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A Soft Place to Land

This story is for @enkiindlethis because it your birthday my darling, wonderful, awesome, talented friend! I hope this works with the “bakery AU” theme that you requested, though thanks to the fact that I can’t seem to stop listening to Sara Bareilles’ Waitress the Musical soundtrack, it’s also kind of a Waitress AU too? I hope that you have a wonderful birthday! You can also find this story on AO3.

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How I Waste My Days Wishing You Would Come Around (Just to Have You Around)

So, this story is for the lovely and talented tantoun, who did an absolutely, insanely, wonderfully amazing piece of Skimmons art for me. I promised you a story, I’m sorry it took me so long to write it! I hope this is what you had in mind you you gave me the prompt! Thank you again for the art and I hope you like it! (Title comes from the song 12/17/12 by The Decemberists) 

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