Elizabeth Blackmore

Gender: Female

DOB: 6 January 1987

Nationality: Australian

Ethnicity: White (unspecified)

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Elizabeth Blackmore is an Australian actress. Her first substantial role was as the recurring character of Sister Marianna in the final season of the fantasy drama series Legend of the Seeker. She is also known for her roles as Natalie in thehorror film Evil Dead, and as Valerie Tulle in the seventh season of The CW’s supernatural drama series The Vampire Diaries.

Miss Fisher Murders and Murderers (Epilogue)

The Miss Fisher Murders and Murderers series has finally come to its conclusion. To be honest, I didn’t expect how daunting this task would be. The amount of research and effort going into the process was probably the most among all my series so far. In order to present the facts as accurately as possible, I re-watched each episode multiple times while trying my best not to be side tracked by Phrack, Hottie, or the rest of the lovely characters.

As I pointed out in the Overture, “There is nothing sexy about murders (even though the two detectives most certainly are), so this series is not going to be romantic like Miss Fisher Alternative Phrack Titles. Nevertheless, I hope you will still enjoy it.” Looking back, I think that I had done a pretty decent job, and I am proud of what I had accomplished.

Anyway, since I am a data analyst by trade and simply cannot resist analyzing and summarizing statistics, I am going to present a few findings that I found interesting.

1) @haegtesse raised a question about the number of female murderers featured in the three seasons. She felt that some crime dramas tended to overemphasize female murderers because it was more shocking and unexpected. According to my tally, about 30% of the murderers were female in the three seasons. It may be higher than the statistics in real life (“Males were convicted of the vast majority of homicides in the United States, representing 90.5% of the total number of offenders”, per United States Department of Justice, 2011), but I think that it enhanced the dramatic effects without being totally unrealistic.

In terms of victims, roughly 35% of the murder victims were female in the three seasons. The percentage was skewed by the fact that in Murder Under the Mistletoe, 22 male miners were blown up by Nicholas Mortimer. If we exclude them, the female and male victim percentage would become more even (46% vs. 54%).

2) @whilenotwritingmyphd wondered how many episodes had murder scenes before the theme music. I believe the answer is 30 (out of 34). The only ones that didn’t have it are: Murder on the Ballarat Train (S1E2), The Green Mill Murder (S1E3), Death at Victoria Dock (S1E4), and Ruddy Gore (S1E6). Interestingly, they are all from S1.

3) In terms of methods of killing, the number one is explosion. Again, it is skewed by the miners in Murder Under the Mistletoe. If we exclude them, poison takes the biscuit, followed by strangulation/suffocation, stabbing/slashing, gunshot, and drowning.

4) As I mentioned earlier, family killing was rare in the three seasons. There are 4 spousal murders: Lydia Andrews (husband John), Maurice Sheffield (wife Dorothea), Jimmy Creswick (wife Guinevere), and Nicholas Mortimer (wife Vera). The 4 non-spousal family murders include Murdock Foyle (foster mother Gertrude), Eva Callahan (sister Millie), Marianna Carbone (Nonna Louisa), and Eric Edwards (sister Harriet). Among the total of 95 murder victims, it’s less than 10%. (Note: I didn’t count Eunice as a murderer since Alastair was the one who actually committed the murder.)

5) Who were the deadliest killers in the three seasons? Number one was Nicholas Mortimer from Murder Under the Mistletoe, who killed 27 in total, including the 22 miners. Number two was Murdock Foyle with a body count of 10 across 3 episodes (Blood and Circuses, Murder in the Dark, and King Memses’ Curse). Eugene Fisher had 5 people’s blood on his hand between Death at the Grand and Death Do Us Part. Jimmy Creswick from Dead Air was also responsible for 5 deaths, including the two Oswalds.

Among the female killers, most of them only committed one count of murder, but there were 4 who killed twice: Hety (Death by Miss Adventures), Genevieve Lamaire (Murder a la Mode), Lily Luscombe (Framed for Murder), and Eva Callahan (Death Defying Feats).

6) Last but not least, the crime solving rate of the two detectives and their associates were impressive. Not only did they catch all the killers of the current cases they investigated, but they also solved a number of cold cases along the way (e.g. Dorothea Curtis, Pierre Sarcelle, Guinevere Redpath, Fabrizzi, etc.). If we count those in, their crime solving rate was actually over 100%. Kudos, everyone!

As always, your feedback and corrections are welcomed and much appreciated. Also, thank you for hanging in there with me till the end. My next series is in the works; please stay tuned to find out what’s coming up.

(Posted 28-Apr-2016)