sister sky

Whenever I feel in a witchy rut, like I don’t know what to do next, or simply stalled in my practice, I go back and re-read the Witches Sequence of the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett.

Nothing will teach you more about witchcraft than Granny Weatherwax.


this violin is old and unusable; its seams are cracking, the pegs don’t fit, there is no way without serious expense that this instrument could possibly be played again. never again will it be able to make the beautiful music it was created to make. this weekend my sister and I made this violin into a work of art, because though it will never make music again it is still just as beautiful as it was when it did.


Cryptocracy is the best scifi action-comedy about gay space pirates battling both Earth Fascism and Space Fascism you’ll read all week!! You can trust me on that, I wrote the damn thing!!

Whether you’re reading for the first time or engaging in a long overdue reread, I decided it would be to everyone’s benefit to have a one-stop shop for all chapters of the book!! This is the entire book, and as always, it is provided for free at no cost to you!! Please read this book, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends!!


Addicted Appreciation Week (Day 3)
↪ Favourite Book: Kiss The Sky (Calloway Sisters #3).

“I laugh into a tearful smile. This is about to happen. We’re going to be together. It feels like the start of a lifetime. Any fears I ever had, any reservations, are gone. I trust that he’ll stay here, for me.
That I am more than just a chase.
Kiss the sky with me,” Connor whispers, a beautiful smile pulling his lips, “and don’t ever come down.”