I want a world where lesbian women’s love exclusively for other women is never questioned, and they are never pressured in to heteronormativity.

I want a world where bisexual women’s sexuality is never used as a weapon to attack her, where bisexual women are not thought of as morally or intellectually inferior or “dirty”.

I want a world where asexual women are assumed to be living happy lives, and recognized as being totally fulfilled in their independence, and are never told they need a sexual relationship to be whole.

I want a world where heterosexual women can have healthy relationships with men and are treated fairly by men.


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“I’m not like other girls”

Who are these “other girls”?

They’re straw women, they don’t exist

They’re caricatures, they’re stereotypes, they’re cartoons

They exist only in our heads

Real women are human beings and we have complex inner lives, just because another woman seems shallow doesn’t mean she isn’t thinking deeply about things. We’re all subjected to feminine socialization and she might just be dealing with that the best she can.

Women aren’t stereotypes and we aren’t empty headed fuck meat.

We’re human beings raised with femininity culture trying the best we can to navigate patriarchy.