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i mean the 'like a brother' thing doesn't even disprove a currently romantic sheith since my mum, who has been married to my dad 25 years has often referred to my Dad 'almost like a brother'. Because love is weird and difficult to describe? "You're like a brother to me" is a lot different to "You are a brother to me" Anyways.

oh my goodness, i forgot to answer this ask from so long ago i’m so sorry

but I wanted to say YES, I agree that a lot of romantic relationships have definitely involved one or both parties at some point in the relationship feel brotherly/sisterly feelings towards one another. Sometimes, it can be both. Love is complex. You can feel both friendship, eros, agape, and brotherly love for the same person. It’s definitely not the same as saying “this person is LITERALLY a brother to me” - like, relationships and feelings are really complex? I’ve seen people say “like a brother/sister/sibling” as a way of claiming/expressing closeness, but it didn’t necessarily mean that person was impossible to romantically have feelings for.

tl;dr - relationships / love / feelings can be REALLY complex so saying “like a brother” doesn’t kill a ship. 😎

Inktober Day 6: Fallen Angels


jemma&skye/daisy + being the best of gal pals

Lady Hae is the doctor that will help bring Hae Soo back to life in the modern times, and she takes an special interest in this young girl because she feels a sisterly bond with her.

She puts her in contact with her former brother-in-law, modern!Baek Ah, who becomes great friends with her almost right away, who in turn directs her to modern!Lady Oh, who runs a rather successful spa, known for being eco-friendly and, with her knowledge in herbs, Hae Soo is hired almost instantly.

One day, Baek Ah drags some of his brothers/step-brothers/cousins to go to check the place out and to visit Hae Soo and among them is modern!Wang So, who has recently come back from the military and has several scars he feels a bit self-conscious about but Hae Soo doesn’t care, and of course they’re both smitten with one another and they get together and everyone’s happy.

slightly disappointed that schnee twins isnt cannon, but here’s another idea:

-schnee sisters annoying the hell out of their father by wearing asymmetrical hairstyles

-weiss trying to get her no-bullshit older sister to smile

-winter trying to get her no-bullshit younger sister to smile

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One of Us by Heather Dale reminds me of the younger two Batgirls' feelings about Barbara

Awww, it does! All that motherly/sisterly love they feel towards her and how strong she is, this song described her perfectly. This could be Barbara’s theme song to be honest. 

Sakamoto Erena G+ / 2017.02.13

Good EreMorning♪
The beginning is in a week〜

Let’s do our best〜😌✨🔥

Everyone、一Let’s do our best together(^人^)

The picture is with Meruchan!!

Told me to call her Meruchan
It took some time to bet used to 、
But in no time it became the way I call her( ´∀`)💓

Being together with Meru on yesterday’s event was fun too😊!

Don’t we have a sisterly feeling in the pictire〜?笑

I really want a sister( ´ ▽ ` )

I want to talk to her a lot tomorrow^^💓
Let’s become better friends^^!

Well、Today too, doing-my-best SHOW!🏳☺


PEOPLE NEED TO draw themselves giving Deadpool some much needed love <33

I have very, very strong motherly/sisterly feelings towards Deadpool. I would love to just smooch his face and tell him he’s perfect every day if possible. 

Playing the Avengers Assemble game on facebook doesn’t help either… It makes me so overprotective of him in the game… 

I love Deadpool. He’s my precious son, and I wish I could give him so many smooches and cuddles uvu;;;


The gifs are jumpy because this is what happens when you watch a DVD this many fucking times. My copy of season two is basically wrecked.


Look how Phoebe practically has to hobble over to Piper. Her grief has been tearing at her and she hasn’t recovered yet. It’s joy, but it’s painful joy, because the acute sense of loss hasn’t dissipated.

Look how Prue is so stunned she doesn’t move as quickly. The shock actually has her stalling at first.

AND LOOK AT THOSE KISSES. That desperate need for Phoebe to place her lips on her sister and feel her warmth aliveness again. That grateful kiss of Prue’s on the hand, in an almost form of worship.


Okay but think about it. Laura edited this video. Laura thought to herself “I’m going to share with you Mattie dying, but before any of that, I’m going to show you how happy she and Carm are. I’m going to show you their sisterly relationship.” Laura feels so fucking guilty and I bet she was loathing herself as she stringed that video together, watching Carmilla and Mattie being happy because she knows Mattie’s death was because SHE told Danny about the necklace.

Just a daily reminder that my sister is perfect?? Gosh sometimes she is annoying and inconsiderate but I don’t even care SHE’S A FLAWLESS kid and secretly a nerd and she just told me that the Day of the Black Sun was today on the nickelodeon channel and we had some ATLA feelings together and aaaaaaah. <3

Does it not seem a little odd to you that Tatsuki, who is both a friend to Orihime and Ichigo, fully encourages (albeit questioning Orihime’s attraction to him [in a very sisterly manner]) her feelings for Ichigo? That she even goes as far as urging Orihime to pursue him more actively?

Like, Tatsuki obviously talks to Ichigo. Tatsuki is obviously a dear friend to Ichigo. And, despite having hidden dangerous facts about himself from her (understandably), Tatsuki is obviously pretty close to Ichigo.

Wouldn’t she know whether it would be beneficial for Orihime to go after Ichigo? Wouldn’t she, as a friend to both of them, take into consideration both of their feelings?