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Thoughts before falling asleep
  • other people: does he love me? I didn't study for maths. I don't know what to do with my life. Will he ever text me back?
  • me: does Obama listen to Joy Division? Does Robert Smith really have sex with Simon Gallup? What is the best Sisters Of Mercy album? How does Siouxsie do her hair?

i’m going to be really pissed if we don’t get to see the dinner raphael has been invited to because??? simons sister will be there too and she’s going to stare at both of them, smirking and giving simon kicks under the table because she’s like “dude dude i see what’s going on” and raphael being all polite and just! sitting! there! talking to simons mom and simon can tell she already loves him and someday she’ll try to talk to simon alone and is like “monkey, you do know you can tell me everything? it’s totally okay. i figured when i met your band manager he seems nice but there’s something else.” and then he starts to panic because he things she notices they’re vampires but then she’s like “you too are such a cute couple :) i support you no matter what” and because he’s still scared and terrified by the thought of telling his mom that he basically died he just says “i’m so glad he told you so i didn’t have to but wait what” and i just gdfgsajhdfsakfhdgs 


That anon ask about the mask only further encouraged the whole AA:DD buddycop sequel idea imagine the dramatic cutscene possibilities

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On this day in music history: January 6, 1973 - “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks. Written by Carly Simon, it is the biggest hit for the New York City born singer and songwriter. Working with producer Richard Perry (Nilsson, Ringo Starr, The Pointer Sisters), Simon relocates to London to record her third studio album “No Secrets” (which tops the Top 200 for 5 weeks on January 13, 1973) in the Fall of 1972. Entering the Hot 100 at #99 on December 2, 1972, it leaps to the top of the chart five weeks later. There is much speculation over the subject of Simon’s song about a self absorbed lover, leading the public and media to believe it is either Mick Jagger who sings background vocals on the song, musician Cat Stevens, actor Warren Beatty, or Simon’s former label boss David Geffen to name a few. Over the years, Simon remains close mouthed about the subject of the song, though claims that the name of the person is whispered backwards into the re-recorded version of “Vain”. In November of 2015 before publishing her memoir, Carly confirms that the second verse of the song is indeed about Warren Beatty, but has yet to reveal who else is being referred to. “You’re So Vain” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA, and is inducted in the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 2004.

“Take care” Simon X reader

summary: You are Negan’s sister and you and Simon go on a run and get separated by walkers. (fluff happens) 

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“Please!!” You ask Negan. Negan frowns, he was pouring himself a cup of scotch and looked at you, “Give me a reason” he says. You smile, “I’m an adult and I can take care of myself” you say. Negan just laughs at that, “sure kiddo” he takes a sip. You’ve wanted to go out of the Sanctuary for a while now, but your older brother Negan wouldn’t allow it.

You sit down on one of his couches, “well” you say, you look at him and make a small smile, “what if your right hand man comes with me?” you ask.

“Simon?” he raises a brow and chugs his drink down. You blush lightly, “yeah… him” you say. You always sort of liked Simon. How could you not? He was a sweet guy and has one of those beautiful smiles you can stare at all day. You hardly talked to him though, he was mostly out going to the Hilltop, sometimes the Kingdom, or was just hiding around in the Sanctuary.

Before Negan could say anything else a knock is heard and Simon comes in. Negan smiles, “ah Si” he says walking over and giving him a pat on the back, “my sister (y/n) wants to go on a run and you’re going to take care of her now are we?” he grins. Simon looks at you and nods, “uhh sure” he says. Negan chuckles, “good!”

You smile and start to head out. Finally! You were finally getting some fresh air and adventure.

Simon looks at Negan, “I thought I was suppose to-“

“I’ll take care of it” Negan says, “just bring her back safely… I trust you.” Simon nods and heads out following you to the car.

Simon leads you to his truck; you get into the passenger seat and put on the seatbelt. Simon leaves his seatbelt aside as he didn’t really care for one; he looks at you, “ready?” he asks and you nod. The car starts moving and you look out the window watching trees pass by and walkers roaming around. You look back and see the Sanctuary disappearing as you are getting far away from it.

Simon keeps his eyes on the road but he looks at you and smile, “so” he says, “why did you wanted to come on a run?” he asks. You look at him and blush a bit, “well… fresh air” you replied. “We have fresh air at the garden” Simon says and shrugs, “but okay!” You sit back and rub your arm a bit; “also maybe we could hang out” you smile at him. Simon chuckles a bit and looks at you, “really?” he asks. You nod blushing, “yeah.” Simon just looks back at the road smiling, you could tell he was flatter and trying to hide his blush, you didn’t mind.

At the empty town Simon stops by, you get out and walk over to a store with him. Simon went into the back room while you stayed at the center of the store looking through the aisles. The store was dark as most of the windows were covered up, as if someone used to live here. You hum and look through some old folded up clothes; you pick out a dress and smile. You turn to a broken mirror and hold the dress up to see how it would look at you.

“Beautiful” you hear Simon say behind you. You blush madly and turn to him and laugh stupidly, “thanks I’m planning to get it” you smile. Simon walks over, “you should” he says “and maybe come with me to the bar later” he grins. You smile back and stroke the dress’ fabric with your thumb as you look down, “Negan doesn’t allow me in the bar” you say.  

“Well” he breathes out, and lightly picks your chin up; “why not my room… give me a small fashion show” he chuckles. You blush at how close your faces are. “I’ll sneak over” you say almost whispering.

Simon starts to lean down and presses his lips against yours, kissing you for the first time. You kiss back and place a hand on his shoulder, letting go of the dress as you two kiss sweetly; Simon presses his hands against your hips and slowly slips tongue in your mouth. You smile and slowly pull away looking up at him, Simon grins, moving your hair back behind your ear, “Your brother is going to kill me” he chuckles.

Suddenly you and Simon hear banging on the wall from outside. Simon makes a sigh and starts taking out his knife, “probably one of those damn things” he says, walking over to the window. You shrug and pick up your dress but suddenly stop as Simon says, “holy shit.”

“What?” you ask. Simon starts to back off; “we gotta go” he says and goes over grabbing your hand. You look at him confused, “Simon” you say wanting an answer. Suddenly the door opens and a walker comes in and you look back seeing a herd of them outside. Simon starts to shoot with his pistol, “to the back!” He says and you two rush over to the back door but once Simon opens it there was walkers surrounded the area. You started to feel scared and held on Simon’s hand tightly. Simon hands you another gun as he starts to shoot, “c’mon!” he says and rushes out with you. The two of you run out and you shoot walkers in front of you while Simon shoots the back.

Soon once you shot most of the walkers in sight you two stop to catch your breath. You pant and turn to Simon, “w-where’s the truck?” you ask. Simon points behind him, “all the way to the entrance” he says, “look (y/n) you gotta trust me” he pants, “go to the right side and I’ll meet you at the truck! There are hardly any walkers there!”

You shake your head as your scared and leaving him alone?! “N-no” you say. “Go” he says and starts to head off. “Be careful!” you called out and head to the opposite side.

Simon does kill most of the walkers until he runs out of ammo; he starts to run to the truck with some walkers chasing after him. He gets into the truck and pants, he looks over to the passenger seat expecting to see you but you aren’t there. He looks outside for you but doesn’t see you in sight; suddenly a walker bangs on the window. Simon frowns as some more walkers come to the truck, he backs up the car and starts to head back Sanctuary.

Inside Simon was loosing his shit, you are probably still there, being eaten alive, he frowns at that thought and also you are Negan’s sister! Negan trusted him and he failed. Simon bites his bottom lip and knows he’s going to be in deep shit once he arrives to the Sanctuary… Maybe he doesn’t have to go home. He starts to think widely but he still goes to the Sanctuary, as he knows he can’t let Negan down and has to be a man and tell Negan himself.

At the Sanctuary Negan was outside with one of his wives on his lap, he looks over seeing the truck. “Ah excuse me darling,” he tells her as she gets off. Negan walks over smiling, but then his smile fades, as he doesn’t see you. Before he asks anything Simon rushes over, “I-im sorry Negan” he says, “there was a herd of them-“

“Herd?” Negan asks, “and you lost my sister in that?!” He yells at him. Simon backs up a bit, “we separated I-I thought-“

“YOU THOUGHT WRONG!” Negan’s almost screaming at him and everyone outside looked over. Simon didn’t know what else to say he was scared, Negan never been this mad at him. Negan turned around and face palm groaning. A few seconds later he makes a sigh and looks at Dwight, “hand me Lucille,” he says. Simon’s eyes widen, “negan” he says.

“I fuckin trusted you” Negan growls. Dwight slowly hands him Lucille and look over at Simon feeling bad. Simon makes a small sigh and gets ready shutting his eyes tightly, ready to be hit. Negan holds Lucille to the side getting prepared but there was a loud bang on the gates.

“Negan!!” A voice called out. Negan looks over and sees you, “(y/n)!!” he says and Simon looks over. You wave and are covered in dirt and a bit scratched up. Simon quickly rushes over, opening the gate and hugging tightly, “where were you?” he asks. You pant, ‘I-I took a short cut, I’m sorry” you say. Simon continues to hug you, you kiss him deeply. Simon kisses back for you, he was still scared of Negan so he pulls away after a few seconds. Negan forms a smile and hands Lucille back to Dwight and hugs onto you.

“Fuckin hell (y/n)” he says and kisses your cheek. You smile and nuzzles Simon and pat his back, “I’m fine like I said” you say. Negan nods and scoffs, “dirty though” he chuckles and looks at Simon. Simon looks back at him, “I-I’m still sorry” he says, Negan sighs, “just a warning’ he makes a smile again, “at least she’s here.


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Simon x Sister!Reader

“Hey look (Y/N) Clary’s finally here!” Simon called as he finished ordering your food and your head shot up from your doodling.


“Clary!” You giggled and bumped knuckles with her.


“So did you get in?” Simon asked as soon as he’d set your food and milkshake in front of you.


“Of course she did Simon!” You sighed and slid your picture across the table so she could do some touch up.

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