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Scandal Review 6x11

Yoooooooooooooo! Scandal season 6 ep 11 came up and showed tf OUT hunny! OLITZ IS BACK BITCHEEESSSSS! *twerks to Diana Ross the Boss Ain’t no mountain high enough* (and yes I added an E in bitch lol). Scandal , Shonda, Liv and Fitz (Kerry and Tony) FED us good last night.
I first started watching Scandal for Kerry Washington, who is one of my faves(LOVE HER) , and now I stan Anthony Howard “Tony” Goldwyn. My mans is most definitely invited to the cookout! I will fix his plate, prepare his drink, and bring it to him! Tony is such a fuckin phoneme on and off the camera. Do yal follow him on IG, how awesome can he be…..and he’s 56! *Wiggggg*
REVIEW TIME (rundown mode)
Ok! Let me say this, I need to get it off my chest: that Opening with the illuminate girl and David was SAD! Yal that sex sounded so horrible, straight trash lmaoooo I was like what tf is really going on. David ain’t had no good sex since Abby! Lmao. @ me on this!!! 

Mellie attacking Olivia:  Bitch. *stares motherfuckerly* BITCH HOW DARE YOU!  I need mellie to get her head out of her entitled ass! Ugh how you gone try to attack the one damn person who has been in your corner for two damn years trying to make you president. Fuck Mellie (until later).

1st Olitz moment : They are in the Oval and this is the second time Olivia shows Fitz her vulnerable side. Olivia is telling Fitz how Mellie is going to ceed the presidency over to Cyrus, Fitz stop her cuz he sees how its affecting her. We all know our girl Olivia hates to lose , Fitz knows this as well. So he gets up and does the shoulder thing again *swoons* he is comforting his best girl and she falls into him and holds him tight. (I was screeching in OLITZ when he said “Come here,” how sexy is this man when he is being authoritative! hot damn) 

The Return of Liz North?: Um guh where you been and why all of a sudden you come out the woods talking about Mellie need to fight for the presidency …. I knew she was full of shit yal!

Mellie goes to Olivia and tries to get her to reconsider about the presidency but Liv was still saying no. Then once again Mellie insults Olivia then try to say sorry. Bitch bye! Anyways we see that Huck is love and well, in Olivia’s Pink robe lol. Quinn had the nerve to snatch a pillow from behind charlie to give it to huck……um ma’am which one is your man? She needs to gone break up with charlie and not string him along like some little dog.

Liv and Cyrus…still the dream team?: HELL NO….kml Liv tried to go talk to cyrus but he shut her all the way down. Miss cyrus was not having it. And honestly I can’t really blame him. Liv did do him dirty! But Cyrus is Cyrus how much shit he helped put Liv and Fitz thru? soooo I really just didn’t care.

ANGELA. HI. HELLO. HOW ARE YOU?: Lmao so Angela is in bed trying to low-key question Fitz about Olivia. Um ma’am you are the director of the FBI and you mean to tell me you couldn’t pick up on “your man” deflecting tf out of you? Fitz really was not giving her the time of day. Hun give it up you can not and will not compare to Olivia C. Pope. ISSA WRAP. I mean yal Fitz literally told the guh he was working *cackles evilly*

Liv visits Rowen: That entire exchange was so sad because Rowen basically was looking out for his damn self, which a part of me can’t blame him…..but I am so over him its hard to jump on board when Liv goes into her “make daddy proud” modes! He always come off as a manipulator and I’m over it….but then sometimes I get the feeling that he do be trying to look out for Olivia but he is so damn evil urghghhgh bye! 

Shade moment: Michael ass went on TV and shaded the entire fuck out of cyrus! LMAO!! And Michael got JAMES baby being the Mommy & Daddy, I mean tbh Ella is better off with him cuz cyrus is a toxic ass man, he don’t need a baby(IMO).

2nd Olitz moment: Liv tells Fitz she went to see her dad, Fitz wants to “handle” Rowen but Olivia playing daddy’s little girl asks Fitz to forgive Rowen like she forgave Abby. Fitz rolls his eyes and goes to their (kissing) window. lol!

Fitz and Cyrus moment: Liv sent Fitz to Cyrus to go make his ass get up and take this job seriously (didn’t really care cuz it was funny and shady how he wouldn’t talk to liv but talked to Fitz who left his ass behind in that jail too! over it)

Liz North see you on the other side: I knew she was down with the illuminate! When Mellie walked into that office I was not surprised….but what did surprise me was how Becky took that damn gold club and beat that woman to death. YIKESSS! Liz deserved better lol! (I was very proud of Mellie when she stood up to them tho, like I really was proud of her!!) Mellie who is covered in blood, kids got threatened and she fell in line with the illuminate! 

Angela Vs. Olitz(because they are a package)pt1: Angela comes in on a mission! Lol, homegirl going off about how she is going after Olivia, how she got evidence, and how she bout to interrogate Liv. PAUSE HO YOU REALLY TRYING IT! Then she had the nerve to call Fitz a boy! *slams hand on the table* I’m so tired of all these irrelevant ass people trying my guy Fitzgerald! That is a man! Fitz has always stood his ground and been a leader! Fuck yal who think otherwise! Side note: It was funny that she said it because I am a black woman and I know I be like “Boy bye…or boy please” lol If she would have said this to anybody else I wouldn’t say nothing but I can’t let her disrespect my mans Fitz like that! I ride for that one!! 

Once again Olivia Pope to the rescue: Mellie calls Olivia but doesn’t tell her what happened. Olivia comes and sees Liz dead on the floor. Now lets all remember that Olivia has PTSD! This was not good for her. Mellie talking fast and i’m sure she was having flashbacks to Jerry death, we all remember how she lost her shit! I felt bad for Mellie. Jake so irrelevant lmao he only came out for “clean up” duty *cackles* 

3rd Olitz moment: Let me just say Olivia lost her fuckin mind! Guhhhhhh (goes in corner to collect myself). She comes in the Oval , Fitz tells her that Angela’s Jealosy has gotten the best of her and now she is coming after Liv. Lmao my boy really said he was contemplating getting her resignation. LMAOOOO Fitz ain’t you smashing this guh? And you said that?? I knew Angela was a non factor kml!!! Liv goes to the window , turns around and tells Fitz with a straight face “Good” hold up! Pause. Flag on the play! Bi what? Good? So you wanna go to jail and be somebody prison bitch? Um no ma’am. Me nor Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the 3rd having that shit! Fitz loses his shit and start yelling *cackles, my boy was heated* My guy took my breath away when he said “There is no way in hell I am letting you go to prison for life” I KNEW AN OLITZ MOMENT WAS COMING , I FELT IT IN MY SOUL! (Olivia ass started to walk away and say a petty comment but We (me and Fitz) wasn’t having that!
(still yelling at her ass) “Don’t you see, I’d lose you, forever” HOOOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOO! YAL. I knew this man was still in love with Olivia Pope. Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the 3rd was, is, and forever will be in love with Olivia Carolyn Pope. @ me on this!!!
*eye roll* Olivia goes on to say “my father will die” (shrugs shoulders and yells *who cares, guh you was tryna kill him a few eps back!) She then goes on to say that if Fitz stops her and arrests her dad he would lose her forever. I personally do not think she meant any of that because the look on her face and the way she turned around at that door says otherwise! Olivia was just using herself as a threat against Fitz because thats all she can use , she doesn’t have any other leverage over him. BUT all she had to do was sit down with Fitz and come up with a plan instead of trying to do it on her own. Ugh stop with this self sacrificing shit, Me and Fitz aint having it NO DAMN MO! (will elaborate on this part later)

Angela Vs. Olitz pt2: ANGELA YOU THOUGHT! *CACKLES EVILY* When I say Fitz was done playing games, my guy told her back up and move ya ass to OMAHA! *que in Beyonce* To the left to the left! 

Rowen got arrested: *CACKLES EVILY*

4th Olitz moment: Baby Olivia comes thru heated like a hot sausage on a saturday morning! She is yelling at Fitz , meanwhile my mans got his scotch and a remote in hand and says “You want to stop yelling at me” LMAO BOSS MAN STAUTS!!! Fitz gave 0 fucks about what she was saying! He knew the game, he knows she will try to use herself to get her way. Liv looks at the TV and sees her dad is safe in the office. (In the background Diana Ross the Boss “Ain’t no mountain” monologue starts to play, and it fits so perfectly to this moment.) Fitz lets her know rowen is in his care and he is ready for them (him and her) to start working together to fight the illuminate. She turns around breathing heavily…..(KerryW is playing TF outta this roll)…  It was so many emotions running across her face. She walks to him and sits in front of him, he scoots down and now they are face to face. Fitz looking at her like “I told you I got you” the looks these two were giving each other was sending me into my death(I was literally screaming at this point). Olivia reaches out and grabs Fitz and they kiss (I was so damn PROUD of Olivia) I love that she was the one to initiate. Fitz was SHOOKETH. Lol, my guy hadn’t kiss those lips in 2 years he didn’t even know what to do with his hands at first lol. When he cups her face , Olivia is literally looking like she wants to cry, Hell him too! (whyyyy they playing with me like this, yal I love them!!) 

*sips my fancy ass Chamomile tea* Olivia is walking backwards into Fitz room, if you pay attention Fitz(low-key Tony) face was priceless cuz he knew he had gotten his woman back and she was finna fuck the shit out of him! She places his hand on her hip and she grabs his neck in *bring that ass here fashion* She kisses her man and they close the door. We didn’t get a sex scene but I will be happy with a bedroom waking up scene at the beginning of the next ep. Remember Kerry had a baby so she might not be ready for these type of scenes yet. Yal respect my Fave and don’t be on her bout a sex scene.
Fitz: He “Handled” it! I repeat Fitz handled the situation. He out poped Olivia pope.
Fitz will not let anything come between him and Olivia. Not Mellie, Not Cyrus, Not the presidency, Not Abby, Not Angela, Not Rowen, Not even Olivia! He has proven time and time again that he will choose her. Let me tell you something THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER FITZGERALD THOMAS GRANT the 3RD. This man has proven for the 1000000000000000000 time why he is the fuckin MAN! Fitz hates Rowen, we all know why ( he killed his son). Fitz chose to save Rowens life for Olivia, the woman he loves. He knows she loves her dad, regardless all the shit talking and acting tough that she does, Fitz knows this and like I keep saying FITZ never makes Olivia choose. He always lets her work things out on her own. But this time she was about to take it to far so he had to step in and “FIX” the situation. Ladies Get you a Fitz!! Lol!
The next ep looks so promising just because I think its gonna be dope that Everyone is going to be working together to take down the illuminate!
Much Love, Chaun.

Okay, imagine this for the next episode. 

Fitz and Jemma are running away from the LMDs, they manage to barricade themselves away in their bunk. They’re out of breath, tired, and injured. 

It’s suddenly quiet, almost as if the chaos around them has temporarily stopped so they can have this one, peaceful moment. Jemma sinks to the floor, back against the foot of the bed, Fitz sits down next to her, takes her hand, and links their fingers together. 

“What if this is it, Fitz? What if we don’t make it out of this?”

Fitz turns towards her, takes a deep breath, and says, “I don’t want you to believe that for one second. We’re going to get out of this, one way or another. We’re going to figure this out. And if you think I’m giving up a future with you that easily, you’re wrong. We’re going to move into that apartment, eat breakfast in our breakfast nook, and when the time’s right, move to that little cottage in Perthshire that you’ve always dreamed of, settle down, get married, have children - if you want to of course - and have the team round for Sunday dinner once a month. And when we’re old and grey, we’ll be sitting on the sofa in our front room, watching the sunset, and laughing about that time we barricaded ourselves in our bunk. I’m not letting go of all of that because a few pesky robots have it in for us.” He chuckles at the last part, and nudges her shoulder. She smiles. 

“I love you.“ 

"I love you, too.”

agentcalliope  asked:

fitzmay coffee shop au

Faults and Faultlines 

3289 words 

post-framework. spoilers for 4x17 

A/N: EVERYONE GO WISH @agentcalliope A BIG FAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! my little sis, growing up so fast :’) 

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He thinks it’s Jemma that tipped her off.

He doesn’t mean to isolate himself. Really, he doesn’t. It’s just a byproduct of not being on base anymore.

And, okay. Maybe he meant to a little. But would anyone really blame him? Did anyone even want him around, after everything that happened in the Framework? Jemma says he shouldn’t blame himself, but he does. He helped create it (in a not-as-roundabout-as-it-should’ve-been way). He helped create AIDA. He vouched for Radcliffe, when they brought him in. So, yes, it is (it is, Jemma) sort of his fault. And he did such horrible things there, things that hurt the team, people he cares so deeply about.

So … isolation. Best policy.

This is his line of thinking, and he’s sticking with it.

It was just natural that he retire from SHIELD. At least for a little while. At least until everything settles back to normal. Until he can look all of them in the face again. Until he can look his own reflection in the face again.

Jemma doesn’t like that he’s away. She’s just worried about him, she says. Worried about the path he’s going down. She knows trauma, she says, and she knows isolation, and it doesn’t work. It doesn’t help.

(Even still—she’s gone back to live on base, for the time being. They just … need a bit of space, that’s all. And she wanted to be closer to everyone. He doesn’t hold it against her, he wouldn’t want to be around himself right now either, not with everything she’d borne witness to. And she’s struggling. A lot. More than she lets him see, he knows. Being around him just makes it worse, but she still comes to visit, every so often. He doesn’t push it.)

But Jemma knows his schedule, mostly because she’s the one who made it (because she knows he’d just lie in bed all day if he didn’t have a routine to follow), so it makes sense.

He gets up, takes a walk around the block, works on projects till midmorning, and then goes to the little coffee shop down the street, usually 10:30 on the dot. He sits and has a cup of tea (which isn’t as good as what he can make at home, but it’s the ‘going outside and being around people’ thing that made Jemma put it in) and people watches. Sometimes he draws. Either future designs or just little doodles. A lot of monkeys. They’re not very good.

He kind of hates it. He hates being out in the world. He hates the chaos of the shop, all the people, the music, the smells and sounds. He’d much rather be at home. In bed, or watching TV. But apparently that wouldn’t be ‘productive’ or whatever, and he’s trying to make an effort on Jemma’s behalf, so he goes anyway. And sits, and watches, and draws, and just exists on this planet. This real, real planet.

But it’s definitely Jemma, he decides immediately, who told her about this. Who prodded her into coming. Because why else would May be walking into a coffee shop at 10:41 on a Tuesday morning, twenty minutes off base, dressed in civvies?

He watches her, brows scrunched, pencil clenched tight in his hand, as she makes her way up to the counter, orders a tea, and then hovers until it’s done. She doesn’t even look at him as she slides into the seat across from him at the table, just blows over the steaming liquid and takes a small sip.

He’s still staring, slack-jawed, as she scans over his sketchbook. “Cute,” she says, nodding at the page full of monkeys.

He pulls it closer self-consciously. “Wh-What are you doing here?”

She raises her eyes to scan over his face instead, giving him a pointed look.

“Jemma?” he sighs.

“She might’ve mentioned it.”

He raises a hand to scratch through his beard (Jemma hates it, but honestly, why should he even bother shaving? It’s not like he’s seeing anyone regularly. And it makes him look different. Different to how he did there, so clean-cut and groomed. He needs the reminder that he’s not living that life anymore.) “You really didn’t have to come.”

“Coulson won’t let me on missions still,” she admits. “All the therapy gets boring.”

Fitz snorts. “I hear that. Although, I didn’t know Coulson had to ‘let you’ do anything.”

A smirk crawls its way onto her face. “I like to let him think he’s in charge.”

Fitz smiles, looking down. He swirls the tea that’s left in his cup and takes a gulp, then grimaces. “Are- Are you here to ask me to come back?”


“Good. ‘Cause I’m not ready.”


He looks back up at her. “That’s it? ‘Okay’?”

She shrugs. “Did you want more of a fuss?”



He reaches up to tug on his ear, watching her as she sips her tea and examines the baristas behind the counter.

“The girl in blue is cheating on her boyfriend.”

He blinks, surprised, and turns to follow her eye-line. The girl looks normal to him, just filling people’s orders. “How do you figure?”

When he turns back, she shrugs again. “Just have a feeling.”

“Five bucks says you’re wrong.”

A challenge glints in her eyes. “Deal.”  


She shows up again on Friday. He’s surprised, again, but more pleasantly this time. (He’d missed her, okay? He misses all of them. He’s just- He’s not ready to go back. He can’t. Not after all he’d done.)

“No new info about the barista,” he says as she slips into the seat across from him.

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Imagine you’re the little sister of Ward and he sees you for the first time since he left with Kara and his reaction when he finds out you’re dating Fitz

Requested by Anonymous | Gif not mine

Grant’s face lights up when he sees you sitting down between Fitz and Coulson. You’re nervous. It is wonderful to see him again, but that does not make all of this any easier.

“How you been?” He obviously relishes the sight of you. Your eyes dart from him to Leo fidgeting next to you. You force yourself to smile at your brother, heart racing. Again, you drop your gaze. You have no idea what to think of Grant and what he will do. It is a new and scaring experience.

Leo notices your discomfort. His hand shakingly reaches out to take yours. He smiles at you lovingly and gives you a comforting squeeze. You start leaning into him, but stop yourself. This is neither the place nor the moment for affections.

“Hold on”, of course Grant noticed the little exchange, “You two?” Leo flinches, but doesn’t let go of your hand. You look at Grant and give a small nod. Your heart makes a little jump when your brother smiles. “Good choice, sis.”

for @jsimmonss and @jemmasimmonsy, based off of this tweet!!

Fitz couldn’t sleep.

Despite how tired he had felt before the light in the hospital room had been switched off, and despite how exhausting and exhilarating the last nine months had been, now his eyes simply would not shut.

Thankfully, Jemma didn’t seem to have the same problem. She had fallen asleep almost the moment she laid her head on the pillow, her dark hair fanned out around her. They had been holding hands before she’d dropped off, their fingers bridging the small gap between her bed and his chair, but sometime in the past hour she had unconsciously let go. Now, her hand is just brushing the rim of the crib between them, where their newborn daughter is fast asleep too.

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Imagine Fitz finding out you keep having nightmares about being undercover in HYDRA

Requested by Anon | Gif not mine

It is a soft touch on your shoulder that yanks you out of your sleep so fast that you sit up in your bed before even realising where you are.

A pair of blue eyes looks at you with concern.

“F-Fitz?”, you gasp, trying to calm down your heart that is thumping away.

“Y-y-yes”, Fitz answers and nods sheepishly.

“What are you doing here?”

“You, um, you were…you were, um, tal-talking in your, um, sleep”, Fitz stammers, “A-a-and I, uh, I, uh, uhm, I, er, I heard it. I was….uhh, er, I was….er…co- uh. Uhm. Worried! I was worried, so I checked.”

“Thank you, Fitz”, you smile at him. Bless his heart. “I had a nightmare.”

“Do you, uh, do you want to talk about it maybe?”, Fitz asks. His concern is evident.

“I don’t want to bother you at this hour”, you try to put him off. In truth, you really don’t want to talk about the haunting memories about HYDRA.

“You’d never”, Fitz replies quickly. The worried, yet hopeful glimmer in his eyes tugs at your heart. Maybe it would be good to have someone to talk to. You flash him an uncertain smile, but pat on your matress as an invitation to sit down.

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Hi Katrina! So I have been thinking about Fitz's reaction to Olivia's confession. A part of me feels as though Fitz does not trust her, so by moving her into the WH he can keep an eye on her, kinda like he did with Defiance and having Jake surveillance her. The other part of me makes me think he really just wants to keep her safe from whoever is after Rowan or maybe even Rowan himself. He couldn't keep her from being kidnapped or from getting hurt by Jake in 219. His refusal to listen to her sid

Anon continued:

“… Fitz’s refusal to hear her side caused them to be separated for 10 months and when he visited her in the hospital in 219, Olivia said to him “you left me all alone.” So maybe this is Fitz’s way of not repeating the same mistake?”

I think that’s very good Anon. I’m glad you thought back to Olivia and Fitz’s relationship history, and remembered how Fitz has almost always behaved in relation to Olivia’s safety (especially given the work she does), the national security risk her endangerment represents, and Fitz’s penchant for drawing close when he is fearful (as opposed to what he does when he’s angry).  I especially love that you bring up the 219 context, and Olivia’s abandonment issues that go way, way back to age 12. If we think about Olivia lamenting that Fitz would be done with her when she told him what she’d done, and how hard she broke down when he said nothing and then left the interrogation room, then the 219 context makes even greater sense. 

Let’s also remember that Fitz has forgiven or pardoned lesser people for equal and greater crimes (Mellie, Cyrus, Jake, Andrew). The man has a huge capacity for forgiveness and compassion. It’s one of the many reasons he and Olivia work so well together. 

I didn’t find the scene creepy, or controlling, though I admit to being unsure of where things were going when I first watched. For Olivia, Fitz’s behavior was unexpected. She was, perhaps, expecting a sit-down talk wherein Fitz told her how hurt/betrayed/angry he was, followed by spending time apart. Maybe. She was not expecting him to draw nigh, issue a protection order for her father, and take proactive safety precautions with her own life. She was very confused after spending a night in detention.  

Yes, I do think Fitz harbors trust issues with Olivia. He trusts her instincts and decisions implicitly. However, from his POV, Olivia and danger seem to be common bedfellows. He can’t tell her how to run her business, or her life, but he can try to preempt or intervene in any danger she gets into. 

Now that Fitz is divorced and they are living in the light (as he wanted, 501), a completely integrated life is best for her protection (and his, frankly) as well as the progress of their relationship. Contrary to the ‘controlling’ narrative, I think Fitz’s behavior helps counteract the ‘strong-black-woman’ trope. That may be an unpopular opinion, but that’s how I feel (partly). We’ve seen Fitz respect, defer to and work with Olivia plenty of times to know he is not threatened by her. But isn’t it nice to feel secure in having someone look out for you? Want to protect and treasure you? No one else offers her that, but Fitz. The Protector [TM] needs someone to look out for her, too. Olivia knows she’s no hostage. She was practically living at the White House anyway because wherever her Bae is, that’s ‘home’. But Olivia likes the idea of an outlet, and her apartment has mainly served that purpose this season. 

Ha! Olivia had the perfect setup for just one episode. She was fluidly moving between the White House and OPA, doing a bang-up job in both roles as chief adviser to Fitz and HBIC at OPA. It was too good to remain as it it. Cyrus was right when he said she had everything she wanted without having any of the unpleasant duties. Now the very cage she tried to avoid through marriage is now hers, sans ring. Oh the irony. 

We’ll see how this goes. They never had that talk about boundaries. It’s hard for me to imagine Olivia’s going to be cool with SS following her all the time. 

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fitzsimmons + blind date with a rival headcanon

Hey there, anon! FitzSimmons on a blind date during the Academy, coming up!

  • So, poor little 16-year-old Jemma has this awful roommate, right?
  • Like, not a truly awful person, but a petty person.
  • She thinks Jemma Simmons is just too perfect and she wants to bring her down a peg.
  • So when she finds out that Perfect Cadet Simmons has a rival?
  • Oh boy.
  • Cue the maniacal laughter.
  • “Simmons, you will not believe this guy I just met. He’s perfect for you. He’s tall, dark, handsome, and he solved Professor Vaughn’s impossible equation.” 
  • (Jemma thought Fitz was the only one who solved Professor Vaughn’s impossible equation.)
  • Speaking of Fitz, he thought he won a free dinner. Alone.
  • Nope.
  • Jemma almost runs away, except he IS holding a copy of Newton’s Principia with a rose in it.
  • (Okay, Fitz. Part of the rules of the contest is that you have to have this book on the table while you’re eating.” “Okay; that’s easy.”)
  • Jemma sees exactly what this is the moment she lays eyes on Fitz.
  • (Tall? Handsome? She should have known!!)
  • The only thing she gets wrong is that she assumes that Fitz is the mastermind behind all of this.
  • It is then that Jemma decides to beat Fitz at his own game.
  • Jemma Simmons decides that she’s going to give Leopold Fitz the best freaking date of his whole miserable life.
  • (Fitz decides that he doesn’t know what half the menu means, and he’s too afraid to ask.)
  • So when she sits down, very primly, gushing that she didn’t know it would be him and she’s so excited to get to know him better, Fitz just opens and closes his mouth like a fish on land.
  • (Point: Simmons)
  • But then, when she very politely asks him about his choice of entree, he buries himself in his menu and can’t bring himself to speak to her.
  • (Point: Fitz)  
  • Actually, he doesn’t speak to her the whole dinner.
  • (Point: Fitz)
  • Only to the waiter.
  • (Point: Fitz)
  • But Jemma decides she’s not going down that easy.
  • If he won’t talk, she’ll talk about the nastiest, goriest things possible.
  • (Point: Simmons)
  • Until he turns green.
  • (Point: Simmons)
  • And has to excuse himself to find the men’s room.
  • (Point: Simmons)
  • And doesn’t come back.
  • (Simmons wins!)
  • And when they’re partnered up in chemistry a week later? Well.
  • It’s awkward. 
  • Fitz spent that whole evening getting more and more intimidated by her and NOW???
  • But here’s the thing:
  • Fitz has a decent roommate.
  • Not perfect, but decent.
  • And he kinda feels bad about getting involved in the blind date thing.
  • So, to make it up for him, he sits Fitz down and coaches him on how to talk to girls.
  • (And oh my gosh, is Fitz a hopeless case.)
  • (But thankfully, he’s a fast learner.)
  • And after a few, painful lessons, Fitz finally figures out the right thing to say to her.
  • (It only takes him twelve years to work up the nerve to kiss her.)

Fitz/Simmons Edits

Episode: 2x03 - Making Friends and Influencing People
Original air date: October 7, 2014
Scenes: Coulson meets with Simmons and updates her on the team. Fitz tries to help the team with information about Donnie. When Fitz thinks the team is hiding things from him, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Coulson sits down with Fitz to discuss his condition.

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goddesscru here it is

“I knew you would come.” Olivia smiled at Fitz as she adjusted her veil.

“It’s your wedding day. I couldn’t miss it.” He very nearly had, stewing in his anger at her marrying Edison Davis, a man he loathed not only because he was generally dismissive toward Olivia but because Edison had gotten between them. Fitz had been in love with Olivia his whole life, but he had always been able to put that aside and be her friend. Edison had needled and insinuated until Olivia talked to him less and less, then finally not at all. Fitz had actually been surprised to get a wedding invitation.

“Fitz, I never wanted us to stop talking. Edison felt like… He made me feel like…”

She chewed her red bottom lip, not sure how to put it. She looked up at him. “I’m going to be honest. I want this. It’s pathetic, and irrational, but I need this. I had to do what I had to do to make this happen. Please understand.”

“We all do what we have to do. I’ve been doing it for 20 years. What’s one more day, right? I’m gonna go sit down.” Fitz shrugged, feeling that not too long gone animosity churning in his stomach.


“Don’t worry about it, Liv. My mother always said you should give the person you love whatever they want. You just said this is what you want. So I’m giving it to you.”

“Fitz…” But he was already walking away. Olivia turned back to the mirror and stared at herself in her $10,000 strapless pearl pink Marchesa gown, overlaid with the ivory lace that had been her mother’s wedding dress. She felt a twinge of sadness that her parents were dead and couldn’t see her on her wedding day, that she’d have to walk down the aisle alone. She adjusted her veil once more and left the room with a determined stride. Edison was everything she wanted, even if she didn’t want him specifically. Life wasn’t a fairytale, and there were no white knights waiting to save her from her loneliness. She was going to be a bride because that was the way things were supposed to go: good career, good marriage, good life. It was all linear. 


Olivia wasn’t even listening to the minister. She wasn’t even looking at Edison. She had found a spot slightly to the left of his head to fix her eyes on. Her smile was perfect if vacant of warmth. She told herself that love would come, and if it didn’t, there was always divorce. At least a divorce was proof that she’d been married, that she’d had something even if she didn’t keep it.

“If anyone has any reason why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace,” the minister said. He lifted his eyes to look around the crowded church and Olivia turned to look as well. Everyone looked on, and a little part of her was sad that no one had any objections. That was an out that she could take. She wouldn’t be to blame if someone else made a good point.

“Liv.” Every eye turned to the back of the church where Fitz stood in the middle of the aisle down which Olivia had walked not so long ago.

“Yes?” she replied, her voice barely a whisper but loud enough to be heard in the silent church.

“Say you won’t. Say you can’t. Say you want to be with me forever because you can’t be with anyone else because no one else makes you feel the way I do.” His eyes were wide with need as he walked toward her. “Say it Liv!”

“I do!” She said, louder than intended. She didn’t know how it happened but her feet were hurrying down the aisle, her bouquet falling out of her hand as she broke into a sprint. Fitz met her halfway, taking her in his arms and kissing her on the lips the way he’d been dreaming of since he was old enough to think kissing wasn’t disgusting.

“Olivia?” Edison’s voice brought her away from Fitz’s lips and she looked at him with apologetic eyes.

“I’m sorry, Edison. I really am.”

“You’re sorry? You’re sorry now? You’re sorry now that we’ve spent thousands of dollars on a wedding? You’re sorry now that you’re wearing my $5,000 engagement and that $10,000 dress? Now that we’re in front of my family and friends, you’re sorry? Why weren’t you sorry a month ago when I asked if you had cold feet? Why weren’t you sorry the day I met you? Why weren’t you sorry the night I asked you if you loved him and you told me I was being ridiculous? Why are you sorry now?”

“Because I can’t settle. Because good isn’t good enough for me anymore.” She glanced at Fitz. “Because someone very smart told me that you should give the person you love whatever they want, and the person I love wants me to choose him over what’s easy.”

She was surprised that he almost looked relieved and it occurred to her for the first time that she might not have been the only one pretending. Edison threw his hands up and stepped aside. If he was being completely honest, he had always known it wasn’t him. He had just been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Although he had to admit he thought they would make it through the wedding before she realized that she was in love with her lifelong best friend and left him. Olivia smiled at Fitz, moving back to pick up her dropped boquet. “You’re not really dressed for it but…”

“I do!” he replied immediately, smiling like he’d slept with a hanger in his mouth.
They both looked at the minister who wasn’t sure what to make of the situation. He had seen weddings fall apart midway, but never in such a fashion. He’d always assumed a bride-coup was just for Hallmark movies. He straightened himself. “I suppose you can salute your bride since you’ve said the ‘I do’s’ already.”

Fitz smiled as he kissed Olivia again. Some of the church applauded. Some just stared. Olivia squealed a laugh as Fitz scooped her in his arms, turning to leave the church and the shocked guests behind. At the mahogany double doors, he looked down at her with a smile. “I can’t believe I broke up your wedding.”

“I meant what I said earlier.” She smiled just so. “I knew you would come.”

315 "Mama Said Knock You Out" Synopsis

“Mama Said Knock You Out” – The Grant children prepare for a live sit down television interview with Fitz and Mellie at the White House. Meanwhile, Adnan looks to Harrison for help and Rowan warns Olivia to stop investigating B613, on ABC’s “Scandal,” THURSDAY, MARCH 27 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. 

I find it interesting Liv is investigating B613 considering who is currently in charge of it…

Looking forward to seeing Tony’s vision


Who is standing next to Fitz IN THE LAB with her little SHORT MESSY BROWN HAIR and NOT MUCH TALLER than Fitz sitting down, so when he stands up, they would probably be at SHOULDER HEIGHT to him.

It’s Simmons, amirite?

Please tell me that’s her?! 

(someone push her forward or Skye cause a little quake that makes her lose her balance and fall onto his lap)

jealous women (taste like cherry chap-stick)

Anonymous asked: skimmons prompt - (establish skimmons relationship) the team has to send 2 people undercover for a mission which entitles acting like a couple and coulson sends skye and bobbi instead of skye and jemma and jemma gets real jealous of bobbi being touchy with her gf. skye likes jealous jemma.


jealous women (taste like cherry chap-stick)

“This can’t be the mission plan,” Hunter says. “It sounds like the plot of a porn film.”

“It’s not like we haven’t done those before,” Mack says. “I mean, did anyone really need you in a Speedo during that mission in Boca?”

“Yes,” Hunter says immediately. “That delicious swimming pool magnate was storing the bomb plans in an underwater safe.”

“And you could have worn a dive suit like any normal spy,” Bobbi mutters.

Anyway,” Coulson says loudly, “the plan is as such.  Agent Morse and Agent Skye will be going in.  Hunter, Mack, and May will provide supplemental assistance as needed.”

He fans out a series of files, passing specific ones to each agent in turn.

Skye raises her hand hesitantly. “Could someone explain to me again why Bobbi and I need to go in together? Seems to me that one agent would have a better time fitting in.”

“Our target is specifically looking for a couple to live in as caretakers of her rare books, maps, antiquities, and letters. Profiling and preliminary investigations have shown she’s more likely to hire a multi-ethnic lesbian couple,” Coulson says.

“Hold up,” Hunter says. “We can tell that now?  Just from prelims?  God, that sounds like a porn film in itself.”

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#Scandal315 - “Mama Said Knock You Out” Promotional Photos featuring the Grant Kids. (Source)


“Mama Said Knock You Out” – The Grant children prepare for a live sit down television interview with Fitz and Mellie at the White House. Meanwhile, Adnan looks to Harrison for help and Rowan warns Olivia to stop investigating B613, on ABC’s “Scandal,” THURSDAY, MARCH 27 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Scandal” stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, Columbus Short as Harrison Wright, Guillermo Diaz as Huck, Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan, Katie Lowes as Quinn Perkins, Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant, Jeff Perry as Cyrus Beene, Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant, Joshua Malina as David Rosen and Scott Foley as Captain Jacob “Jake” Ballard. Guest cast TBA.

“Mama Said Knock You Out” was written by Zahir McGhee and directed by Tony Goldwyn.