I want a world where lesbian women’s love exclusively for other women is never questioned, and they are never pressured in to heteronormativity.

I want a world where bisexual women’s sexuality is never used as a weapon to attack her, where bisexual women are not thought of as morally or intellectually inferior or “dirty”.

I want a world where asexual women are assumed to be living happy lives, and recognized as being totally fulfilled in their independence, and are never told they need a sexual relationship to be whole.

I want a world where heterosexual women can have healthy relationships with men and are treated fairly by men.

to all the girls that have just stopped shaving their legs and hate the prickliness, think the hair looks darker than it ‘should be’ or that you have too much and are thinking of going back to shaving

to all the girls who threw their makeup away or just used the last of it up last week and consciously decided not to buy more, who look in the mirror before they leave the house and think they look tired

to all the girls who know how our patriarchal capitalist system targets women and makes them feel inferior with these meaningless alterations to our bodies, without all these accessories and adjustments, and are trying little acts of resistance in their own lives but are struggling with the insecurities we all have felt

i see you, i support you, it gets easier. People stop commenting. People don’t look down at other people’s legs nearly as often as you may self-consciously look at your own. i know you are also probably facing pressure from friends and family. The people who love you too will either stop caring or stop noticing, maybe even support you eventually. 

I never wore a lot of makeup, and never daily, but I stopped shaving in high school. If anyone ever needs to talk about the pressures to conform to femininity, my inbox is always open and anon is always on. you can ask for advice, vent, ask questions. if you want me to reply privately i can do that too just let me know.

The ultimate sign that women accept their colonisation, that they accept the domination of men, is when they agree to police other women and try to ensure conformity among their daughters, sisters, friends and acquaintances. Rather than their oppressed state engendering a solidarity and mutual sympathy among women, the all-too-urgent need to attract male protectorship makes women competitive. They see each other as rivals and often become hostile to one another. 

- Anne Summers, Damned Whores and God’s Police

Hey everyone!

Here is a small part of the personnal project I’ve been remaking these last weeks. A brother and his sister, going by their own on a life-changing adventure in the mountains to chase an unreal creature. Then, meet Antoine and his tyrannic sister Sophie!