kinney will always be an emblem of the Indie It Girl paradigm, operating on a whole different stratosphere of cool. I mean. look at this Instagram I found while browsing the Kings Theatre geo-tag! What a glorious return. Girls to the front.