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The Gods Children (Names Release!)

Meet the Second Generation!

Punishments - 

Zyglavis - Meet Elliana! Her power is opposite of Daddy, she manipulates light. She is called Ellie by most but her Father and closest friends often call her Ell. Her name means Shining Light. An appropriate name for someone so cherished and loved by her Daddy. 

Scorpio - Meet Alexandros! His power is unrivaled strength. He can crush metal like it was tissue paper. He protects the ones he loves with everything he has. He is called Alex by most. His name translates to Protector. A befitting name for guarding the ones he loves.

Ichthys - Meet Icarus. His name comes from a myth that I found tragic and beautiful which coincides with Ichthys in general as his stories always seem beautiful and tragic. He is often called Ikky Jr. and 2.0 by Leon and his daughter. He branched out from the family tradition in the way of abilities as his gift strangely is the ability to control the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  

Dui - Meet the twins! Daughters named Eris and Eros. They are named after stars in the Gemini constellation. These two are gorgeous but absolutely DANGEROUS! Eris can take control over one’s mind. She is comparable to Sweet Dui. Eros can take control over one’s body. She is very much like Shadow Dui in nature. Even her eyes appear similar distinguishing her from her sister.  

Krioff - Meet Rosette Krioff’s heavenly beauty of a daughter. She is called Rose by most Rosey by Daddy. She is named after a nebula in the Aries constellation. Her divine ability is to control and regulate the weather on Earth and also in the Heaven’s.

Partheno - Meet Cepheus, Partheno’s obscenely beautiful son. He is called Ceph (sounds like Seff) by the others. His ability is to turn anything that is ugly, dark or desolate into a thing of beauty. 

Wishes - 

Leon - Meet Leon’s not so sweet daughter Denebola! She is called Del by most as her name is quite a mouthful. Named after the brightest star in Leo’s constellation considering she is the light of Daddy’s eye is quite fitting. Her ability is the opposite of Daddy. Daddy brings intense pleasure, Daughter brings intense pain.

Karno - Meet Iremia! She is often called Mia by most MiMi by her closest friends. Her name means calm as her gift is to bring peace and calmness to any stressful or tense situation. 

Teorus - Meet Eridanus! He is called Dane by almost everyone. His name means flow of time and his ability is to control the change of the seasons on Earth.

Huedhaut - Meet his baby girl Delphinus. She is called Delffy by everyone. Her ability is opposite of Daddy with a twist. She can see any event that occurred in the past without the need to touch anyone or anything. Like Daddy she cannot change or influence what has already come to pass. Her name means tail of the Dolphin and originates in the Aquarius constellation.

Tauxolouve - Meet Tristram! The sexy and equally sultry son of Sagittarius. He is often called Tris by most. He is our resident cupid as he can make a match out of anyone. His name means like, love and loss. All requirements to understand the depth of true love.

Aigonorous - Meet Aigo’s sweetheart Pomona! She is usually called Pom for short. Her ability is to influence and control nature such as trees, plants and flowers. Her name means goddess of nature.

With the names in place I can now begin writing the Prologue! Coming very soon! 

A VERY special thanks to my Mother who was the one to research and discover the names of our new cast! Thank you for everything as always Mom! :)

ACT 57 also known as the Epilogue: The very bittersweet end of Chrono Crusade. Still a few billion times better than the anime ending

I highly adore the CC manga and always will. Despite the bittersweet ending, I still find the ending extremely good. It closes a lot of things together well, not leaving one with the frustration which the anime leaves one with.

Originally I had wanted to color the last page with Chrno and Rosette, but laziness took over my body. So, I went with this instead, inspired by those which had been done by BrightBlueInky~


“Sayonara Solitaire”

Chrno Crusade Viktuuri AU

So well, if you knew what Chrno Crusade is and it’s anime ending then well, do you want some tissues?

IF NOT: Here’s a video for the ending:

And no, Yuuri is not like Sister Rosette. But well, I can see him as a brother for the faction huhu and viktor as the Chrno counterpart HUHU I de-aged him in this because well, the contract is not released during this moment.

Hayayay. Sorry not sorry HAHA