Don’t know who’s seen this. But watch it and share it please! This is something to think about

Well crap. I was not aware that the article would be on the fucking front page of the New York Post. That bitch made me sound incredibly stupid. Great just fucking great. I bet she did the same thing to the other girls of that article. Nothing about her and I speaking of the evidence. Or the diverse of men and women apart of this movement. We talked about alot. And she only mentioned like three things. And a twitter post with my user name. Now my twitter is getting blown up with hateful ass people. Seriosuly you guys. Don't talk to the media. EVER. They will not help, they will only use you to get a juicy story. And to humiliate you. You will never be heard!

This is why I love Alex Jones. Have a problem then FUCK YOU

I’m guessing this is how Dzhokhar is feeling. That he is all alone. But the ocean is never empty. And no one is ever truly alone. This boy has a family who is sticking up for him. His name has brought so many people from different nations together. I am thankful to him for that. I am and always will be a sister of Dzhokhar! <3

Speaking out further

So I’ve decided to go public with my support of Dzhokhar. I kept it away from Facebook (except the closed groups i’m apart of) and instagram. Twitter and tumblr I normally only used for this stuff. I didn’t want my family and friends to disown me for my beliefs. Now I realized that even if I lose alot of people. Maybe I could gain some new believers. If they have a problem with me speaking out about my beliefs, than they were never true to our friendship. I hope anyone who was doing as I was will speak out as well. We are strong and our voices matter. I guarantee you’ll find out who is true to you.


Idc if anyone hates Alex Jones. He is on our side, which makes me love him

Hey guys. Just wanted

Hey guys. Just wanted to say something to all the Dzhokhar supporters going to the protest. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Be careful. I look at you guys as my family and I don’t want anything happening to you guys. Keep in mind that you will not be the only protesters there. There will be many protesting against you and Dzhokhar. You don’t know what these people are capable of and what they might try to do to you guys, who areare in their turf. Keep your eyes open and pay attention. And think before you act. Love you all. ~Ariel

To The #FreeJahar Supporters ♥

   So there’s something that’s been bugging me. I’ve noticed that alot of the ladies supporting Dzhokhar are in it for something completely different now. Since when did this become how cute Troy is or how cute Junes is? And trying to get attention from them? I mean I get it I am a girl too. But I look at all of us as a family. Dzhokhar, Troy and Junes and the rest of the guys are my brothers. You ladies are my sisters.

   Anyways, I’m just saying that we need to be in this purely for the justice of Dzhokhar. Fighting with eachother for the attention of the guys is just going to start drama that this cause does not need. Or getting upset because they can’t get back to every single one of you. We all need to stick together as a family. You guys have to understand that Troy and Junes have enough stress in their lives. I mean they are close friends with a suspected terrorist. They get enough shit from so many people.Instead of griping and whining at them, lets stand next to them and fight for their friends rights.

   This movement has a bad reputation as it is, and a big part of that is because of us ladies. Everyone thinks we are just in this because of the looks of the boy we are defending. We have to show them that they are wrong. That we actually know what we are talking about. Our words are just important as anybody else. We have one chance to make people listen in this case, we can come up with better statements than “He’s just so cute”. Lets REALLY show them that we know what the hell we are truly fighting for.

   This is not to offend anyone. This was simply to point out some things and express my opinion. Every single one of you supporters are beautiful. And I’m very proud that so many people have spoken up for what they believe. This is going to make history :)

    I Love you all,

~Ariel ♥

Let me just say this one more time. I am not an admirer of Dzhokhar. I don’t lay around at night thinking about fucking him. I don’t wanna be “His baby mama”. In the words of him him hiself “I ain’t about that life”.

What am I then you ask? I am a Sister Of Jahar. A friend, a supporter. He is my family. I will fight for him like I would my own sister. I don’t look at my sister starry eyed and I don’t look at him like that as well. Is the kid attractive? Ya sure he is. So what. Any ways my point is. Family is the greatest support system you can have. That is why I will and forever be his sister