sister salvation

  • Aries-Libra: You can't have peace (Libra) without a war (Aries)
  • Taurus-Scorpio: The hidden treasure chests
  • Gemini-Sagittarius: Don't shoot (bow and arrow) the messenger (Gemini)
  • Cancer-Capricorn: Silver seahorse reflecting the moonlight
  • Leo-Aquarius: Starfish, the star sign (Leo), the 5 fingers of spiritual man/God (Aquarius/Leo) in water (Aquarius)
  • Virgo-Pisces: The gateway from sacrifice to salvation
Why Anna is extraordinary...

She is so strong of heart. For so much of her life, she has known pain and disappointment, but she does not let that anguish break her or destroy her hope. 

In fact, the flame of hope in her soul only burns brighter. She holds on to her optimism and positive outlook on life. To do that – after going through so much for so long – shows an incredible willpower. She does not let the pain of her life overtake her, but carries herself forward and in the process becomes an inspiration to those around her. 

She is determined.

She risks everything for the people she loves.

She has faith in her sister, recognizing the pain that her sister went through and how it was not unlike her own – and Anna refuses to abandon Elsa to the darkness of despair. Anna does not judge her sister, but extends an open hand to her.

Anna is her own salvation, the salvation of her sister, and the salvation of Arendelle.

She is awe-inspiring.


Day 47, 15:10 hours

Jayme: “I never–”

Ash: “Bullsh-*bleep*! I helped you once and you’re so far down, you grabbed hold a’ that like a drownin’ woman and made me your salvation. Well, sister, I ain’t. If I were gonna be anybody’s redemption, it’d be my own and *bleep*-ed if I can manage that!

“You’re a mess, Jayme. Sayin’ sorry once in your life ain’t gonna make up for all that malice and anger in your heart! You gotta do more, work harder if you want to be rid of that baggage.

“Darlin’ I am NOT the man that’s gonna save you from yourself. There’s no man alive that can do that. You gotta do it for yourself. And then, maybe after you’ve fixed a few of those issues, you’ll find somebody who likes you for who you’ve become.”

Jayme: “But–”

Ash: “No way, sugar. Not if you were the last woman on Earth. The species would die out. That’s my final word on it.”

Jayme: “…”

Ash: “Sorry, but that’s the truth. You’re crazier than a doodlebug on a hot tin roof and I am not your own, personal Peteran Watcher. Now for what it’s worth, I wish you luck for tonight; but ma’am you keep your hands and your thoughts North of my Mason-Dixon line. Kay? If you can do that, we can stay friendly.”

Jayme: “This still feels an awful lot like losing.”

Ash: “Yeah, sometimes it does.”

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Zuko, scars

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For YOU, Zukaang

Zuko never seemed to sleep. This, Aang had begun to get used to. 

   It was nothing out of the ordinary for Aang to wake up, as he did that night, and find that he was alone. He was often the one who fell asleep besides someone and woke up alone. 

    This night, he squinted through the sleep and found Zuko on the other end of the room, leaning against the window frame and washed in the moonlight. No, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for Zuko to crawl out of bed, but even this late into the night, Aang thought everyone should at least be trying to sleep. 

     He gave a low, sleepy groan, and when that went unanswered, Aang muttered into the pillow, “What’s wrong?”

     “Nothing,” Zuko answered shortly. “Go back to sleep.”

Well that was a lie. Aang frowned away the sleep and pushed himself upright. It was a bit annoying, really. To be lied to after just waking up. And this after a not so pleasant going to sleep process just hours before. 

     “Really, though,” Aang said, “what’s going on?”

  Zuko sighed (a little dramatically) and was quite for a moment, before answering, “Do you ever think she’s just out there? Or wonder where she might be?”

    Aang frowned. “Who?”

    “My sister.”

   “Oh. Azula. Right.” Ans then it all made sense. Zuko’s lack of sleep and his brooding demeanor. The earlier events of the night; how Zuko had turned rigid below him when Zuko’s fingers brushed over Aang’s scar on his back, or how he had rolled over just as Aang’s mouth scraped down his chest–over his own scar. 

    “I guess, yeah.” Aang tried to brush out the rest of the sleep out of his eyes. “But, she’ll be okay. Shes Azula. And when she wants to come home.. she will.”

    “And what if she doesn’t?”

     The question hung in the air like the heat of her lightening. 

     “Look, Zuko, we did everything we could. You tried; you were really kind to her. She’ll realize that, one day. Maybe… maybe this is just something she has to do herself. And when she wants to come back, you’ll be here to help her.”

   Zuko turned then, and gave him a small smile. It was convincing, but it was a start. 

    “I’ve tried everything,” he went on, making his way back to their bed. “I just–I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”

    Aang didn’t know what to tell him. He had been trying hard, to reconstruct the broken puzzle pieces of his family–speaking with his lunatic father, offering his also lunatic sister a chance at salvation, finding his mother, embracing his step father and half sister–But Aang had never really had a family to rebuild. 

    “Zuko, these things take time,” Aang tried. “Things don’t just smooth themselves out in one night. Things need time to… to heal.”

    Zuko pushed out his lips. “Right. Like a scar.” He touched at his eye. He did this, Aang noticed, when he felt vulnerable, or low. Aang didn’t think he noticed when he did it. 

      “Right,” Aang said. “And Iroh says time can heal all scars. Azula will come around. Iroh’s usually right.”

    Another smile, this one closer to something more true. “Uncle’s always right.”

    “Then, see? It’ll all be okay.” Zuko’s smile threatened to lift, so Aang added, “And I think you’re doing everything right, too. For what it counts.”

    A smile. Zuko’s hand fell from his eye and landed lightly on the side of Aang’s neck. “It counts for a lot,” he said before he leaned in for a kiss. 

    Aang asked if he wanted to go back to bed. Zuko said he’d try. He gave Aang another small smile before turning his back, his head pressed in his pillow. Aang could feel the tightness in his chest though, pushed back against Aang’s arms. The heavy, weighted question pulsing through Zuko and shoving at Aang. A question neither of them allowed to voice, but one that hung heavy like a heat over them. 

    What if Iroh isn’t always right. 

      After all, sometimes, some scars never heal. Not really. 

Mama Rewatch

All right! Lots of interesting stuff in Mama on the second go around. Let’s get to it:

  • Here’s how Sleepy Hollow Season 2 could have been fixed in two easy steps. 1. Keep the 30 second scene of Lori in Purgatory in the premiere (seriously, I timed it, 30 seconds). 2. Make “Mama” episode 3 or 4. The gang is back together, they have the MacGuffin they need, Jenny’s a part of the group, and Frank is freed but spent enough time in the psych ward to leave a mark. TA-DA! The rest of the season has cohesion and momentum and drive. You’re welcome, writers. I accept payment in dollars, diamonds, or back rubs from Tom Mison.
  • I love that when Crane is struggling with the modern world (like the medicine bottle, or even earlier with the plastic on the razor), Abbie doesn’t take it from him. Doesn’t do it for him. She lets him figure it out on his own. Abbie is the best. That will be a running theme today.

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