taako and lup play switcheroo with each other because lup wants to make sure kravitz is a trustworthy boyfriend for her brother and she is also veeeery persuasive but like it doesn’t in any universe work because barry knows immediately it’s taako and is like “hey taako where’s lup” and he’s like “oh uh she’s making sure my man isn’t a total dickweed” and he’s like “sure sure wanna play cards?” meanwhile kravitz catches on really quickly but plays along and takes her on a really nice date and is a total gentleman the whole time then at the end of the night he’s like “well it was nice to get to know you, lup, shall i take you home?” and she’s like HECK I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS BAMBOOZLED and she’s like “um no ill catch a cab and get home on my own” and he opens a portal and she’s like “oh shit, psyche, take me home big boy” and as kravitz fetches his actual datemate she’s just in the background with barry pointing at her own eyes and then at him in a threatening way but tbh the way kravitz sweeps taako off his feet when he sees him and is like not even a little upset about the little ploy for sure warms her up to him

Eliza: Do you know what Angelica said when she read what you done.

Angelica: *reading the Reynolds Pamphlet* huh! I’m surprised it wasn’t with Laurens.

My sister’s theories 2

Sister: *Comes to my room at 4 AM* Hey, you, little one.

Me: Not again.

Sister: I’ve been thinking about this Keith’s vlog…

Me: Come on Camilla don’t do this to me, we have two hours before going to school.

Sister: So, you saw the Klance tag right?

Me: *Groans*

Sister: What if all the thing that Keith said are components , and he and Lance will be start to bond more fixing all those components, y’know, making Keith stop pushing away people, stop being the loner one and make him more confortable with the team and with the people who wants to be friends with him?

Me: …

Sister: And we’ve seen that Lance is now Keith’s impulse control and constantly makes him to not split out the team. Maybe Lance will be the one who’s going to make Keith more talkative, to open himself to new people and don’t push them away like he always did, maybe he’ll fix all those scars that Keith’s past left on him, maybe he’ll make him forget the fact that because he’s a galra doesn’t mean that he MUST be alone like he always did. And maybe they’ll become the closest friends the team ever had. And that’s how Klance will become more canon.

Me: *Trying to not cry* Holy shit Camilla


Hey! So I commissioned @princeofmints​ ages ago to draw some stuff from T&E, and despite the fact that I had to push everything back at least a month due to lack of funds (and was somehow both really vague and way too specific about what I wanted), he was a delight to work with the whole time and got everything back to me way faster than I’d expected. These pieces were affordable and are just dang cute to boot, and I cannot recommend him enough!

I had to had to had to show them off, because they deserve to be seen by all. (And by all, I mean … like, the people who follow me. So, really like … by 6. Still. All 6 of you, check this shit out!) So gaze upon them!


Hey everybody!! My sister made this groovy blur design on redbubble and I thought you all would like it!!! All of the money you guys spend on this stuff will help my sister and I pay for college and food lol so if you want to buy anything from like a hoodie to a sticker it would mean the world!!!



The Bloodmoon Sisters

Warning do not read on campus, across the river or near the train tracks or in town and for the sake of your life make sure you are outside of the boundaries.

Beware these girls; the fact that you even know that name is bad enough. Only those who have delved to deep in the wrong part of the dark devouring bog that is the study of the Other know of them or at worse are a part of them. They are not gentry and they are not Other. Some say they are witches who have strayed too far from the path and fallen into the shadows. Some people say they are necromancers, some call them a cult, others say that they went too far into the library. That they have gone passed the guardian there.

They never meet on campus. They never show their faces. They are impossible to tell apart from anyone else when they are on campus it is only when they meet that you know they are real. If you see them across the river or the train tarks do not go there.  

Some say they meet only when there is a blood moon but that is not true. There is no pattern to how or when or where they meet. There are two places where they meet, near the train tracks or at The DeadTree. They are responsible for creating The Deadtree Jeweler by raising a corpse in an attempt to bring her back. From what I have gathered Beady was one of them.

They are responsible for a lot of things and all that people say of them is true but not at the same time. Stop looking into these people okay they are bad news and you are putting us both at risk by asking about them.

 ~ The Northern Spy