Dating Zach Dempsey would include.....

  • he’s actually a huge dork
  • babysitting his sister with him and having movie nights
  • his sister ships you two hardcore
  • him trying to teach you how to play basketball by playing one-on-one but hes so serious and cute you can’t help but just giggle
  • he gets really protective when you’re around Bryce and Justin. They’re his friends, but you’re more important to him than them. 
  • his mom pretends to not like you, but she secretly does and once Zach learns of this approval, he’s really happy because he’s a momma’s boy
  • he helps you study for bio because you suck at it and he’s really good
  •  his first game that you watch he’s so nervous he keeps messing up till Justin shoves him and tell him to get his head in the game
  • cute little coffee dates
  • when you guys study together in either of your rooms, you most often having at least one dance party
  • he takes his shirt off as often as he can around you cuz he heard you mention once how distracting you find male torsos to be and he thinks it adorable when you trail off mid-sentence or forget what you’re doing because you’re staring
  • but he can’t really talk either, because you are the most intoxicating sight he’s ever seen
  • and when you get all dolled up for special occasions, its a wonder he can get anything done
  • you guys are each others biggest cheerleaders
  • literal heart eyes at each other
  • but when you guys fight its generally over bigger stuff, and its really sad to watch because you guys don’t talk for like a week at a time even though it kills you guys to be apart and there’s a lot of tears and sobbing but when you guys make up its actually goals
  • he has really great self-control, and you appreciate that he’s not all over you, and is patient and goes at your pace.
  • he loves cuddling lets admit it this kid loves being touched
  • also he loves it when people play with his hair, so he lets his sister braid it all the time
  • ice cream dates, sometimes with his sister
  • hes really glad you and his sister are basically bff’s
  • he says “I love you” first because he really does love you and he just wants to make sure you know it, and so he also says it lots
Justin Foley Headcanons

A/N: Some general Justin Foley headcanons. I also may have slipped a tiny bit of Justlex in there too.

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  • He’s always wanted a sister
  • He secretly loves being the little spoon
  • Won’t admit it, but he loves country music
  • He’s a huge romantic 
  • He’s bisexual
  • His favourite colour is purple
  • Justin is great with kids
  • Is the type of person to turn on the TV, just to have something playing in the background while he does something (e.g. homework)
  • Justin is obsessed with fidget spinners 
  • He is a Taurus 
  • He loves dipping his chips in a milkshake 
  • His favourite season is Autumn 
  • Justin runs an online blog dedicated to sports and (surprisingly) male fashion
  • He loves RuPaul’s drag race
  • Justin wants to be a social worker (to help kids that are in the same situation he is/was in)
  • He’s such a sore loser (especially when it comes to video/board games)
  • He is an amazing singer
  • He briefly had a crush on Montgomery when they first met
  • Justin loves to cosplay 
  • He loves taking Buzzfeed quizzes
  • Justin has read the Harry Potter series at least 3 times
  • He has a dog called “Roger”
  • He has a drawer of his things at Alex’s place (including like half his wardrobe)
  • Justin has nightmare every other night (which usually ends in Alex rocking him back to sleep)
  • His personality type is INTJ-A (Architect)
  • He is great with parents 

A/N: I may have gone a little crazy 😊😊


Dating Yongguk would include:
  • dating Yongguk means you are a mom to the rest 
  • like they will literally call you both parents 
  • even if you are younger than one of them they will still call you mom
  • Yongguk would be sometimes annoyed because he wanted to spend some time with you but guess who’s with you ;-)
  • other girls being jealous, cause he chose you
  • i don’t think Yongguk would be very jealous because he knows you love him and you’re not going to leave him
  • calls you ‘dearest’ ‘my queen’ and ‘my darling’ 
  • he has the money and wants to spoil you all the damn time
  • whenever you get upsed or mad at him he would come to you and ask “CHANNEL? PRADA? GUCCI? what do you want??” 
  • then he smiles and ask “of course me, right?”
  • calling him your suggar daddy
  • he says he don’t like it at all but he lowkey love it
  • he gives you a lot of tight hugs when you need him
  • actually i think Yongguk would love to hug you or kiss you or just to be in touch with you
  • he would support you no matter what and vice versa
  • he likes to slow dance with you
  • imagine its like 2 am in the morning and you two are snuggle with each other and slowly moving to daddy issues by the neighbourhood
  • if he could he woould spend hours kissing you
  • soft kisses on your neck 
  • during intimate moments i think Yongguk would be pretty rough but also gentle with you and only for you
  • lots of lazy mornings when he has free days
  • long walks
  • him always taking care of you
  • running your fingers through his hair
  • he never hide anything from you, he tells you everything up front and expects you to do the same
  • leaving adorable notes all around the house
  • wearing his clothes ofc
  • drinking with him wine or champagne
  • you would be a l w a y s the first person who hears his new music and he would ask you what you think because your opinion matters to him the most
  • writing a lot some songs about you
  • because you are his inspiration
  • holding you really close to him
  • when you guys are out on a date or something and he sees some guy is staring at you Yongguk would kiss you and smirk at this guy
  • “look at this beauty, i bet you’re jealous.”
  • he would touch your ass whenever he can 
  • having dinner with each other’s families
  • his family adores you!!!
  • you would be best friends with his sister
  • he tells you he loves you every night before sleep


// zoey xoxo

EXO Reaction Masterlist Post

If links are messed up or missing let me know and I will fix them!



You want to go to a twenty one pilots concert

You don’t feel well

You don’t feel like doing anything

Stealing his drop dead shirts

You don’t want to go to school

You’re on your period

He takes a puppy

Badgirl Y/N

You’re Portuguese

You study aboard and he pays you a visit

It’s your brother’s death anniversary

Happy fucking birthday


Lame jokes

You want to do a The Simpsons marathon

You have a test in an hour

Your relationship is a secret

Y/N smells bananas

You get a piercing

He thinks he’s texting calum

Coming home after studying abroad

Alice in Wonderland on TV

You speak German

He sees how your ex treats you and it hurts him

You’re his sister and your boyfriend cheats on you


You’re friends with Calum and he gets jealous

He gets jealous


you’re sleepy (not a fake text btw)

He likes how you act when you’re excited

Searching for a story to tell your kids when they’ll ask how you two met

You want to paint his nails

Your computer shuts down while watching mr robot

You find out he plays the drums for andy black’s album

You’re Michael’s sister

You see cashton hanging out together a lot

He gets Snapchat

He gets jealous when he sees you with Calum

You speak Italian

You used to be a bailarina

You’re a med student and you lose a patient


You miss his eyebrow piercing

You really like Carl Gallagher

You’re friends and people ship you

He likes your snapchats way too much

You’re studying and he wants cuddles

Badboy!Michael // pt. 2 // pt.3 

He sees you looking at yourself at the mirror and getting insecure

You will never netflix and chill

Fangirling over take what you want

You’re Luke’s twin sister

He walked on you and your boyfriend having sex


Telling them you’re going on tour with them

Pranking them

Beautician!Klance AU
  • so lance is a hairdresser
  • shiro is one of his regulars
  • they’re tight
  • lance looks forward to seeing him every month or so
  • he knows all of shiro’s friends by name even though he’s never actually met him
  • he knows allura is the beautiful girl shiro definitely has a massive crush on but won’t admit
  • he knows matt is his adorkable best friend and katie (”pidge”) is matt’s adorkable little sister
  • he knows keith is his hotheaded little brother that shiro always has to get out of trouble
  • and shiro knows hunk as lance’s huggable ray of sunshine bff

  • so anyway
  • one day keith comes in with shiro for one reason or another
  • like shiro’s car broke down or something and keith had to give him a ride
  • but shiro introduces him as keith
  • so keith already decides that he’s going to kill this loudmouthed hairdresser
  • and then lance is insisting that he give keith a haircut after he’s finished with shiro, free of charge
  • obvi keith is like “no”
  • so the whole time they’re there, lance is whining to keith and begging him to let him style his hair into something that isn’t a goddamn mullet
  • he doesn’t even ask shiro about allura
  • and the next time shiro comes in he keeps trying to nonchalantly ask about keith
  • and shiro totally catches on

  • when keith finally lets lance cut his hair
  • they both cri
  • keith bc oh no my hair is like my thing and the only thing this boy talks to me about what if he stops talking to me
  • lance bc im finally getting to cut this boy’s hair but now i won’t have an excuse to talk to him ahhhhh

tbh i just like the idea of stylish hairdresser!lance being APPALLED by keith’s mullet.

I don’t think Fire Lord Zuko gets enough appreciation as a fire lord okay

like listen pals

Zuko was fucking seventeen-years-old when he was coronated


they threw that high schooler on the throne after one-hundred-years of war, backwards thinking, high tensions, political unrest, national security threats, and so much shit going on

he dodged assassins

he shut down the loyalists and rebels against him

he put up with those against him national and foreign

he dealt with his personal problems, abuse recovery, dysfunctional family, abusive father and sister

he wrote new peaceful legislations

he created a serene relationship with the other nations

he reconnected his people with the Spirit World and Avatar

he built tribute statues to those from other nations he cared for

he helped settle international crises involving the avatar and colonies

he kept his own people from rebelling

he kept foreigners and his own government from enacting or allowing war

he apologized to his people when he messed up

he gave eloquent beautiful speeches to his people that inspired them and gave them hope

he cared so fluently for all of his people and tried so hard to please them all and do his best for them– and also the world



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Headcannon of Hanzo having a crush on Zeny sis

ah yiisss, i love me some pining crush Hanzo.

  • As soon as he realizes that he’s got a ‘tiny’ crush on you he shuts down for about an hour
    • it was while the pair of you were drinking tea after you wiggled on your hips drinking the tea.
    • It made his heart stutter and his trembling hands nearly drop his own cup.
    • You get a little concerned as he just stares forward, his tea quickly cooling.
    • “Are you okay?”
    • “Yes.”
    • “O…okay.”
  • Genji notices only a few hours after Hanzo realizes 
    • He teases his brother for a few moments 
    • He then tries to help Hanzo ask you out
    • Coming up with elaborate ways to get you in the same room and then leaving the pair of you alone
      • This would have worked if Hanzo wasn’t an emotionally stunted cactus
    • Genji just kinda gives up, willing to give support if he actually manages to ask you out.
  • McCree is the second to notice
    • Seeing the way Hanzo would tenderly stare at Zenyatta’s sister
    • He teased the archer with his lack of subtlety 
      • The only way you hadn’t noticed yet is because you grew up in a monastery surrounded by omnics. 
    • Unlike Genji he encouraged Hanzo to just blurt it out without thought
      • Then Hanzo wouldn’t be able to think about it and just get it out
    • Hanzo still can’t do it
      • He just can’t force out the words
  • Everyone on the base is just done with Hanzo
    • Whenever he screws up now he just hears groaning from anyone else in the room
  • Zenyatta gives him the “talk”
    • which was really just subtle encouragement 
    • It would make both Hanzo and you happy
      • That’s all he really wants in this world
    • After this he just gives thumbs up when Hanzo talks to you
Updated! Reaction Masterlist Part2







AU! Ichiji x Bene kids

Lio, Alistair, Luka Vinsmoke

  • He has three names because Niji and Sanji also had ideas for his name, in the end Ichiji accepted to keep the three of them so his brothers wouldn’t complain
  • “Lio” is from “Liora” his grandmother’s name (The bros mother)
  • He is the elder brother
  • He is very close to his family
  • He is terribly shy and socially awkward (except with his family)
  • He is home schooling
  • He loves drawing and likes to be around his family when he is drawing
  • He has the same hair color as his grandfather (Bene’s father)
  • He believes that everybody had a good side
  • Sanji loves to try new dessert recipes on him, thus feeding him tons of cake
  • He likes to play the piano
  • He likes to sit on Ichiji’s lap when he is working
  • He likes to spend time with his little sister
  • He is more at ease around adults rather than kids his age

Vera, Liora Vinsmoke

  • Bene insisted that the second name of Vera would be the name of Ichiji’s mother
  • Vera is from a combination of “Vesper” the name of Bene’s mother and “Liora”
  • She is a little bundle of energy
  • She has a strong sense of leardership
  • She is stubborn
  • She likes to sing
  • She has a collection of plushies
  • She’s possessive
  • She is sassy and petty towards people she doesn’t like
  • She’s very close to Lio
  • She hates her grandfather’s brother and sister.
  • She’s not afraid to fight (even with people taller and older than her)
  • Bene taught her how to play the guitar
  • She also trains in combat with Ichiji and her brother


Taysir x AU!Niji kids

Alejandro Vinsmoke-Dinty

  • He has a scar on his lips just like his grandfather Reiji
  • With his sister, after school, they always take the time to go visit Reiji even if it’s just for a few hours
  • He loves sports
  • Taysir teaches him how to dance like a pro
  • He has Niji’s hair
  • Everybody loves it when he smiles because he has dimples
  • Niji likes to play with his dimples by the way
  • He is very close to Lio because he knows his cousin is shy so he is extra nice to him and Vera
  • He loves hugs and can’t get enough of them, he go that fron Niji
  • He is pretty good when it comes to learn new things
  • Even though he is really kind, he can get mad a bit too quickly
  • He is also known to be a fast runner (that’s because he tried to ran off too many times to escape an ass whoopin’)

June Vinsomke-Dinty

  • She is a bit boyish
  • She loves basketball
  • She loves photography
  • Most of the time she straighten her hair otherwise she has an afro, Reiji is always baffled when he sees her hair; he really likes her afro
  • She is a cat person, but she loves dogs too
  • She likes to offer gifts to the people she loves
  • She is a pun Master like Niji
  • When it’s nap time, her favorite place to sleep is daddy Niji’s torso
  • Insult her, and you’ll get roast for the rest of your life
  • She likes to mock and judge people with Vera #PettySquad
  • Taysir taught her that if someone tries to be mean to her, she needs to be ten times meanier and punch the shit out of them
  • Niji does not approve tho
  • She likes uncle Ichiji but he is terrifying
  • Uncle Sanji likes to bake cake with her
  • She is very honest. Maybe too much.


Soooo… I guess you understood that these four kids are cousins, heh~

Here’s the teen version~

With Reiji:

Yeah, Reiji loves his grandchildren, and they love him twice as much~ <3

Child Meme - Taysir: 2/8

Child Meme - Bene: 1/7

Teenager Meme - Taysir: ½

Teenager Meme - Bene: 1/3

AU! Ichiji and AU! Niji, Liora and Reiji belongs to @ask-the-vinsmokes

And Lio, Vera, Alejandro and June were made in collaboration with her too~

Happy Josh Things
  • he’s got squinty lil eyes
  • when he smiles the room literally gets lighter
  • he plays the most hardcore instrument, but is one of the nicest musicians i know
  • he’s got tattoos and piercings, but loves kittens
  • he looks ethereal with his bright hair and combined tattoos and river shaped eyes
  • he wears necklaces his fans give him
  • he wears bracelets that his fans give him!
  • supports his sister
  • he isn’t perfect, just like everyone, but he does try his best
  • he’s quiet, but he has such passion for the drums
  • his last name is dun,,, so much pun material
  • josh pun
  • i’m sorry, josh is just amazing

Because I saw Altean!Lance on @achryathesecond (I hope you don’t mind me tagging you)

This is my idea/headcanon on Altean!Lance

  • Lance is Allura’s brother
  • King Alfor couldn’t put him into the sleeping pod with Allura and Coran when the Galra attack because he was too young?
  • I headcanon that Altean’s age differently than humans so being 1000 in Altean years could be equivalent to being 2~3 in Earth years (this headcanon will definitely fuck me up to calculate shit if I were to write this)
  • So Lance was only 1000~3000 years old whereas Allura was 8000~10000 years old
  • And to calculate the actual time the Blue Lion had been on Earth and how long Allura and Coran (plus the mice) had slept would be only be 20~30-ish Earth years
  • Anyways, when King Alfor sent the Lions to hiding, he wiped everyone’s memory of Lance to make sure no trace was left for Zarkon to find Lance (let’s just say that the Galra didn’t know that Alfor had a son)
  • Taking the idea that Alfor was the one who pilots the Blue Lion (credit to the person who came theorized this idea), he takes Lance with him to Earth and hides him there too
  • He wipes Lance’s memories of all the space shit including the fact that he was an Altean and all that relates and also does something to hide the marks under his eyes and his alien abiilities
  • Places him in an orphanage, I guess? Like I said the age headcanon will fuck shit up
  • Somehow, Lance just ends up being adopted and he spends his life as a ‘human’
  • Then all the canon stuff happens, he get into the Garrison, sneaks out with Pidge and Hunk, saves Shiro and finds the Blue Lion
  • And the reason why Blue reacted to him was not only because she (yes, I say Blue is a girl)  knows that Lance is capable to handle her but also the fondness to Lance since he’s the former Blue Paladin’s son. Alfor always brings his children on rides in Blue before the Galra attack
  • Of course Blue doesn’t forget Lance but she understands that Alfor’s wish was not to reveal the truth so she keeps quiet
  • So they go into space, flies to the castle, Allura and Coran wakes up, the Galra goes after the Lions
  • AND THEN all is revealed. This is where it diverges from canon plot
  • When he was the healing pod, the scans shows that he was Altean
  • Of course Allura and Coran finds out first because the scans are in Altean. They freaking confused to why the heck didn’t Lance say anything
  • They kept it a secret and waits for Lance to get out of the pod before saying anything
  • When Lance eventually comes out, they bombard him with questions (this is when the others find out he was an alien) and Lance is hella confused too
  • All of them try to figure things out searching the castle for answers  because the castle had all the information of it’s citizens
  • Ever since Lance found out that he was an Altean he really super focused on getting answers because he feels like he missed a huge chunk of his life due to the absence of memories of who he was before he woke up in the orphanage back on Earth
  • He ends up seeking comfort from Blue. What could be better than talking to a huge lion robot, right?
  • Blue feels a bit guilty and somehow feels like it was the right time to tell Lance
  • Turns out, Alfor had store his memories in Blue just in case one day Lance was to find Blue
  • So Lance goes down memory lane as Blue returns his memories along with a message from his father, part of it telling him where Allura’s and Coran’s memories are stored
  • Once Lance is finally out of the memory thing, the effects of whatever was hiding the marks under his eyes and his abilities vanishes. He’s also crying because he finally feels like he got his life back. And just imagine when Lance realises that he flirted with his own sister
  • He starts searching for the compartment in Blue where it held Allura’s and Coran’s memories. When he finds them, not only does he finds the capsules (yes. their memories are in capsules) but also a bunch of pictures. Ones with his Altean family. He cries harder at the sight of them
  • Lance grabs the capsules with a few pictures and starts running to find Allura and Coran
  •  They’re all shocked to see Lance and he burst in the lounge or where ever they were because he looks more like an Altean
  • They don’t get a chance to ask him as Lance starts explaining in rapid fire with no pause in between. Once he’s done though, they’re stunned with the new information
  • With the capsules, they head down to the cyropod where they extract the memories thing. If memories can be extracted then memories can be put back
  • Thus, mushy family reunion happens once they get their memories back

This is as far as I thought. I didn’t think it would be this long. Shit.

Might have some klance/shance/shklance stuff going on in between. I don’t know if I’ll write this. If anyone wants to write this go ahead but link me if you do.

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Can I ask for RFA member and Saeran plus V with their child, talking how much they love Mc? Thank you

such a sweet and fluffy request! WELP TIME TO ADD IN SOME ANGST FOR SOME OF THEM - forgive me for this hahaha. (also i might have gone off track with a couple of the RFA peeps from your question - nevertheless, hope you enjoy this!)


  • babies. are. terrifying.
  • haru, his beloved baby son, sits on the floor screaming at the top of his lungs
  • yoosung is at his wit’s end. he gave his baby everything he could think of! teething toys, his pacifier, his favorite stuffed animal - but haru continues to scream his head off
  • at this point yoosung is balled up into fetal position, contemplating whether he should call you or not and beg you to come home
  • even lisa the cat dashes somewhere else the house, escaping haru’s inhumane crying
  • it’s been fifteen minutes and your baby is bawling his eyes out
  • it’s been like this for only an hour since your absence 
  • yoosung is close to crying himself when he remembers you won’t come back for another three days
  • but he has to strong! he’s a good dad…he has to dependable! 
  • turning back to haru, whose chubby little face is completely wet with snot and tears, yoosung dare approaches the terrifying smol human bean
  • “hey. hey.” yoosung calls out softly, stroking haru’s fluffy hair
  • haru’s big watery purple eyes takes once glance at his dad
  • he quiets down for a moment
  • can yoosung hope?
  • nope
  • the baby scrunches his face up and goes back to crying
  • quickly, yoosung plops haru into his lap
  • “shh, shh, hey hey, please don’t cry! please! i don’t know what im doing wrong…”
  • haru continues to wail
  • yoosung shuts his eyes, racking his throbbing head for any idea
  • “mommy’s gonna come back. you miss her? i miss her too. this house already feels so empty without her.” he admits, burying his face into haru’s soft, wispy hair. 
  • haru squirms, hiccuping
  • yoosung gets up with haru tucked in his arm, and heads to the kitchen to retrieve a sippy cup
  • he continues to talk about you, a wife and loving mother, to baby haru
  • yoosung isn’t quite sure why he’s talking to haru as if he were a grown adult. but it’s soothing to talk and think about you
  • haru’s sobbing eventually quiets into sparse sniffles
  • finally, finally haru falls asleep in yoosung’s arm after he finished saying his thoughts aloud of what he really thinks of you
  • yoosung finally tears up when he sees haru calmed down
  • thank god
  • he collapses on the coach with haru nestled into his chest, and the household is once again peaceful


  • you and zen may not have worked out as a married couple, but you sure as hell made a great divorced couple
  • you thought you could handle it. zen working pretty much 24/7, the media watching you like a hawk waiting for you to slip up so they can profit off of it, zen’s increasingly growing fanbase and career
  • but you broke it off on peaceful terms after you both finally admitted your relationship can’t work out
  • no matter how much the media tried to ruin your image, bring nari into the picture, or spread lies about you both
  • zen still supported you by helping take care of nari and joint custody
  • one night he came home late with nari
  • he smiles sheepishly at you, taking off the shades to reveal his red eyes
  • “sorry for returning her so late. may i tuck her into bed?”
  • you nod, returning a polite smile back. 
  • nari giggles in her father’s arms, looking at him with stars in her eyes. she loved tagging along with zen and watching him rehearse - only at the ripe age of six, and she’s begging you to learn dance “just like her daddy!”
  • you busy yourself, waiting patiently for zen to escort himself out
  • he doesn’t come out of nari’s bedroom and 10 minutes already passed
  • you sigh a bit to yourself. it’s getting late, and you hate being that kind of parent. but you cant let zen over welcome his stay
  • creeping down the hallway, you can hear zen’s soft and soothing voice, speaking to nari
  • “…you and mommy love each other?” nari asks
  • “of course, we’re friends,” zen laughs. you smile a bit, hearing his laughter. it’s sort of nostalgic
  • “if you love each other, why dont you live with mommy and me?”
  • your breath is taken away for a second. your heart aches. of course nari would ask this sort of question.
  • there’s a pause from zen. 
  • you lean against the wall, gripping your arm. you hold your breath in anticipation
  • you should’ve stepped in instead of listening
  • “i…i love your mother. of course i do. but sometimes, things don’t work out between people. but we’re very good friends, i can say that. what matters is your mommy and i care for you, so so much.”
  • okay, now you might really cry. you can hear it in zen’s voice as well, from the way it wobbles at some parts, threatening to fall unravel
  • you walk into the room, as if you didn’t hear anything
  • “time for dad to go, say goodnight nari.” you don’t look at him, because you know you might not be able to hold it together
  • but it was so hard looking at nari. she had her father’s eyes

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Starklings @ Hogwarts headcanons
  • The Starks are a Gryffindor family, and always have been - they say Godric Gryffindor himself married a Stark (the Tullys tend Hufflepuff)
  • Ned was Head Boy and Cat was Head Girl, and they have a quiet romance post-graduation
  • Robb is declared Gryffindor almost before the Sorting Hat touches his head
  • He will be Quidditch captain, prefect, a solidly average student. He excels in Transfiguration and will work for the Ministry straight out of school.
  • Jon takes only seconds longer to join his brother in Gryffindor. He wears the Stark name, but they whisper that his mother was a Muggle - he is the stain on one of the last Pureblood families in Wizarding Britain. 
  • He goes home for breaks but Hogwarts is his home more than Winterfell could have been. He studies DADA and becomes an Auror
  • Sansa is almost a hat stall but not quite at four minutes and thirteen seconds. The Hat offers her each House in turn - she chooses Gryffindor. She is still at an age where she dreams of bravery and has not yet realized her own
  • Of all of them, magic comes the most naturally to her. Charms flow off her wand like water. Like Robb, she will be a prefect, and like Cat, Head Girl
  • Then Arya, scrappy scrawny dark-haired grey-eyed Arya who looks nothing like her siblings (her trueborn ones), walks through the doors and the Hat takes seventeen seconds to declare her Slytherin
  • She is angry (”did you hear? A Stark in Slytherin, can you believe it?”), but Jon slips out of line to ruffle her hair and Ned writes to say how proud he is, and if she will be a Slytherin, she will be a damn good one
  • She gets in fistfights and duels because she hates bullies, and my brother is a halfblood you arse, and she is Arya Stark and that is what she does. Asha Greyjoy rolls her eyes and teaches her how to heal scrapes and bruises
  • She follows Jon to the Aurors and hexes the first person who tells her Slytherins can’t be trusted there
  • Bran wears red and gold like he was born to it (he was), and surprises them all with a talent for divination that first-year Sansa would have killed for
  • Robb is valiant and Sansa is gutsy and Jon is stubborn, but Bran is the one with the Gryffindor recklessness and talent for practical jokes
  • Cat thinks little Rickon leans Hufflepuff, and she is right, but somehow he ends up in the Gryffindor tower with his brothers half the time anyway
  • He is good at Quidditch and okay at school and his professors are half out of their minds when they realize he’s learned punching from his sister
  • He goes on to play Quidditch professionally and Cat begs him to get a “real job” but is secretly his biggest fan (”my youngest plays for the Direwolves, did you know?”)
Reaction Masterlist:

Alrighty this is part 2 of my reactions enjoy!





Okay but like imagine

  • Percy’s little sister walking for the first time
  • She stumbles a bit and falls and Percy is there telling her that it’s just a bruise and he has scraps and scars from falling too and he’s walking just fine
  • So she gets back up and toddles into his arms
  • Percy’s little sister learning her first words
  • Percy is determined to get her to say “Percy” as her first word
  • Sally is determined to get her to say “Mama” first
  • They have this ongoing battle where they spoil her like CRAZYwhen she attempts to say their names
  • So Percy’s sister just goes around making “P” and “M” sounds to get them to spoil her more than they already are
  • Percy’s little sister playing with Percy’s sword when she’s older
  • Percy catches her with it and finds himself teaching her basic techniques
  • Sally finding out about it
  • Sally pretends she’s fine but Percy can tell she’s trying not to get all worked up and upset
  • So Percy has to have a talk with his little sister
  • He tells her how dangerous it is and that she doesn’t want to get involved because it would crush Sally if she got hurt
  • Percy’s little sister still tries to be like her older brother because “he protects people and I want to be just like him”
  • Percy finding out she kills monsters despite his warnings
  • He lets her because he can’t say no to that face 
  • And frankly every time they hang out there’s always monsters
  • Percy’s sister becomes a great fighter but she stays out of demigod business because “she’s not ‘Allowed’” per Percy’s instructions 
  • We both know she doesn’t listen to him
  • The sass becomes real when Percy and his sister argue


A list of things Ellie Miller has tried to fight
  • a car
  • a parking meter
  • her boss
  • susan wright
  • susan wright’s dog
  • her husband
  • hardy
  • an entire group of reporters (“lenses down or I will kick you all in the balls”)
  • hardy
  • her son
  • 4 murderers
  • her nephew
  • 2 lawyers
  • the judge
  • hardy
  • hardy (x4)
  • 2 drunk women who tried to take her taxi
  • her sister
  • her own sense of failure and guilt following the discovery that her husband murdered her best friend’s son, and the loneliness, depression and mental health issues that developed as a result
  • hardy
Reverse Pines Twins Headcanons
  • Their father left when they were young and their mother was abusive
  • This is the reason they left Piedmont and went to live in Gravity Falls
  • They started the Tent of Telepathy when they were 10
  • They both developed secondary powers from using the amulet
  • When they need to get rid of someone, they do it in a way that makes even Stan frightened of them
  • Stan is sort of scared of them
  • They are both skilled with every type of weapon in America (Stan taught them)
  • Their eyes turned turquoise because of all the years they used their power
  • They like to joke around and have fun when they are by themselves

Dipper Gleeful

  • Dipper has bags under his eyes because he would always stay up at night to protect Mabel from their mother when  she would come home late at night
  • Dipper has the power to see premonitions of the future and can block his mind from intruders
  • Dipper is relies on his brain, strength, and charm to get what he wants. He is reserved and only speaks when he wants to. He is more intimidating than Mabel. He will also do anything to please her and keep her happy.
  • Dipper can’t survive without Mabel. He feels he will lose himself if he lost her. 
  • Dipper is educated in the law so he can get Mabel out of trouble.
  • Dipper is more powerful than Mabel, so any time she gets out of control, he can easily subdue her
  • Dipper hates to be a disorganized mess, so he sometimes sneaks into Mabel’s room and organizes her things properly. 
  • Dipper is the only one of the two who can play instruments (usually the piano, violin, or guitar)
  • Dipper loves to tease just as much as his sister
  • He loves to stargaze
  • Dipper is very fond of his sister’s alternate self, but isn’t fond of his alternate self
  • Dipper doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty but he doesn’t like it
  • He only refers to Mabel by her name when he is angry with her, any other time he calls her “sister” or “sister dear”
  • Dipper may seem like a bad guy, but he’s really a softy, but only to people he cares about (which is limited to Mabel and Stan)

Mabel Gleeful

  • Mabel has the power of persuasion and can keep people as far away from her and her brother as she wants
  • Mabel relies on her power more than Dipper, which could cause her to spiral into chaos
  • When Mabel can’t use her looks to get what she wants, she resorts to her powers. She is very sadistic and willing to get her hands dirty. 
  • She cares for her brother, but not as much as Dipper cares for her.
  • Mabel gets bored easily so she goes looking for “fun” which usually includes either boy toys (which she has a lot of) or torture
  • Mabel’s room is messy but organized, as there are a lot of things scattered around, but it’s all in one place
  • Mabel loves her alternate brother’s self dorkiness, but despises her alternate self, as she remind her of Pacifica.
  • She calls Dipper names when she is angry with him which makes him angry
  • Though she doesn’t have any friends to hang out with, Mabel loves shopping and doing girl things, so she drags her brother along with her

edit: headcanons have changed