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Dakota Access Pipeline Denied by Army Corps of Engineers! No win is ever permanent but we can rejoice today because together we created greater justice in the world, we opened the door to heal the old wounds sustained by our indigenous people. President Obama will leave the White House as a great chief of America for this. We must all thank the Native Youth who started this movement who started the camp and ran all over the USA to stop this from happening. It is for them, the unborn and the voiceless that we persist in the struggle. We must also have compassion for the Police who were on the other side of this struggle but are still our brothers and sisters. #BlackEagle #standingrocksioux #peacefulwarrior #NoDAPL #Legacy

Darkest Dungeon sentence starters pt. 1
  • "Ruin has come to our family."
  • "It is a festering abomination!"
  • "I beg you return home."
  • "Once our estate was the envy of this land."
  • "I remember days when the sun shone, and laughter could be heard from the tavern."
  • "I was lord of this place, before the crows and rats made it their domain."
  • "I see something long absent in the sunken faces of passer-by – the glimmer of hope."
  • "In truth I cannot tell how much time has passed since I sent that letter."
  • "The poor caretaker, I fear his long standing duty here has affected him."
  • "My obsession caused this great foulness, and it is shameful that I must rely upon you to set it right."
  • "Our family name once so well-regarded is now barely whispered aloud by decent folk."
  • "I can still see their angry faces as they stormed the manor."
  • "Those without stomach for this place must move on."
  • "The thrill of the hunt… the promise of payment."
  • "To those with a keen eye, gold gleams like a dagger’s point."
  • "Barbaric rage and unrelenting savagery make for a powerful ally."
  • "Illusive. Evasive. Persistent. Righteous traits for a rogue."
  • "He will be laughing still… at the end."
  • "This man understands that adversity and existence… are one and the same."
  • "To fight the abyss… one must to know it."
  • "What better laboratory than a blood-soaked battlefield?"
  • "A sister of battle… pious and unrelenting."
  • "A little hope, however desperate is never without worth."
  • "In the end every plan relies upon a strong arm and tempered steel."
  • "Fan the flames, mould the metal; we are raising an army."
  • "A sharper sword, a stronger shield – anything to prolong a soldier’s life."
  • "Alone in the woods or tunnels, survival is the same. Prepare, persist, and overcome."
  • "They must learn more than brutal blood-letting – they must learn to survive."
  • "Success depends on survival."
  • "Some may fall… but their knowledge lives on."
  • "Every creature has a weakness – the wise hero trains for what he will face."
  • "A strict regimen is paramount if one is to master the brutal arithmetic of combat."
  • "Rarity and curios… sold at a profit of-course."
  • "The frontline of this war is not in the dungeon, but rather inside the mind."
  • "Great heroes can be found even here – in the mud and rain."
  • "Word is travelling – ambition is stirring in distance cities – we can use this."
  • "More arrive… foolishly seeking fortune and glory, in this domain of the damned."
  • "With enough ale, maybe they can be inured against the horrors below."
  • "Strong drink, a game of chance, and companionship… the rush of life."
  • "All-manner of diversion and dalliance await those cross the threshold with coin in hand."
If our history has taught us anything, it is that action for change directed only against the external conditions of our oppressions is not enough. In order to be whole, we must recognize the despair oppression plants within each of us – that thin persistent voice that says our efforts are useless, it will never change, so why bother, accept it. And we must fight that inserted piece of self-destruction that lives and flourishes like a poison inside of us, unexamined until it makes us turn upon ourselves in each other.
—  Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider (142)