sister magic

I think a lot about the “other” jobs in the Wizarding World. Specifically I think about the time the Weird Sisters performed at the Yule Ball.


Are there wizard techs? Do they use magical microphones? It would make sense to, rather than just using ‘sonorus’ because then they could be connected to a magical soundboard for specialized magic mixing. And what about their instruments? Are they like muggle ones, or entirely different? Are there magical amps? And are there witches that specialize in lighting charms for special light shows? Is there a magical equivalent to laser shows? And someone’s gotta make sure it all runs smoothly: witch stage manager, with an actually accurate quick quill. And a pyro-wizard. Do they all just show up ten minutes before a gig and magic the stage up together? or are there Union wizards for that? Do they wear black, or disillusion themselves so they won’t be seen? Or does it matter, since they’re all magical?

A family of witches is full of its riches

Last night my sister came over to spend the night, she just wanted to get away and hang out which I was happy with.

Out she hauls her copy of Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, a bottle of wine and her grimiore I made for her.

We chatted about guys, tattoos, movies, and finally I asked what she wanted to do; “It’s the new moon after all. Anything in there you’re wanting to try?”

After deciding that a Lucky in love spell would be better suited in a couple months, talking about spirits and how hedge crossing works, I took the reins.

“I’m going to lead you through centering, grounding, and shielding because they only briefly mention it in any book. And then, we’ll make you a witch ball. That way you’ll be ready to do whatever working you want, and you’ll be safe.”

We go to the guest bedroom where I’ve got all my witchy stuff stored, lit some incense, pulled out the selenite and started unloading my trunk and drawers of items. Pulled a clear ornament off the tree, chatted about saturnalia, how half of our heritage is based in Ireland and Celtic in nature and went to work.

No correspondence books, not rattling on about this does that and that does this. We just sat, and talked and I gave her herb and ingredient after ingredient to touch, smell, meditate with and just think about how it made her feel. After she chose, she’d tell me why, and I’d give her some info or history if it’s use etc.

Asfoetida, mandrake, iron nails, salt, beach sand, seaweed, cloves, cinnamon, allspice, mugwort, wormwood, datura seeds, datura blooms, dead bees, tobacco, mistletoe, cypress, chamomile, rose, lavender, thorns, ginger, lemon peel, hawthorn, juniper, patchouli, white sage, Palo Santo, damiana, witch hazel, pepper corns, pepper flakes, onyx, tigers eye, amethyst, rose quartz on and on and on. I kept pulling ingredients out. And it was amazing. For so long I’ve learned from her and shared moments in her world, but she’s entering mine now and it’s my favorite thing.

After she went through each one, asking questions, sharing stories, memories and random stuff she picked her herbs and filled up the ball. I know it’ll work for her because she chose them based on what connections she felt, her own correspondences, her own witchy nature. I got to be her book for the night.

I’m just so proud and happy to have another witch in the family.

Witch Tip

Feel sick to your stomach? Have the WORST stomach bug on the planet? Dump a bowl of fresh mint and a few slices of ginger in the bath and then jump on in.

Seriously, it works wonders.