The Jiggling Atoms website is up, it is a thing of beauty! An inter-disciplinary illustration project, a cosmic festival, a party place of particle physics and absurdity.

25 illustrators attend lectures over months and excitement a-go-go ensues. Head over to the artists page if you know what’s good, and to the exhibition if you know what’s better.


You walk out of the Arrow Cave, focused on the papers in front of you. Unbeknownst to you Cisco, a friend of your brothers, was watching you leave. His eyes traveling up your legs as you sway side to side, and a smile tugs at the corners of his mouth.

OLIVER: Don’t even think about it

Cisco snaps his head up, stunned at the sudden gruff and mildly terrifyng voice.

CISCO: Think-I wasn’t-what do you mean?

Oliver shoots Cisco a glare. One he’s mastered through years of being a the older brother of a hot sister. One that puts more than fear in the hearts of men.

CISCO: So stay away, is what you’re saying. Got it.

And despite him saying this, no one in the room really believed him.


THANK YOU @dcnerd98 for this great request!