sisters of earth

Fire signs oppose Air signs because they need to learn to detach themselves. They need to learn to rationally review and manage their instinctual, impulsive emotions and experiences. There is the need to learn to consider others and to to analyze their effect on the world and to plan and think ahead.

Air signs oppose Fire signs because they need to learn to be more sparked and more passionate as well as to let themselves feel without reviewing and analyzing their emotions and experiences. They need to learn to get out of their heads and into the present moment. There is the need to learn to consider oneself more.

Earth signs oppose Water signs because there is a need to reconnect with the inner self. There is a need to learn how to be vulnerable and let themselves feel internally, not just externally. There is a need to learn how to emotionally connect and emphasize with others and the world.

Water signs oppose Earth signs because there is a need to reconnect with the earthly world. There is a need to learn how to be practical and efficient, as well as to let themselves be stimulated from the outside and to feel externally, not just internally.

The Piscean symbol is an expression of the double bodied nature in Pisces, two mermaids bound by a Neptune halo, a marbled figment of duality and contrasting hues. One mermaid is tied to the material realm, filled with earthly anxieties, lethargy, fear, sacrifice, and competency. The other mermaid swims toward the ether of infinity, soaked in fantasy and imagination, leaking with the liquid of heaven’s ocean. She sings a glorious tune to her sister shackled on earth, promising escape and redemption, floating in marvellous inspiration and vision. They can be at one during dream, or artistry, even service or holding a baby or an elder, melting into one another, Offering a piece of their heart tugs the mermaids together, an infusion of the ultimate, sacred, godly love. This is why Pisces can also be the enchanted mirror, every face reflecting portraits of the divine grace inside. And the shadows in Pisces serve each other, transmitting images and beauty and holiness. There is pain and there is healing elixirs. There is anguish and there is ecstasy. So this is why the Pisces can feel in two places at once, pulled between different dimensions of time and space, and this is why they can seem confused or inconsistent but it seems mystical and magical about them. Two mermaids divided, but the soul dances as one.


art by Bruno Dayan


Ultramarathon runners trail scouting on the edge of South Sister volcano, Oregon - walking over broken up lava, and the other 2 sisters show up at the end.

title: five stages of grief

summary: Six years is a lot of time to grieve the loss of the girl who has your heart.

one) denial

When Bellamy wakes up the day After, he doesn’t cry, even though he feels the sadness resting at the hollow of his throat and stinging at his eyes. In his chest, his heart is breaking, and there’s a deep, near-bottomless emptiness, but there’s also hope. The kind that cuts, makes it hard to breathe. She could be out there, he thinks. She could be alive; he hopes, and it is torture. Because she isn’t. He has to accept that. Besides, he thinks bitterly, he has all the time in the world.

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Earlier Today —> April 14th, 2017

Nessa joined Shaniya, Jaime and myself for Coachella this weekend, so she could have some fun and let loose. Hopefully grandpa Darius can keep up with her. But if I hear another comment from her about her ridiculous love for Steph Curry and the Warriors, I might have an aneurysm.


A trip through the wilderness of Oregon. Original caption:

In August, 2014 we went on a 4-day backpacking trip into the Three Sisters Wilderness beginning at the Pole Creek Trailhead. Along with our gear we packed in my Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Time Lapse Dolly, 2 cameras and three tripods. In addition to our normal backpacking gear we easily had over 20 pounds of camera equipment.We camped at Demaris Lake and two nights at Camp Lake near the saddle between South and Middle Sister. One night we endured a thunder, lightning and hail storm, but other than that the weather was fantastic and the skies were perfect for time lapsing.
Time Lapsing continues to present new challenges and new things to figure out, On this trip, I tried (with some success) bulb ramping exposures. Some new things I figured out are that you really need to put electric tape over all the lights on your time lapse electronics or you end up with a strangely lit, red or green foreground. I learned that along with putting a hand warmer around your lens, you should also put some bug spray on that hand warmer or you might get bugs walking all over your lens. Just when I think I’ve got everything dialed in, something new crops up. Always learning….