These are some of my more favorite thumbs ups. I’ve decided to upload them all to a page on my tumblr, which I’ll post about when it’s done. I’ll end up writing a little something about all of them. Because I think I’m going to try to start getting more again. 

Featured are:
Scott Westerfeld - Met him at a Book fair in Miami, taken right after I showed him my tattoo. He thought the concept was weird, that I wanted a picture of him giving the thumbs up. But he was a good sport.

Wil Wheaton - Someone else actually took this for me. But I’m counting it. It was at PCC ‘11. And if I’m not mistaken, it was dulnair actually, who took the picture. <3

Liz - from sistersalad on youtube. I spoke to her a few times via chat/comments, and she took this picture for me. Super excited

Bird Guys - At Mardi Gras. I love this picture, because when I asked them, they were all really adorable about it. “Both Thumbs?” “One Thumb?” “You do one, I do both!” “We all do one!” “I wanna be in the middle!” The whole time, on stilts.

Bro. -  I was looking around through my camera at Denny’s, and they shouted something, and then we shouted something, and then I turned to him, and he threw the thumbs up. One of my few un-prompted ones, therefore one of my favorites.

Pharaoh -  When I asked this Stilt Walker, he just kind of stared at me like I was an alien. It was great. He held up his hand all confused, and when I finally showed him, a thumbs up, he half did it. Stayed in character AMAZINGLY.

Lucy - Lucy was really fun. I saw her at Universal, and I asked her, and she, like most other people, asked me why. Well, I explained, and she LOVED it. She asked me all sorts of questions, and thought it was the coolest thing she’s ever heard of. 

Corn - At a Zellwood corn festival. She was nice, and I mean, come on, how many corn-suits are there, even?