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Everdeen Vineyards

happy valentine’s day, just barely! here’s a little drabble that wouldn’t leave me, hope you enjoy <3

“Have you had a chance to look at the menu yet?” Katniss asked the back of the man’s head, her eyes already scanning the room to make note of the new patrons she still needed to greet. A steady flow of customers through the tasting room was keeping her busy–not that she was complaining. Not much, anyway.

The man turned around, and she snapped her gaze back to him, a polite smile fixing itself to her lips. “Not yet, I’m afraid.” He smiled, and her expression froze as she got a look at his face for the first time. “Hey, Katniss.”

It took an embarrassingly long moment for the synapses in her brain to fire, and her smile slipped. “Oh–Peeta?” Why she phrased it like a question, she didn’t know. Of course, it was Peeta. She’d recognize that face, with those blue eyes and that sweet smile, anywhere. She just hadn’t expected to see it here. “Oh my god–what–I mean, hi. Wow.”

He laughed slightly, and she felt herself blushing. She shook her head, forcing a laugh too. “I’m sorry. How are you?” she asked awkwardly. She wasn’t entirely sure of the protocol for greeting an old high school classmate who’d existed mainly on the periphery of her acquaintances. The last time she’d seen him was graduation 10 years ago.

“I’m good,” he said, sliding his hands into his pants pockets. “I just wanted to check this place out. I, ah, saw your post about it on Facebook.” He looked sheepish when he said that, and she blinked. She wasn’t sure how to feel about that–the fact that he could, and did, apparently, read her posts on Facebook. She’d accepted his friend request years ago in college without much thought; they weren’t friends or anything, but she’d received numerous requests from people she barely knew from high school over the years, so it hadn’t seemed too strange. Some–actually, probably most requests–she’d declined. She hadn’t seen the harm in adding him, though. She didn’t know him well, but Peeta Mellark was nice. Funny. Popular. College wrestling champion two years in a row, or something like that–not that she was keeping tabs. He’d regularly show up in her feed over the years, even though they never interacted.

Since she barely used Facebook these days, it just didn’t occur to her he would ever see anything from her.

“Right, of course,” she said with a dazed laugh. “That was the point. Um, thanks for coming. That’s–that’s really nice of you.” She folded her arms over her chest, feeling uncomfortable and not sure what to do with her hands. They were trembling slightly.

Peeta pressed his lips into a small smile, his eyes darting around as he surveyed the room, the people milling around them. “This place looks incredible.”

She wondered if she was ever going to stop blushing at this point. “Thank you. I mean, most of the groundwork was already laid.” She took a deep breath, not wanting to launch into that story. If he’d seen her post, then he’d already learned of her efforts to revitalize her family’s old vineyard, which had been in disrepair since her father’s death more than a decade ago. “Let me get you a menu.”

He nodded while she grabbed a paper menu from a nearby table, holding it out for him. “We do glasses and bottles of the wines listed here, but we also offer a tasting where you can sample seven of our wines. If you haven’t been here before, I recommend that.” She stopped herself and laughed, shaking her head. “Which, of course you haven’t. This weekend is the grand reopening. I just mean–that’s probably what you want to do.”

His eyes flicked up to her from the menu, a wide smile spreading across his face. “Yeah, that sounds good. I’ll do that. Thank you.”

“Sure. Just find a seat outside if you’d like, and I’ll bring the wine to you,” she said with a vague gesture toward the patio, already turning away to scurry to the bar. She needed a moment to compose herself, inexplicably rattled.

It was just…Peeta. Mellark. Here. To see her. Or rather, to see her vineyard, but it was her vineyard. And he’d come because she’d made a post on Facebook proudly announcing the reopening of Everdeen Vineyards, after three years of planning and toiling and fermenting wines until they were just right.

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Heat of the Moment

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Preview: Jensen’s girlfriend has broken up with him. Jared feels his buddy needs rebound sex, so Jared brings Y/N (Jared’s little sister) and Jensen to the bar. But how will Jared feel about Jensen’s choice of woman?

A/N: I blame @ellen-reincarnated1967 for this one (cause it is easier than to blame my overactive imagination. It was supposed to be a one shot that I quickly turned into a two parter and now thanks to something @arryn-nyxx said it will be a three parter!

Which also means I started a taglist for this one. You can add yourself here (if you are not on my Jensen x Reader taglist already): 

Cover made by the awesomely talented @arryn-nyxx

Part 1: Rebound

Part 2: Awakening 

Part 3: Light of Day (Coming Soon)

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We live next door to each other and I can see you through the window while you’re dancing to your iPod in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and God you’re a dork” AU. Please! Your bellarke fics are positively wonderful!

Thanks for the prompt! Hope you like it! AO3

Living in college apartments is… not glamorous. Walls are thin, pipes are thinner, and working air conditioning is a luxury. But it’s not terrible, Clarke finds, as long as you have excellent roommates to share in how much it objectively sucks. Raven and Anya fit that bill, so she considers herself lucky.

Plus, their windows open into an alleyway between their apartment building and the next. Which might not sound like a plus, but when the alternative is street facing windows that do nothing to stop the sounds of drunk college students when you’re trying to sleep the night before a midterm—the difference is staggering.

So, suffice it to say, Clarke largely likes her apartment. It’s great, for what it is.

Until it betrays her.

The first thing Bellamy Blake says when he comes in for his shift at the bookstore—the Monday morning shift, that, unfortunately, she shares—is, “Nice moves last night, Princess.”

Most of the time, Bellamy is full of shit, but as he shucks off his jacket the smirk on his face says he’s getting away with something, so she quickly runs through the events of the previous night, searching for any instances of embarrassment he might have been privy to.

…and comes up with nothing. She didn’t go out after she’d come back from class, and she and Raven didn’t get drunk, precluding any chance that she’d sent out some drunken snapchats he might have seen. (She has him on snapchat for bookstore-related emergencies, alright?) In fact, she spent most of the night working on her chem lab assignment, finally finishing around midnight, so really, there’s nothing for him to have seen.

So she scoffs, dismissive, and keeps working, only mildly interested in what kind of scheme he’s running.

“What are you talking about?” she asks, clicking through their schedule to see if they have any deliveries scheduled today.

He grins at her, wide, just when she spares him a glance, and she has to physically force it to not affect her. Because Bellamy Blake might be a snarky asshole, but that doesn’t make him any less… well, hot. Which is a whole other level of unfair.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone needs to jam to Taylor Swift once in a while. It’s a good de-stressor. I’m not judging.”

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Good Sunday morning! 🌞 My new colander that my sister found yesterday and a bar of kitchen soap. Both cute little finds, but just as enjoyable! 👭 Also, my Easter Lilies made their best showing a little late. Enjoy your day! 🌷 #homegoodshappy #wholefoodsmarket #springdecor #widn #coastal #cottage #cozy #kitchens #whitekitchens #WhiteDecorWeekends #springtime #bhg #houseandhome #socal #smeg #flowers #sundayfunday #sundaymorning #countrylivingmag #hgtvhome #cambriaquartz by juler54

» the boy at the boardwalk

vernon x reader

gif; mine

word count: 2,280

includes: skaterboarding!vernon who gets distracted by a cutie on the boardwalk + injuries that need tending to + fluffity fluff

✎ feel like i haven’t posted a scenario in forever :(( so have some fluffy vernita!! i’m working on a woozi x wonu x reader fic tht i’m rlly hyped 2 get out so i hope this sates you in the meantime!

Hansol liked to skateboard to work every morning. He took the same route each day, starting from the smooth tile outside his apartment and ending at the glass doors belonging to the town’s diner. He never had an answer as to why his skateboard came with him everywhere. Pictures taken from last year’s Halloween party presented Hansol lousily wrapped in toilet paper, his costume being the ever so original mummy that at least six other people at the party had certainly not been wearing. Hansol liked to claim his costume came out different. He was a skateboarding mummy.

On his best friend’s birthday he had one arm resting thoughtfully around his shoulders, tiny splotches of buttercream frosting across their noses and hardly sticking to their foreheads. Hansol’s skateboard must have also been treated as an equal member to the night for along the black surface were more frosting smears, the board held tightly in Hansol’s other hand. Even when his younger sister fell from the monkey bars and sprained her wrist, pictures taken of her recovery in the hospital room had snippets of Hansol smiling, skateboard sitting in his lap.

Seeing Hansol without his skateboard was like seeing butterflies without wings. A peculiar sight indeed if someone ever managed to glean across it. In fact, something Hansol liked to glean across more than his skateboard, was you.

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“I didn’t know you still lived around here.” He shifts nervously from his left foot to his right after the words leave his mouth, and although they sound calm you see right through them. From his pink and bitten bottom lip to his unshaven cheek and scraped up legs you can tell he’s been keeping himself busy, and from the earbuds hanging out the pocket of his running shorts you deduce that he’s been drowning out a lot of his thoughts with music as he runs laps around his gated neighborhood, or possibly when he’s lifting more than usual at a gym that’s already filled to the brim with people that know exactly what he’s doing.

They saw the magazine covers: so did you.

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Jealousy is Not a Solution // Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Hello there. Will you do an imagine where Newt really likes the reader, but isn’t sure if she likes him back (but really she does, but is too shy to tell). So he tires to make her jealous, but it backfires when it ends up hurting her feelings instead. Fluff at the end. Thank you so much. :)

Warnings: None, except a bit of angst


You were out with Newt, Jacob and the Goldstein sisters at a wizard bar just hanging out for fun. You had found talking with Queenie one of the highlights of the night before she smirked knowingly at you, to which you feigned confusion.

“Y/N… you like Newt, don’t you?” she questioned with a grin, scooting closer to you. Nervously you nodded, looking at the magizoologist who smiled and blushed when he met your gaze. You in return waved, giving a small smile before looking back to Queenie.

“But.. I ah.. I’m way too shy to tell him.. What if he doesn’t like me?” You questioned, having an internal freak out of what you should do. Queenie gave a light giggle and pushed your shoulder softly.

“Oh honey, haven’t you seen the way he tries to get your attention all the time? He practically lives for it.” She replied with a laugh. You flushed lightly before you noticed Newt standing up to go somewhere.


Newt stood up for a reason, he was still trying to get Y/N’s love and attention, and in return asked Jacob and Tina for some advice. Tina only told him that you were shy and it would take time, but Jacob told him jealousy was the best way to receive attention. Newt didn’t know if you actually even liked him the same way he liked.. no loved you. So he decided to go along with Jacob’s plan to win your affection. 

Standing up, Newt moved to a where a couple of strangers sat, and slowly began talking to them. He discussed what he was trying to do, and surprisingly they agreed, so they each leaned in close to Newt, as if fighting for his attention. The three of them smiled and laughed, acting as though they were talking of something interesting while Newt watched Y/N from the corner of his eye.


You were confused as to why Newt would suddenly walk over to strangers and were appalled to find that it seemed he was flirting with them. You looked over at Queenie, confusion and hurt in your eyes. She sent a small glare in the direction of Newt and apologized to you, but you only shook your head while forcing a smile.

“It’s alright Queenie, you did nothing wrong.. Now I think I should head back home, I had a lovely night with you.” You waved goodbye to her and then the others from across the room before looking over at Newt, your expression showing pain. Hurriedly, you wrapped yourself in a coat and walked away, headed towards your apartment. You were just so confused as to why Newt would do that, and your heart clenched painfully. Thoughts ran through your head, as if a voice was laughing at you for even thinking you had a chance with him.

You made it to the door to your apartment and fumbled with your keys for a second before opening it, getting inside and locking the door once more. You moved slowly, your heart still hurting before going to sit in the bath for a while. You let the water warm and as it was filling went to make tea as well, just to soothe your nerves a bit more. As you were a knock on your door startled you, and you moved to open it, thinking it were Queenie. However you were met with someone else.

“Y/N… I.. I’m so sorry.. I didn’t mean to hurt you..” Newt whispered, his expression easily showing his guilt. You felt bad and slowly moved aside to let the other inside the room. 

“It’s…” you paused, and then shook your head, refusing to say that it was ok. “Why did you.. uh.. why did you do that?” You looked over at him, a questioning look being found in your eyes. Newt only sighed lightly, sitting down with his head hanging slightly.

“I..I wanted to get you jealous so you’d pay attention and uh.. love me..” He mumbled out, looking away from you. At this answer, your face flushed lightly and you almost laughed aloud at that.

“So to make me do that you’re telling me that you wanted to get me jealous? Newt.. Why the bloody hell didn’t you just tell me? I’m over here thinking you lost interest in me when you went to talk to those strangers. I swear.. some of the ideas you think of..” you shook your head with a huff and went to finish the tea, also checking on your bath water to make sure it wasn’t full yet.

“Ah.. because I listened to Jacob when he told me to use jealousy to gain your attention..” Newt answered, standing and following you. Now this actually made you laugh, and you turned to Newt chuckling.

“And you actually listened to him?” you asked, shaking your head at the plans the two of them made. “Well Newt… I forgive you, but don’t do it again.. and I.. I love you.” you whispered the last part, face bright red while Newt just beamed at you.

“Oh goodness, I love you too Y/N!” Newt’s face was flushed in happiness as he leaned over to kiss your cheek, to which you let out a small giggle.

“Now then, I am getting in the bath, you’re not allowed in here, sooo just stay out here, you can help yourself to any tea or food you would like.” You waved to him before shutting the bathroom door, now barely believing that you had just professed your love to Newt and he returned it.

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Bellamy Blake is broken and has been broken since he was 6 years old. He gave up on his own life within 80 months of being born. Bellamy Blake did not have a childhood. While the delinquents were locked up for years before getting down to Earth, Bellamy Blake was locked up in his own home, the words “your sister, your responsibility” the bars that surrounded him. Down on the ground, when everyone else was free, the bars that surrounded him since he was 6 were still there. The bars never left. While everyone else left their prison, Bellamy Blake’s grew. More and more bars were added, windows disappeared, chains appeared as the number of people he started to love and care for grew. His every action is defined by his prison walls. Bellamy Blake was taught at 6 that when you love someone, you give up everything for them. Bellamy Blake has never lived for himself. He was taught at 6 years that his life is not his own. His life was and is for the people he loves. “Your sister, your responsibility” turned to “My people, my responsibility.”

Much Better

I don’t even remember where this originally came from, but I saved the prompt in a draft. I had said that was going to finish Sweetness before I wrote this, but I couldn’t get Magnus out of my head. Here you go @angelsseb :)

Prompt: Captain James Conrad (or one of Tom’s characters, or … Tom), a bar situation, a fight of some sort, and then …other things… in the bar.

Warnings: Violence and sexual situations

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T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (4/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Language Guys

Summary: You and your twin brother Devin work for the Avengers, he’s an active agent who is far from being Bucky Barnes biggest fan, but you’re a simple assistant whose carrying on the secret affair with Barnes. How bad could this get, as long as no one finds out right?

A/N: Angsty, cute series for Buck, because I know I need more Buck on my blog. If you want to be tagged let me know!!

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“I knew it!” Tony claps his hands together, grinning as you and Buck straighten up.

“You knew?” Steve’s face is pinched together.

“You did?” Buck stares at Tony who is just grinning at the two of you as if he won a prize.

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I Stayed Up All Night

Thanks to @thelonesomepeanut for requesting this from a while back. The idea was from these headcanons.

Warnings: My usual swearing, alcohol consumption, a grumpy Daddy Darry, slight arguing, and FLUFF

**Also the reader is NOT a Curtis sister**

Darry had called the bar 7 times. You know that because every time the bartender answered the phone, he’d use a certain tone—a calm and collected one. A tone that ensured you were going to you were in deep shit when you got home. If you went home.

You’re out at your best friend’s bachelorette party. And you’re having the time of your life. No boyfriend to worry about. No work tomorrow. Everything’s great! The alcohol in your system bubbles and twists. But it’s a good feeling. One you don’t feel often.

You raise your next shot to your lips. It burns going down your throat and it makes your eyes water a bit. Five seconds later, it’s like a shot of adrenaline.

The night carried on, but you have no memory of it. “Ma’am,” you hear a man’s voice say. “The bar is closing.” 

“What time is it?”

You finally open your eyes to see the bartender from last night. “Almost 6 AM.”

“Six? In the morning?!” He nods and picks up the broom from the nearby wall. “Shit!” You stand up abruptly, which makes your head twirl and your stomach flip. 

“Miss! It’s not the best idea to drive home.”

You roll your eyes and slowly say, “I came here with a group of my friends. I was planning to run home.”

He shakes his head. “Can’t have you runnin’ in those heels, Miss. And it seems you’re still a bit tipsy.” You giggle, then look down at your feet. The wedges weren’t exactly practical for an early morning dash home. 

“Fine, take me home.” He puts the broom against the wall again and gets keys from his pocket. He drives you all the way home, and on your way out he gives you a little piece of paper with his name and phone number written on it. “Thank you, Jared.” He smiles and drives off.

You open the door and Darry looks up at you from his chair. You slur, “Darry—”

“Shut it. I don’t want to hear excuses. You’re drunk. And—”

“I’m not drunk, you ass. Tipsy.”

He huffs out a breath. “What was that?”


“Baby, you spelled it wrong.” His voice sounds gentle and soft. Then his eyebrows furrow, and you know it’s going to be a good argument. “I stayed up all night. Waiting for you to come back home. And—”

“Why should you be concerned about me or what I do? I just live here. I’m not your girlfriend. I’m not your sister so there’s no reason for you to worry.”

“I worry about you because that’s my job. I’m your protector.”

“You are not.”

“Grumpkin, listen. I don’t like fighting like this. It’s not fun for me. I’m tired and you probably are too.”

“I am not. I can handle my drinks, and I want another one. So if you’d excuse me…” 

You start to walk off towards the kitchen, but Darry grabs your arm. “If you can tell me how many drinks you had last night, I’ll let you have the whole bottle.”

You try and count but you can’t remember. He grins. “That’s what I thought.” 

“I had too many,” you say softly.

He sighs, the grin still plastered on his face. “I know you did. Are you hungry, my queen?”

“Yes, my lord.”

That’s something the two of you do. He calls you his queen, and you call him your lord. You think it’s cute. Darry makes you a quick sandwich, just the way you like it. While you’re eating it, he picks you up and carries you to his bedroom.

“Darry, are you goin’ to work?”

“No, my love. I already called the boss and told him I was sick.”

You squint your eyes at him. “You don’t look sick to me.”

Darry rolls his eyes and kisses you on the forehead. “I’m sick in the head. You are too, Missy.”

“Do we need to get some medicine?”

He makes a face. “No, we just need sleep, baby girl.”

He closes his eyes in an attempt to fall asleep. Just as his breathing begins to level, you ask, “Darry? Are you awake?”

“I am now.”

You cuddle up closer to him, your head on his chest. “Why do you worry so much about me? I mean, you have Soda and Pony to worry about. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about me.”

“It’s because I think I’m in love with you.”

So my friend asked me to wingman for his tinder date, was tired and almost cancelled but went anyways.

We meet up and I find out there are three of them not including his date. Whatever not an issue at all. Make introductions and exchange some pleasantries.

Bar hop a bit and after a couple drinks I’m making out with his dates sister at the bar while she’s rubbing my manhood (over my pants somewhat discretely).

She said we should get some privacy joking around and I go along with it. I slyly get the keys from my friend because he drove (while under constant scrutiny from his date). Make it to the car and do the dirty in the back seat.

40ish minutes later I get a call asking where I was (from my friend), no details but gave location.

They finally make it to the car, we exchange goodbyes and we leave.

Great night, at least for me

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bellarke + ‘Should I be concerned about how much caffeine you’re taking in’

“Should I be concerned with how much caffeine you’re taking in?”

The hand reaching across the counter for her coffee stops and she glances up at the barista, with a raised eyebrow, who did this guy think he was policing her coffee intake. “Excuse me?” she asks, reaching the rest of the way and picks up her coffee cup.

“Sure it’s great for business and I shouldn’t be complaining,” he starts. “But you have been in here every day for the past week and a half, sometimes twice a day, and sometimes you get the doubleshot.”

Clarke just stares at this stranger, wondering just why he would care so much and she doesn’t know what makes her tell him, maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, or the fact that she’s hyped up on caffeine or that fact that is barista is kind of adorable especially with the way he’s looking at her. And not to mention those freckles.

Well I guess he wasn’t technically a stranger, considering she has been in here for almost two weeks and he’s been here every day she has.  And he didn’t look like an axe murder so maybe she was safe telling him about her occupation.

“I’m a surgical resident and I’m a fifth year and my boards are coming up,” she explains, using her free hand to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her hair. “So there’s a lot of studying on top of all my patients,” and she stops herself when she realizes she’s rambling.

“At Arkadia Medical?” he asks, quirking an eyebrow in interest. “You’re going to be a surgeon?”

“That’s the plan anyway,” Clarke responds.

“Well maybe I should let you get back to your studying,” he says with a smile which Clarke returns before turning around and turning back towards the hospital across the street.

Normally, she would just grab some coffee at the coffee cart on the fourth floor of the hospital but that tasted like sludge half the time. Someone needed to find out how to make coffee, especially a hospital full of surgeons and surgical interns. Also, she was partial to the coffee house right across the street from her hospital ever since she discovered it.

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