sisters of earth

The Piscean symbol is an expression of the double bodied nature in Pisces, two mermaids bound by a Neptune halo, a marbled figment of duality and contrasting hues. One mermaid is tied to the material realm, filled with earthly anxieties, lethargy, fear, sacrifice, and competency. The other mermaid swims toward the ether of infinity, soaked in fantasy and imagination, leaking with the liquid of heaven’s ocean. She sings a glorious tune to her sister shackled on earth, promising escape and redemption, floating in marvellous inspiration and vision. They can be at one during dream, or artistry, even service or holding a baby or an elder, melting into one another, Offering a piece of their heart tugs the mermaids together, an infusion of the ultimate, sacred, godly love. This is why Pisces can also be the enchanted mirror, every face reflecting portraits of the divine grace inside. And the shadows in Pisces serve each other, transmitting images and beauty and holiness. There is pain and there is healing elixirs. There is anguish and there is ecstasy. So this is why the Pisces can feel in two places at once, pulled between different dimensions of time and space, and this is why they can seem confused or inconsistent but it seems mystical and magical about them. Two mermaids divided, but the soul dances as one.


art by Bruno Dayan


Earlier Today —> April 14th, 2017

Nessa joined Shaniya, Jaime and myself for Coachella this weekend, so she could have some fun and let loose. Hopefully grandpa Darius can keep up with her. But if I hear another comment from her about her ridiculous love for Steph Curry and the Warriors, I might have an aneurysm.

title: five stages of grief

summary: Six years is a lot of time to grieve the loss of the girl who has your heart.

one) denial

When Bellamy wakes up the day After, he doesn’t cry, even though he feels the sadness resting at the hollow of his throat and stinging at his eyes. In his chest, his heart is breaking, and there’s a deep, near-bottomless emptiness, but there’s also hope. The kind that cuts, makes it hard to breathe. She could be out there, he thinks. She could be alive; he hopes, and it is torture. Because she isn’t. He has to accept that. Besides, he thinks bitterly, he has all the time in the world.

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my (Taurus) sister was born on Earth Day and is basically the most pure thing this world has to offer, she even has a grand trine in earth and she’s the the epitome of the Earth-loving nature-obsessed Earth like image I always conjure up when thinking of Taurus. I can just picture her with flowers in her hair as she sits in the grass and feels the earth the way it feels her and I admire her so much for this hONESTLY. like just the thought of her makes me wanna explode with love and adoration, I can’t even begin to describe how much of a blessing she is

✨Living in harmony with the Aina (land) ✨🌴🍌🍍✨ Giving thanks to Mother Earth for coconuts and mangos. Fruit is crystallized sunlight ✨🌞✨ Coconut water is one of the highest sources of electrolytes && it works as a blood builder and purifier :) Brothers and Sisters of planet Earth! Protectors of the Sacred! The time is NOW to bring our Mother back to Pono (righteousness)! To bring our practices into harmony with her. It is up to us! To balance ourselves in order to truly see and know the truth: Our Mother needs our help! To live our lives in supporting her healing. Her vitality. Her cleansing. She will continue to give until there is nothing left and she won’t ask for anything in return. This is why we have to ask for her. To re-remind our Brothers and Sisters. Spreading the word for her. This is why we have to LIVE the change ~ not only speak of it. BE IT! With all we are! What we give energy (money) to is what we perpetuate. These cycles of destruction to our own Mother. Let’s bring it back to the roots! Supporting Local Organic farmers! No more pesticides! No more slaughter! For me it seems so clear. To live in harmony with our Mother. To protect her from these companies that are polluting and depleting her mana (life force energy)! Living as an example for HER!! Giving back to her. Giving thanks for her!!! With every bite of the food she nourishes us with.

Why Aries is compatible with every sign:                                                           Aries - Cardinal - Fire - Ruled by Mars ~~ Ruled by Mercury in esoteric astrology ~                                                                    
Taurus: The partnership of Mars and Venus                                                                    Gemini: The congenial elements of Air and Fire                                             Cancer:: Comrade Cardinal sign                                                                  
 Leo: The Sun (Leo ruler) exalts in Aries                                                                    Virgo: Mercury and Mercury                                                                  
Libra: Sister Sign                                                                    
Scorpio: Both ruled by Mars                                                                    Sagittarius: Fire and Fire                                                                    
Capricorn: Mars exalts in Capricorn                                                                    Aquarius: The congenial elements of Air and Fire                                                   Pisces: The elder and the newborn                                                                                    

                                                                                                                              Why Taurus is compatible with every sign                                                              Taurus ~ Fixed ~ Earth ~ Ruled by Venus                                                                    Aries: The joining of Venus and Mars                                                                    Gemini: Venus (rules Gemini esoterically) rules Taurus                                   Cancer:: The congenial elements of Earth and Water          
 Leo: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                  
Virgo: Partner Earth sign                                                                    
Libra: Shared Venus ruler                                                                    
Scorpio: Sister sign                                                                    
Sagittarius: Earth (rules Sagittarius esoterically) and Earth                                     Capricorn: Partner Earth sign                                                                    Aquarius: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                    Pisces: Venus (exalts in Pisces) rules Taurus                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                               Why Scorpio is compatible with every sign                                                       Scorpio ~ Fixed ~ Water ~ Ruled by Pluto and Mars                                                                  
Aries: Shared Mars ruler                                                                
  Taurus: Sister sign                                                                  
Gemini: Mercury curiosity with Pluto answers                                                                    Cancer: Water partner                                                                  
 Leo: The queen of the solar system (Leo) with the queen of the underworld (Scorpio)                                                                    
Virgo: Pluto the healer and Virgo the nurse                                                                    Libra: Constellation wise, the scorpions claws hold the Libra scales                 Sagittarius: The ninth house (ruled by Sagittarius) scriptures are discovered in the eighth house (ruled by Scorpio)                                                                    Capricorn: Mars (rules Scorpio) exalts in Capricorn                                               Aquarius: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                  
 Pisces: Pluto (rules Pisces esoterically) rules Scorpio                                                                                    

                                                                                                                               Why Gemini is compatible with every sign                                                                                                                        Gemini ~ Mutable ~ Air ~ Ruled by Mercury ~ Ruled by Venus esoterically                                                                    Aries: The congenial elements of Air and Fire                                                        Taurus: Venus (rules Taurus) and Venus (rules Gemini esoterically)                         Cancer: The mother (Cancer) and the child (Gemini)                                             Leo:: The congenial elements of Fire and Air                                                         Virgo: Shared Mercury ruler                                                                  
Libra: Air Partner                                                                  
 Scorpio: Mercury curiosity and Pluto answers                                                     Sagittarius: Sister sign                                                                    
Capricorn: The father (Capricorn) and the child (Gemini)                                       Aquarius: Air Partner                                                                    
Pisces: Comrade Mutable sign                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                                                                                               Why Sagittarius is compatible with every sign                                                                                                                         Sagittarius ~ Mutable ~ Fire ~ Ruled by Jupiter ~ Ruled by the earth in esoteric astrology                                                                    Aries: Fire Partner                                                                    Taurus: Earth and Earth                                                                    
Gemini: Sister Sign                                                                    
Cancer: Jupiter (exalts in Cancer) rules Sagittarius                                                                    Leo: Fire Partner                                                                  
Virgo: Comrade Mutable                                                                  
Libra: Congenial elements of Fire and Air                                                                    Scorpio: The ninth house (ruled by Sagittarius) is the scriptures written in the eighth house (ruled by Scorpio)                                                                    Capricorn: Sagittarius shoots his arrow toward the Midheaven (ruled by Capricorn)                                                                    
Aquarius: The congenial elements of Fire and Air                                                   Pisces: Shared Jupiter ruler                                  

                                                                                                                               Why Leo is compatible with every sign                                                                                                                         Leo ~ Fixed ~ Fire ~ Ruled by the Sun                                                                    Aries: The Sun (rules Leo) exalts in Aries                                                                    Taurus: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                    Gemini: Congenial Air and Fire                                                                    Cancer: The Sun and the Moon                                                                    Libra: Leo rules the heart and Venus rules Libra                                                                    Scorpio: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                    Capricorn: The father (Capricorn) and the 5th house parent (Leo)                                                                    Virgo: The Sun (esoterically rules Leo) and the Moon (esoterically rules Virgo)                                                                    Aquarius: Sister Sign                                                                    Sagittarius: Partner Fire sign                                                                    Pisces: Neptune (rules Pisces) exalts in Leo                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Why Aquarius is compatible with every sign                                                                                                                         Aquarius ~ Fixed ~ Air ~ Ruled by Uranus and Saturn ~ Ruled by Jupiter esoterically                                                                    Aries: Congenial Fire and Air                                                                    Taurus: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                    Gemini: Partner Air sign                                                                    Cancer: The mother of humanity (Aquarius) and the mother of the newborn (Cancer)                                                                    Leo: Sister sign                                                                    Virgo: Mercury (exalts in Aquarius) rules Virgo                                                                    Libra: Partner Air sign                                                                    Scorpio: Comrade Fixed sign                                                                    Capricorn: Sharing Saturn                                                                    Sagittarius: Congenial Fire and Air                                                                    Pisces: The water bearer holds the liquid knowledge of Pisces                                                                                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Why Cancer is compatible with every sign                                                                                                                         Cancer ~ Cardinal ~ Water ~ Ruled by The Moon - Ruled by Neptune esoterically                                                                    Aries: Comrade Cardinal sign                                                                    Taurus: The Moon (rules Cancer) exalts in Taurus                                                                    Gemini: The Mother (Cancer) and the child (Gemini)                            Leo: The Sun and the Moon                                                                  
Virgo: The Moon (rules Virgo esoterically) rules Cancer                  
 Libra: Comrade Cardinal sign                                                                    Scorpio: Partner Water sign                                                                    Sagittarius: Jupiter (rules Sagittarius) exalts in Cancer                                          Capricorn: Sister Sign                                                                    
Aquarius: The mother of the newborn (Cancer) and the mother of humanity (Aquarius)                    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Why Capricorn is compatible with every sign                                                    Capricorn ~ Cardinal ~ Earth ~ Ruled by Saturn                                                                    
Aries: Mars (rules Aries) exalts in Capricorn                                                                    Taurus: Partner Earth sign                                                                    Gemini: The Father (Capricorn) and the child (Gemini)                                           Cancer: Sister Sign                                                                    
Leo: The Father (Capricorn) with the fifth house (Leo) parent                                 Virgo:: Partner Earth sign                                                                  
 Libra: Saturn (rules Capricorn) exalts in Libra                                                                    Scorpio: Congenial elements of Water and Earth                                       Sagittarius: Shoots the bow and arrow toward the Midheaven (ruled by Capricorn)                                                                    
Aquarius: Shared Saturn ruler                                                                    
Pisces: The congenial elements of Water and Earth                                                                                                                                  

                                                                                                                               Why Virgo is compatible with every sign                                                             Virgo ~ Mutable ~ Earth ~ Ruled by Mercury - Ruled by The Moon esoterically                                                                    
Aries: Mercury (rules Aries) esoterically and Mercury                                             Taurus: Partner Earth sign                                                                    
Gemini: Mercury (rules Gemini) and Mercury                                                         Cancer:: The Moon (rules Cancer) rules Virgo esoterically                        
 Leo: The Sun and the Moon                                                                  
Libra: The Libra chameleon with Mutable Virgo                                                     Scorpio: Pluto the healer and Virgo the nurse                                                          Sagittarius: Comrade Mutable sign                                                                    Capricorn: Partner Earth Sign                                                                    Aquarius: Mercury (exalts in Aquarius) rules Virgo                                                 Pisces: Sister sign                                                                                                                                  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Why Libra is compatible with every sign                                                             Libra ~ Cardinal ~ Air ~ Ruled by Venus                                                                    Aries: Sister sign                                                                    
Taurus: Shared Venus ruler                                                                    
Gemini: Venus rules Gemini esoterically                                                                    Cancer: Comrade Cardinal                                                                  
Leo: Congenial Air and Fire                                                                  
 Virgo: Mutable (Virgo) and the Libra chameleon                                                   Scorpio: Constellation wise the Scorpio claws hold the Libra scales                     Sagittarius: Congenial Air and Fire                                                                    Capricorn: Saturn (rules Capricorn) exalts in Libra                                                 Aquarius: Fellow Air sign                                                                  
Pisces: Venus (rules Libra) exalts in Pisces                                                                                                

                                                                                                                               Why Pisces is compatible with every sign:                                                        Pisces - Mutable - Water - Ruled by Neptune and Jupiter ~~ Ruled by Pluto in esoteric astrology ~                            
Aries:: The newborn and the elder                                                                    Taurus: Venus (ruling Taurus) exalts in Pisces                                                       Gemini: Comrade Mutable sign                                                                     Cancer: Partner Water sign                                                                    
Leo: Neptune (exalts in Leo) rules Pisces                                                               Virgo: Sister Sign                                                                    
Libra: Venus (rules Libra) exalts in Pisces                                                               Scorpio: Partner Water sign                                                                     Sagittarius: Comrade Mutable/both ruled by Jupiter                                              Capricorn: Congenial Earth sign                                                                     Aquarius: The Water Bearer disperses the liquid knowledge of Pisces                                                                                                                                                                      


Lance notes how they fit together like puzzle pieces.

Hunk is their strong heart, he’s warm and loving. He’s a steady rock in the midst of all the chaos. He’s a reminder of home. He tries to remedy their aching minds with food like what they would find on Earth. They all love him, and of course, Lance loves him too.

Pidge is their little hacker. She’s the most intelligent person Lance has ever met, she’s snarky and like the little sister Lance left back on Earth. Lance knows Pidge is going to be something amazing if–when they get back home. They would have died by now if not for her technological skills.

Shiro is their leader. He’s brave and courageous, despite everything he’s been through. He’s the strongest, with the most fearsome lion of them all. He’s always protecting them, he’s always, always there for them.

And Keith, well, Keith is their ace. He’s the best pilot and the most reliable. If someone’s about to be attacked, Keith would already be ready to counter. Keith never, ever messes up. He was first in his class at the Garrison, after all.

And all together, they made sense. They fit.

But Lance?

He’s arrogant and loud mouthed and talks big but really? What was he worth to the team, to them?

Lance doesn’t think he quite fits all.