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Frozen characters for trollprincess’ upcoming modern AU, including characters from CGI Disney (but not only) movies

I tried to make the height difference among them visible here, even though they’re placed all over the background texture (and Elsa’s probably wearing heels).

Anna has a t-shirt with Minion and duckling earrings (they may be not too visible, though) ^^ And I can’t help imagining Elsa with glasses, it suits her imho ~(˘▾˘~)

I bet Hans has ray-ban glasses and Kristoff… Kristoff simply doesn’t care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

they have something in common… either that, or this is the prequel to my drawing of Hans from last May

I’ve had this idea for the longest but now that it’s winter (for pretty much everyone else in the northern hemisphere), now was a good time to draw it. This was my first time drawing Marshmallow and I noticed some mistakes I made in my May drawing so I may go back to fix them. I know that Hans would actually be smaller next to Marshmallow but my cartoons have the head-to-body ratio of a stylized chibi and Hans already looks pretty tiny right now, imagine if I had kept the proportions correct XD


Arendelle Sisters // Danvers Sisters hurtful truth parallel

Frozen! Michael

So I switched it up a bit, Y/N and Michael’s storyline is different to Anna and Kristoff’s, but the roles are the same so Y/N is a Princess and Michael sells ice. 

Words: 6.8K 


Summary: Y/N is the Princess of Arendelle, sister of the Ice Prince Ashton. She’s always disliked Michael, mainly because he disliked her. After 5 years of not seeing each other due to Y/N being on a Princess trip around the world, things get strange when she has to pick a Prince to marry.


I was the Princess Y/N of Arendelle. A Princess. I did not expect to be treated like this, especially starting a new school. I had gone into the forest, expecting to read a book by the riverside as it was now summer. Plus my brother, Ashton the Prince of Arendelle never liked to come out of his room. I was 14 and I wasn’t the best looking Princess but being jabbed in the side constantly wasn’t very nice. I had managed to get around halfway through the forest before tripping over a rock. Then Michael came out with his stupid moose or it might have been a reindeer Sven and started bothering me like always. 

“Please get away from me” I groaned walking towards the glimmering water that I could see between the tree’s. I sped up my footing trying to get away from the blonde boy. Me and Michael had been like this for a while, he was the annoying kid with no parents and talked to rocks. At first when we met ages ago I felt bad for him, that was before he shoved a frog in my face and placed it on my hair. 

“But why?” he giggled, treading on the backs of my shoes. Which happen to be my favourite pumps that my mum bought me for the royal ball. I turned round a glared at him. 

“Because you’re annoying me” Michael was still the most annoying kid ever with his green eye’s and blonde hair, he was certainly no Prince material. I rolled my eye’s and skipped to the lake, outrunning Michael. I got down to the tree near the lake and sat against it, the bark most likely rubbing up my dress.  The lake appeared as if by magic as I crested the ridge. It was in teardrop-silver in colour and it was shaped like a perfectly flat disc of metal. No sound rang out from the shimmering emptiness of space around it. Monastery quiet, it was lined with pine trees and the whiff of mint wafted around. 

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I love Anna’s strength. I love Anna’s spirit.

After the years of loneliness, the confusion and guilt weighing on her soul…

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After the lies and shattered hopes…

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…being made to feel as worthless and as desolate as all those years ago…

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…she is still resilient. She is unbroken. She holds on to faith and love and compassion in spite of the weight of the world. And she carves out new beauty in life with the man she loves…

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…and with her family.

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Anna is an inspiration.


nature’s top five khiii worlds wishlist! { 1 / 5 }
arendelle (frozen)

“sure, we’ll help you get your sister back!”
“sora! are you kidding?! it’s too cold out there!”

DA!Elsa||Supergirl: The Agent and The Assassin.

A/N: I’m obsessed with Frozen and Supergirl…so why not write a story with both?

Here’s an AU of an AU of an AU. 

I’ve always loved the dynamics of Elsa and Anna as sisters just as much as I love Alex and Kara’s relationship…so why not put all four girls in one story and scenario?

Hope you enjoy my little brain fart. 😉

Elsa knew Alex was upset. Understatement of the year, but she was a bit hopeful that it wasn’t that bad. Oh, it was only a matter or seconds before the inevitable outburst, but Elsa was prepared for this with her nonchalant expression in place, arms crossed against her chest, and her lips pressed into a line. She was ready for confrontation—or war. Whichever. Afterall, she had Anna for a sister…so why did it matter if she pissed off an elite, top-notch super agent with an expertise in hand-to-hand combat and firearms?

Alex Danvers was burning holes into Elsa’s skull with her glare while mimicking her stance. With her arms crossed, leaning her weight on one foot, and her hands away from the 9mm hanging incognito on her thigh, she clenched her jaw, trying very hard not to scream and jump at the blonde that was sat casually just a few feet away.

“So, you’re…you’re an assassin?” she managed calmly, scrutinizing Elsa who had broken eye contact at the mention of the last word. When Elsa didn’t answer, Alex continued on. The 9mm was feeling awfully heavy below her waist as she resisted the urge to snatch it and point it at the new threat in front of her. “For how long now and how many targets?”

Alex’ reaction took Elsa by surprise although she knew that the other girl had intense training in timing and patience like she did in her line of work. But it was different. They were friends, and for Alex to react so pragmatically can only mean one thing: Alex was wary and her next move could be unpredictable and maybe even deadly.

“Alex, I can explain,” Elsa sighed, raising her hands as a sign of surrender—and assurance that she wasn’t holding a weapon. She did a quick body scan, and she knew for a fact that Danvers was armed. There was no escape route nearby, and Kara’s apartment was inconveniently on the 12th floor. Elsa was not going to jump out the window like she did in Gotham on her last mission. She couldn’t risk another broken leg, and using another lame excuse about some sport injury would not convince Anna this time. Her only option was to talk or attack the agent in front of her, and she wasn’t going to do the latter.

Shit. Shit shit fuckity fuck shit.

“For how long and how many?” Alex repeated, her voice a bit louder and laced with controlled anger.

Elsa clenched her fists. It didn’t help that she was sitting down while Alex towered over her from across the dining table. “Two years. Forty-seven who are all notorious criminals and—”

FORTY-SEVEN?” Alex shrieked, eyes widening as her palms slammed loudly on the table, causing Elsa to wince. “Are you out of your mind? Elsa, this is capital punishment! What the hell has gotten into you? I can’t believe that you did—”

“….uhm…is everything okay?”

Alex and Elsa immediately snapped their heads to the door’s direction, confusing the unexpected guest with the horrified looks on their faces. They weren’t anticipating company until the next half hour, and the content of their conversation was not necessarily something that they would like to share. Unprepared and caught off guard, all Alex and Elsa could do was smile awkwardly at the blonde intruder.

Kara stared at her sister and then Elsa askance. “Is everything okay?” she asked, pushing her glasses up her nose bridge. “You guys look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”

Alex cleared her throat as she willed her pulse to lower its pace. “Kara, how much of our conversation did you hear?” she asked warily, shooting her sister a deliberate look in hopes that she would catch on and realize she was referring to her super hearing abilities.

Kara squinted at her sister. “Not…much?” she replied, still very much confused. “What’s going on? You can’t believe that Elsa did what?” she asked, now turning her gaze to Elsa.

Before Alex could answer, another voice joined in on the conversation. “Hey guys,” Anna greeted, her head peeking out of the doorway. “I have pot stickers and ice cream,” she grinned excitedly, raising the bag of goodies in front of her. “Ready for movie night?”

Kara shot Elsa and Alex a quick look that said ‘you WILL tell me later’  before turning around to help Anna take their food out of the bags. Thinking that they were out of the woods, Anna—to Alex, Elsa and Kara’s surprise—opened her mouth and asked the dreaded question once again.

“Hey, Elsa…what did you do? I heard Alex asking you that when Kara and I were about to come in. Spill it,” she smirked, impressed by her own wit. “Go on and tell us!”

Elsa blinked. Once. Twice. Her mind went blank and jumping off the window didn’t seem so illogical anymore. “I—I uhh—I’m—”

“—she told Winn Schott she likes him when I told her not to,” Alex blurted out, her hands flying and vaguely gesturing at nothing in particular. “Your sister has a big crush on Winn,” she added quickly.

Elsa’s jaw dropped in disbelief. Kara covered her mouth as she tried to suppress her giggles. Anna could only squeal and run to her sister to crush her in an embrace.

“You like Winn? I thought you liked Tadashi? But Winn? He’s also a giant nerd like you!” Anna cooed, her arms wrapped around her sister’s neck. With her view angled away from Elsa as she continued to hug her and ramble on about weddings and babies, Anna missed the threatening glare that Elsa was aiming at Alex.

“You’re 48th,” she mouthed wordlessly, knowing (and hating) that Alex understood exactly what she said when her threat was returned with a smirk.

“I wanna see you try,” Alex mouthed back, raising a challenging brow. “This isn’t over,” she murmured, turning on her heels to walk to where Kara was stood with a plate of pot stickers.

Kara shrugged as her sister leaned on the wall next to her. “You know I heard everything, right?”

Alex chuckled dryly. “Yep. I know.”

“Does Anna know?” Kara whispered, making sure Anna and Elsa weren’t within earshot.

“I don’t know,” Alex shrugged.

“Let’s worry about this later when Anna’s gone. Potsticker?” Kara offered, lifting her chopsticks with the potsticker between it. “She said you’ll be her next target. 48th. She’s joking…right?”

“I wanna see her try,” Alex scoffed, “we both know I can kick Arendelle’s ass.”

“I know. But you still need to talk to her,” Kara said, the humor leaving her voice as her brows furrowed in concern. “She’s a criminal, Alex. She’s…dangerous.”

“I know,” Alex replied with an indecipherable tone while she stared blankly ahead. “I know.”