sit all the way down

  • Paramore: *releases new music and announces a tour and album*
  • All Time Low: *releases new music and announces a album*
  • Fall Out Boy: *tweets a bunch of addresses that all lead to movie theatres in Chicago with a time and plays a ten second video shot at a resort with the words "Fall Out boy" at the end without explaining anything to fans*
Speedy Recovery - Seth Rollins x Reader

Request by @lclb13

Summary - You request time off to help Seth recovery from his injury at home, and the two of you get very close. One thing leads to another, and you end up doing a lot more than helping him recover. (Kevin the doggo also makes a few appearances ;) ) 

Warnings:- Smut, Fluff, Swearing

Word Count- 2,103


Crews to gif owner, my gif maker still wont work :( 

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Friendship Is Nice. Friendship and Lingerie Is Nicer.

Summary: CS Modern AU. Friends to Lovers. Emma gets some new lingerie and, intending to get approval from her friends, accidentally sends some revealing pictures to the wrong group chat. Smut ensues.

tagging @emmasbutt who has put up w/ my incessant chatter while writing this fic ♥

Rated M. 6.6k words ~ also on ao3

Emma Swan has not owned a decent set of lingerie in far too long. It’s not as if she’s had anyone to wear it around, has had any need for it. The thought of needing an upgrade to her sexy wardrobe isn’t something her friends have needled her about in a while and therefore, hasn’t crossed her mind.

She’s just gotten her income tax money and seeing as she’s finally in a financially stable enough place in her life to not need to spend the money on bills, she takes a slightly reluctant but much-needed trip to the nearest mall. Too many unstylishly ripped jeans and torn t-shirts have been piling up in her wardrobe and, really, her lack of anything that ranges outside the bounds of leather and simple cotton is kind of sad.

She’s made a decent dent in her wallet—a couple of sheer shirts (who knew sheer was so in), a floral dress, a little black dress Ruby will whole-heartedly approve of, a nice green jacket that is decidedly not leather, and even a pencil skirt—when she passes the Victoria’s Secret.

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@miss-americaxchavez highlights from the Lost Boys panel

-Greg Cannon talked about purposefully modelling Max in his vampire state after Joel Schumacher himself (Joel did catch on fairly quickly)

-Two separate stories about actors having to go to the hospital for rocks/gravel to the cornea (Keifer and Alex, respectively)

-Joel would regularly go beyond the hour shooting limit for scenes where the actors had to wear the sclera lenses and Greg would get PISSED

-Jamison recalls Keifer specifically saying before the beach massacre scene “what i want to do is I want to bite that bald guy right through his head” (followed immediately by the clip of Keifer biting that bald guy through his head)

-Ve straight up said her goal from the very beginning of her work bts was for everyone to go home wanting to sleep with the Lost Boys

Watercolor || Jughead Jones

Prompt by @pinkhappypanda: a new girl in town, she comes into pops a lot and always gets a chocolate milkshake and a glass of water, Jughead keeps hearing her ask this and finds it strange, so one day after she comes in and sits down he goes over to her and he finds out she paints beautiful paintings with water colours I felt the need to officiallly request it😂😂

A/N: I finally got around to writing this! Hope you enjoy!

Gif by @stlinskim


“Hi, can I have a chocolate milkshake and a water please? To go.”

Jughead looked up when he heard the familiar order. You came in nearly everyday asking for the same thing. Jughead never understood it. Why would you order a chocolate milkshake and a water? And what was in that heavy backpack of yours? When he told Archie about this dilemma of his, the ginger looked at him like he was crazy.

“Why, Archie? Why does she get both drinks? Why not just get one?”

“Jug, you’re overthinking this.”

“But why? Why do I care so much about this?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you like her.”

Archie’s comment had stayed with him for weeks.

Did he like you? Or did he just really want to know why you asked for both a chocolate milkshake and water? Or maybe it was both.

Jughead was snapped out of his thoughts when Pop handed you your drinks.

“Thanks!” you said and walked out of the diner.

Jughead watched you through the window of the diner, debating whether or not to follow you. Before you got too far away, he realized he had to figure out this mystery about you before he went crazy. He quickly got up, packing his stuff up, checking every two seconds or so to make sure you weren’t out of eyesight. After saying a quick goodbye to Pop, Jughead rushed out of the diner and began to follow you. Not stalking. Of course he wasn’t stalking. He watched as you took a sharp right and began to walk into the woods, staying off the usual path. Jughead took a deep breath and continued on his quest.

Definitely not stalking.

How far could this girl walk?

Jughead felt like his legs were on fire as he continued through the woods, pushing branches and bushes out of his way. He was also surprised at the fact that you still hadn’t noticed that he was no more than forty feet away from you. Finally you came to a clearing in the woods, a clearing Jughead had never seen before. Or even knew about. The first thing he noticed was that there was a small pond on the edge of it. Then he noticed all the little animals. There were a ton of birds in the trees and there were frogs, toads, and turtles on the edge of the little pool. It was beautiful. Jughead watched through the trees as you sat down in the middle of the clearing, setting your drinks down next to you. After a quick sip of your chocolate milkshake, you took your backpack off and unzipped it, pulling out a sketchbook, paintbrush, and some paint. You flipped to an unfinished painting in your sketchbook before opening the cup of water you had gotten at Pop’s, dipping your paintbrush in it before mixing it with the yellow paint. Jughead craned his neck as he tried to get a better look at your paintings but could barely see anything. He slowly walked over to you, making sure he didn’t make any noises as he got to within five feet of you. He peered over your shoulder, and looked down at your work. He nearly wolf-whistled.

“That’s really good.” he remarked quietly to himself, breaking the silence.

Not as quiet as he thought.

You let out a surprised scream and spun around, eyes wide. All the birds flew away and the frogs, toads, and turtles dove under the water.

“Sorry, sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you!” the beanie-clad teen exclaimed, putting his hands up to show he meant no harm.

You put a hand on your chest and tried to get your breathing back to normal.

“Oh my G— How’d you find me? This is a secret place.” you said, breathlessly.

Jughead looked down, ashamed.

“Did you… follow me?” you asked.

“I, uh…” Jughead cleared his throat. “I just noticed that you always, um, got a chocolate milkshake and water.”


You looked at him bewildered.

“Come again?” you asked.

Jughead cleared his throat again.

“Everyday you come into Pop’s and get a milkshake and a water. And I just… never understood why. I mean, who gets two very different drinks? I guess I just wanted to know what you were doing?” he asked shyly, refusing to look at you.

This was a bad idea. What if you thought he was a creep? A stalker? A—

Your laugh broke him out of his thoughts. You laughed until your sides ached and tears leaked out of your eyes. Jughead felt his cheeks heat up.

“It’s not funny.” he mumbled.

“Yes it is!” you managed to get out in between laughs and gasps for air.

Jughead pouted, crossing his arms as he waited for you to stop laughing. You finally managed to calm down, but a chuckle escaped you now and then.

“I can’t believe you followed me because of the fact that I ordered two drinks.”

Jughead smirked.

“Yeah, I guess it was kinda weird, huh?”

You smiled at him.

“Yeah, maybe, but it’s fine.” you reassured.

The two of you became silent, unsure about how to continue the conversation.

“I, uh, I should go. I didn’t mean to disturb you in your… painting mode or whatever.” Jughead said.

Painting mode?!

You smirked.

“You could stay if you want. I mean, you walked all this way, right? Might as well sit down for a while and relax.”

Jughead gave a shy smile as he sat down next to you.

“Okay,” he said and held out his hand. “I’m Jughead, by the way.”

You took it, smiling at the raven-haired teen.

“I’m Y/N. Y/N L/N.”


A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed! Send me feedback!


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Am I Dying?

Originally posted by marilynmay

Characters: Y/n, Castiel, Dean, Sam, Bobby

Pairing: Castiel x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL)

Warnings: Fluff, cute innocent Cas, kinda angst, scared Cas, teasing asshole Dean, cuteness!!

Word Count: 1096

Summary: Cas has problems adjusting to being human.

A/N: Ok, so this is some random ass fic that came about because of @bkwrm523​ and a cute ass little thing. Cas freaking out over random shit, it’s just too cute. Not sure how cute this came out, but I’m hoping you like it!!

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“Y/n! We found a hunt. Won’t be back for a few days. Look after Cas!”

Before you could run downstairs and object, the door slammed shut, followed by the sound of the car doors shutting.

You pulled the front door open, only to see the impala leaving a trail of dust and sand behind it, as they drove away from Bobby’s.

You groaned internally.

Cas was…a mess to be honest.

Something happened.

Somehow, he managed to become human.

Well, human was giving him a bit too much credit.

He was a depowered angel who had the mind of a toddler, it seemed.

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“I was at a party and I sat down, and the boning curved because I was sitting down. On my way out, all the paparazzi was still outside and I said, ‘Oh, my god. They’re going to say that I’m pregnant.’ Because it was sticking out, so I’m holding my [dress] the whole time. ” – Beyoncé at the 2005 Oscars After Party

Emerald City Comic-Con 2017

So I drove to Seattle from my little city Bend, OR on Thursday, about a 7hr drive there (7.5 hrs on the way home :/)  I stayed with @ninaf who lives just outside of Seattle.  We hung out that night and didn’t go to bed until after 1 a.m. 😳The Panel:  Our plan was to get to the Convention Center by 8:30/9:00 a.m. which we did. It was interesting that there didn’t seem to be much ‘security’(I could have taken my flask :/), we entered from across the street where we parked in a public parking garage and entered in at the 3rd floor.  We probably could have gotten in Sat. no problem even without a Sat badge!  Anyhow quickly found the line for the Outlander panel – SO many people!  They let us in at about 10:45 and me @ninaf and 2 of her friends (that are ‘normal’ fans) found some seats – we were second row far left of the stage – right where the fan questions were left of the stage.  I wanted to ask a question – Sam could you please sit back I can’t see CAITRIONA!? In front of us was a slew of moms with their babies – so cute – one started fussing and Cait actually looked over to them with her awe concerned face – she clearly LOVES BABIES! ♥  You can just see it in the video briefly at about 14:32 min. I am a huge Cait fan so I was Screaming and standing when she came out and thought we were doing pretty good there, then Sam came out and omg decibels! They sit down and Sam won’t sit all the way back on the couch, I don’t know why, and he was blocking my view of Cait, I could only see her on the screen or if she moved forward or back. 😒 I didn’t take any pics, cos I just wanted to be present and absorb the experience, (one of @ninaf ’s friends did though so we’ll post as soon as we get them). One observance is they both looked tired, but ready to 'do this’.  I loved the panel, I thought they were very comfortable, there to have fun and engage with us, I liked the questions asked and quite a few of mine were answered. Caitriona was taking the lead quite a bit but I think her wit is a bit quicker than Sam’s (I’m a taurus and we tend to slow think sometimes) but it gave him a chance to play off of her which I feel they do quite a bit probably. They seemed very in tune with each other.  Next on the agenda was the autograph session.  We got there @ about 12:15 for the 12:30 and were turned away- too full come back at 4.  Well cool, we can at least eat, since we didn’t have any breakfast so we had lunch and drinks. Met up with @ourrubygirl and her daughter (normal fan), nipunad on twitter – sorry don’t know your tumblr and with ninaf and her 2 friends (side note – they were so funny before I even got to Seattle they were concerned that ninaf would invite someone from online who she had never met to stay at her house.  By then we had talked on the phone and friended each other on facebook so they had to facebook stalk me to give their approval – whew, glad I passed). 😘Photo Op!  Ugh, okay this is where we realized that this poor little comic-con was absolutely NOT ready for this Outlander fandom and where everything really started to get behind schedule.  I envy the Sat photo op participants, looks like it was more relaxed and not as rushed as Friday's– READY click NEXT! I know people have been dissing the posed photos, but after being 'there’ this is what I feel, I think SamCait enjoy the poses somewhat, cos’ otherwise the way it was with many of us on Friday we just walk in, stand next to them, click and we’re out, so I could see that for sure getting tedious AF for them, they seemed to have more fun on Sat with it – because they were allowed to also.  Anyhow the Friday photo op was close to being a complete clusterfuck, but the gestapo staff pulled it off.  There were other people there, apparently there was more than just OL there 😉 that would be like “What is this line for with all these people?” And we’d be like Outlander, and they just go off mumbling wtf is outlander? Funny. I walked in for my 'Team Outlander’ photo and I was wearing opal earrings from Mexico and Cait says to me “oh I love your earrings” Me: thank you – and I’m beaming so fucking hard I can hardly breath! So I’m 5'1” - yeah – I’m holding on to them for the photo mumble thanks or something I fecking don’t remember, patted Sam’s back turned and looked up OMFG this guy is TALL! I have a friend that is 6'7”, but Sam seemed much taller than that, I think it’s his massiveness or something IDK. His leather jacket is really soft btw.Okay NEXT – while I go back in line for my Cait only photo, ninaf goes downstairs to get in line for the autographs – good thing too since they almost turned me away by the time I got down there!  STEP OFF BITCH I WILL GET MY CATRIONA EFFING BALFE AUTOGRAPH!!!!  So by this time we are beyond hot – it was so hot in this place which wasn’t even at the convention center, everything but the panel was at the Sheraton next door.  Note to self Bring water bottle, we learned a lot of should'ves…. So there was quite a wait for this, mainly because Caitriona was still upstairs READY click NEXT! And they could only do the Sam only autographs which there weren’t a ton of apparently😁

The way they had it set up Cait first then Sam, so we had to wait for Cait to appear.  We were in the 'overflow’ line outside of the main autograph room, but could see in there a bit, we saw the lights go out, didn’t hear the comments @sileas84 mentioned, but too funny.  When we finally got to the 'room’ wow, so I am a diehard Caitriona Balfe fan, I like Sam but am not an over the top fan like most… I have to say seeing him up close and personal I COULD NOT take my eyes off of him, he was so 'cute’ doesn’t do it justice, I seriously have no word/s for it.  He was so funny and gracious and flirty with the women and NICE, very tan too, yeah, I kept running into people as the line snaked around trying to just watch him, I even almost got kicked out trying to sneak a pic – damn gestapo staffers.  So finally get up to Caitriona, um effing goddess.  She had quite the stash of gifts, I had considered giving them something but didn’t want to burden them with too much stuff and if they truly just give it away well… So I opted to give her a love letter as I call it, from me.  I didn’t know what to 'say or ask her something’ so I mentioned that I have a head shot autograph of Simon (her friend Simon Kassianides) and I can add hers to it now and she smiles and says “oh cool, I just saw him a couple of days ago!”  Me: heehee. JHRC I’m such a dweeb.  I didn’t get a Sam autograph cos’ they had sold out by the time I got online to purchase, I coached ninaf though to make sure to smell him so we could report back, since we both forgot to at the photo op :P  So we float out of the room and out into the main area and I finally just started screaming I was so excited – I got to talk to Caitriona Effing Balfe (even if it was brief)  I am so so glad I did this! 

After this was all done it was getting close to our dinner plans for meeting up with other tumblrs, so we eventually got to the restaurant.  How fun to finally meet some of us.  As we came into the room I immediately recognized @rainmanjdog and @mommydog67, we had been chatting while in line for our Cait only photo and didn’t know that we were part of the tumblrs, so funny and we all almost asked each other but didn’t want to risk it – so sad.  Great night hanging with everyone, best story goes to @valkyrie1969 I still chuckle just thinking about it.  So where is the photo of us pointing at the 'Meet and Greet’ room @pentwhistle ?

Overall impression of SamCait – they are two of the most genuine, engaging, fun, cool, nicest people.  

Overall impresion of our tumblrs – we are some of the most genuine, engaging, fun, cool and nicest people.  


submitted by @pithyrhyme

[Hawke faces off against the Arishok]
Fenris: This is something Hawke has to do for herself.
Hawke: No! No, it’s not!
Fenris: Oh.
[Everyone attacks the Arishok]

Prompt for @lovelyluthor, ‘I’m always a hoe for “turtlenecks in the summer to cover up hickeys”’

If anyone asked her, Kim would stand by her words that it was all Trini’s fault. That is to say, she didn’t regret anything that had happened up until then, but the fact remained that the consequences were inconvenient, uncomfortable and altogether undesirable.

Kim was hot. Like, really hot. The fact that it was summer and Angel Grove was one day into the projected heatwave was only exacerbated by the fact that she was currently wearing a heavy, black knit turtleneck. In June.

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I was thinking the other day about a celebration the Dalish might have for halla, inspired by Kukur Tihar in Nepal, where they adorn their antlers with herbs and flowers, and paint them with pigment. 

A Dalish inquisitor likely wouldn’t have access to any halla, so maybe they’d celebrate with any harts they had instead.

Professor Park

» Part two

So here it finally is. I’m sorry if it sucks, I’m not a writer and English isn’t my first language so please don’t be to hard on a hoe. Anyway, i wanted to expand the story a little bit by digging into the characters so it’s going to be a lil angsty

Author: amsimaria

Word count:  6,6K

Feature: Jimin x Reader ft. Jackson Wang (got7)


5 days later

Your eyes feel heavy, staring at the empty Starbucks coffee cup that’s rolling on the wooden floor of your small apartment.
A sharp pain enters your head when you close your eyes and turn your head to face the wall.
Your lack of appetite made you weak and unable to think rationally about everything that had happened.
All you could think about was how you could avoid the man that had so much power over you, preferably for ever.
The memory of your intimate moment with him was clear as day, which made everything even worse. His forehead, covered in sweat with a few strands of his thick black hair bouncing on his forehead as he pumped himself inside of you. His hands all over your body, gripping and squeezing your flesh.

The worst thing about it all was that you were still dreaming about him every night and they would always end with him walking away with a smug grin on his face while you were crying your eyes out.

You had been skipping classes for three days in a row now, and you didn’t plan on going back there for at least a few more days, maybe even another week after that.
You couldn’t stand the thought of seeing him, act like nothing happened and going back to his wife, giving her the love that you craved for so much.
You wanted to hate him, but every time your mind spilled the image of his smiling face, you couldn’t help but to almost burst out in tears again.
You were a mess.
How could you let him have so much control over you?
Would he even think about you?
Thinking about that made you feel even worse because deep down you knew you were nothing more than a promiscuous schoolgirl to him.

You hear the sound of Melanie’s key pocking the key hole on the outside of your apartment. Watching her come in, you notice her arms are clinging on to two bags, one from Top Shop and the other from American Apparel, two of your favorite clothing shops.
You look at her with a sigh. Your eyes looking lifeless and utterly exhausted from lack of sleep and overthinking to much.
A worried look appears on her face when she closes the door behind her.

The days hadn’t been easy on her either, hearing you crying yourself to sleep and listening to you constantly putting yourself down.

“How are you doing babe?” She asked, her voice calm but with laced slight desperation

‘’I’m ok i guess’’ you answer, staring down at your lap

‘’Was he there?’’ you ask, as you start to you nervously play with the end of your sleeve. You eyes filled with desperation.

‘’Uh.. yea, yeah he was..“ she replies, looking at the ground and rubbing her neck with one hand

Silence fills the room.

”You have to try letting this go man.. He doesn’t deserve this.’’ Melanie sighed.

‘’You need to come back and start picking up the pieces before you start missing actual important shit. I’m sick of seeing you hurt like this. I refuse to let you fuck up your life over some asshole (Y/N), i won’t let it happen.“ She continued

As you look down at your feet, Melanie puts down the bags and sits herself down next to you, placing one arm around you and pushing the side of your head onto her shoulder.

“I assure you it’ll be alright, ok?” She promises bravely

You know everything will be far from alright, but you didn’t want to upset your comforting friend by telling her otherwise, so you just keep quiet and give her a small nod.

“Now get your fine ass into these cute pieces i just bought you, or i will.” She jokingly demands before excitingly getting up and pulling some pieces of pastel colored clothing out of one of the bags.

You struggle to get up, looking at Melanie, who is now holding a yellow piece of clothing in her hand, with a face full of excitement.

‘’Try this one, with this white top.’’ She says while handing you another piece of clothing, this time white.

‘’Uh.. These colors don’t really match my mood, or my face at the moment Mel..’’

‘’Oh come on, nobody is going to notice your ‘’mood’’ when you’ll be rocking these tomorrow.’’  Melanie replies, holding a pair of pastel-yellow colored culottes in front of you.

“Put them on’’ she demands

You obey with a sigh and start to squeeze yourself into the waist-tight over-knee trousers  

‘’Yasssss! It really accentuates your apple bottom babe’’ She lifts your hand in an attempt to make you turn.

“Melanie that’s the last thing i want right now’’ You shout insecure

‘’I don’t want to be noticed, i feel gross enough as it is.’’ you continue, your voice softer this time. sitting back down onto your bed with a defeated look in your eyes.

Melanie sighs.

‘’I’m just trying to help you get out of this downward spiral you’re in (Y/N).’’

You keep quiet.

“Wear a vest over it then?’’ She implies

‘’It’s not about the clothing Mel..’’ You interrupt, shaking your head with a sad smile on your face.

‘’It’s all in your head, you know that right? You just have to swallow the fear of seeing him again.’’ She points out in a serious tone.

‘’I will help you get over it, ok? i promise. Don’t let him see you are broken.’’ she continues

‘’I know.. I- i just really hate him Melan-‘’ unable to finish your sentenced caused by the tickling sensation in your throat from tears coming up, you place your face in the palm of your hands as tears start drowning your eyes again.

‘’Me too, (Y/N) Me too..’’ Melanie sighs, lowering herself to the floor and letting herself fall on her knees next to you, placing the side of her face onto your lap and taking both of your wet hands into hers, holding them tight.

You both stare into the room in silence for a few minutes.

‘’Thank you for being there for me Mel… I’m sorry for acting like a total cry baby these last few days. I don’t deserve a good friend like you.’’ You whimper, pecking your friend on her temple and drying your face with the bed sheet.

‘’You are right, i have to face him and keep my head held high.’’ You say, lifting your chin while jokingly smiling.

You hug your friend before you continue to try on the rest of the clothes she bought you.

- The next morning.

Walking towards the University, you feel the ball, build up of insecurities in your stomach getting intenser and intenser by the minute. You hesitate to walk back to your safe dorm room, but Melanie, who’s paying close attention to your worried expression, is holding on to your hand so tight, that you were sure she would drag you into the campus if she had to.
And she was right, you had to face your problems instead of avoiding them, even if they happened to be the married teacher you’re insanely in love with.

Arriving at the entrance, you both make your way to your first class.
It’s a 2-hour Statistics class.
You feel the pace of your heartbeat speeding up as you watch the clock on the wall every now and then. You were secretly hoping you would somehow faint before your third period began, so you’d have a good reason to skip it, but you knew skipping would only postpone it and make it worse.
At the end of the class you feel lightheaded, caused by all the stress, and an empty stomach as your nervousness resulted in lack of appetite this morning.

Walking towards the entrance of Professor Park’s class, you feel your knees getting weaker with every step you take. The 4 inch high wedges Melanie forced you to wear under the yellow culottes didn’t make it rather easy for you.

‘’Mell, i can’t do this..’’ You say while shaking your head in defeat, eyes filled with desperation

‘’Yes you can, just act like nothing happened ok? she calmly assures you

You feel slight relief as her soberness always seemed to calm you down whenever you were feeling stressed.
She locks her fingers into yours and pulls you inside the classroom.

When you enter, you see Professor Park sitting at his desk, which is odd, he usually always stands leaning against it to greet his students.
You quickly hide your face behind your brown locks and look away from him.
Sitting down at a desk all the way in the back, you look up to see Professor Park still sitting down at his desk, not paying the class any attention.

Your memories of his face didn’t do him too justice. Seeing him again made you feel heartsick.
All you wanted was to feel his soft lips kiss yours again, his eyes smiling at you like you were the girl he searched for his entire life.
A cold and sad feeling creeps into you when you think about how out of reach he actually were from you and how you could never make him love you like you loved him.
Your vision becomes blurring, as you stare at the man you knew would never be yours.

“Are you alright (Y/N)? Melanie asked worried.

Her words didn’t get through to you, you were numb by the feeling of being helpless and lonely.

Suddenly Professor Park gets up from his chair and walks over to the door, closing it to begin his lesson.
Looking into the now filled classroom with an expressionless face, his eyes suddenly widen when his gaze falls on you sitting in the back with your face turned down and your forehead resting on the hand that is leaning on the hard material of the desk, covering your eyes.

Your eyes meet when you slowly look up to see him frozen by surprise, still staring at you. You quickly look away as you feel more tears coming up.

“Ok everyone, L-let’s start today with the following topic, which is In-inflation” He says, nervously blinking, before walking back to his Macbook book to start the projector.

“I can’t do this Melanie..” you admit to your friend in a wobbly voice, looking at her with your eyes telling her everything she needs to know.

Glancing into your now tear filled eyes, she’s silenced by feeling of guilt.
As soon as she starts touching your shoulder in attempt to comfort you, you feel a tear strolling down your cheek, followed by another.
You take your bag, swoop it around your shoulder and start to quickly stumble down towards the exit. One hand covering your mouth and your soaking wet eyes looking away from Mr Park, the man who held your heart in the palm of his hand without even fully realizing it.
Silence fills the classroom as everyone watches you flight your way towards the door.

When outside, you start sobbing like a little kid.
You spurt to the nearest bathroom to hide from your embarrassment.
Locking yourself inside one of the toilets, you sit down on the toilet and place your face in your shaking hands.

A projection of his shocked face, played your mind in an endless loop. The memory of him touching your body with his strong hands, gazing into your eyes and adoring you, had almost become a surreal fantasy of what you wanted it to be. It was almost like it didn’t happen and you made it all up because you were so obsessed with him.

Tears were dripping down your lab like rain drops as your thoughts take full control over your emotions.
You feel your phone vibrating in your bag, probably a worried Melanie. You decide not to look at it, as you didn’t want to talk about it.
You just wanted to go away and leave all of this behind, start a new life somewhere else and just forget about everything.  
If it was only that easy.

Suddenly you hear a noise coming from the entrance of the girls bathroom.
“Are you in there?”

It was Mr Park’s voice.

A hot flash runs through your whole body, paralyzing you the minute you heard his familiar voice say your name.
It gives you a strangely warm and safe feeling at first but when your memory reminds you of all the embarrassment you’ve caused, you feel instantly sad.

As you don’t answer, you hear his steps coming closer towards the toilet booth you locked yourself in.

‘’I know you’re in there..’’

You remain silent, but your whimpers undoubtedly gave away your presence.

‘’(Y/N) why are you hiding from me? And why are you crying?’’ he asked, his voice low and slightly annoyed.

You wipe away some of the wetness your tears left on your cheeks with an angry swoop, and you open the door of the toilet booth to then stumble out, standing now one feet away from him and looking him into his inviting dark brown eyes, bearing an enraged expression on your face.
You wanted to scream at him and curse him out, but standing in his presence made you feel weak and defenseless.

‘’I.. I feel so stupid!’’ you cry, placing your face in the palms of your hands

Taking one step towards you, he leans over your small frame, taking your hand into his.
Your heart starts racing inside your chest as your faded memories of the intimate moments you shared with him, suddenly all became real again.
Lifting your chin with his other hand, he gently wipes away some of the wetness under your eyes as he gazes into them, making you look away and lowering your gaze to the floor from embarrassment.
You pull back your hand, but he tightens his grip around your wrist, refusing to let go of it.
His hand slowly sliding down your face towards your neck, touching your bottom lip with his thumb.

‘’I haven’t forgotten about you if that’s what you think’’ He suddenly states, almost whispering it.  

His words made you turn your eyes back at him in surprise, meeting his gaze and only blinking at him.

You both stay silent for a few seconds.
He lowers his gaze to the side and back to you, then sighs. ‘’Meet me at 7pm tonight at the coffee place across the street so we can talk about this in private ok?.’’ He commands, his voice warm, but his tone serious.

‘’Ok..’’ You nod in response, looking him into his dark brown eyes.
Letting go of your hand, he turns around to walk back in the direction of his classroom.
His words echoing your mind as you watch him disappear around the corner.

Was it possible it all meant just as much to him as it did to you?
Possibly not, but the thought of being alone with him with, having his full attention sounded like pure heaven to you right now.

- 7PM

Arrived at the arranged place, you take a seat in the back of the coffeeshop, patiently waiting for him to arrive.
His words domineering your thoughts the whole time you were waiting.

You start to get worried when you look at your phone and see it is already 7:21.

Would he even show up?
Why would he, he didn’t care about leaving you behind the first time you let him have his way with you, why would care now?

You start getting anxious at the thought of him forgetting about you or worse, not even caring enough to show up in the first place.
Your eyes light up when you suddenly see the face of your teacher appearing from the entrance.

Your heart starts pounding with excitement and you feel yourself shaking from adrenaline. But when you squint your eyes to get a better view, your heart sinks to your feet. His hand was holding on to that of the woman who he was with the time you saw him at that lounge bar.

Completely paralyzed, you watch your teacher taking a chair from a table in the front, offering it to the woman to sit herself down, then sliding it back to the table. He sits down next to her and, starts touching the small of her back with his right hand and places kisses on her cheek, making her giggle.

Your eyes immediately start to tear up from anger and heartache.

How could he do something so cold?
Was this his way of showing you you should stay away from him and forget him.
You hated him, you wanted to throw your hot coffee into his stupid face and tell him he’s an asshole, but too broken to do something you, take your bag and start storming out of the coffeeshop passed the happy couple.

Two months had passed and you’d switched classes with a girl who wanted to be in Park’s class so bad, she’d practically begged you for it.
Your new Economy class was given by an old lady, a bit slow and boring, but you were happy you could follow the course without having to see Professor Park all the time. Next to that, the new class happened to be a very social one. Everyone worked together and you made a few new friends, including a cute boy named Jackson.
He was 2 years older than you, but he was very playful and he always seemed to be in a good mood. He always made you laugh at the most inconvenient moments and his dry jokes made you mostly forget about everything that had happened to you the last couple of months.

Once in while you still saw your old professor when he walked passed you in the hallways, and most of the time he just acted like you weren’t even there. You hated the way he could act like nothing happened while you still hunkered for his conditional love. You tried your best not to look at him or show him any kind of attention, but it was hard and it was painful every time.

‘’Psst sleepy head, have you studied for the upcoming test?’’ your hear a low voice whispering, coming from behind you and waking you from your daydream about your planned trip to Asia next spring.

‘’Yea, sorta’’ You whisper, turning around at Jackson, before giggling at yourself for how unprepared you actually were for that test.

“Ah ok, let me know if you need help ok?’’ Jackson kindly offers, while smiling.

‘’I will, thanks’’ You smile, turning your head back to the front.

After leaving the classroom, you make your way towards the University’s exit to meet Melanie who was waiting for you at the coffeeshop.
You slightly jump up when you feel a hand on your upper back, stopping you in your tracks. Turning around to see who’s arm it was, you see Jackson’s cheerful face smiling at you.

‘’Hey, i wanted to ask you something. I thought it would be kinda lame if i asked it over text.’’ He mutters, scratching the back of his neck with his hand.

‘’Wow, that sounds pretty serious. Should i prepare myself for your question?’’ You joke

“No.. No. I just. I uh.. I wanted to ask you if you want to go and have a drink with me tonight.’’ He stutters while uncomfortably darting his eyes around before back at you.

A little shocked by his sudden nervousness, you laugh. ’’You don’t have to be so shy about it weirdo’’ You joke, prodding his shoulder with your hand.

Embarrassed by his obvious nervousness, he shakes his head while putting his face in the palm and laughing at himself.

“I’d love to go.’’ You finally answer him, your voice in a higher tone.

‘’Great! Pick you up at eight?’’ He asks joyfully

“Sounds good.’’ You smile

Watching him walk away backwards, you start laughing when you see him bumping his back into a girl who was talking to her friend.

Walking towards the coffeeshop you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking about your former professor.
You were still weak for him. Yes, your transfer had helped you get over most of your heartbreak and your new class was a lot better than you could’ve wished for, but still, your love for him had only become more complicated. His words had plagued your mind for weeks. You could sometimes still feel the anger build up when your memories brought back the image of him and his wife entering that coffeeshop.
Maybe it was a good thing Jackson asked you out you thought to yourself.
Maybe he could help you finally get over that asshole. It was a little bit of a selfish thought, but Jackson was a sweet guy and if it wasn’t for the heartbreak, you would’ve probably already asked him out yourself. And besides, a cute guy like him being that nervous to ask a girl out is just adorable.

‘’Tool. ’’ You silently say to yourself while rolling your eyes while widely smiling at his clumsiness before entering the coffeeshop. Spotting Melanie sitting in a booth in the back, you decide to get yourself a coffee first.

Sliding next to Melanie who was rapidly typing her fingers on the keyboard of her laptop, you take a sip of your hot coffee.

‘’Hey boo.’’ Melanie says, not taking her eyes off the bright screen of her laptop.

You giggled at the sight of her big black hipster glasses covering her small face, before greeting her.  

‘’I’m sorry, i gotta finish this reeeal quick.’’ She hastily says.

Silence fills the space between you and your friend as she continues typing on her laptop.
Staring into the coffeeshop, your eyes fall on a couple who seemed to be having an argument about something. While taking another sip of your coffee and watching the pair, the the image of Professor Park and his wife sitting at the table in the front comes ghosting your memory again.
You wondered if they ever fought. Of course they did. Or maybe not?
You didn’t know the woman at all, and even though you had no right to, you hated her with every inch of your body. What was so great about her? What did she have that you didn’t?
Yes, she was presumably a couple of years older than you, and unlike you, she probably had her shit together.
But still, what made him want to marry her? Those questions made you insecure and sometimes somewhat obsessive.

‘’How was class?’’ Melanie asks, bringing the coffee cup to her lips while looking at you.

‘’Good.’’ You mouth absently, still staring at the couple.

‘’Sounds convincing’’ Melanie replies sarcastically

Shaking your head from your thoughts you turn back facing your friend.

‘’Sorry, i was lost in my thoughts for a sec.’’ You reply, after focusing your attention back to Melanie.

‘’About what?’’ she asks, wriggling her eyebrows and throwing one leg over your lap.

When you’re just about to say something, Melanie interrupts you ’’No wait let me guess, you were thinking about that hottie from your new class, who you haven’t introduced me to by the way.’’ She smirks. ‘’What was his name again Jack?’’

‘’Jackson.’’ You reply

‘’He uh.. He asked me out just before i came here.’’

‘’Whuuut! No waaaay.’’ Melanie almost shouts while taking her leg off your lap and starts leaning forward. Gaping at you for a few seconds.

‘’Yes. ’’ You chuckled

‘’And?’’ She asked, stretching her neck out forward and raising an eyebrow.

‘’And what?’’

‘’And, are you gonna bang em?’’ Melanie asked, leaning back and bringing her coffeecup to her lips.

‘’NO! You dumbass’’ You laugh. ‘’I said yes tho. He is going to pick me up at eight tonight.’’ You shyly smile, sounding a little proud.

‘’Good. You could use some lovin, girl.’’ Melanie winks

‘’How was he today..’’ You ask, after a few moments of silence

‘’Who Park? He’s an asshole (Y/N) forget him.’’ she scoffs, looking back at her screen.

‘’I just want you to forget about him. I want my old friend back. The confident one.’’ Her voice sounding a little warmer now.

Lowering your gaze to your lap, you start nervously playing with the hem of your shirt.

“Look at me.’’ Melanie commands, raising your chin with her finger. “You deserve better, man.’’

Nodding in response, you prudently smile at your friend.

Her words were sweet, and you were sure she meant them, but you had to believe them yourself, and you didn’t.

‘’I’m sure he’s fucking some other student now anyway.’’ She mouths, looking back at her laptop.

‘’Really what makes you think that?.’’ You ask in a rushed voice, swiftly darting your eyes back to your friend’s, sounding slightly upset.

‘’Calm dooown.’’ She frames ‘’I’m just assuming with him being a dick and all.’’ She states, lazily.

“Whatever he can do whatever he wants right? Fuck him.’’ You said, sounding unconvinced.

‘’Yeah! That’s the spirit. And besides, you got a date with a hot guy tonight so fuck Park.’’ She says, wriggling her eyebrows.  

‘’Anyway we better get back, we gotta be in class in 15 minutes’’ You sigh, taking your bag and sliding out of the booth.

‘’Yeah let’s go.’’ Melanie says, taking the lid of her coffeecup between her teeth and taking her things before getting out as well.

- 8 PM

After getting a text from Jackson, you hastily take your things and leave your apartment to go on your date with him.

“Hey’’ You greet him with a smile.

“Hey, you look.. g-great!’’ He says, scratching the back of his neck nervously, while scanning you down as you get in the car. His eyes stopping on your tight bordeaux over-shoulder dress.

‘’Well you texted me to wear something fancy but danceable so here you go’’ You shrug, jokingly.

‘’Where are we going anyways?’’ You ask, as he drives away from the campus.

‘’You’ll see.’’ He mischievously smirks, looking at you before looking back at the road.

Arriving at a street full of nightclubs, you continue to stare out of your window, looking at the nicely dressed people walking down the sidewalk. The people here were obviously rich or something, you thought to yourself. Looking at the terraces, you see people smoking cigars, wearing flashy watches and expensive suits.

‘’Wow this looks a little out of reach for a couple of college students’’ You mutter, looking at Jackson before turning back to stare at the sophisticated individuals.

‘’Well, you’re kind of right yeah.’’ He laughed, watching you stare out of your window.

‘’We’re going to go to that club.’’ Jackson points at a place a little further, pushing his finger against your window.

“Really.. How? I don’t understand..’’ You ask, looking confused.

‘’Just come with me’’ Jackson calmly smiled after parking his car.

You both get out and he jokingly holds his elbow out for you to grab onto.  

When arriving in front of the club, you see a massive line of well dressed people waiting to get in.

‘’How are we ever going to get in here? I’m not even 21 and look at that massive line. It will take ages’’ You state, giving Jackson a questionable look.

Taking your hand without saying anything, Jackson pulls you passed the endless waiting line towards the enormous bouncer and a girl who was wearing an earpiece and held a clipboard in her hand.

‘’What are you doing? You’re going to make a fool out of us!’’ You silently shout, making Jackson instantly chuckle.

“You’re so cute, just come with me. The bouncer has a crush on me.’’ Jackson said, pulling you with him.

When the bouncer sees the both of you, he nods at the girl and she immediately unhooks the cord and let’s you both pass. When walking passed them, the bouncer winks at Jackson without smiling, making you even more confused.

When inside, you tuck on Jackson’s arm. ‘’What just happened?’’ You ask, stopping you both from moving before shaking your head confusingly and furrowing your eyebrows at him.

‘’I told you. The bouncer wants a piece of this.’’ He smirks, wriggling his eyebrows while taking his jacket his jacket off.

After laughing at your very confused face he starts talking again. ‘’No, just kidding, my uncle owns this place.’’ He explains, taking your jacket of off you and handing it to the guard robe lady. ’’I can go whenever i want.’’

‘’Wow, that’s pretty cool.’’

‘’Yeah, i guess it is.’’ He shrugged, taking your hand as he walks towards the major marble opening, in the shape of a half moon.

As you both walk in, you couldn’t believe your eyes. The place was amazing. It was one gigantic white marble room, with the ceiling shaped as a dome. And in the middle of the dance floor, there was huge fountain spewing water in all shapes and colours. The DJ booth was located on the white balcony of the second floor, facing the entire club.

‘’This place is amazing Jackson.’’ You say, slapping his chest, still looking around in awe.

‘’I’m glad you like it.’’ He smiled. ‘’It used to be an orthodox church, but they renewed the place.

‘’It’s amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it.’’

Taking your hand, he guides you to a vip like area and you sit down on one of the suede sofa’s.

After a bit of talking and drinking some fruity cocktails, you feel yourself getting restless from the buzz of the alcohol.

‘’Let’s go dancing!’’ You shout excitingly, taking Jackson’s hand and pulling you with him as you make your way towards the dance floor.

As you both start dancing, you notice Jackson getting a little nervous, as he starts avoiding your gaze. Feeling bold, you take his hand and start dancing more close to him.

You had to admit, you were feeling pretty good and you were having fun dancing around with Jackson. For the first time in weeks you didn’t feel insecure and actually felt confident about yourself. You didn’t know if it was because you were falling for Jackson or simply because a cute boy gave you the attention and admiration you so desperately needed. The way Jackson looked at you was so different from the way Mr. Park had looked at you back then. Jackson eyes showed adoration, fondness, cherish. While Park’s eyes showed, lust, desire and hunger. You couldn’t understand why you were so fond of the man. All you two really had was one sexual moment. He didn’t promise you love, nor commitment. Maybe you were the kind of person that just wanted the things she couldn’t have.  

‘’I really like your hair up like that! You should do it more often.’’ Jackson shouts over the music, his eyes twinkling.

Smiling in response, you lift his hand over you head and start doing a little twist beneath it, rolling your back into his chest. Feeling him stiffen under your touch, you lift your hand and place it behind his neck, letting your head slightly rest on his shoulder.

After three minutes of intimate slow dancing you lift your head back up, facing the dance floor.
Your eyes fall on the face of your former professor, standing a little further away from the dance floor, looking at the two of you in complete shock. Blinking a few times, trying to apprehend if this wasn’t one of your memories, playing the image of his flawless features. The image of the man you’d been avoiding for the last couple of months. The man who broke your heart.

It was him, you were sure.

Damn he looks good.

You noticed him scanning your body from top to bottom with his eyes, and after meeting his gaze for a few seconds, he turns back to the group of guys he was with.

Isn’t he with his dumb wife?

You thought, almost saying it out loud in disgust.

All of a sudden you started feeling like this was your golden opportunity to take revenge on the man. You turn around and start kissing Jackson.

After half a minute of intense kissing, you break loose from the kiss. Jackson’s eyes were filled with bliss and his whole demeanor smiled while still holding your neck with his hand.

You felt kind of wrong for using Jackson in your little revenge play, but that didn’t even come close to the amount of thrill your felt from the slight chance you had at making your professor jealous.

Slowly turning around to see if he was still looking at you, Jackson suddenly grabs your hand.

“My uncle texted me to come see him upstairs for a few minutes. Do you want to come with me?’’ Jackson asked considerately.  

‘’No, no! That’s ok i needed to pee anyway.’’ You smile.

Quickly turning around to see if Park was still looking at you, you notice him to be gone.

Has he really left?

Looking around to see if he had maybe walked over to another spot, you notice the little group of people he was with to be gone too.

You walk over to the big hall where the toilets were located. Your eyes shifting around, searching for a familiar face, hoping there would still be a slight possibility he’d be here.  

When you pass by the thick marble pillar connected to the wall, you feel two hands grabbing you by your waist, pulling you closer.

The lobby of the club was a lot darker and you had to blink a few times to adjust your eyes to make up the face that was only inches away from yours. Your heart starts racing when you recognize the familiar face of your former professor. Park. 

‘’Hhmmhh.. Look at you’’ He hummed, biting his lip and staring at you with intense desire. His voice thick with arousal.

‘’What are you doing?! Professor, I came here with someone.’’ You say, trying to push him off of you.

‘’Ah, I love it when you call me that baby’’ He purred down your neck, not letting go of your waist and placing his lips on the soft flesh of your neck and trailing down kisses on your strapless shoulders, sending your body shivers like no other could.

Feeling him so close to you made your breath become unsteady from arousal. He broke you, humiliated you and changed you into this obsessive insecure girl that lost almost all of her confidence, yet still had you wrapped around his finger in a matter of seconds. That thought made you angry. Pulling yourself loose from his grip, you take one step backward.

‘’Don’t you have a wife to go to? Professor.’’ You scoff, your voice slight shaky, laced with build up insecurities.

‘’Jimin.’’ He sighed.


‘’Call me Jimin.’’ He warmly smiled, looking into your eyes as if you were someone he genuinely cared for.

Not being able to bring up the words, you stay silent, just looking at him with slightly parted lips.

‘’You make me go insane, you know that?’’ He says, taking a step closer to you. ‘’I mean look at you.. You gave me a hard on just by standing there.’’ He slowly sneaks his hand around your butt cheek.

‘’You’re drunk’’ You state while carefully scanning his face.

‘’Oh is that so?’’ Placing his hand on the back of your thigh, he slowly lowers himself in front of you, still looking into your eyes. ‘’Man.. What i would to get a taste of you right know.’’ He purrs, sneaking his other hand under the split of your dress.
Reaching your panties, he gently eases two fingers inside your soaking wet core, making you quietly moan, but loud enough for him to hear.

“Fuck.’’ He breaths ‘’You’re tight little pussy is soaking wet.’’ His words slurred and his eyelids hanging from both arousal and the buzz of the alcohol.

‘’Do you like me filling you up baby?’’ Jimin breaths.
You quietly moan at the feeling of his fingers slowly going in and out your still very tight core.

“No, no. Stop, there are people here. And this isn’t right. I came here with someone. I have to go back to him before he comes looking for me.’’ You say, sounding out of breath, pulling his hand away as you take a step back.

‘’What? You mean that clown you were kissing back there?’’ Jimin snorts, getting back up he points his head towards the direction of the dance floor while laughing in a condescending manner. ‘’You need a real man (Y/N), not some college douchebag who probably doesn’t even know how to give it to you right.’’

You remain silent, your gaze fixed on the ground.

‘’Let me take you home.’’ He says, his voice warm but low.

His words felt like honey to your ears. He wanted you so bad and you loved every second of it.
Though you wanted nothing more than to leave with him, your intuition was screaming for you not to give in. For you to go back to Jackson who actually liked you for you and didn’t use you or break your heart. Jackson was cute, sweet and fun to be with but your love for Jimin Park was so much more than just a crush, your heart literally skipped a beat every time your name rolled of his skillful slick tongue. You’d never felt anything like this, ever.

‘’I can’t.. You broke me heart.’’ You finally answer, looking back into his eyes.

Jimin sighs. “(Y/N) look..’’ He says stroking your jaw. ‘’I’m sorry if i hurt you.. It’s just.. I can’t stop thinking about you. You are the woman of my dreams.’’

The woman of his dreams..
Did he really mean that?

‘’Really?’’ You shyly smile.

‘’Yes. I’m just in a complicated situation right now.’’ He said.

You were unable to tell if he was being honest. You would probably buy anything that came from his mouth. You were putty in his hands, locked under his spell.

‘’I want to keep seeing you. Please let me take you home tonight.’’

Your obsession with him had become unhealthy. You often found yourself imagining him calling his wife and letting the phone lay next to you while he fucked you, and you moaned his name in between the sound of skin slapping skin.
You were so jealous of a woman you didn’t even know that it had made your thoughts somewhat wicked and hateful towards her. You wanted him all to yourself.  

After a few seconds of silence you answer.

‘’I’ll go with you on one condition..’’

‘’Anything’’ He replies, looking straight into your eyes. His voice clear.

‘’I want you to take me to your house, and fuck me on your kitchen counter while your wife is asleep in your bedroom.’’ You boldly state, looking into his eyes with all the seriousness, making him widen his eyes and parting his lips at your words.

‘’What.. A-are you being serious?’’ He raises his eyebrows at you.

‘’Yes. If you want to fuck me professor, you have to take me to your house and do me while your wife is asleep.’’ You reply innocently but clear.

‘’I.. I can’t do that (Y/N)..’’  

‘’Why not? She’s asleep, she won’t notice. I’ll be very quiet.’’ You promise, biting your lip while looking him into is eyes. 

You were so desperate for him to give in. You just wanted some kind of confirmation that he didn’t value her as much as you thought he did. 

After some consideration, Jimin gives in. ‘’Let’s go.’’ He says without smiling, looking at you with his lust filled eyes. 

Getting into Jimin’s car, you text Jackson that you weren’t feeling good and took a cab home. You felt awful for leaving Jackson like that, and you would probably hate yourself in the morning, but for now you just couldn’t bring yourself to care as your body was high on the rush of endorphins.

I’m sorry it sucked, i promise the next part will be better.

silverliening replied to your post: Will the shifter fic be available to purchase in…

As a Canadian I completely feel you on the usa grammar thing so good on you for not submitting to that

*high fives*

Tbh it’s one of the things that pisses me off about the m/m industry the most, is that most of the publishers cut costs by having ‘US grammar’ in their submission requirements.

It’s the job of their in house editors to change UK or Canadian or Australian grammar into US grammar, because that’s what they’ve trained for. But me? No, I haven’t trained for that. I know some of the conventions of US grammar, but not all of them, and how am I supposed to catch everything when I’m someone who has lived, breathed and been surrounded by Australian grammar all of my life? And it’s sufficiently intimidating enough that you end up with people outside of the US who complete entire novels and go straight to self-pub because of the unreasonable expectations of publishing houses. And it is unreasonable. You are being asked to do extra labour for free, when they will not pay you for that level of editing, and they don’t want to pay their own editors to do it.

As someone who has also published science fiction, I’m also aware of how many other publishers in other genres specifically don’t do this. It’s very specific to the m/m industry in particular, and it is a cost cutting device. I get that publishing houses don’t make that much, but god, they make way way more than the author ever does. I had never in my life seen a publishing house (including plenty of US ones) requesting ‘US grammar’ when open to all English language submissions, until I entered into the world of m/m. Most of the time prior to this, if you wanted US grammar, you just had your in house editor/s do that since hell, that’s one of the many reasons you hire editors.

In the past, when I’ve had works accepted by US publishers outside of m/m, they’ve just edited the Australian grammar to US because amazingly, they know what to look for better than I do, since they’re US editors. The m/m industry? *grumbles*

I could talk in a scathing way about this for approximately a month and a half, but my dislike of the homogenisation of grammar into ‘US grammar’ as though that’s somehow universal, when some of the best and most well-known m/m authors are in the UK, Canada or Australia is like…a thing. I hate it. (And I especially hate it when you write a book set in the UK or Canada or Australia and a big publishing house goes ‘yeah submit that in US grammar please’) I not only don’t agree with it, I will take measures to make sure US readers get exposed to other forms of English-language grammar because god, it’s not going to kill them. If someone doesn’t want to read Australian grammar because it’s ‘too hard’, they probably won’t enjoy my writing anyway.

Aboard the SPSC-Firion, when the Replicator malfunctions and traditional food supplies are low, hunger can sometimes make you do wild things.

In Regina’s case, sufficient hunger can apparently make you swallow your ship’s Zeta Magnusian engineer.

As a lack of food sparked the latent predatory urge within Regina that had lain dormant since before she’d fled the cartel, one of Jessica’s unfortunate proxies found herself halfway down Regina’s throat - and a moment later, all the way down Regina’s throat. Sitting in the afterglow, Regina slowly begins to realize what she’s done, but the strangely overwhelming satisfaction of a full stomach overrides any immediate feelings of remorse or panic…

(And so the seed mysteriously planted by Rubina finally germinates! I’ve been meaning to draw this for ages, and now that I’ve established Regina’s ‘reluctant predator’ status, hey, here it is. Jessica (and Jessica’s currently digesting proxy) belongs to @jsxenom!)

Hey, Neighbor - Wonwoo Fluff

Originally posted by visual-17

Request: Can you do a fluffy scenario with wonwoo? Something like he moves next to your apartment and you get closer and in the end you end up together. You don’t have to if you have to many requests 😊

Word Count: 1646

Warnings: None

Genre: Fluff

Member/Group: Wonwoo of SEVENTEEN

A/N: This is officially the first Wonwoo scenario on the blog, and I hope everyone enjoys it. I just really wanted to make sure that anybody who is thinking about sending in a request knows that I will be making requests sent in under an account priority, though I will hopefully be able to clear up my inbox a bit this weekend.

 You shuffled into the kitchen and stuck a mug onto the counter as you began to begin your morning. As always, you made a not-too-strong-but-just-enough pot of coffee and added it into your favorite rainbow mug. The hot liquid continued send steam into the surrounding air as you took small sips. Lately, your job had been quite slow at the library, so you were able to devote more time to your writing. It was quite sad how nobody used the physical books anymore, but you didn’t mind since it meant utter silence and the warm, comforting smell of old parchment and wood.

 ‘As the bird stepped on the branch, completely alone’

 This sentence was all that you had written since sitting down, and there was no way for you to move past it. After all, every word and action needs meaning and thoughtfulness behind it. With a deep sigh, you rose from your chair and padded back into the kitchen to set your mug in the sink. When you turned around to walk back to your computer and enjoy your day off, a sound bang resonated from next door.

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Good Girl Ch 25:  Lets Get Cooking (M)

“For some reason I feel more jealous now than when Xiumin got her virginity.” Kris’s grumbling wakes me up but I don’t move. Jihyo’s head is still buried in my chest, our legs are tangled together, our bodies fully held together, something I’m unaccustomed to.

Baekhyun joins in on the complaining, “That should be me snuggled up next to her.”

“Lets wake them up so we can get this girl out of our baby’s bed and out of our house. I don’t like not being able to talk naturally with Joo when others are around.” Kyungsoo adds.

“Please be my guest,” Suho scoffs, “Do you think Joo is going to let us kick the girl out, just like that?”

Lay is always the voice of reason, “Maybe we should leave them be a little longer, let them wake up on their own. Joo maybe use to us waking her up but the girl might freak out.”

“I’m not going anywhere, this girl could get a little too frisky with our baby.” Luhan sounds a little more aggressive than normal.

“To be completely honest, I’m really turned on by this. Do you think they would make out?” Sehun earns himself a smack to the head.

“If wanted a show, all you had to was ask,” Jihyo teases as she places a few kisses on my collarbone.

“Jihyo-ya,” I whine trying to push the girl away with no luck as she continues her chaste kisses.

“This needs to stop,” Xiumin growls, tearing me out of my bed and out of Jihyo’s embrace.

“Ya! Give me my Joo-ya back!” Jihyo pouts, snapping up, not caring that she’s only in her underwear. Xiumin glares down at her, to my surprise her bitch face falters, but only for a second.

“Get dressed and get out,” Xiumin demands.

“I don’t like that one,” I give her a teasing look remembering what we discussed last night.

I bust out laughing at her, Xiumin does not look one bit amused until I pinch his cheeks and coo, “Oh, come on Kitty oppa.” Watching the cute man’s angry face flush is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

“Joo-ya,” Jihyo whines bringing my attention back to her. “Can you make me your famous breakfast rice? I haven’t had it in forever.” I grin big at the idea, dropping to the ground I grab the girl’s hand and drag her out of the room, the idea of clothes, completely forgotten.

Lay is chasing after us with two over sized shirts in his hands as we giggle like school girls all the way to the kitchen. I sit her down on one of the stools before digging around the kitchen for all the things I need to cook a meal for 14 people. My daddies come into us still giggling and discussing how pretty the kitchen is.

“Baby,” Kyungsoo warns when he sees me reaching for the knifes. Giving him a small smile I grab the smallest one to cut the vegetables into small chunks.

“I’ll be careful.” I promise.

“Joonie told me about how you aren’t allowed to cook,” Jihyo eyes Kyungsoo up, “I’m guessing it’s this guy’s fault.”

“It was more of a group decision,” I answer for them.

“If you are going to be cooking you are going to need this,” Luhan grabs me an apron and helps me put it on. Chen does his usual thing by coming up next to tie my hair into a little top knot.

Jihyo chuckles, “Wow, such service.”

“Here Jihyo-ssi,” Lay comes to her offering one of my shirts that she happily accepts.

“So I finally get to meet all of you,” Jihyo scans the men surrounding the kitchen. “Wow, you all are really hot.”

“I have always been wondering what kind of friend our baby would have,” Luhan narrows his eyes on her, “you are not what I was expecting.”

“Should I be insulted by that?” Jihyo lifts a brow at me.

I glare at my daddies bravely, “They would never insult you. They know too well on how I feel about people being rude to my Jihyo, don’t you guys?”

“I like her,” Lay takes the seat next to her.

“Lay hyung, you like everything,” Sehun grumbles still glaring at the girl.

Lay does his weird little switch, he gives the younger a scary look, “I like anyone who can make our Jooyoung so happy.”

“Can I please help you?” Kyungsoo grumbles as he hovers around me, watching with such intensity.

“No, I’m going to cook by myself.”

“Let the boy help,” Chen encourages me, but I still shake my head. “He looks like he’s going to have a panic attack.” Looking up at Soo I understand Chen’s worry, Soo has his hands up ready to rip the knife out of my hand, his fist clenching and unclenching at any movement I make.

“She has always preferred cooking by herself,” Jihyo informs them. “I’m surprised she can cook with everyone watching.”

“Are we making you nervous?” Chen asks obviously being the nervous one here.

I shrug, “Not really.”

Jihyo whistles, “That’s impressive. You guys must be really comfortable with each other. For a while I was the only one she would cook in front of until I introduced her to the boys. Jin loves cooking too so they started cooking together when ever we hung out.” I glance up at Jihyo to see her smiling softly at me, I can tell she’s happy that I have more people I’m comfortable with.

“Do you cook Jihyo-ssi?” Lay wonders.

She shakes her head, “I can burn water. Which is why Joo had to become such a wonderful cook.”

I scoff remembering our middles school years, “You had a house full of servants yet you made me cook for you.”

“That’s because your cooking has more heart. Plus you cooked great for yourself at home too without proper ingredients, I just wanted to see how much better it would get if you had good food. Not the tiny scraps that your family left for you.” That makes me glare at her, her words don’t bother me, I know my family has issues and I’ve accepted that, it’s just that fact that she said it in front of my daddies. I pray that they didn’t hear but I can tell from the way they tense they did.

“The scraps they left you?” Chanyeol almost snarls.

Jihyo and I share a knowing look that trouble is about to bust out, I struggle to find the right words to explain it. “When I was younger I was really picky to the point I only really ate rice but that irritated my father for some reason. He made a rule that I could only sit at the table with them if I would eat all of my food and of course as a child I was stupid and put up a fight. He didn’t like that I was disrespecting him, how could I deny the food he so graciously offered. So he decided to just make it a rule that I was not allowed at the table with them at all. It’s fine, it taught me how to cook for myself.” I try to smile through the sting I still feel for that fight. “It makes sense though, to teach your children that they won’t always like what they get, I try to understand it better now.”

Of course, they couldn’t just leave it at that, someone has to question the story more, “How old were you?”

“Six,” Jihyo answers for me. We weren’t even friends when this first happened but Jihyo is still angry about it as if it happened yesterday. She has never liked my family and the way they treat me.

“Six?” Kyungsoo snaps. “They stopped feeding you because you were picky at six? How did you even cook let alone feed yourself?”

“Pushed a chair in front of the stove when no one was home or when my dad was sleeping.”

I avoid looking up at them as I continue cooking, knowing the anger on every face, including Jihyo. I try to avoid thinking about my family, I’m much happier here where if I was gone for even an hour someone freak out, compared to me being gone for a week and a half before I even get a call asking where I am. Like I said, they don’t treat me bad, just as if I don’t exist. Pushing that thought away I want to cry when I see the heart breaking look in Lay’s eyes as he stares at me.

“Can you all please go wait in the dinning room?” I ask sweetly but they can all hear the demand. To be honest, I don’t expect them to listen but they all huff before shuffling into the dinning room in a line. When they are gone Jihyo whistles, her eyes still on the door.

“Those are some protective boys you got there,” She nibbles on her lip.

“They are a lot like you in that area.”

She nods looking back to me, “I know, I can tell from the killer look in their eyes. Makes me think of when your sister locked you out and told your mom you ran away and I went in there screaming at that lying bitch.”

“Can we stop talking about them? My oppas get really upset when I mention anything related to my family.”

“Probably because your family are assholes, every story about them I know is them being assholes to you. I get upset when I think of your family and I know all of the things they did to you growing up. You basically raised yourself.”

“Jihyo, please,” I beg.

She sighs, “Fine. Is it done?”

I continue mixing the blend of rice, beef, and vegetables making sure it’s completely cooked before nodding. Glancing in the direction of the dinning room, I see that none of my daddies can see as I climb on to the counter for some bowls, something that could end with me getting in trouble. Quickly, I wave a confused Jihyo over to help carry the 14 bowls needed, with my hands full I jump down as quietly as possible but nothing can get past my daddies.

“Baby,” Kyungsoo calls.

“Yes?” I say back in a small voice.

“Do you need help with anything?”

“Nope, we’ll be in there in a few more minutes,” I dish up the rice mix as quick as possible without throwing it all over the floor. Jihyo helps me carry the food into the dinning room, placing a bowl in front of each man. When everyone has food Jihyo and I sit down together with Kris on my left and Lay on the other side of Jihyo.

“Thank you so much!” She beams at me. An echo of thanks comes from the men around the table who begin digging in. This whole time I’m expecting someone to say something to insult someone but to my surprise the conversation doesn’t go that way.

“You are a good cook,” Baekhyun compliments with an affectionate smile.

“She’s the best cook,” Jihyo corrects. “I’ve missed your cooking. I wish you could come over more.”

Before I even have the chance to think of a response Kai snaps back, “That will not be happening,”

“Oppa,” I start but he immediately cuts me off.

“Don’t even think about questioning me right now Baby,” Anger is bright in his eyes whether it’s from last night or brought up from our last conversation I am not sure. “Every time you hang out with this girl something bad happens. You almost got shot, you guys got arrested, and who knows all the other bad situations she’s pulled you into.”

“Kai please, can we talk about this later?” I groan.

“It’s okay Joo,” Jihyo places a hand on my thigh. She scans each mans face, taking in the anger from last night, the jealousy from the morning, and the sadness from our conversation in the kitchen. “I know you guys don’t like me very much because of my bad habit of getting our Joo into bad situations but you should remember something before you guys try to completely cut us off. I’ve known her since we were seven. We’ve had countless sleepovers, shared so many secrets, and had so many conversations that we know each other better than we know ourselves. We are connected. Our friendship won’t just disappear because you don’t like me.”

I know she is trying to help but her words only annoy Kai more. Kai stands up, walks around the table, and pulls me out of my seat and down the hall. Much to Jihyo’s dismay I give her a look before I’m out of her sight, making sure she doesn’t follow. We turn a few times before he slams me up against the wall in one of the random halls. I hold my breath as he glares down at me, my hands are held above my head.

“Baby,” His voice is husky, filled with jealousy and lust. Some how that one word sets my blood on fire, I’m staring up at him with my bottom lip between my teeth, my eyes are open wide, trying to appear innocent.

“Yes Daddy,” I coo, wiggling my arms out of his grip to wrap them around his neck, pulling the tall man closer.

His hands find my hips, “Stop being cute, I’m mad.”

“You’re jealous,” I correct, pecking his lips softly.

“Of that girl in there?” Kai scoffs. “I’m annoyed that she seems to think she can touch you where ever and whenever she wants. She thinks you guys are connected,” He spits the last word out like poison.

“Because we are,” I don’t butter it up for him. “She has been there for me for almost ten years. She took me in when I would get kicked out by my sisters. She would feed me when I was hungry. She brought me to you guys. She saved me. She has done so much for me, we are connected.”

He huffs, his eyes are fixed on my face, “I still don’t like her. But you are right, she brought you to us, so we owe her something. But right now, I’m irritated and jealous that I haven’t been able to touch you this morning.” With that he leans closer, catching my lips in a hungry kiss. My fingers tangle in his blonde locks, pulling him closer as our tongues battle for dominance. A battle he ultimately wins, as always, when he starts grinding his hips against mine.

“We can’t right now,” I manage to breath out in between our kisses.

“Why not?” He whispers against my lips, “Afraid of that little girl finding you being fucked up against the wall?”

A blush spreads across my face, I push him away, “Daddy.”

He growls coming closer again, “Give me two minutes.”

“Two minutes?”

He nods placing his lips on mine again. I should say no, I should push him away for being so rude to Jihyo, but I can’t. Not when he’s looking at me with such loving eyes, he kisses me slowly, letting his tongue reach every centimeter of my cavern, his hands gripping my hips tighter when he starts moving his again.

“You’re done,” I moan, pushing him away, trying my best to ignore the aching I now feel between my legs.

“We are not done,” He gives me one of his sexy smirks, “You’re mine tonight. You are so luck we don’t have school tomorrow because you are not going to be able to walk.” It’s not the first time I’ve heard those words and I can’t help but blush at the truth in them. He steps away from me, offering me a hand he leads me back to the now empty dinning room.

“Lay and Chen walked her back to Joo’s room,” Tao explains coming out of the living room. “They volunteered to take her home.”

“I want to go,” I pout.

“Oh no, you are in a lot of trouble. Speaking of which,” He glances in the direction of the kitchen before leaning in closer, “You are really in the dog house with a certain hyung.” As if he knew, Kyungsoo comes into the dinning room to finish clearing the last of the plates, not even giving me a glance. He disappears into the kitchen with the bowls in his hands, a scowl on his handsome face.

I groan, “I’m on everyone’s bad side today.”

Tao chuckles pulling me in for a tight hug, placing a soft kiss on the top of my head, “You gave us a heart attack. We are just trying to calm down from the fact that you being in the police station gave us such scary feeling.” I just nod, internally debating on the meaning of is words. We’re they worried about why I was arrested or because I could have spilled the beans on what is going on here? He doesn’t give me much time to think about it before pushing me in the direction of the kitchen. “Go make up with him. He doesn’t cook good when he’s crabby.”

Sighing I step into the beautiful kitchen to see Soo at the sink washing the dishes. Approaching him slowly is the best option I can think of, that is until I’m half way to him and he turns around, completely unamused by my sneaking. With his glare on me I straighten, preparing for a scolding or at least some words from the heart shaped mouth of his but nothing comes. He turns around to continue his dishes, something that shouldn’t annoy me, but still does. I take the last few steps to him, wrapping my arms around his waist for a firm back hug.

“I’m doing the dishes,” His voice is like ice.

“I’m trying to give you my love,” I tease back, hoping to crack the coldness around him. When he says nothing I leave a few kisses on the back of his neck, a shiver runs threw his body.

“I’m upset with you baby.” He continues his motions.

“So I’ve heard, what are you upset about? The getting arrested? Jihyo touching me?”

“Did you cry?” He asks softly.


“When your dad told you that you couldn’t eat with them anymore, did you cry?”

“No,” I sigh, “I was happier eating alone. No one was there to make comments on my thinning face and body. They couldn’t tell me how ungrateful I was. It was when I first started to realize that I don’t need them and that made me feel strangely peaceful.” He doesn’t say anything for a few minutes, I feel like he’s still upset with me.

“You are a very good cook,” He finally says.

I smile, “That’s such a big compliment coming from a cook like yourself.”

He hums in response. There is another moment of silence before he says, “Where did you learn to make that?”

I hesitate answering, afraid to make him upset again. When I don’t answer he stops doing the dishes, turns around in my arms to look at me. His eyes are concerned as if he knows, “When there was nothing else to eat I would take the leftover rice and the few things I could find around the kitchen and make something like that. It just happened to become one of my favorite things to eat growing up.”

“I’m going to be heading out,” Jihyo busts into the kitchen, dressed in her outfit from last night. I let go of Soo to hug my friend goodbye.

“I’ll see you at school,” I say as we hold each other.

“Call me if you need anything, like an escape route or fake passport,” She teases, ignoring the daggers Soo and even Lay and Chen are giving her.

“Stop saying things like that, you are going to give them a heart attack.” With one more tight squeeze we release each other, both Lay and Chen kiss the top of my head before leading her out. Soo’s arms are around me in a second, he lifts me up on to the counter, his hips are in between my legs.

“I’m sorry you had to do that,” He whispers as he leaves soft kisses across my collarbone. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help you, to take care of you.”

Cupping his face I bring his lips to mine, kissing him softly, “You are doing a wonderful job now.” His hands slip underneath the t-shirt I’m wearing, his hands are hot against my skin. I don’t have the shirt on a moment later, either does he a second after. Our lips join together again, moving slowly, enjoying the taste of the other. I can’t help but nibble on his bottom lip, earning me a small moan from the boy. With his hands on my hips again he pulls me closer so I can feel the length growing in his pants. My arms around his neck, deepening the kiss and pulling him closer, not wanting there to be any space in between us.

“I’m going to be a little rough, okay?” He warns me between kisses.

I chuckle at his cuteness, “Go right a head.” With my permission he unzips his pants and takes out his already very hard manhood. My brows go up, “I didn’t think our conversation was something that could get you like this.”

“All I can think about is how much I want take care of you, to make you happy, to make you feel good.” His hot kisses start at my shoulder, leaving small red marks in his wake. A little moan leaves my lips, how can such little kisses set my insides on fire, it feels so unfair that he can do this to me. I’m too distracted by the kisses to stop him pulling my panties to the side until he slams himself in me, balls deep.

It’s not a little moan the slips threw my lips, instead, a very loud, “Fuck!”

“Oh baby such a dirty mouth,” He chuckles, pressing those heart shaped lips to mine.

“I already know Lulu is going to scold me, I don’t want to hear it from you too,” I groan out, trying relaxing myself with his massive length in me. Thank god he gives me a minute or two to adjust to his size before he begins moving. Even then the strokes are slow and teasing, like it always is with Soo. Him, Suho, and Chen are all the gentle type regardless of how many times I slept with them, the others enjoy both gentle and rough. “What happened to being rough?” I tease as I buck my hips for some more friction. He slams into me, another line of swear words fly out of my mouth.

He says nothing, only groans when he picks up the pace, fucking me for all he’s worth. His face is in the crook of my neck, his hands are gripping my hips so tight there will be bruises, not that I mind. My walls are clenching tightly around him as the knot in my stomach curls tighter and tighter. Just as I’m about to find my release he stops, I open my mouth to complain but he pulls himself out completely before pulling me off the counter and bending me over the island. I claw at the granite when he slams back in me.

“Daddy,” I whine softly when he doesn’t being pumping, just buries himself in me.

“What baby?” He teases.

“Please,” I try to beg but he quickly pulls out and slams back into me before I can get the words out, only moans escape my mouth.

“Please what baby?”

“Faster,” Is all I’m able to get before he does it again. “God damn!”

“Wrong name baby,” I can hear the grin in his voice.

“Kyungsoo,” I moan softly.

“Yes my beautiful baby?”

I beg, “Please go faster.”

“Since you asked so nicely,” He kisses my shoulder before pounding in again like before, filling me so good.

“I’m so close,” I whisper, my hands try to hold on to anything as the pressure in my center continues to build.

His pumps become more erratic, he leans forward and whispers in my ear. “Come for me baby.”

The next few chapters are for her birthday so I’ll upload all of those tomorrow night! Hope you all have a good night! Enjoy!

Detention Was Hot

Request-can you write an imagine where Y/N and Theo are in detention and the teacher leaves them in the library and they have sex and are caught by Stiles?
I sighed as I walked into the Library. I had detention because of Theo, big surprise. He wouldn’t leave me alone in math class and when I tried to tell the teacher that is was all Theo, he wouldn’t have it. It was the first time I’ve ever had detention and I got it because Theo was messing with me. Theo and I have a love, hate relationship. We tease each other, make fun of one another and call each other names but as soon as one of us is hurt, the other I by their side comforting them or protecting them. I wasn’t entirely sure what Theo and I were, friends of enemies but I knew that I have some feelings for him on some level. I wasn’t sure if it was emotional or physically but they feelings were there.
“Oh course you showed up, Miss Goody Goody.” Theo said as he spotted me walking in, he was already sitting at one of the tables, the teacher shooting Theo a glare to be quiet. I just took a deep breath before I handed the teacher my detention slip so that he could sign it once the hour was up. I sat down at a table that was far away Theo, just wanting to be focused on my work that I brought to do and get through this hour in one piece. About twenties minutes into detention, a phone started to ring, I knew it wasn’t my ringtone, I looked over at Theo who was looking at me and pointing to the teacher. I looked at the teacher who pulled his phone out of his pocket, looking at the caller ID and clearing his throat, Theo and I both chuckled had now nervous he was, as if he was the one in detention and not the teacher watching us.
“I have to take this. Behave.” He said, walking out of the Library, leaving me and Theo alone with one another. I glanced over at Theo who was already looking me up and down, causing me to blush slightly and look away. A few seconds later, I heard Theo’s chair move on the floor, I glanced over to see him pacing around the tables that were set up on the lower level of the library.
“We aren’t supposed to be walking around, sit down Theo. Im not letting you get me in trouble again.” I said while staring down at my math homework, less than a second later I felt a breath on the back of my neck, causing me to tense. I heard Theo chuckle from behind me as his hands rested on the table, his breath still on my neck. I didn’t say anything, I was just trying to ignore it. I felt it best not to feed into Theo’s antics. When he realized, I wasn’t paying attention to him, he pulled all my hair to one side and kissed up the back of my neck slowly, making me shiver. I let out a deep sigh before I shook it off, getting turned on right now would not be the best timing. Theo continued to kiss up my neck, reaching my ear and letting out a breathy chuckle.
“Theo, stop.” I whispered out, only causing him to smiled into my ear. We both knew I didn’t want him to stop but what can I say, I just didn’t want to get in trouble again.
“Come on, (Y/N). Don’t tell me that you haven’t thought about it. I think about it, a lot, especially with you.” He said causing me to slam my math book shut and stand up from my seat and face him. I was attracted to Theo and right now it was purely physically, our flirting being a part of our love, hate thing that we had going.
“Of course, I’ve thought about it.” I said sitting on the table, unsure of what I was going to say or where this was going to go. I felt Theo take a step closer to me, him now standing in between my legs. He placed one hand on my face, cupping my cheek and forcing me to look up at him.
“Then what’s the problem?” He asked causing me to really think about it. To tell you the truth, it would be hot, having sex in the Library, with Theo. Maybe, Theo was right, maybe I was being a goody goody. Maybe, I needed to take a chance.
“There isn’t one.” I said, pulling him towards me by his shirt, his hands gripping my outer thigh that was exposed from wearing shorts. He smirked into the kiss, at the deepened. I had to admit, Theo was hot and I was beyond hot and bothered because of him. With every passing second, it got more headed, his hands traveling up and down my body, slipping under the back of my shirt so his hands would touch my back, sending chills down my spine. His hands eventually made their way to the front to my shirt, groping my boobs slightly, needing them together, making me bite his lip and let out a slight moan. I could feel myself getting hotter, Theo was showing me nothing but attention. He wanted me as much as I wanted him and that only made it hotter. Theo was about to take my shirt off but I shook my head and broke the kiss. I looked at the time and saw that the teacher would be back any second.
“No time.” I breathed out as I began to undo Theo’s pants. He just chuckled and began to unbutton my shorts. The way things were going, there was going to be a round two or three at some point, hell it might become a regular thing but at this moment, we didn’t have a lot of time for foreplay.
“I like you like this, turned on. You must really like me huh?” He asked as I pulled his pants down to his knees as he did the same, expect my shorts came all the way off seeing as I was sitting down. I moved closer to the edge of the table and Theo looked at me. It was the first time since this all started that he looked unsure. Maybe this wasn’t all physically for him, like he acts. Maybe it was more than that. It was my turn to cup Theo’s face, kissing his lips softly, just a peck, reassuring him that I wanted this too. He took my kiss as an answer, pushed my panties to one side and pulled down his boxers. It wasn’t my first time having sex but it was my first time was Theo so it was just as nerve racking as if it was my first time. Before I knew it, Theo pulled me all the way to the edge of the table and trusted into me. I let out a loud gasp, not expecting it to feel so different from the first time I had sex. Theo was bigger than the last guy I was with and the situation itself was hotter but maybe it was just Theo that made it amazing. With every trust, Theo let out a moan, my legs wrapping tightly around him, trying to get all of him inside of me. My nails digging into his back, only making him go faster and harder. I could feel myself getting close and by how Theo’s thrusts were starting to get slopping, I knew he was almost there.
“Come on, baby.” He whispered in my ear, making me let out a loud moan and gasp, throwing my head back in pure ecstasy, Theo following me seconds later. The room was filled with panting and groans of pleasure, I heard the doors squeak open and another groan, but not of sexual nature.
“In the Library?! Oh, you guys are so disgusting. Now I owe Isaac ten bucks!” I heard Stiles say, causing Theo and I both to burst into laughter as the embarrassed boy left. Theo and I looked at each other for a second before he pulled out of me, and we pulled apart, just enough to get settled back into our clothes. Theo kissed me softly, one last time before we heard the doors open, this time the teacher walking back into the Library. Theo ran back over to his seat as I sat back down in mine. The teacher knew something was different but he didn’t question what it was, the rest of the time, Theo and I shared glances and texted each other from under the table, both of our phones on silent. I didn’t know if Theo and I would ever do that again but I did know that detention, was hot.


ok for y'all interested, here was my take on the game. So me and my friend got there around the middle of the first half of the germany vs. england game. It was pretty chill and people were starting to file in. The crowd went wild when germany scored. When the game ended, Tony duggan from england saw a sign for her and went over to take some pics. A lot of the german players were cooling down in front of us so we moved one row up to try and get pics. They were super nice and so many of their players stayed and signed almost everything that everyone on my side had. Alex Popp was super cute and so nice and took pics with us. She also gave away her cleats to fans. I saw the german goal keeper did the same with her gloves. Marozsan (german captain) stayed the longest and signed pretty much everything. She was talking to some of the girls next to us with Germany jerseys on and was really appreciative of us. The gals finally came out to warm up and were super pumped. I saw allie and pughs hand shake in real time so that was amazing. Wish i recored that. Tobin and christen were shooting on goal together and they were on fire. Alyssa was warming up so well and ash kept patting her and giving her thumbs up. The game started and the crowd was pretty interactive. Halfway thru the first half the subs came to keep warm a few feet from me. Everyone kept yelling for julie and then we started chanting her name and she looked so cute and bashful and smiled. Ali and ash were attached at the hip the whole game. They warmed up together, would turn and talk about the game, and then warm up together again. During pregame/national anthem ali moved to stand by ash and then she was talking to kelley after and moved all the way down the bench to sit with ash. Too cute. after half time everyone was definitely frustrated with the game. Everyone was praising alyssa so that was super sweet. You could tell the team was getting frustrated, ali and ash were warming up in front of me when the 3rd goal went in and ash just shook her head and turned away and ali game a closed lip upset/disappointed look to the stands. After that they walked back to the bench. After the game, the girls stood around during the ceremony and looked so sad. It hurt my heart. after that, kelley left right away (probs bc of her injury), and so did jill (which she better have because so many people had some stuff to say to her…) and then the girls started signing stuff. Press came our way but didn’t sign muted. She looked like a sad puppy which made me so sad. She didn’t say a word to any of the fans. Carli looked pissed (understandably) but came over and took pics and signed stuff and was a great sport. Moe came our way and was super sweet and smiley and appreciative of the fans. Lynn also came to us and signed everything given to her. She was super sweet and was chatting with some of the littler girls beside us. Ali stayed the longest (I’m guessing cuz DC) and she signed so much. She came our way but turned which made me a little sad, but i was appreciative that she stayed so long for everyone. She was very smiley and was deff being a great sport also. Becky i think did some media so she was the last to leave the field but she was waving and thanking everyone, true hero. Although it wasn’t a great game, i can say it was a great experience. Ps allie long was so funny all game she is deff one of my faves. She looked like she was being so interactive with fans

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omg dee these drabbles are perfect... could you please do yoongi's pov from self control where he had the oc just sit on him and she was playing with Bis balls and stuff?

Thank you for requesting this! :) Self-Control.

“A five-minute break?” You suggested with your hand on his thigh, and Yoongi almost said yes. Almost.

“After we’re done with the files,” he curtly replied.


“You do whatever you want, but I have to finish this,” Yoongi tapped his finger against the red file repeatedly when he just wanted to fling it across the room and have you right there on his desk. “And we’ll have fun after that.”

“Whatever I want?”

“I’m serious, we’re at work, and I want to finish this before tonight,” Yoongi tried to sound as disinterested as possible because he knew you wouldn’t give up if you heard even a tinge of hesitation in his voice.

“You said whatever I want.”

Your voice was playful again and Yoongi would usually love that, but right now he was fucked because of the monthly report and he had to get that done first. Then he’d take his time with you.

“I’ll get whatever want tonight. And you might not like what I want,” he said cockily as the image of you tied up on his bed, writhing under him, begging him to touch you in a shaky voice popped up in his mind.

He didn’t know why you didn’t take his threat seriously. Instead of backing off, you reached for Yoongi’s erection and as he felt your hand wrap around his length, he felt defeated. He was almost fully erect and he knew you’d be glowing about it. His body always betrayed him around you, but he was not going to let that happen – not this time.

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