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I've been having the most crappiest months ever, my life is a mess right now and I am so fragile, everything makes me cry or feel emotionless. And to top it of my mum is having surgery tomorrow. I could really use a fluffy fic, to remember that hopefully everything will be alright. That there's a real son why I'm going through these horrible times xx

i’m so sorry this is weeks late, my love, i hope you’re doing okay, know i’m rooting for you, and here is some halloween sterek to hopefully make you feel better


The first Halloween back home from college is not one Stiles is looking forward to. Nor is it one he wants to celebrate with full force and a damn party.

Scott, however, is keen to embrace the festivities now they’re able to, and he arranges for all of them to go to a “sweet” Halloween do at the town hall.

Stiles mutters darkly about Winifred, Mary and Sarah coming to curse them all, and Derek (to his huge surprise) starts humming the creepy song from the start of the movie as he throws a cushion at Stiles’ head.

He’s seemingly, astonishingly, totally okay with going to a party for Halloween.

Stiles attempts to resist, but his best friend is just so damn earnest.

Derek doesn’t even try to fight Scott’s excited announcement, only asks if they have to wear costumes.

“Of course!” Scott bounces over, claps him on the shoulder, “That’s the whole point!”

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Bond-age (Theo)

no whips WASSUP GUYS I’VE GOT ANOTHER PART THANKS TO THE LIL ANON WHO ASKED AND BECAUSE NEW THEO IS A DELIGHT. ofc this is a second installment so it’s not as good as the first, but what do you expect?

“Is that a nightlight?” Theo stares and you freeze, pausing in sifting through your clean clothes pile. Rolling your shoulders, you continue searching, though you’re more focused on him across the room than the clothes in your hands now.

“Yeah, it’s no big deal.”

“And you sleep with it on, every night?” He asks, still eyeing it and you groan a long sound.

“Yes, I hate the dark, jeez.” You snap, finally locating his shirt and pulling it from the pile. “Here’s your shirt.”

“Cool.” He smiles, taking the soft grey cloth from your fingers without looking at it. “I- Yeah, okay, thanks.”

“All good.” You nod, leaning back on your heels and glancing around. “So when are you-”

“I should go- Oh were you-?”

“Nah, nothing, okay. See ya.” You smile, waving him to the door and he nods, seemingly to himself, before exiting.

A soft tap hits your window and you jerk awake, the deep blue patterns of your nightlight decorating the walls. Carefully, you pad across the room, claws coming unsheathed on one hand.

“Whose there?” You hiss, stretching and curling your clawed hand. You’d never technically had to use them before. Your mom made sure the both of you were safe from fights and you’d missed out on most of the fights the pack were a part of. Scott tended to keep you hidden, more of a symbolic werewolf than a real one.

“It’s me, open up.” Theo demands and you can’t help snorting. That’s a joke. Last you remember he was chained up every night. So no. You’re not opening up to some shapeshifter freak.

Ha. Shapeshifter freak. Works both ways, even if it is really Theo and not some monster wearing his skin.

“Please leave so I don’t have to cut your skin off, Skin Stealer.” You hiss, twitching the curtains a little to see Theos face peering through your window. Hell, he’s so cute. You’ve got to resist. To save yours and Melissas lives.

“Seriously, Y/N? It’s me.” He snaps and you drop the curtain, crossing back to your bed and eyeing the fish patterns on your roof.

“Whale, whale, whale.” You whisper, snickering softly and curling up under your blanket. If you ignore the skin stealer, maybe it’ll go away and not murder you.

“Y/N!” It calls through the window and you squeak softly, despite yourself. Curling tighter, you duck under the blankets and breath loudly. Maybe it’ll drown out the sounds of whatevers out there.

A thud sounds and you hear the back door open, your body unclenching. Scotts home. Maybe he even killed the thing at your window. Wouldn’t that be nice. Your door snicks open softly and you peek out of the covers, expecting Scott to be glancing in on you with an affectionate goodnight.

Theo face monster.

Your lips part to scream and it leaps across the room, landing on you, it’s palm covering your mouth as the weight of it takes your breath away.

“Be quiet, it’s me.” Theo whispers, his lips brushing your ear and you inhale a panicked breath, only to relax and nearly melt into a puddle. No one smells quite as good as real Theo. His eyes meet yours for a long moment before he removes his hand, setting it on the bed beside your head.

“Sorry.” You whisper and he smiles, glancing toward your wall, only for his gaze to travel over your walls and roof.

“It’s so cool.” He marvels, gaping at the giant whale above your bed. You can’t help yourself from watching his expression avidly, the utter delight almost an aphrodisiac. His gaze returns to you and you force a bright smile and nod happily.

“Really cool. And sorry again that I didn’t let you in. I thought someone had stolen your skin.” You mumble and he laughs quietly, sliding off you and stretching across your blankets.

“I like this bed.” He observes, rising to his side and you nod, silently. How else can you respond? Theo, pretty Theo, is here in your bed. And he’s on his side staring down at you. When moments ago he was on you. And if he just flopped his arm out, it’d be across your waist. Then it’d be one of those moments, the really cute ones.

“Why’re you here?” You ask suddenly, the thought like ice water over your too hot body.

“To see your nightlight.” He shrugs, laying back with his head on your pillow, hair brushing yours. “I wanted to see it at night.”

“Didn’t think to just ask for a snap, say?” You hum and he chuckles softly, sliding his arm under your neck and pulling you close till your head rests on his shoulder.

“But then I couldn’t do this and feel fantastic that I’ve got an adorable girl all over me.” He teases, still watching the still patterns above and you chuckle. Idiot.

“Scott will get angry.”

“Let’s see him do it, I like your company enough to risk it.” He counters, turning and pressing his forehead to yours for a moment. Your breath rattles out softly as he pulls away and you shift, curling into his side tighter and letting your eyes fall closed.

“Don’t wake me when you leave.” You warn softly and he smirks audibly, kicking his shoes off and pushing himself under the blankets.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Scott snaps and you jerk awake, your palm resting on Theos chest as your eyes slowly focus on Scott in the doorway.

“What?” You croak blearily, rubbing your eyes with the hand that isn’t holding Theo down and blinking at the boy in the doorway.

“Theo. What is he doing here?” Scott snaps and you glance down at him, the ex-villain looking somehow more sleep rumpled than you. And sure, it’s cute, but it’s not cute too. Like Goldilocks porridge.

“I wanted to-”

“That’s my sister, dude. First you had to try and kill the town and now you’re gonna try and hook up with my sister too? Where does the betrayal end, man?” Scott groans, rubbing his face tiredly and you snicker, letting Theo sit up. Your body wavers a moment before you lean against your bedmate, your eyes falling shut.

“We didn’t hook up, Scotty. He wanted to see my nightlight and sleeping together makes bonds better. I’m ingratiating him.” You blather, waving your hand in circles and yawning widely. “He’s too pretty to date me- this isn’t an argument, and I’m too bad to be tied down.”

Theo laughs softly, the sound a little off, but Scott grins at the two of you.

“Sorry, kid, I forgot.” He laughs, eyeing you both with a keen interest and you wave your hands at him. Once he’s been shooed out, and your door is closed once more, you flop back against the sheets and groan.

“You leaving now or staying?” You ask, yawning again and tugging on the blanket.


“Cool.” You murmur, pulling him back down beside you and half crawling onto him.

“How the hell did you slip them?” Liam shouts, shoving into your room and you can’t help hissing at him and dragging the blanket over yours and Theos heads.

“If we stay quiet he might leave.” You whisper to Theo, who’s smiling with his eyes closed.

“Maybe.” He agrees, his voice warm, sleepy and affectionate. Shuffling closer, you smile as his arms wrap around you and his face tucks against your neck.

“I can hear you.” Liam snaps from the doorway and you snort, squeaking as Theo nibbles on your neck. “Oh god.”

“I’ll return him once we’re awake.” You call through the blankets, scoffing at the disgusted noise Liam makes. The door shuts hard and you throw the blankets off your head, pulling away from Theo some. “That was a snake move, you- murder puppy!”

He laughs, his grip around your waist pulling you back toward him lightly.

“I won’t do it again,” He promises and you sigh, relaxing into his arms. “Unless you ask me to, of course.”

“Yeah, whatever.” You laugh, snuggling into his chest and closing your eyes, only for your phone to start ringing. “Dammit!”

“Ta-da! The murder puppy, rumpled, but still completely virtuous.” You beam, gesturing grandly to Theo beside you, who watches you with half a smile. Scott sighs, Liam scowling at the pair of you. That is, until he realizes what you’ve said.

“Wait- wait- He’s a virgin?” Liam snorts, staring at Theo with a deviously delighted expression and your eyes narrow. Theo doesn’t react, but you can’t help yourself.

“So am I, something funny about it?” You snap, moving forward half a step, only to pause as Theo gently touches your elbow.

“No but-”

“No buts, asshole. Some people are too busy living their lives to have sex.” You hiss, glaring at him dangerously as you flounce to Scotts side and throw yourself onto the couch beside him.

“You mean, too busy being raised to be evil by a group of nut case doctors?” Liam shoots you a scowl, but rises from the couch and jerks his head to the door for Theo to follow.

“He can stay.” Scott orders, not raising his head from where he’s staring at the carpet and you blink, the other two staring too. “Theo can stay here, for now.”

“Where?” Liam points out helpfully, reminding all of you of the limited space but you’re already beaming at Theo. Theo watches Scott fixedly, expression tight and you watch Liams face darken at the other boys reaction.

“Here.” Scott snaps, raising his head to meet Liams eyes with a quelling look. “He needs somewhere to stay, since he technically died.”

Theo stands stock still, not even moving his gaze between the two of them like you are and you push to your feet.

“Theo.” You call softly, glad when he looks up and crosses to your side. His silence makes you nervous, as if the moment means something to him.

“But-” Liam starts, his voice cut off my Scott.

“I can keep an eye on him. He’s staying.” Scott snaps, his gaze shifting from his beta to the omega at your side. “He’s not going to cause any trouble.”

“No.” Theo promises quietly and you beam at him, then at Scott.

“See?” Scott says to Liam, who watches the two of you with a sick fascination in his eyes. Nodding tightly, Liam pulls the front door open and disappears through it. You grin at the two boys, watching Theo relax some.

“You two are on probation. A wrong move from either and it’s over.” He warns and you gape, looking Theo over before retuning your gaze to Scott.

“But I’m good!” You whine, cringing when Scott laughs.

“Didn’t you just say a few hours ago that you’re “bad”?” He counters and you growl.

“Oh whatever, lets go, murder puppy.” You snap, pushing Theo toward the stairs and he bounds up them without looking back, the tension only leaving his shoulders after he crosses the threshold of your room. “Better?”

“Much.” He sighs, collapsing onto your bed and you nab your laptop from the desk and crawl onto the bed beside him. “Netflix and chill?”

“Downloaded and bonding.” You counter, laughing as he rolls his eyes and groans.

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Late Night Adventures (Requested)

Pairing: Warren Worthington iii x Reader
Request: @browncoatforever “Can you do this with warren?”
Featuring: The Squad  
Word Count:
2012 Words
Warning: Swearing, sexual jokes/reference, fluff  
A/N: I kinda love doing imagines with my own prompts even though I sorta changed it lmao but dw it still makes sense, enjoy!
Tagging: @notsoprettykitty, @neverlands-little-lost-girl , @annabeth453 , @prinkyprincesss, @icepeters-book-trash , @smutwritingangel

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((gifs not mine, credit to owners) Side note: the lil jump is my sexuality.

                You curled into bed, blankets wrapping you in warmth as you thought about the hectic day you that had finished. School was so busy, a kid managed to get stuck in a tree, someone else stole a dog (Peter), there almost was a fire, and exams were right around the corner. But worse than that, you had barely seen Warren all week. Only quick hellos while walking pass each other, and maybe short conversations that always ended with someone needing one of you. You both also knew in the coming weeks, seeing each other would happen even less, and you missed Warren so much. From his touch, to his nicknames for you and nervous smile. You missed everything about him, but as you wanted to fret over your boyfriend, sleep began to take over, and still clad in the clothes from today you drifted into a peaceful rest.

                While for Warren, he laid awake thinking about you. He had saw you twice today. Once when he was walking from the Danger Room and you shouted a ‘hello’ before a younger student dragged you away, claiming to need help with their homework. Warren knew it was stupid, but he really wanted to punch that kid. He saw you again when you trudged past the living room, bag sagging on your shoulders as you lazily waved, Warren about to ask if you wanted to study, but you disappeared up the stairs before he could. He was sure you’d want to sleep; he was planning on letting you, but he tossed and turned even more, he found himself heading to your room. He tried to be inconspicuous, but large white wings didn’t really help. He knocked on your door lightly, listening carefully for a reply, but all he got was something akin to a groan. Warren took that as a cue to enter, eyes squinting in the darkness of your room, the only light was the alarm clocks illuminated numbers. The sight making Warren cringe, as it read 11:34pm, not necessarily late, but it was an hour and a half after curfew. Warren was quite familiar with how you got when you wanted to sleep, but nonetheless he silently made his way over to your bed.

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P.S. I love you - part I

Summary: When your husband, Tony, dies, you are convinced that your life ended along with his. On the day of your 30th birthday you receive a surprise from Tony and with every letter from him, you start to learn how to live on your own - based on a plot of ‘P.S. I love you’ for @stories-from-stark-tower‘s 3K Celebration Movie AU Challenge. 
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader (eventually), Tony Stark x reader (in flashbacks)
Warnings: mention of death, a lot of sadness (I’m sorry)
Words: 2.013
Author’s note: Flashbacks are in italic and I am so sorry I ‘killed’ Tony, I promise to make it better. I hope you’ll enjoy it and I will appreciate any feedback!  :)

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Pregnancy 4 (Theo Raeken Imagine)

Request: Can you do a pregnancy 4 it’s so good.
;Part 4 to pregnancy please it’s amazing
;OMG! Your pregnancy series are amazing! Please update soon! 
; omg, pls do a part 4 of ‘pregnancy’ !!!
; Can you do a part 4 of the pregnancy series? I really like it and I think you’re an amazing writer and more!

 A/n: This is the last part of Pregnancy series! Thank you guys so much for reading this series and for everyone to always request more parts, thank you! I hope you enjoy it x

 p.s I tried making it longer!

 Part 1- Part 2- Part 3

Last on Part 3 of Pregnancy:
I arrived shortly at my house and wiped my tears away but they wouldn’t stop falling down my face. I slammed my car door shut and walked to my door. I unlocked the door and turned the light on as i threw my jacket on the couch, I turned around and let out a loud scream. Sitting on my couch was Theo with a small on his face.

“Hi babe, miss me?” He asked, arching an eyebrow as he give me a smile. I stood there frozen not knowing what to do or what i’ll say. I put my hand on my stomach and tried calming myself down. I stood there for a while, wondering what the hell am i going to say to the ‘monster’ infront of me.

 “Theo what the hell are you doing here?” I exclaimed as i was wondering how he got in my house. Theo stayed quiet and looked at me with a smirk on his face.

 “Miss me baby?” He asked, standing up and coming his way towards me. I looked at him confused, i wanted to run up to him and hug him but i remember what Scott told me. He’s the bad guy now.

 “Why are you here?” I asked coldly as i took a step back as he keeps getting closer to me. He grabbed both my hands and pushed me against the wall, trapping me. “Let me go!”

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Wild Part 3: Stiles Stilinski

Series Summary: This series is based on the song Wild by Troye Sivan. You and Stiles have been best friends since elementary school. So, when you two are stuck as the only members of the pack who haven’t had sex when the Darach is targeting virgins, you’re stuck making a decision that could change your friendship forever.

Read part 1 here! Read part 2 here!

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warning: Smut in previous chapters and reference to smut

A/N: I love writing this series, so if you love reading it you should request another chapter. Thank you for all of you that requested Part 3 and thank you for patiently waiting for it. I love you guys lots! Thanks for being so supportive. Don’t forget to send in requests while they’re open! -rose


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“I’m queen of the world!”

Standing out of the sunroof of Stiles jeep was your favorite Monday night activity. Stiles always took you for long drives on days where you both felt like your mind was going to explode from all the supernatural activity of Beacon Hills. It was the activity that made you feel extraordinary in a town where, as a human, it was easy to feel ordinary. Stiles flew down the back roads at 73 mph, occasionally tapping the breaks to give you a scare of falling. Your hands were grasping at the air that ran through your fingers, your hair tangled in a million different directions, occasionally having a strand catch in your mouth. Your eyes were squeezed shut as you screamed into nothingness. In Beacon Hills, it wasn’t easy to have a private conversation. You and Stiles learned that the hard way after becoming friends with benefits in a town full of supernaturals. But on Monday nights, you got to escape. Often times, these drives would result in catching up on your weekly dose of pack drama, ranting about the suspicious Theo, the occasional jeep sex, and you falling a teensy bit more in love with your best friend.

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Bucky: Hard Break Ups

Literally, there are so many issues between bucky and whatever the name is y/n is. Whoever you people are. And i don’t know how it even happens, like they seem like good characters and suddenly i’m writing them being sad.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Bucky murmured, his voice soft and plaintive. You paused your inspection of his hands, a limb you’d thoroughly enjoyed but never really taken the time to examine.

“You mean have me look at your hands? I’d want to stop too if I had nails this atrocious.” You smirked, eyes practically heart shaped as you took in your boyfriend. Relaxed, calm. With his guard down. A frown creased your face as you took him in once more. You were wrong. Stressed, guarded and unhappy, more like.

“I don’t want to do this anymore.” Bucky sighed a little dramatically, removing his hands from yours and shifting just enough that you weren’t touching anymore. Your eyes shifted to the crack of distance in confusion, staring hard and uncomprehendingly. You met his gaze again, a line creasing your forehead.

“You don’t want this or you don’t want me?” You asked softly, voice a little bleak. He didn’t leave space to think, as if he’d mapped out the conversation already, any twists or turns it might make.

“You. I don’t want you, Y/N. This? I don’t mind this, but with someone else.” He said without looking at you and you felt red rising in your cheeks.

“Meet my eyes, Barnes.” You hissed and he followed the command in surprise. “Thank you. Alright, I understand. Is there a reason behind this or… Is it just me in general?”

Your voice was clinical, eyes blank as you shifted back some yourself, widening the gap. Bucky didn’t look down like you had, and it made your insides curdle. His answer took longer this time, the gap with both of you just staring at one another. You didn’t look at his eyes, didn’t scan his face. Instead you stared at his hairline and tried to distance yourself. You didn’t want to recall Bucky as breaking up with you, rather you’d like to think of him and remember when he’d sneak into your room as the sun rose and demand you eat waffles with him at the diner down the road.

“I don’t want you. I can’t look past the things I don’t like anymore, like what makes up a person. I’m not the guy I used to be. We’re over.” He paused. “Can you accept that?”

You inhaled once, exhaled, inhaled again and held it for five beats. Then you nodded, meeting his eyes with your own clear ones. You were fine. “I can accept it. It’d be good if we were still friendly acquaintances for the sake of our jobs.”

He blinked at you, lips tightening and giving you a curt nod. “Of course.”

With that, he rose and strode from the room, ever the purposeful warrior these days.

As the door shut behind him, you counted to twenty before burying your face in your hands and letting the sobs escape you.

You can’t hurt him, he can’t know I’m upset.

Why not? I will tear him limb from limb.

That’s the kind of attitude we are not trying to foster, Red.

You and Barnes broke up? What the F*CK

You stared at the text, blinking tears from your eyes but still grinning. Natasha, consistently in your corner.

And when am I not? Let me at him.

You were about to answer both the girls when a knock on your door sounded and Peter stepped in. You quickly wiped at your wet face, hiding it a little while he settled on the side of your bed.

“Hey, Y/N.” He greeted softly and you hiccuped over a smile.

“Hey, Petey. What’s up?” You grinned, forcing your tears and feelings into a dark corner until you were alone once more.

Not healthy, little beast. 

“I…” He trailed off and tears filled your eyes at his loss of words, only for them to spill over when he offered you the Spiderman softie you’d given him long ago. “Wan’ a hug?”

You nodded, sniffling a little before gasping an oof sound, Peters body crushing you. You hugged the young man tightly, exhaling an easier breath at the comfort.

“We can watch a movie, get Wanda and Nat in here, Oreos with soft serve?” He offered into your hair and you sniffled again, nodding.

“Miss, I believe there is a matter regarding Mr Barnes that you should attend in the formal dining room.” FRIDAY pipes up from her hidden speakers and you release Peter, staring into the air in confusion. 

“He’s not…”

“I’ve updated my relationship records but Miss Maximoff seems to be-”

You didn’t wait for her to finish, not even putting on pants as you race from your room, the bodyless voice and Peter following you.

“Wanda.” You announce, taking in the scene coolly. All the heads swivel toward you, Sam whistling softly at your attire. You wink at him and he grins saucily. Natasha’s grip on the knife she points toward Bucky loosens, sensing an end.

“Yes, Y/N?” Wanda smiles sweetly, not deigning to mention or even pretend she is guilty of the way Bucky is strung against the wall, limbs cuffed in red.

“I was just wonder what you and Natasha were up to, Peter, little love, was wondering if we four wanted to watch a movie?” Your tone doesn’t change, nor do you look at anyone other than Wanda, whose eyes are filled with fire.

You can’t hide from me. “I’ve just got a few chores to finish. You know it’s my night to take out the trash.” She smiles icily and you grimace some.

“Uh- Actually, none of us do chores?” Tony pipes up, Scott and Sam snickering a little.

“Tony raises an interesting point, Red.” You agree softly, moving closer to her with small steps.

“Tony?” Wanda snarls at the man and he gives her a sage nod, waving his hand in Barnes direction.

“I can’t agree with his choice, she’s a sweetheart, but I can’t let you throw him in the bin either. Other than that, my hands are tied.” He answers diplomatically, deftly avoiding an opinion and you smirk a little as Wanda’s features twist in fury. Just as her fingers start moving, you take a final step toward her and wrap the two of you in a deeply golden bubble, sealing any powers she uses inside.

Through the opaque walls, you see Bucky land on the floor hard, Steve and Sam darting over to help him while Natasha shoves her knives away angrily, watching Bucky be led away like a lion after a smaller invading lion.

“He hurt you!” Wanda shouts at you, anger clear in her eyes and you let the gold thicken, blotting out the world. In the hidden space, you let your knees give out. Sitting on the floor, you avoid her eyes. 

“I let him. I was willing to be bitten on the ass, if it meant he would bite me on the ass.” You chuckle softly, the sound slightly desperate as you meet her eyes with false mirth.

“You love him.”

“I’ve loved him longer I’ve loved anyone I haven’t been related to. Hell, I loved him before I met you, before I knew him. And I’ll keep on keeping on, because he loved me too. Maybe still does. He has his own reasons for ending things and I’ll respect them, but I know that even if he buries it deep, lets it shrivel and darken, he felt something.” You cough softly, clearing your throat. “I’ll accept that. I’ve always got Kitty if I get lonely, right?”

Wanda kneels, palm finding your chin while her other hand interlaces with yours.

“Are we gonna kiss?” You whisper, smirking and she scoffs.

“If only someone else hadn’t stolen my heart.” She whispers, before getting serious. “I’ll kill him for you. The only thing stopping me from kicking you in the gut and escaping to do so is I know how you feel about him. It’s so strong its barely second hand.” 

You eye her warningly and she tinkles a laugh.

“So you’ll do as I say.” You command softly and she nods, giving you a wary look.

“You can’t watch me all the time. I’ll maim him properly soon.” She threatens and you agree. Reparations, you believe the word is. Give them some but lay down the law to make clear the borders.

“I can’t act like I’m not putting her in danger every time we touch.” Bucky snarls and you hiss softly, spinning round the corner like a queen to battle.

“I love eaves dropping. It really shows some peoples true colours.” You snarl at Steve and Bucky, both of whom have gone white as the air around you swirls in gold. Clint drops from the roof to land in the corner quietly and your arm flings out toward him, catching him in gold. “For example, Clint is a filthy sneak who doesn’t understand that hide and go seek means you stay on one floor. Or that Bucky is so old that his memory is failing. I mean, how else could he forget that I get a damn opinion if it concerns me and my safety. Hell, I even get a say in my own love life.”

You fling Clint out the doors, slamming them shut with a large field ball.

“So.” You bite out, glaring down the two men with fury.

The video clicks on, Clint panting beside Natasha while Tony throws the image onto the large window screen before the group. You stand before Steve and Bucky, Steves face panicked and pained, while your own angry expression matches Buckys.

“Twenty says Y/N rips him a new one without a single break.” Sam mutters.

“Fifteen says she keeps talking till he goes too far then they fight.” Nat bids.

“She’s going to use at least 10 sentences in a row.” Tony chuckles, putting another forty on the pile.

“Nah, this is short and sweet, she’ll deliver the killing blow by the fifth.” Scott scoffs, putting down fifteen.

“I believe that every break up cliché he uses; she will punch him for. She is very angry right now.” Wanda puts in softly, putting ten dollars on a new pile. “I think he will use five before he catches on.”

“Eleven.” Clint.

“Ten.” Natasha.

“Thirteen.” Sam.

“Seven.” Scott.

“Nine.” Tony.

“Were you in this conversation, Y/N? Eaves dropping really does reveal character.” Bucky snipes and you cackle maliciously.

“I can’t fathom how stupid you are.”

“Look, I thought we could be friends.” He sighs and you hiss. How dare he turn this back on you. You’re leaping forward and left before you even know it, hitting out with a fist and punching him in the jaw.

“No!” You snap the command out and he glares. “Looks like we were both wrong. God, Barnes. Since when have I ever been afraid of you? Since when have I thought you’d hurt me? It’s never been an issue!”

“I’m making it one because it is one. I still care about you but-” Your fist smacks into his side and he grunts before recovering. “This isn’t something you can ignore or just let go. One day, I’ll kill you.”

“I’m going to kill you now if you don’t shut up.” You snap and he balks.

“Seeing other people will be good. We aren’t good for each other.” You throw the remote on the side table at his head and he ducks.

“I hate your self-sacrificing bullshit!” You scowl furiously and he grits his teeth.”Let yourself be happy for once!”

“Well I hate your constant obsessing over me!” He snaps out and you laugh.

“Finally.” You snarl and he narrows his eyes, the two of you almost facing off.

“Bucky, don’t hit her.” Steve warns, now up against the wall and not moving to get between the pair of you.

“Shut your hole, Steven. If Bucky wants to get physical, I’ll physically assault him right back.” Your eyes don’t waver from your opponent and neither do his.

“Did the remote count?”

“Yeah. We’re at about three now. Looks like Nat is going to win, but Scott and I are out. Can’t judge Sam yet though.”

“I’m not ready for a relationship yet, and even if I was, I don’t feel that spark with you. We’re better off friends.” Bucky provokes and you’re panting with wanting to get at him. But you can’t. “Right now…” He pauses for dramatic effect and you’re hooked. “I. Need. To work. On. Myself.”

With a screech, you’re leaping at him, knocking him in the stomach and then punching him in the jaw. His hands shove you back but you twist his wrist behind his back and slam him into the wall. Leaning close, your lips brush his ear and he goes still.

“I kissed Sam.” You whisper gently and he goes dead silent. Bucking you off violently, he storms for the door. Quick as a flash, your climbing to your feet and cursing.

“What did you say!?” Steve demands in a flurry and tears fill your eyes.

“I went to far. I lied. Said I kissed Sam.” You want to run, catch Bucky but you know Steve won’t let you leave until he reprimands you. “Run, Sam.”

“I didn’t. I didn’t, guys, I swear.”

“No. You run, idiot.” Steve groans out, hands covering his eyes and you sprint out the door, skidding around the bed and into the corridor.

“Mr Barnes is headed toward the living room, Miss.” FRIDAY states helpfully and you race down the halls, opening the door and catching him on the windowed bridge.

“Bucky!” You shout and his steps falter before he gives you a dead eyed glare. “I lied. I’m a liar. You know that. I wanted to hurt you.”

You’re shouting and running, catching up and tackling him from behind. Or trying to. Instead you end up clinging like a spider monkey while he keeps walking.

“I lied. I’d never kiss Sam. You hurt me and then you were talking to Steve and not me and I was so angry and you kept using those lines and I wanted to hurt you. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” You cry into his shoulder and he slows to a stop.

“What is wrong with you?”

“Literally so much.” You sniffle, letting him go and landing on your feet. “But right now, it was you. I hated your iceman thing and that you made a choice on my behalf. I know you’re worried- you’re worried all the time. But I can handle this stuff. I can handle anything you throw at me. Except stupid f*cking break up lines that feel like stabs in the face.”

“I can’t be with you, Y/N.” He sighs and you nod sadly.

“I get it. I do. But you chose the wrong reasons. I just… It’s okay. We don’t have to be together and we don’t have to talk if you don’t want. At least for a while.” You’re backing away, unable to remain blank this time as tears stick in your lashes and track down your cheeks. “I’m just going… I’m gonna need a little time to get used to it. Took us time to get used to being together, hey.”

He smiles a little, a small smile at your watery attempt at humour, his own eyes burning. His foot lifts and he manages a half a step forward before you’re warding him off.

“I can’t handle a yes then a no then a yes again. We both need a break from each other.”

I can take you to Sokovia, I will show you my home.

“Wanda and I can go visit Sokovia, take a holiday.” His mouth opens, expression torn but you turn and run before he can say anymore. You are going on that trip. And when you get back, you’ll be the super fantastic friend you were before. Maybe you and Wanda can visit Wakanda, hang out with T’Challa for a couple weeks.

“Looks like Nat is getting it all and Scott is claiming the break up lines.” Tony grins, handing off the money pile to Scott, face a little regretful. Nat smiles at her ninety proudly, hip bumping Wanda, who gives her a weak smile back.

“Y/N and I will be going to Sokovia for a while. Perhaps Wakanda too.” She offers quietly to the group and they sober, eyes darting to the screen where Steve sits, head in his hands.

“I’ll go with you two.” Natasha puts in softly. It’s not an offer. More of a demand.

Wanda nods, knowing that Natasha can’t be left behind. It’ll be too easy for the two of you to end up wallowing in the shared emotions. And Natasha would likely cut off Buckys other arm if she went unsupervised.

Kitty is so totally Panther. In case that somehow didn’t make sense. right.

Shut Up

“Okay, fine.”

You had to admit, the view was breath taking. Or maybe your breath was gone because you somehow had let this meatball talk you into riding the damned ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier and you were publicly, vocally, and unquestionably afraid of heights. But Chris and his brother always had a way of talking you into trouble.

“Told ya,” he smugly reminded you.

From beneath you, you barely heard Scott call out, “What d'ya think?”

“She said she loves it!” Chris yelled down, leaning over to peer below your car.

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Almost Stuffed

Order up!

Requested by quite a few of you actually! Jeremy nearly gets stuffed/killed, gets comforted by Mike after his shift.

Hurt/Comfort. MikexDoll, Mike<>Jeremy, family bond.

Jeremy pushes his luck too far on a shift and nearly gets stuffed into a suit. Mike and Doll have to patch him back together.

Based on a modified form of the Reborniverse.

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Homecoming (Prompt #23)

Originally posted by whovian182

Requested by anonymous:  #23 with Isaac where they were dating before he left for France without saying goodbye and then he comes back to beacon hills, and they see eachothers for the first time since he left. You can end it however you want.

#23: I’ve missed you.

You are all gathered in Scott’s living room, talking about the latest developments with all the supernatural stuff you have to cope with once again. You sit on the carpet, just listening to what they are discussing, like always. You are usually the one that keeps quiet until you have a sparking idea. Then you would discuss the details with Stiles and he would get very excited about it. Only you have absolutely no idea how to solve your problem this time.

“Maybe we should just set a trap”, Kira sighs. You are all tired by now and hungry. Not the best circumstances to be productive.

“Because our traps always work so well”, Stiles counters sarcastically.

“Guys, that’s not really helpful!”, Scott interrupts their bickering. He looks more devastated than the rest of us, probably because he feels the most responsible for our safety. He ruffles his hair and stares at some point on the floor, thinking hard. “Maybe we should try to call Derek to…”

He doesn’t have a chance to finish his sentence because right there someone knocks at the door. Scott doesn’t even look up. “Yeah, you can come in, Mum”, he calls out.

The door opens slowly and somebody enters insecurely. It’s not Scott’s mum. It is somebody nobody of you expected, somebody that makes all of you lift your head and freeze at the same time. Somebody you were actually sure you wouldn’t see ever again.

All the memories fight their way back into your head with heart-breaking force. That night that Scott told you that Isaac Lahey, your boyfriend, the werewolf you loved so much and dated for more than three months, left for Europe without so much as saying goodbye to you, without leaving you a letter. Without any explanation why he did it. You had felt like dirt. You had suddenly been very sure that he never really loved you, that all of it was just a play. How could he do something like that otherwise? You fought with it for a very long time, crying your eyes out, being a total mess until you finally recovered a bit.

And now he just stands there, looking absolutely shocked as he realizes that you are all there but still beautiful and amazing as ever. Your mind is totally blank.

“Okay, who is that?”, Liam finds his voice first.

That kicks you out of your trance. Lydia immediately turns towards you to check your reaction but you are actually not capable of doing anything except for staring at him with an open mouth. At least he has the decency to blush.

“Oh you are so screwed, man”, Stiles says without listening to Liam. He gives Isaac the death glare. You can’t blame him for that, it was actually Stiles who helped you a lot back then. He is about to get up to do who knows what but someone holds him back.

“Stop it, Stiles”, Malia growls. “We should leave them alone for a bit. Come on.”

They get up except for Scott and you, although Stiles clearly doesn’t want to. Malia has to literally drag him out of the room. They shut the door with a thud and are gone. Isaac still hasn’t moved.

“Man, I am really glad to see you, but…why…”, Scott breaks the weird silence. He looks back and forth between the two of you, obviously concerned.

“I know, I should’ve called…I am sorry…”

“You are sorry!”, you interrupt him icy because that little word definitely triggered your anger. A lot of anger. “That’s what you have to say? That you are sorry? Are you serious?”

He can’t look you in the eyes. His gaze lingers on the floor and he scratches his neck, like always when he feels guilty or embarrassed. Scott also seems uncomfortable and you can’t blame him.

“I…I can explain Y/N. I know you are mad and that’s…”

You interrupt him again. “Mad? Well that’s an understatement. Do you have any idea how I felt, how much you tore me apart? And now you are just showing up like that!”

“Okay, guys, I am just going…into the kitchen…or something. Just away. Please, don’t kill each other”, Scott mumbles before he quickly walks off. You don’t pay attention to him.

Now that you are alone with Isaac the tension even grows. He lifts his hands and takes a step towards you but you immediately stumble backwards which makes him stop. Sadness displays in his eyes. But he has no right to be sad.

“Could you please listen to me, just for a second?”, he asks desperately.

You fold your arms in front of your chest and press your lips together, supressing the urge to punch him in his beautiful face. He takes that as a yes.

“I know you don’t want to hear my apologies but I swear to you, I didn’t want to leave you! I had to go. To save myself and you because I needed to get my senses back together after everything went riot. I knew I wouldn’t go if I came to say goodbye, I knew I would stay with you so I didn’t. And I thought it would make…things easier for you.”

You snort but he lifts a finger to signify that he is not finished yet. You squint your eyes, very keen on telling him exactly what you think about that in a not very friendly way but you decide to shut up instead. It wouldn’t change anything.

“It didn’t make things easier for me. I felt awful. I’ve missed you. A lot! And that’s why I came back as soon as I could because I still love you, Y/N, I swear I do! I know you probably don’t feel the same way. But I do. I am so sorry. There has never been anyone but you.”

You suddenly feel like you are falling. Into a black pit with no bottom. Your heart’s freaking out and tears run down your face although he absolutely doesn’t deserve your tears. But it’s a fact that you never got over him and now he is standing there, telling you all those things. You make a painful choking sound and he is already coming for you, highly concerned, but you raise your arm to hold him back. No touches. Touches would kill you.

“Stop it, Isaac. Please. How am I supposed to believe that? How could I ever be sure that you won’t leave me again?”, you mutter quietly.

“I will prove it to you. I will do everything”, he whispers, his voice breaking.

“Well, you have to get a lot of great ideas because right now I have no intention to forgive you”, you reply bitterly before you run out of the house to your car. You need to be alone now. You need to get some space to break down properly.

A/N: First of all: thanks for requesting! I know this is no real ending but I thought it would be rushed. But I would be ready to write a part 2, so if you want one, just tell me :) 

Edit: Here is part 2 :)

Martinski Road Trip

“What do you like about her?” Lydia’s voice cut through the silence in the jeep, and Stiles glanced over at her.


“I mean, I guess objectively she’s attractive.” There was a tone to her voice that had Stiles frowning.

“Is this you being catty? Can’t handle having another girl added to the pack?” He rolled his eyes. Lydia was brilliant, but she could also be cold, and though he saw that side of her less often now, he didn’t care for it.

“Okay first of all, I’m not catty.” She pouted a little as she said it, and although Stiles knew he probably shouldn’t find it endearing, he did. “And secondly, if you’re insinuating that I’m threatened by her, let me remind you who exactly you’re talking to.” The last sentence was smug, and it grated on Stiles’ nerves.

“Yeah, well for someone who’s not threatened, you’re kind of being a bitch.” Stiles said. Lydia just shrugged.

“It’s not like Malia’s here.” The car fell back into silence, the headlights carving a road out of the darkness. Stiles stared ahead with drooping eyes. He was exhausted, they had been driving all day and were nowhere near home.

“Yeah, but I don’t really feel like listening to you complain either. You are aware that you had the advantage of growing up in a house with other human beings, one that she didn’t? You could cut her some slack.” Even as the words left his mouth he knew they were useless. Lydia didn’t cut people slack. She judged them and held them to her ridiculously high standards and when they inevitably didn’t measure up she cut them down. It was just her way. Stiles had often wondered whether she met her own expectations, but he wasn’t brave enough to ask.

“I grew up in a house. There weren’t always people there.” She said it absently, like she wasn’t quite aware that he could hear her. Suddenly she looked up, studying him. He hated when she did that. “Stiles, you look really tired.”

“Thank you, Lydia. Thanks a lot.” The sarcasm held no real bite. She was right. He was too tired to mean it.

“I meant that maybe you should let me drive.” Stiles shot her a look. He had only ever let Lydia drive the jeep once, and it was not an experience he ever planned on repeating.

“I don’t think so.” Even as he said it, he wasn’t so sure. The last thing he needed was to have successfully tracked down the set of fangs that would age Derek back to normal and then die in a car crash a few hours from Beacon Hills.

“Stiles-” As she was about to open her mouth to remind him that the only reason she crashed his jeep that time was because he let a bee into the car, a sign flashed into view ahead. “Fine. Look, there’s a motel, why don’t we stop and you can sleep, and maybe we can avoid a situation where you drive us into a ditch and I die while wearing leggings.” Stiles weighed his options, the flashing sign growing closer. He could try to make the drive himself, which was admittedly reckless, let Lydia drive, which was actually more reckless, or take a few hours and try to get some sleep. It wasn’t like Derek was going to grow old waiting for them, which was ironically kind of the problem. With a sigh, he signaled and took the exit. Lydia seemed to relax in her seat.

“Okay, we’ll take a few hours. But as soon as I’m up we’re getting home. Just because this version of Derek is smaller doesn’t mean he’s any less impatient. Or a jerk.” She just nodded. Stiles pulled up in front of the office, rubbing his hand across his face as he turned off the car. The short walk to the door seemed like a mile. He was beginning to realize the toll the last few days had taken on his body, and he had to drag himself off the seat. He swayed a little on his feet as he jumped down onto the ground, and suddenly there was a small set of arms around him, steadying him.

“God, I’m surprised you didn’t fall asleep at the wheel an hour ago.” Stiles ignored her, jumping when he felt a hand in his back pocket. As it disappeared, so did the weight of his wallet.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to do you a favor. In case you’ve forgotten you have to be 19 to get a room. I can see the guy at the front desk from here, it will be better if I go in by myself.” She propped him up against the hood and strode toward the door. Stiles sighed. He watched through half-closed eyes as she slid through the glass door and pulled a wad of cash of from his wallet. He had taken to carrying it once it became apparent that bribes were now a necessary addition to most of their trips. Chris Argent had left them a substantial account with which to protect Beacon Hills in his absence. It had certainly come in handy.

In the office, Lydia laughed, her hand snaking out to land on the poor guy’s arm. He didn’t stand a chance. A few minutes later she emerged, holding up a small silver key with a look of triumph.

“I told you.” Stiles just sighed and held out his hand. Lydia dropped the key into it.

“My wallet?” He shook his head as she raised an eyebrow, placing his worn weather wallet on top of the room key. He closed his hand around it. “Which room?” Lydia grabbed his hand, pulling him toward the first door, numbered 1. Stiles remembered when little touches like these had been exciting for him. Now they were familiar, a comfort rather than a shot of adrenaline. He would be lying if he said the electricity he always felt had faded, though.

When they actually managed to get the ancient key into the ancient lock and open the door, they found themselves staring at something that alarmingly resembled the set of a low budget horror film.

“Oh god.” Lydia glanced at him, her face a mask of horror. He was too tired to be overly concerned about the state of their surroundings, a first for him. It would have been refreshing to not be the one complaining for once, if he hadn’t been so tired.

The room was small, the floors covered in that mossy green carpet that seemed to exist exclusively in cheap motels. A nightstand separated two generous beds. There were no visible stains on either, so Stiles walked forward and collapsed face first into the closest one.

“Lock the door.” His voice was muffled into the comforter, but a few seconds later he heard the click of a lock sliding into place. As soon as he stopped moving the exhaustion hit him like a drug, and he couldn’t even move to kick off his shoes. The last thing he registered as he drifted off to sleep was the sound of an exasperated sigh, and something tugging on his foot.

Stiles woke up feeling stiff and not nearly rested enough. He opened one eye just enough to make out a spread of red, no, strawberry blonde hair fanned across the sheets. He blinked in confusion. Forcing his eyes to widen, he glanced around at the depressingly generic furniture and the events of the night before returned to him. His eyes fell on Lydia, sleeping on the other bed a few feet away. Her face was so soft in sleep, it was a cliché really, but the wall she erected in her waking hours was gone, and Stiles couldn’t help but drink it in. He pushed himself to his feet, realizing as the covers fell away that Lydia had removed his shoes, jeans and button up, leaving him in his boxers and t-shirt. Raising an eyebrow, he grabbed his clothes from where she had left them on the floor, and headed to the bathroom.

There was a part of him, as he surveyed the questionable facilities, that was insisting quite firmly that he not step foot in the shower. But a bigger part of him longed for the alertness that would inevitably follow, so he pushed aside his skepticism that he would come out of this any cleaner and stripped out of his remaining clothes. The water pressure was dismal, and the temperature inconsistent, but the burst of cold water at the end actually helped wake him up so he was mildly satisfied as he toweled off. He got dressed and stepped back into the main room, checking his phone for the time. It was a little after six am. He frowned as he noticed the icon for no reception on his screen. He had been hoping to call Scott and tell him why they’d been held up.

He was pulled from his thoughts as a whimper filled the room. He looked up, and saw Lydia thrashing in her bed. He closed the distance between them in seconds, his hand on her face as she tossed under the sheets.

“NO!” Her voice was a scream, it was wrenching and heartbreaking and Stiles knew before her next word which nightmare she was having. “Alison!” The name as a scream sounded the same this time as it had the first, and for a second it felt like Stiles was trapped in the dream with her.

“Lydia.” He tried, gently at first, to shake her awake. She continued to thrash, tears flowing from her tightly shut eyes. “Come on, wake up.” He found himself about to say that it was only a dream, but it wasn’t. It was the worst kind of memory, a nightmare that you didn’t get to wake up from, that wouldn’t fade in the daylight. At a loss, Stiles climbed onto her bed, pulling Lydia into a sitting position, her head against his chest, his arms around her waist. He spoke directly into her ear. “Lydia, wake up!” She jerked awake with a gasp, pushing away from him in confusion.

Her eyes flickered over him, then around the room. He watched as she pieced it all together, and waited. Suddenly, she grabbed him, fisting her hands in his shirt and pulling him closer, burying her face in his chest. She didn’t cry, just sat like that, her ragged breathing slowly evening out. Stiles wound his arms around her back, holding her more tightly. Eventually she sat back, swiping away the tears that had already begin to dry on her cheeks.

“Sorry.” She looked away, sliding off the bed and away from him. Her warmth went with her and Stiles shivered.

“Don’t ever apologize to me for that.” The forcefulness of his tone surprised both of them, and she just blinked. Something like disgust crossed her features.

“Stiles, did you shower?” He hesitated for a moment, thrown by the change of topic.

“I-yeah. I did.” She wrinkled her nose, clearly sharing his distaste for their accommodations, but he didn’t care. He found the return of a Lydia he recognized comforting, and sighed. “Okay, I’m guessing by the fact that you’re making that face that you don’t plan on doing the same. We should probably get going.” He headed toward the door, doing a quick sweep of the room to make sure they hadn’t left anything. Other than his phone and wallet, Stiles didn’t remembering bringing anything with them. He turned around to see Lydia frowning down at her phone.

“No service.” She held it up for him to see. He nodded.

“Yeah, me too.” He grabbed his phone to check again, and found it dead. He let out a little sigh of frustration and pocketed it. “Mine’s dead.”

“Mine’s almost dead. Any chance you brought a charger?” Stiles shook his head.

“Okay, well let’s-” He gestured toward the parking lot. “It’s at least six hours from here, and Scott will be wondering if something happened to us.” She followed him out of the room, and the door swung shut with a bang behind them. Stiles considered locking it, and debated momentarily whether it was hotel etiquette to lock a room when you checked out. Most of the places he’d stayed had rooms that locked automatically. He was distracted when Lydia said his name, her voice sending a jolt of anxiety through him.

“Stiles.” He looked up. Her face was a picture of shock, then of fear.

“What?” She just pointed. He followed her finger and saw what had her biting her lip nervously. The parking lot stretched before them, the asphalt shimmering in the heat of the day. It was empty. His jeep was nowhere in sight, the familiar blue replaced by the black of crumbling cement. “Wha-” His mouth fell open in confusion, and he stared at Lydia. Her expression sent his heart plummeting in his chest. It was familiar in the worst way.


“Who is it?” That look was the same one she’d worn in his nightmares, and he was beginning to suspect in her own. “Who’s going to die?” Her hand snaked forward, fisting in his shirt again, this time so tightly he was afraid she might rip it. Her eyes were an ocean of fear, and he resisted the urge to pull her in close and try to press it away.

“You.” Her voice shook, but her hand held fast, her grip a vice on his chest. “Stiles, it’s you.”

anonymous asked:

Are you still taking prompts? If so, then how about one where Stiles has an oral fixation and Derek keeps getting distracted by it, but Stiles is oblivious. You can end it how ever you want

Derek blamed the whole situation on the student council president, Colin Chance. That douche decided that instead of doing singing grams for Valentine’s Day this year, the students could pay to have heart shaped lollipops sent to whomever they wanted.

Naturally, Stiles was given a lollipop from Scott, for ’the power of bro love’ and spent the entirety of study hall sucking the life out of the thing. 

Derek had been trying to study for the vocabulary quiz he had the next period, but Stiles was a table over from him, legs kicked up onto a free chair. He had the damn candy in his mouth and he was grinning around it at Scott. Derek made a wounded noise at the sight.

He’d moved to the library for the rest of the period.

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College Football AU – Ashton Irwin Imagine [2]

[Part 1]

[Part 3]

[Part 4]

[Part 5]

[Part 6]

[Part 7]

[Part 8]

[Your POV]:

The next day I agreed to meet Laura, my best friend, for lunch. As much as I tried to argue against her choice for our lunch spot, she still insisted. Eventually I just gave in to her and agreed to it. That is how I ended up sitting in the stadium bleachers eating the sandwich she had made for me. I found it absolutely crazy that my best friend wanted to watch a team of guys practice and get all sweaty. It made no sense to me, but I put those thoughts aside just for this lunch.

“Oh my god, they are so hot,” Laura said, watching Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum standing on the sidelines to get a drink of Gatorade while chatting to each other.

“Why don’t you just go offer yourself to them already and stop ogling?” I suggested with my signature eye roll before taking another bite of my sandwich.

“Oh shut up,” Laura said playfully before she perked up a bit, “Ashton Irwin is looking at us.”

I shook my head at her words and didn’t bother to look up to match his gaze. Laura was doing plenty of that and I didn’t even have to look at her to know that. She was always the girl that aspired to date a hot shot in school. While eating my sandwich I thought about how Laura had dated the most popular guy in high school, but dumped him the moment he asked her for sex. I was proud of her for not giving in to an asshole like that. She has always had a good head on her shoulders.

“Nichole, watch o–,” Laura’s warning was cut short when I was hit in the head with a hard force.

My vision went hazy for a moment before I began to blink rapidly to focus on what had hit me – a football. Slowly, my gaze dragged towards the field only to see Ashton smirking while Luke was running towards us. I watched as he climbed the steps of the bleachers as if they were nothing to him. Nothing was making sense at the moment.

“Ow,” I muttered, finally registering that I had been hit in the head by the football. There was no doubt that I had a concussion.

“Are you okay?” I heard a male voice ask, making me look up to see the famous Luke Hemmings standing in front of me.

“I think she needs to see a doctor,” Laura said to him worriedly, as she began to rub my back in a soothing manner.

“What a dick,” I muttered as I looked down to see Ashton watching like a hawk with his smirk still plastered to his face.

“Mike! Get Scott!” Luke yelled down to the field, watching his friend nod before running towards the locker room to get the team’s trainer.

“I swear to god I am going to kick his ass,” I muttered as I began to stand up from my seat only to have Luke sit me back down.

“You need to relax. You probably have a concussion,” He explained, giving Laura a pleading look to help settle me down.

“Why did he do that?” She asked Luke curiously.

“He didn’t mean to, he just threw too far by accident,” He said as he saw the middle aged man making his way up the bleachers with his medical kit.

I rolled my eyes at Luke’s excuse for his dick of a friend while relaxing further in my seat. There was no way that was an accident. His mischievous smirk gave away the true explanation. When the man, who I assumed was Scott, finally made it to us I let him begin checking me out. No matter how much I hated him shining his flashlight in my eyes.

“I can’t believe Ashton threw this far with that much force. Coach will be happy with his improvement from last semester,” Scoot said to Luke as he continued to flash the light in my eyes to diagnose me.

“Excuse me, can we not boast about that asshole for a minute and just diagnose me so I can go home,” I snapped at Scott with a glare.

“Sorry,” He muttered before he pulled out a small ice pack from his medical kit and placed it on my head where I had been hit, “You have a mild concussion so keep this on it for a little bit and try to stay awake until your headache goes away.”

“Thank you,” I said, taking hold of the icepack to keep it applied to my forehead.

Scott nodded his head as he stood up and muttered something to Luke before he began making his way down the bleachers once again. Luke looked down at Ashton on the field and I followed his gaze to see that Ashton was frowning now. He must be upset that his friend was still up here with us. Whatever, I could care less of how he was feeling. I just wanted to beat his ass and get my anger out of my system.

“Let me help you guys back to your room,” Luke spoke up finally, turning back to look at me and Laura.

“You don’t have to do that, I think I can handle myself,” I said to him, beginning to stand up only to lean to the side from being dizzy.

“You are hurt, let me help,” He said, wrapping my arm around his neck while his arm snaked around my waist. With a sigh of defeat, I just nodded my head.

After Laura grabbed our things, the three of us began to walk back towards my dorm room. I took a quick look back at Ashton to see him frowning with his brows furrowed. With an evident smirk, I shot him my bird finger. That seemed to anger him even more because he turned around and kicked the nearest cooler of ice over. I turned around then and let Luke continue to help me towards my room.

When we got to my room, Luke helped me inside and onto my bed before he stood up straight once again. Laura set my things down beside my bed and sat beside me to rub my back soothingly.

“Thank you,” I said to Luke, offering him a generous smile as I took the ice pack off my head for a moment.

“You’re welcome. I’ve got to get back to practice now before Coach finds out I skipped out, but I hope you get better,” Luke said with a friendly smile before he left the room.

“He was nicer than I expected him to be,” I admitted once he was gone and it was just me and Laura once again.

“He’s in my History class. He is always on time and he always makes good grades on our tests,” Laura said with a small laugh.

“Nerd,” I said jokingly before the two of us began to chuckle together.

Laura spent the rest of the night with me to make sure that I was okay and safe. Eventually my roommate, Kory, came in and the three of us spent the night watching Disney movies together. It took my mind off of everything that had happened today. I still couldn’t believe that Ashton purposefully threw the ball to hit me.


[His POV]:

Practice was going great with the boys this afternoon. Everyone was doing great and no one had messed up formation yet. Coach was going to be so pleased whenever he got back from lunch to see that we were doing so great. The game Friday night would be a breeze if we kept up our strengths.

Since I was captain of the team, I called a break for everyone to catch their breath and hydrate themselves. As I stood by the Gatorade cooler talking to Michael, Calum, and Luke about a new formation that I had thought of last night, I saw Nichole sitting in the bleachers with a friend of hers. I don’t know why it angered me to see her there, but it did. So with that, I grabbed a ball and called for Luke to go long. With a flick of my hand, the ball went sailing through the air and eventually hit the target that I wanted it to.

A smirk formed on my lips whenever I saw the ball take impact to her head. I heard a gasp from Luke before I saw him jet off towards the bleachers. What the hell was he doing? Before I could stop him, he was already in front of the two girls and calling down to Mikey to get Scott. No. They weren’t supposed to help her. No one is supposed to care about her!

“Dude, I think you should go apologize,” Calum muttered to me as he stood beside me, watching Luke help Nichole.

“No way. I’m not apologizing to that bitch,” I said, shaking my head as I watched Luke begin to help her walk off.

I was about to turn away until I saw her flick me off with her middle finger with a smirk evident on her lips. My blood boiled in anger and I turned around before I kicked the cooler next to me. She was such a bitch and she was playing my friend like a fiddle.

“Get back to practice!” I screamed at the team before I began making them run laps.

It was about twenty minutes later when Luke finally made it back to the field and was running alongside of me. We ran in silence before he finally decided to speak up about the whole situation.

“You know, you gave her a concussion. Don’t pretend like you did that on accident because I know by the smirk on your face that you did it on purpose,” He stated, letting me know that he knew the truth.

“The girl is a bitch. She got what she deserved for being a dick to me the other day in biology, so I don’t owe her an apology,” I said, making it evident that he couldn’t make me feel guilty.

“Are you kidding me? You hit her and gave her a concussion because she wouldn’t help you the other day in biology?” He then asked, knowing that she was the girl I had complained about all of last night.

I grunted in response as I continued to run, not letting up on my pace.

“You are such a dick sometimes,” He said just before speeding up his pace and running ahead of me to end the conversation.

He had no idea what he was talking about and I was still not going to apologize to her. I am Ashton Irwin. I don’t apologize, let alone feel guilty for doing something. Maybe she would get the hint to not mess with me. No one messes with Ashton Irwin and makes him feel like an idiot without getting a taste of revenge.


Ahh! I hope you guys like the second part of my Ashton Irwin college football au! Let me know if you want a part three!