sisters in iron contest

🔥Fire tests gold✨

For the Lady Midnight ARC giveaway contest I am dressed as an IRON SISTER. The Iron Sisters make weapons and steles, so I made six steles (five on the table and one in my belt), and I made an effort to make a runed blade. The picture in the Codex inspires the makeup I wear. I am aware that the Iron Sisters use marks that give them the ability to shape and work with adamas, but I figured out that even an Iron Sister could find a block and defect rune useful, as well as an angelic power rune. On my arms there are some faded Marks, and some bruised gained in the hard work as a maker of weapons.

This world is amazing, and the books have brought so much colour and joy into my life. I do not expect to win the contest, but I had a great time making the blade and the steles and while taking the photo.

Thank you Cassandra Clare for these marvellous books!

There is no pretending. I love these books, and I will love them until I die, and if there is life after that, I’ll love and read them then.