sister ray records

Shoreditch, London

Well, the cat’s out of the bag: we’ve got a couple of new neighbors joining us on High Street. By the end of July, Soho’s beloved Sister Ray Records and our dear friends at Opening Ceremony will have a pair of new Shoreditch storefronts — right here at Ace Hotel. 

Sister Ray’s new vinyl-only outpost opens on July 29, and promises to stock stacks of new and used wax across all genres. They’ll be throwing an opening bash once the ribbon’s cut — we’ll let you know once it shapes up. Meanwhile O.C.’s new, Max Lamb-designed pop-up is set to take over 106 High Street — keeping us company with both men’s and women’s wares.


Despite the many who’ve used his words for their own purposes, now feels like a good time for us to say to ourselves Nietzsche’s quote about not wanting to live in a world that doesn’t believe in dancing. Our sisteren of the vinyl cloth at Sister Ray spin records on Friday in the lobby. Which Friday? This one — because a dancing world is a hopeful world. 

Okay, I took a picture of the storefront because this record shop is INCREDIBLE. In one store I found an original copy of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, and The Killers’ extremely rare compilation/b-side album Sawdust - both which I’ve never be able to find at home. It’s so so rare to find a record store with a good selection of new music, but they also had one of the largest collections of classic rock vinyl I’ve seen in my life, and even tons of 90s rock and alternative. So you know, basically my heaven.
Sister Ray Records on Berwick Street - amazing place. And a few other great record stores on the same street, plus lots of cool music history if you like Oasis :)