“I love the amount of feedback we’ve been receiving. Keep jumping into action! With that said, here are some drop off locations within the NY/NJ area for your donations to help with #ReliefForBarbuda:

963 East 82nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236
Drop off after 6pm any day, Shipped packages accepted anytime

2003 Walton Avenue, Apt. #2B, Bronx, NY 10453
Drop off anytime

1161 Intervale Avenue, Bronx, NY 10459
Drop off anytime

524 West 59th Street, New York, NY 10019
Office of Community Outreach & Service Learning
Room Number: L.72.11NB
Contact: Ms. Anika Fraser (212)393-6431
Drop off 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday

"More locations, drop off dates and times to be added soon once confirmed.

"If you have too much to take to a location please contact Brittney L… We have guys ready to come pick them up.

"For the folks Out of the NY/NJ area, we currently do not have drop off locations set up yet in other states. However, please feel free to send your donations to myself, Brittney L, Dorri Walters or Tanielle Henry. Send us a message and we will send you an address so you can send us these items. #WeAreOne #LetsKeepTheMomentumGoing #SisterIslands #Unity #barbudastrong”

After the passing of Hurricane Irma, the strongest storm to ever impact the Caribbean islands, the sister island of the twin-island state, Antigua and Barbuda, is in disarray. High winds and flooding has resulted in uninhabitable, if not destroyed, homes throughout the island, leaving many of the inhabitants without a roof over their heads, and forced to move onto Antigua as Hurricane Jose crosses nearby this weekend.

If you’d like to volunteer/donate to #ReliefForBarbuda, contact the poster in the screenshot, or the person in charge of the drop off points in your location. Money, food, clothing or just a signal boost to inform Antiguans & Barbudans living in the U.S would be appreciated.