Most beautiful and inspirational final lines in musicals
  • Heathers: "Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful BEAUTIFUUUUULLL!"
  • Sister Act: "Spread the love around!"
  • Lion King: "Circle of lifeee!!"
  • Hamilton: "Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?"
  • Les Misérables: "tomorrow comes!"
  • Rent: "No day but today"
  • Avenue Q: "Everything in life is only for now"

(Sister Act: A Musical Theatre Podcast)

The Sister Act sisters are back, and this week it is all about Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812! We take a look inside the most Tony-nominated musical of the 2016-2017 season - discussing the show, the cast, and its journey to Broadway. Andrey may not be here, but Abby and Lily have got you covered on all things Comet.

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365 Showtunes DAY 310: SISTER ACT - Sister Act

To celebrate Patina Miller’s birthday, here she is belting out an eleven-o'clock number, the title song in this show! She originated the part in the West End and then brought it to Broadway. That’s the way to open a show. That’s the way to start a Broadway career. 

Happy birthday, Patina! 

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Last movie you watched: Glitch (Just so I could see Blake Silver’s beautiful face)

Last song you listened to: When I find my Baby- Sister Act the Musical

Last book you read: War of the Worlds, currently reading the Time Machine

The last thing you ate: Churros

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: Ireland

Where would you time travel to: 1970’s I’d like to meet my grandfather

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: HG Wells from Poe Party obviously

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Oh, Mary Robert. I feel like we're almost the same person..well, not really. I'm jewish. but i feel ya, girl..

I’ve never talked back,
I’ve never slept late,
I’ve never sat down
when told to stand straight
I’ve never let go
and gone with the flow,
and don’t even know, really, why.
I’ve never asked questions,
or taken a dare.
I’ve never worn clothes
that might make people stare.
I’ve never rebelled,
or stood up and yelled,
or even just held my head high.

And all of the feelings unspoken,
all of the truths unsaid,
they’re all I have left
of the life I never led.

I’ve never gone surfing,
or ran with a crowd.
Or danced on a table,
or laughed much too loud.
I’ve never quite dared
to leave myself bared -
I’ve just been too scared I might fall,
I’ve never seen Paris,
swum naked,
been kissed.
I’ve never quite realised
just how much I’ve missed
And what did I get 
for hedging each bet?
Another regret, and that’s all.
And all of the wishes unasked for,
All of needs unfed -
They’re all that remain 
of the life I never led.

And now…
now that you’ve given me one
little taste of it -
And now…
now that I know what I know -
Well how…
how can I go on ignoring the waste of it?
After all of the years
that I’ve clung to my fears.
Won’t you help me let go?
Help me let go!

I want to be brave,
I want to be strong.
I want to believe
I’m where I belong.
To stand up and say 
“I’m seizing the day”
To not just obey, but to choose.
And I may not surf,
I may not see France.
but I want to know
I still have the chance.
And maybe I’ll make
a painful mistake.
It’s mine though, to take or refuse.
And all of the doors yet to open,
all of the rooms ahead -
They’re beaconing bright,
scary and new -
But I’m standing tall,
and I’m walking through.
What’s gone may be gone,
but I won’t go on
playing dead!
It’s time to start living
the life I never led.

Sister Act at the Broward Center Review!

OhMyGosh I’m in love. For the past 24 hrs I’ve been singing Take Me to Heaven, Raise your Voice, & The Life I Never Led, all scores from Sister Act, which I saw at the Broward Center last night!

If you’ve never seen the musical or movie it’s basically about a singer named Deloris who witnesses a murder committed by her gangster boyfriend Curtis. To protect her, the police hide her out…in a convent, where she glams up the place!

So last night Ta'rea Campbell played Deloris Van Cartier and I must say, she was pretty fabulous. She has this really warm, BIG voice with wonderful vocals and a pretty wide range. She also has a large amount of stage presence and I think she’s perfect from the role. I’ll post a video after of her singing “Fabulous Baby” because her voice is too lovely to resist.

Alright, one nun I really do have to mention is Mary Roberts, or more so Lael Van Keuren. At some points in time I really did think she stole the show. When she sang The Life I Never Led I literally sat there in my seat with my mouth hung open. Her voice was so powerful! I was definitely not expecting that belt at the end (which she aced) but I guess I should have known judging from the sneak peak I got at the end of Raise Your Voice, when she hits that “Gloria Dei Patris!” You can tell she’s got a good control over her voice. In a recent interview, she mentioned how The Life I Never Led was her favorite song “It’s so beautiful, it feels like a gift every time I get to sing it” and you can tell by the emotion she puts into it.

And I can’t resist talking about E. Clayton Cornelious who played Eddie Souther, or ‘Sweaty Eddie". Let me tell you, he’s got a great range. In “I Could Be That Guy” he hit some pretty low notes, and some pretty high ones for a guy. I think I melted in my seat a couple times.

OK so I know they aren’t main characters or anything, but I need to show some love for Joey, Pablo, and TJ, Todd A. Horman, Ernie Pruneda, and Charles Barksdale. They play Curtis’s lovable, hilarious, and dimwitted goons. Literally every time they came on stage, they made me laugh, and in “Lady in the Long Black Dress” I think I lost it a little. Great Job!

Hollis Resnick was amazing as Mother Superior as well. She was funny and on point and “Haven’t Got a Prayer” had me laughing and slightly in awe of her voice. 

8 time Oscar winner Alan Menken’s score for this was pretty fabulous as well. The whole thing came together quite beautifully and I think it was a really successful performance. The whole musical was pretty lovely and the excitement really picked up in Act 2. I’d go see it again and you should too! It’s open at the Broward Center until the 30th! I recommend it to anyone that loves singing nuns in sequins and a happy ending (so..basically everyone)

Some photos of the cast courtesy of Sister Act Musical Fans Tumblr 

Left to right : Lael Van Keuren, Florrie Bagel, Alysha Desflorieux

Ta'rea Campbell in Act 1 Scene 1 singing Take Me To Heaven

Left to Right : Lael Van Keuren and Ernie Pruneda

Courtesy of Square-Cut-Or-Pear-Shape

Hollis Resnick and Ta'rea Campbell

Until the sequined nun sings again,

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The second Deloris is…

The blackface…



Sister Act ~ Press Conference “Tenshi ni Love Song wo”