sisters of the holy faith

I asked my sister Jamie Grace (yep, she’s my real sister!) to share the above quote with us. She actually just wrote a book called “Boys, Boys, Boys” for middle and high school girls. Check it out!

Rm 8:28, Isa 38:17; Jer 29:11

My sister @jamiegraceh is 23 and is one of many single women who is asked about her “dating life” and why she doesn’t just date around. Like her quote said, when you truly began to embrace the goodness of God and His perfect plan, you will find yourself less worried if so-and-so will ever text you back, ask you out, look your way, etc. Focus on being a servant of Christ. God will open the door to be in an intentional, godly relationship in HIS timing!

SoS 8:4, SoS 2:7

As the bride of Solomon in Song of Solomon encouraged the daughters of Jerusalem, don’t awaken love before it’s timing. What that means is, don’t start something before the time is right. Don’t think that just because you’re a certain age that you should be dating by now. Don’t think that just because he’s good looking and is fun to talk to that he’d make a good mate. Don’t think that just because “you had something” that no one else will love you and you have to go back to that relationship. Pray and ask the Lord to show you when the time is right. Surround yourself with mentors and believers at a Bible-teaching church that are able to pour wisdom into you and pray with you as you wait on God’s timing. Never feel like you have to rush! It’s worth it to wait for the door that GOD opens.

1Co 15:58, 1Co 16:10, Isa 65:23

If you’re single, now is the time to serve. Now is the time to get some friends together on the weekend and go mentor young girls. It’s time for you to get plugged into your church and be an active part of the community. Write that book. Get that passport. Go pick up your little niece and take her to lunch. Now is the time for you to get up and go glorify God in everything you do and if you do it for Him, it is not in vain!

- Morgan

The Holy Virgins Menodora, Metrodora and Nymphodora

Commemorated on September 10

The Holy Virgins Menodora, Metrodora and Nymphodora (305-311), were sisters by birth, and they were from Bithynia (Asia Minor). Distinguished for their especial piety, the Christian sisters wanted to preserve their virginity and avoid worldly association. They chose for themselves a solitary place in the wilderness and spent their lives in deeds of fasting and prayer. Reports about the holy life of the virgins soon spread about, since through their prayers healings of the sick began to occur. The Bithynia region was governed at that time by a governor named Frontonus, who gave orders to arrest the sisters and bring them before him. At first he tried to persuade them to renounce Christ, promising great honours and rewards. But the holy sisters steadfastly confessed their faith before him, rejecting all the suggestions of the governor, and declaring to him, that they did not value temporal earthly blessings, and that they were prepared to die for their Heavenly Bridegroom. Going into a rage, the governor took out his wrath on the eldest of them – Saint Menodora. The saint bravely endured the torments and finally, she cried out: “Lord Jesus Christ, joy of my heart, my hope, in peace receive Thou my soul!” And with these words she gave up her spirit to God.

Four days later they brought to the court the younger sisters Metrodora and Nymphodora. They put before them the battered body of their elder sister to frighten them. The virgins wept over her, but they likewise remained steadfast. Then they subjected Saint Metrodora to torture. She died, crying out with her last breath to her beloved Lord Jesus Christ. Then they turned to the third sister Nymphodora. Before her lay the bruised bodies of her elder sisters. Frontonus hoped that this spectacle would intimidate the young virgin. Under pretense that he was charmed by her youth and beauty, he began amiably to urge her to worship the pagan gods, promising great rewards and honours. Saint Nymphodora rebuffed his words, and shared the fate of her older sisters. She was tortured to death with blows from iron rods.

The bodies of the holy martyrs were to be burnt on a bon-fire, but a strong rain extinguished the blazing fire, and lightning felled Frontonus and his servant. Christians took up the bodies of the holy sisters and reverently buried them at the so-called Warm Springs at Pythias (Bithynia). Part of the relics of the holy martyrs are preserved at Athos in the Pokrov-Protection cathedral of the Russian Panteleimon monastery, and the hand of Saint Metrodora is situated on the Holy Mountain in the monastery of the Pantocrator.

Trans girls who enter a Sacred Rite ritual for a gender specific group of priestesses and successfully participate while the cis women who rejected their presence get temporarily cut off from their goddesses for the offense of rejecting the sacredness of their sisters in the Faith

A trans woman holy warrior who is emboldened in her avoidance of any bodily modification when she has a holy vision of the Fertility Goddess she follows and sees that her Goddess has the same exact body she does.

A trans girl summoner who calls up nature spirits of all bodily forms, mixing any and all traits that her peers consider sexed in a binary and laughs at claims that what she is doing with her own body is unnatural. She’s seen the truth among the spirits of land, sea and sky

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