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Over the past few months and with everything that’s been happening, having graduated from undergrad, traveling to Africa, seeing my sister get engaged to her fiancé, moving into a whole new city and beginning grad school, it’s safe to say that life has definitely been a blessing. Although through it all, one thing I’ve come to notice about myself is the level of positivity as well as my change in attitude. So far this year has taught me a lot about humility, confidence, and having pride in myself. It’s pretty indescribable really. I guess a large factor that comes into play is how truly happy I’ve been riding solo and keeping this time to myself. Tbh, Ive been seeing a lot of friends get copped left and right into relationships and as bittersweet as it is to see and hear it all happen, I’ve never been happier. This whole time I’ve spent working on myself, becoming a stronger person, and overall growing has taught me so many things. The humility of voicing my opinion while remaining understanding to others, the confidence in being who I am as an individual, and the pride in loving myself first before somebody else, romantically. I mean I’m still growing, and I never know what the future has in store, but as of right now, I love who I am and who I’m becoming. 💛


steggy week 2k17 - day seven (free for all)

accidental time traveler peggy carter gets an instagram. steve regrets introducing her to social media almost instantly (x,x)

Smaug the Dragon hears news his sister has been engaged. He travels to a land Far Far Away to meet the suitor and make sure he is worthy, but he is caught off guard when it turns out to be a strange talking donkey.

Practicing several features and faces shapes! 

Suki is so lovelyy!!!!! It was a blast playing with her palette color but a struggle to get her features ! I definitely need more practice but in the meantime I’ll throw this in here 😄


Name: You must be kidding me!
Pairing: Crowley x reader
Summary: Crowley and the reader have been engaged for quite some time, but the reader has just found the strength to tell Dean about it. Sam already knows, but he didn’t react as aggressively as you expect Dean to.

“Yes, I know… I know that I said I’ll talk to him! Crowley! Gosh, you can’t wait to be beaten up, can you?” you hang up and look at Sam, your face desperate and lost. “He wants me to tell Dean.”

“It’s the time, you know. You’ve been engaged for like… two months?” you nod. “Isn’t it about the time your brother should know?”

“You know,” you murmur, and Sam laughs.

“But you may want Dean to be the one to walk you down to the altar.”

“Crowley may be a little against all the altar thing,” you fight back, and Sam smiles at you.

“You know what I mean. You should tell him at some point.”

“I know… I know,” you stare at the small ring on your finger. You know how much Crowley loves putting it on you, marking for everyone that you are not free. You’ve been hiding the ring from Dean ever since, but probably it is the time to show it. “He doesn’t even know that we are together.”

“Then you are in trouble,” Sam grins. “Because you have to tell the most impatient hunter in the States that his little sister has agreed to marry her boyfriend, the King of Hell.”

“Yeah… maybe, I don’t have to,” you whisper, as Dean steps from the shadow, his face gravely serious. “Dean?”

“Crowley?” he asks you, his eyes locked on your finger. You nod. “Did you owe him your soul?”

“Uhm… No. I simply wanted the throne,” you grin, then realize that it is not the best time for jokes. “Dean… Dean, I love him. Please, calm down.”

“I am totally calm,” Dean hisses, taking his phone out and dialing Crowley. A second later, you hear Crowley’s calm voice, and Dean interrupts him. “Get your ass here,” and Crowley momentarily gets to the bunker, realizing that something may have happened that he may not like that much. “What did you do for her? Why does she owe you…”

“Marriage?” Crowley frowns. “She owes me the time I spent with her. And the restaurant. And the… Well, definitely the sleepless nights,” Dean suddenly pulls a gun out and point it at him. “We were talking. Talking, Winchester, your sister is still safe.”

“Really, Dean… Y/N said that it is actually… real. They are real,” Sam adds. “I don’t want to believe it, but… But it is true.”

“He is the bloody King of Hell. And crossroads. They must have made a deal.”

“What an idiot,” Crowley sighs. “No deal. Listen to yourself, squirrel. Why would I marry a girl that owes me instead of just using her? I don’t have your morals and ethics. I would take what I want, and you know it.”

“She wouldn’t just marry you!” the gun points at you, and you raise your hands. “Y/N, slowly… Come here, stay away from him.”

“Bro, you are really crazy,” you murmur but walk up to him, smiling. “Dean… Dean, look at me,” he unwillingly turns to you, and you put both hands on his shoulders, speaking slowly and clearly. “Dean, I love him.”

“And the feeling is mutual. Stop being an ass and let us get married,” whispers Crowley, quite tired from the time that you spent hiding your relationship from Dean. For some reason, Sam accepted you rather quickly, but you both knew that Dean would take a lot of time to deal with this fact.


“I will still shoot him,” Dean notices calmer than before.

“I know. He won’t mind,” you smile. “As long as it is not the Colt.”

“No… It’s just a gun,” Dean shoots Crowley, who starts complaining about his suit. “Why him, Y/N? Of all things… You chose the king of hell.”

“And the one guy that still hasn’t betrayed us,” you add. “He is a good man.”

“No, I am not!” Crowley sounds even offended. “I act like one.”

“And he is… He is good to me, Dean,” Crowley doesn’t comment on that, and Dean seems to listen, so you continue on the same topic. “He takes care of me. Makes sure I eat enough. And sleep enough. And actually don’t get killed…”

“That because I got a soft spot for this little human, not because I suddenly became good,” Crowley adds, obviously considering it his responsibility to remind Dean about his ‘KingOfHell’ness.

“Dude, we know,” Sam calms him down.

“I can’t let you leave with him,” Dean tells you quietly, and you smile.

“I am not leaving…” you realize that Crowley wants to correct you. “Yet. Fergus believes that I will be safer living with you.”

“Fergus?” suddenly grins Dean, decreasing the tension.

“It will be weird if she keeps calling me ‘Crowley’ what it’s her last name as well, don’t you think?” Crowley explains, and Dean slowly nods. “You are not allowed to call me that, squirrel.”

“I wasn’t even going to.”

“Dean…” you look him in the eye. “We are the Team Free Will, aren’t we?” he slowly nods again. “Well… it is what I want.”

“You actually want to marry this… demon?” you smile and nod a few times. “Really?”

“Absolutely. I wouldn’t wear the ring otherwise, would I?”

“But if he hurts you, I will shoot him,” Dean tells you, probably more to calm himself down than threaten Crowley.


“And if you are not happy, he’ll let you go?” he turns to Crowley.

“Yeah… Sure,” answers Crowley after a second of puzzlement, realizing that Dean Winchester for some reason is about to let him marry you. “But she will be happy, just saying.”

“She’s better be, Crowley!” Dean points at Crowley with the gun and suddenly smiles. “Because I will always be there to stop you from hurting her. Always.”

“You won’t really have to be. I am not only taking the girl, squirrel. I am taking all of her. Including the nightmares and the desire to hunt literally everyone in my castle,” you both grin, recalling how you almost murdered a servant for having the demonic eyes. Accidentally. “She is all mine, Winchester.”

“Not so fast…” Dean murmurs something, as you turn to Crowley, smiling at his small grin, as he walks up to you and Dean and rests his hand on your shoulder. “You are not asking me…”

“No. She is. I already know that I will have what’s mine,” Crowley states quietly. “You won’t take her from me, Dean. And I wouldn’t do it. Simply because I won’t let you.”

“I still have the Colt.”

“No, you don’t. But even if you did… Remember that it’s not the Stockholm Syndrome. She just… Well, she loves me,” Crowley grins. “And you will deal with it,” Dean stays quiet, staring in Crowley’s eyes. You know that you should intervene and claim that you are your own human, and you no one owns you. But you also know pretty well that by marrying Crowley you actually will become his. And Dean actually owns part of your soul, so they will have to solve the problems before they get serious. For a second, you think about how Dean will react when one day you will have to tell him that you are pregnant. And it sounds like fun. Crowley suddenly squeezes your shoulder and whispers, “Stop thinking so loudly. You will tell him eventually.”

“Tell me what?” Dean frowns, and you start blushing, as Crowley just starts laughing. “Y/N?”

“No, Dean… Nothing… We were just… Thinking,” Crowley chokes on the air. “About nothing,” Dean frowns even more, as Sam finally understands what you could have been thinking about - you hear that he’s started giggling behind you. And you just wish Dean doesn’t get it too soon, so Crowley at least has the time to run away.

Wings and Embers

Fellow acomaf fans,

Because I love Wings and Embers (for those who don’t know, Wings and Embers is the bonus nessian story found in the target edition of acomaf) I turned the pics I found — taken by @bookofademigod (@this post) HUGE THANKS btw. Without you, we would’ve been missing a lot!— into text so I can easily reread it. And I thought why not share it?? So here it is!

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Family Ties

Request: @widowsfics   The last one ( I swear) 4 and 11 with Steve

@vashanatasha   11) “Did you use my cologne? You smell like me.“ with Stevie 🙏🏻

Prompts: 4)“I don’t want to go, your dad doesn’t like me.”

11) “Did you use my cologne? You smell like me.”

Words: 1156

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy like so much fluffy 

Thank you @widowsfics  you are the best and i love you.

“Babe, please.” You plead to your boyfriend as soon as he lies in bed with you. He looks so good with his hair wet and sweatpants “You know that I would do anything for you, but not this.” You turn around staring at his blue eyes, Steve was always such a good boyfriend, unless when it comes to your family then he refuses to have a conversation.

“You always do this, can’t you see how important is this party to me?” You say gently trying to convince him, a couple of weeks ago your sister got engaged and your family was throwing her a party on Sunday to celebrate but Steve was being stubborn trying to make you go alone.

“Sweetheart, you don’t need me. All your family and friends are going to be there. I bet you are going to have a lot more fun without me. You can dance, gossip and drink without me to hold you back.” You roll your eyes at him; sometimes he really acted like a 100-year-old guy.

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Faking It

Paring: Bucky Barnes x reader

Characters: All the Avengers

After getting news about a family reunion coming up, the reader decides to set up a plan to make her look like she isn’t as single as she actually is. But when all her candidates can’t go, she’s left with the only person who she least expects to go along with the plan.

Word count: 1.3k

A/N: Okay, I’m terrible at summaries. Just read the imagine and tell me what you think. If you want to be tagged on all of my works tell me, please. And if you want a second part to this tell me, it’s still under consideration

All other parts are on the masterlist

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

It was the annual family reunion. Well, not so annual. The last family reunion was two years ago and the last family reunion you attended was six years go. You were a teenager at the time and itching to leave home. Not to mention you were the definition of teenage angst.

Now, you were someone completely different. You were Y/N Y/L/N, an Avenger. You were badass and can take down a man in less than 5 seconds. You didn’t have any powers, but you were a skillful fighter. It was a dream when Nick Fury offered you to join the elite team. So much adrenaline and you absolutely loved the members of your team.

Your family didn’t know this, of course, they think you’re a secretary for Tony Stark. Which isn’t an entire lie. You and Tony came to an agreement and he allowed you to pass that small lie. He was a good friend and you always did favors for him, you didn’t mind of course.

However, now that you’re going back home after not seeing your family for so many years, your mother is gonna expect some things. Knowing your mother, she will either hope for a man on your hand, a ring on your finger, or maybe even a baby bump. You surely didn’t have any of those. You also didn’t want to seem like a complete loser. Your older brother was already married with a baby on the way. Your older sister was engaged. Which means that they will be nagging you about how you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

You certainly didn’t want to walk into that reunion empty handed.

An idea popped into your head, not a very good one, but an idea nonetheless. You were going to ask Steve if he can accompany you. The look on their faces when I walk in there with Captain America will be priceless! You thought to yourself.

“FRIDAY? Where’s Steve?” You asked the system.

“Captain Rogers is in the gym, Miss Y/L/N,” She replied.

“Thank you,” You added and walked down to the gym. Just like you were said, Steve was hitting the punching bag. The muscles on his back were visible through his tight shirt. His blond hair was disheveled and drenched in sweat.

“Steve,” You called.

He turned and smiled at you, “Hi Y/N.”

You waltzed towards him, “Stevie Wonder, Stevie boy, Steve baby.” You poked his firm chest at each ridiculous nickname you gave him.

He had an amusing look on his face, “What is it?”

“So listen,” You patted his chest one more time before drawing your attention towards his face. “I have this family reunion coming up next week and my mother is expecting me to walk in with a significant other, so I was hoping you could go with me.” You smiled widely.

Steve raised his eyebrows, he looked surprised and flattered at the same time. A small blush rose on his cheeks, “Y/N, I’d love to, really I would, but I’m busy next week. Upcoming mission with Sam.”

You groaned, “Sam was my second choice.”

He laughed, “Sorry Y/N. If you asked me sooner, maybe I could’ve gone.”

“My mother called me this morning, it was all news to me too,” You paused. “Alright gotta find another date.”

“Ask Tony,” He asked, though it came out like a sarcastic comment.

“Tony is old enough to be my dad,” You said.

“And I’m old enough to be your grandpa,” He joked.

“Right you are there, gramps. But no, my family thinks I’m Tony’s secretary so it would be a bit questionable to be dating your boss,” You explained as you left the gym. The doors slid shut behind you.

“Okay,” You said aloud. “Steve is out, so is Sam, Tony definitely.” You gasped. “Thor!”

You went in search for Thor and found him in the lounge area. Mjolnir sat on the coffee table in front of him. Thor was balancing a book in one hand and using his free hand to hold a Poptart. His blond locks were pulled into a bun. His eyes narrowed down at his book. He looked so concentrated that you almost didn’t want to interrupt him.

“Hey Thor,” You greeted.

“Lady Y/N!” he looked up and bellowed.

“Just Y/N, remember? Whatcha reading?” You asked and plopped down on the couch next to him.

“A very interesting book, lots of death,” He smiled and showed you the cover of a book you didn’t recognize. “Hey Thor, I have this family thing coming up and I was wondering if you could go with me. It’s next week.” You said hopeful.

“I have Asgardian business to take care of,” He replied. “But why would you need me to go? Does your family want to see a real life Asgardian god?”

“Kind of. They’re just having high hopes of me being in a relationship. Considering the fact that all my other siblings and cousins are married, dating someone or engaged. I am the only single cousin that I know of.”

“Just tell your parents the truth. Say ‘Mother, Father, I have no one.’” Thor smiled and shrugged. “Simple as that.”

“You don’t get it, Thor, I can’t say that.” You whined and buried your head in a pillow.

“I’ll never understand your Midgardian ways,” He frowned.

Your shoulders slumped once again, you stood up and left.

The rest of the day you asked everyone who was a worthy candidate. Natasha said that she was busy of course. She was going on that mission with Steve. Wanda didn’t feel comfortable to be around so many unknown people. Pietro would not go anywhere without his sister because he didn’t want to leave her alone. You didn’t want to ask Vision because you knew he’d say no and you’re convinced he has a thing for Wanda.

You slid down in the chair and mumbled miserably to yourself. You had checked off everyone on the list. No one could go. You banged your head against the island as you tried to come up with another plan.

“Hey Y/N,” Bucky entered the kitchen.

It’s as if the gods spoke to you and brought Bucky to you. How could you forget him! He’s your last hope.

“Bucky, Bucky, Bucky,” You clung onto him.

He gave you an alarmed look, “Y/N.”

“Bucky, I have a family reunion coming up and my mom and pretty much everyone is expecting me to go with someone. A spouse, of course, and I don’t have one. I already asked Steve and he’s going on a mission with Sam and Natasha. Thor can’t go because he has Asgardian business. Tony is my boss. Clint has a wife. Wanda can’t go because she doesn’t feel comfortable and Pietro doesn’t want to leave her alone. I can’t take Vision because everyone will flip their shit when I show up with Robot Jesus. I’m freaking out because you’re my only hope and I completely forgot about you and if you can’t go I’m gonna be doomed. I’ll be the butt of everyone’s joke and I don’t like being the butt, Bucky.”

“Y/N,” Bucky grabbed your shoulders and shook you a little. “You’re talking so fast and so much.”

You breathed, “Sorry, I’m just freaking out!”

“Calm down,” He said. “When is it?”

“Next week,” You replied.


“Back home in California.”

He nodded, “I’ll do it.”

You perked up, “Really?”

He nodded once again and smiled, “Can’t be too bad? It’ll be fun, besides. I’ve been stuck in here for too long doing nothing good. Also, I’ve always wanted to go to the west coast.”

You squealed and threw your arms around him, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” You repeated. “You saved my ass.”

“I think I’m gonna be doing plenty of that these next few days.”

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You can now look forward to awkward Ivar conversations between Taylor and I, FOREVER =D

P.s. he is still cheesy and puppy-dogish as fuck, and he hid it in my white wine.

P.p.s. I told you guys before I told my parents… 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you please do a scenario/headcannons for the rfa + saeran meeting mcs older sister and she's interested in them. Like she tries flirting blatantly with them while mc is there and mc thinks they're gonna leave her for her sister because she's slimmer, prettier, popular and pretty much every boys dream girls via looks so she's really insecure. My sister constantly puts herself as the superior sibling and whenever I show interest in someone she makes it her mission to have them. Thank you

MC’s sister about to catch these hands lmao


  • Saeyoung instantly knows what’s going on and constantly tries to make eye contact with MC help him 
  • “MC, your sister knows we’re dating, right?”
  • Whenever MC’s sister tries engaging him in conversation, he just takes out his phone to make it look like he’s busy
  • He’s cringing internally at how hard MC’s sister is trying
  • “Wow! Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE your SIBLING”
  • Probably throws some intense shade 


  • At first, Yoosung thought MC’s sister was just being REALLY nice and friendly
  • Boi when he realized it, he internally screamed and wanted to run out of the room
  • Holds MC’s hand aggressively 
  • Refuses to make eye contact with MC’s sister
  • “I’m part of this group called Men of MONOGAMY.”
  • Doesn’t want to come off as rude since he really wants MC’s family to like him but he has his limits
  • After MC’s sister leaves, Yoosung rushes to MC and assures them that he loves and treasures their relationship.


  • He has a lot of experience with lovestruck fans so MC’s sister wasn’t any different
  • When he’s sure MC’s sister is looking, Zen shows hella affection to MC and because he usually does that anyway
  • “You’re very handsome in your musicals but you’re even better looking in person!”
  • “Tell me something I don’t know” (shut tf doowwwnn)
  • Zen’s not afraid to be direct with MC’s sister and probably tells her to chill tf out because he only has eyes for MC
  • He sees MC looking upset and makes sure to call them all the cute pet names under the sun


  • Tries to pretend she doesn’t know what’s going on and dodges all the attempts
  • Her go to topic is Zen’s musicals
  • Looks at MC from time to time to make sure they’re doing okay
  • Queen of topic avoidance! 
  • “Jaehee, MC can learn a thing or two from you about hard work.”
  • “I believe MC is perfect just the way they are and you should keep your opinions to yourself.” savage af
  • Though Jaehee isn’t confrontational by any means, if MC’s sister says anything out of line, Jaehee’s going to say something about it
  • Makes sure to tell MC how much she loves them and appreciates their friendship


  • Jumin is having none of this nonsense ESPECIALLY from MC’s sister
  • Isn’t afraid to be openly rude and ignores all of their sister’s advances
  • The only two women in his life: MC and Elizabeth Third
  • “If you’re going to continue to act like this, you can leave.”
  • Hit em with the stone cold killa Mr.Han!
  • Doesn’t even let MC’s sister touch Elizabeth and says “her fur is too white to be tainted” BURN
  • Probably doesn’t take out the BEST wine (he saves that for MC)
  • If things get too out of hand, he’ll ask for his bodyguards to escort her out.


  • Doesn’t even notice, he’s not interested enough in MC’s sister to actively care about whatever she’s saying
  • He just wants to leave the room tbh he’s just there to silently support MC
  • MC’s sister tries to touch him and he makes sure she KNOWS he doesn’t want to be touched
  • Quietly glares
  • “You’re so mysterious!”
  • “I’m not mysterious, I just don’t like you.”
  • Needs a few hours to decompress after all that annoyance and becomes kinda needy for MC’s affection (but he doesn’t admit it)

Jonerys AU drabble: Hitchhiker

Jon picks up a girl on the side of the road.   

He almost drives right past her, this girl on the side of the road with her thumb up, long blonde hair in a braid. A part of him wants to just keep on driving without a second thought, Ghost in the backseat and the music cranked up. He’s already running behind schedule, driving the four hours to make it back to Winterfell in time for supper to celebrate his sister’s engagement party.

Jon doesn’t need the worry of picking up some stranger on the side of the road.  

But she looks like a pretty little thing and all he can hear in his head is his father, honourable Ned Stark, saying if you have an opportunity to help others, you do.  

So Jon pulls over. He should probably stop to give Ghost a pee break anyways. And if he doesn’t help her, who knows what kind of creep will try to pick her up next.

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