sisters happen and they need to represent

Vacation Stopper

Pairing: Dean x Reader, implied Erin x Sam, Implied Rach x Cas (see what I did there girls? ;))

Word Count: 792

A/N: This kinda happened in real life. Only Dean being gifs on tumblr and research was fics my chickas needed betaing help for. I was not easy to pull away ;)

The reader represents me in this and Erin is @blacktithe7 and Rach is @mysupernaturalfics In this drabble they are the reader’s blood sister but in real life they are my sisters by choice. I honestly have no idea what I would do without you two.   Please don’t ever leave my life cause I would be lost without either of you!

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You growled, hiding your face deeper in your pillow as your phone rang for the second time. Even though you were alone in bed, you didn’t wanna leave it because chances were you wouldn’t be for long.

When the connection broke and the phone rang for the thrid time you know you couldn’t ignore it anymore, so you reached for the nightstand and pulled it to your face.

“What?” you groaned into your cell, making your little sister giggle at the other end, which did not help your annoyance one bit. You loved your sisters to bits, but damn they could be a pain in the ass sometimes. “Rach I am on vacation,” you reminded her in an annoyed tone of voice.

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Title drop right away.

Sure, it’s RWBY. I’m more surprised that the season sisters didn’t help the man through guns.

Do they need four “maidens” to represent the four seasons to fight against something? Is the episode called Fall because Pyrrha is the chosen one for that season or because someone is going to fall? 

Ooh. I was thinking before that maybe the maidens were about the discovery of Dust but this is way bigger.

So, it “happens” when the world needs them or after a certain age? I wonder.

1. This looks like a cult.

2. OH…

For a second I thought that maybe these four were the previous season generation but they have to be women. However, I just remembered that there _are_ characters with season names, most dead or missing: Ruby’s mom, a mysterious Spring (Yang’s mom?), Weiss’ sister… but no Fall so far. Interesting.

A love letter to Wolf 359

I’m used to watching shows and turning off bits of myself. Don’t be too feminist when you watch this, or you won’t enjoy it. Women exist as prizes for heroic men to win, and that’s just how it is. Don’t even think about representation for people of colour.  It’s okay, you don’t need characters with depth of personality. We used up all the personality on the straight white man who has a troubled relationship with his father and a reckless attitude towards driving.

My sister cirruss got me into Wolf 359 and I fell in love. I can barely think of a problematic thing to say about Wolf 359. Some groups aren’t represented, but with a cast of 4ish, they cover a lot of ground in terms of representation. And that’s the most problematic thing I can say about them. That never happens when I watch a show.

And the characters aren’t just representation, they’re people. All of them. They have contradictory wants and needs and they squabble and they hug it out and they have lines they’ll never cross and lines they thought they’d never have to cross but do, anyway, because sometimes life is more than you can handle or expect. They fight just as hard over a tube of toothpaste as over top secret military codes. They’re real, and I could be friends with them all. I want to be friends with them all. (Except Lovelace, she’s a meanie. :-P )

Character sexuality isn’t really addressed, but it’s not because everyone is assumed straight. It’s because the show is centered around friendship (you know, that thing that women and men aren’t supposed to be able to have without instantly falling into bed together?). And that’s miraculous to me. It’s why Parks and Recreation is my second favourite TV show. Friendship is important. So much fiction seems chooses the easy characterization of sex and romantic love over the slow build of platonic love. This show gets it. We have a character with a romantic relationship (Minkowski), and I suspect that we might get more over the coming seasons, but friendship will always be the core of this show.

Finally, this show can get dark. It deals with questions of death and identity and loss. But it doesn’t fall victim to the DC Universe theory of “dark = grimdark”. It’s still be lighthearted, jovial even, as it tackles deeper questions. Because that’s how humans cope with the big stuff. We deal with our worldview falling apart by attempting to harpoon a Plant Monster. We use the last of our oxygen to tell a joke. Every episode of this show makes me happy, no matter how serious or dark it gets.

That said, wolf359radio, if you hurt Hera again I will find your studio and COVER it in glitter. Don’t test me.

Our first Queer Princess?

Long have we awaited the arrival of a queer princess (or prince, or just openly queer character) in a Disney film. It is past high-time that Disney provides proud, courageous, and respectful representation. As a queer person myself, and a die-hard Disney fan, I can tell you this would personally be a dream come true.  But lately I’ve been wondering, what if they already tried to sneak it in already? I know I’m certainly not the first person to say this, but I firmly believe Elsa is our first queer Disney princess, even if the movie didn’t come out and say it blatantly and here’s why:

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no but did you guys notice the string thing

there’s an orange-red string appearing twice in the stills

on Anna’s room table, you can notice it hangs down and remains on the table, then falls down/is extended on the right behind Elsa.

and we find it again knotted on the Frohana frame !

so what does it represents exactly ?

is this a link between the two sisters ? is it something Elsa offered to Anna to show they will never be separated ?

what if this string connect and join the two rooms ? what if it starts from Elsa’s desk and cross the entire corridor and ends on Anna’s table ?

Look how it’s knotted on the top of the frame like they both join in the middle like if they joined hands… omg i need this headcanon to be true PLEASE

Dying on My Own Accord - Fire. P.1 // Bucky Barnes Fan-Fiction

Okay… so here we go! This is my first Bucky story, I’m quite nervous as I’ve never written out of my time and fictional people so feedback and if you want me to continue is super vital! Please come into my message box or even leave a comment and tell me what you think! I’d love to hear ideas and questions or even constructive criticism! I want to become better :) I’ll tag my Margot x Chris story people, and some Bucky fan fiction writers who are SO SO good at their stories, and I highly recommend them :) *All these blogs are tremendous anyway* hopefully, they’ll like it! // @evansscruff @raveviolet @jamesgiuseppe @writingcreatingstorytelling @buckys @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @imaginingbucky @imaginedaily @sanddollarsandstars @toc1985 @chris-evans-imagines @chrisevans-imagines @everyavengersimagine @chrisevans-sexualfrustrations @tchakka @writingbarnes @ptprocrastination @mculove @we-tranquilsouls-riotousthoughts @time-lord-of-fandoms-97 // Sorry if you got tagged and did not want to be :) let me know and I’ll take you off or you can let me know if you’d like to BE tagged. 

Enjoy the read! - R :) 

You are meeting her for the first time, this is the beginning of her meeting Bucky, so hold on because he’s coming! He’s coming very soon ;) xoxo

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“How old are you girl?”

“16.” The man uniformed in black nodded, giving one look over before shoving me to the far right with another boy who looked around my age. The man’s suit was so fitted, you would think it was custom made. It held a stitched in the cross at that the top of the collar, with symbols spread throughout the front of the fitted jacket. I only caught a quick glimpse at the man before he saw me standing there, watching him shove people left and right. Breaking apart babies from their mothers and couples from their lovers. It made me hold Ottilie closer to my chest making it look as if I was cold and hugging myself for warmth. 

It took him only two long strides towards me before a slap came across my face, leaving me for now with a bright red cheek and markings of his leather glove. A nasty to bruise would surely replace the redness in due time. 

Those symbols all represented the hatred and death of Jews. Of me.

I closed my eyes, and remembered my mother’s last words in the freight car, before I lost her forever, “Do what you must, stay alive my brave girl.” I don’t remember ever responding, maybe because there was so time? It all happened so fast.

I had my little sister, Ottilia, wrapped up under my three layers of coats. bundled in any cloth we could find from the six of us. Esther or “Mum” gave what she could, but she also needed to keep clothing for the frigid train rides we endured. My father, Armand,  was almost down to just a shirt, trousers, and his best shoes. No stockings though to protect his feet from the bitter wind that seeped in through the holes and cracks of the speeding cart. He had given them to my twin brother, Maximilien “Max” for his feet that were starting to turning blue at the tips of his toes. My parents, Max, Ottilia, and I, along with my elder siblings; Rafael, Dafne, and Etienne and I were lucky to be in a corner, where we could rest, sit and not be stuck in the vomit or blood that covered the floors. I told myself to remember the best of the time I had with my family because I was going to die within the next two days.

And I didn’t shed a tear at the thought.

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Never Forget...

An Open Letter From Mos Def
February 1999

An Open letter From Mos Def…
Diallo was a West African immigrant with no prior criminal record who was shot and killed by police in the dark of night for simply being black. He was unarmed and shot at 41 times! No unarmed man should be shot at even once! One of the police officers involved in the Diallo shooting was involved in the killing of Patrick Bailey no more than a year and a half ago! Tyesha Miller was shot in her car in Los Angeles while she had a seizure! I could go on and on with the names of black people who have been killed at the hands of police just this year. But the list is so long that it would turn this letter into a statistic sheet.

Most of the people that got killed by police this year and in the past have probably been some of your fans; fans of some of your favorite artists. They are black people who love us, who defend us, who protect us, who put us in our comfortable homes an dour luxury sports utility vehicles and our well kept hotels suites and our oversized tour buses. They’re the people that buy our records, our t-shirts, our concert tickets, and so on, and so forth. They’re the same people that are getting murdered, harassed, maimed, and beaten in streets all over the world everyday!

The only people in our community who have not responded to this incident are us. Hip-Hop made one hundred billion dollars last year!… A lot of those dollars came from the ‘Comptoms’, the 'Brooklyns’, the 'Crown Heights’, the 'Chicagos’, the Detroit ghettos, the St. Louis ghettos… the same ghettos where police run around literally hunting black folks to murder… then cruise the streets shortly thereafter with impunity and arrogance.

We are the Senators and the Congressmen of our communities.We come from communities that don’t have nobody to speak for them. That’s why they love us. Because we talk about what nobody else will talk about. We represent them. And they need to know that we really represent them. Not when it’s just a romantic notion or a paycheck attached to it. When something happens to them it matters to us, because when something happens to them it’s happening to us. Because Amadou Diallo is your brother, your cousin, your man… Tyesha Miller is your sister, your aunt, your girl, your wife, your daughter… All of these people are you! You are no different! And just because we’re at the top of the Billboard charts, seen on MTV daily, livin’ comfortably doesn’t mean that we can’t get shot, we can’t be harassed, we can’t be maimed and mistreated.

I hope this is as important to you as it is to me cause when I pass by the projects and when I pass by the hood I don’t see nobody but me. I see everybody who looks like me. I see me many years ago as I’m sure many of you do. So it’s time for us to come together from the 'jiggy’ to the 'hardcore’; from the 'backpacker’ to the man with the Lexus and really unite and show the world that we got strength. Show the world who we are. Represent who we are. Who we really are and where we really come from. Let’s show people where our heart is… that we haven’t forgotten.

Now I’m askin’ you and anybody who looks on this letter to come forward and show your heart, to show your love, to love the people who love you back by speaking out against the injustices that they suffer. Because believe me, if the clock was turned backwards we’d be those same people.

Please stay mindful of this. Please be considerate of this letter. Pass it around! Talk about this! Think about it! Keep it on your mind because if you don’t… it’s going to keep its mind on you.

I wanna thank everybody for taking time out to read this letter. I hope I didn’t take up too much of your time. All of the contact information and other information you need to know is enclosed.

I want to wish everybody, each and everyone of ya’ll peace, prosperity and love.

Mos Def