How is Patina Miller’s understudy gonna hit the notes better than Patina? 

Peep the mix on that F#5 at the end! 


Rashidra Scott had betta WERK. 


Sister Act ~ Press Conference “Tenshi ni Love Song wo”

I saw my first Broadway musical last night. The National Tour of “Sister Act.” It was so amazing. I had so much fun. The production was really amazing. A big “thank you” is in order for the entire cast, crew, and the Pantages Theater for bringing this production to LA. I’ve been obsessed with Broadway and Theatre in general for a while but I’ve just now been able to finally see a Broadway production. I was mesmerized the entire time. Seeing that production made me want to pursue my dream even more. I am so determined to be on Broadway some day. Of course a lot of people say the same thing. But something inside me tells me that this could be a possibility. I know it’s not enough to just want it badly. It’s gonna take hardwork. Research. I’m probably gonna get a “no” 50 times, but someday I will get that one “yes” that will change my life. I seriously can’t see myself doing any other thing in my life. I wanna perform. I wanna give other people the feelings that the cast of “Sister Act” gave me last night. Here’s to another day of making my dream come true. Broadway, I am coming for you. No matter how long it takes.