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mod ellie here.

hey everyone. most of you might not even remember me, but i’m ellie. a while ago i was in a very dark place. i was living in a place that i never considered a home, with a horrible person, under terrible conditions. that was when i was most active. then, i stopped. without explanation. and i feel that is unfair, so i am just coming out with the truth. i lost my home. i got kicked out. my fiance and i lived with his sister for two weeks as i scrambled to make plans to move back to my home state. unbeknownst to everyone, i was extremely sick. i had just had a chemical miscarriage, i was dealing with a severe eating disorder, and i was suicidal. hopeless. my fiance and i moved back to virginia without a penny to our name. i lived with my grandmother who eventually kicked me out as well. now, we are with my father and things are finally looking up. i am sixteen weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy. i am working on recovery from my atypical anorexia. from the ashes, i am rising. please forgive me for my absence. you all are my true source of comfort, support, and happiness.
yours forever,
mod ellie

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Mukuro's simple ordinary civillian sister falling in love with Tsuna and he loves her back?

Your love had been sudden and unexpected. Both of you did not mean to fall in love with the other it had just happened as if a force was forcing you together. Mukuro had not liked it one bit, he had done everything he could to keep you a far away from the mafia as he could get you and you just had to fall in love with Tsuna.

It was your ordinary nature that drew him to you. You hadn’t been extraordinary at all, you were actually quite simple but he liked that about you. It had been by accident that he went to the café you went to everyday. You had started a conversation about the coffee they served at the café, then it became a weekly get together then before you knew it you were dating. You loved Tsuna’s naturally caring nature and his resolve.

It had been about a month into the relationship when you told Tsuna about your brother. How he was always overly mysterious even to you and how you thought he was hiding something rom you. When you mentioned the name, Tsuna almost choked on his coffee.

“Rokudo Mukuro?”

“Yeah. Do you know my brother Tsuna?”

Tsuna took a sip of his coffee, “Yes I do. He works for me.”

You had stared at him in surprise. Of course you knew that Tsuna was a mafia boss before you two started dating, and the fact that your brother was working for it put everything together. All of the times he would disappear for work or look over his shoulder as if looking for something. You had thought maybe he was a drug dealer but the mafia hadn’t crossed your mind.

“Oh.” Was all you said, the gravity of it coming down on you slowly.

Tsuna grabbed your hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. You smiled at him he always knew how to make you feel better.

When Mukuro had found out about the relationship, calling his reaction dramatic was an understatement. He had forbidden you to date him, and of course you being his sister, did as you pleased and continued dating Tsuna anyway behind his back. It had accumulated in an argument when he came to your apartment unannounced only to meet Tsuna there on your couch.

“Mukuro you can’t tell me I can’t date him anymore. I love him and I’m not breaking up with him no matter what you say!”  

“Love?” Tsuna asked from his place on the couch having been silent when you two started arguing.

You flustered. This was not how you had planned to tell him that you loved him.

“You know. It’s a saying. Like how I love pizza or-”

He stared at you as you tried and failed at lessening the weight of the words, before standing and turning to Mukuro.

“Mukuro I know how you feel about all of this but I want you to trust me with her. I wouldn’t be with her right now if I wasn’t serious about her. I love your sister and I’ll prove myself to you as her boyfriend if need be.”

You blushed at his declaration.

Mukuro looked at the both of you and sighed.

“I don’t like you two together, but I doubt you’ll stop even if I force you.”

“So you accept us?” You asked, hopeful

“Maybe you’ll break up.” Mukuro finished, “But until then do as you please.”

You hugged Mukuro much to his chagrin.

Unfortunately for him you two never broke up, and Mukuro’s toast at the wedding was “Mafia dons have low life expectancy.”  

@potterprideweek: LGBT+ people in history ft. Queenie Goldstein

  • Queenie is young, 13, when she first starts noticing girls 
  • She’s older, by just a bit, when she has her first kiss with Eloise O’Riley in a moonlit corridor
  • When she’s 16 she tries to date, tries to bring a girl home to Tina, tries to be proud 
  • She’s 16 when she’s told, albeit gently, by her older sister that Tina shouldn’t look at girls like that, that it wasn’t safe for her to look at girls like that
  • It was the longest Queenie had ever given her older sister the silent treatment, after that conversation
  • Not long after what Queenie had hoped would be a budding relationship with her fellow yearmate from Wampus turned her into a target for a vicious prank 
  • Tina rushed to her sisters defense, bit back words of “I told you so” because just because the world was this way didn’t mean it was right, didn’t mean they got to hurt her little sister
  • Queenie cries for two hours after Tina scurries her away to the kitchens 
  • Tina is 23 when her and Tina fight about her sexuality again 
  • “I won’t hide, Tinnie. I won’t be ashamed of this, of me,” she says, biting her bottom lip so she won’t cry.
  • “I just want you to be safe,” Tina replies, running her hands through her hair and tugging hard.
  • “I’m me, Tinnie. This is me. I kiss girls. I like girls.”
  • “I know. I know. I love you, Queens. I love you. But it’s a bad world out there. A harsh one. Next time it won’t be a prank, it could be worse, it could- it could be a lot of things. Please, Queenie.”
  • “I can’t, Teen. I won’t.”
  • “Okay. It’s okay. I won’t ask you too. Just be safe. Try to stay safe.”
  • Tina squeezed Queenie’s hand and they leaned their foreheads together, because they were sisters 
  • Queenie is even older, even sweeter, and knew that she wasn’t safe for so many reasons when Newt and his magical case whisks into town
  • She dealt for years with men objectifying her, thinking about her as nothing but some boobs on legs, and has spent years expressing her disinterest 
  • Newt does look at her like that, but he does bring trouble, and Queenie knows trouble and how to deal with it
  • They find the creatures, she saves her sister, and they corner  Grindelwald
  • He escapes, eventually, and they go after him 
  • Because she was a girl, because she could handle herself, because there are things in the world and this world wasn’t safe for anybody
  • “Especially not safe for women who poke their noses places it doesn’t belong,” Grindelwald tells her
  • Newt is held captive somewhere else, and with this chain around her neck suppressing her powers Queenie can’t find him
  • Tina is somewhere, somewhere not here, somewhere closer to safe, with Jacob
  • “I poke my nose where I please, Mr. Grindelwald.”
  • And of course, Queenie could hear his thoughts because that’s what he wanted 
  • She could hear every horrible, no good, disgusting thought Grindelwald had about her fondness for muggles and the things he wants to do to Queenie makes her fight, makes her fight hard 
  • When he is under her boot with a broken nose and several spells binding him Queenie lets herself smile
  • “You’re not my type, Mr. Grindelwald,” she snarls, and goes to find her magizoologist and her sister
  • And then she goes home to New York and she retires happily and helps Jacob run his bakery and falls in love with a cute girl who stops by the bakery every day just to see Queenie smile

After Qrow departed with the warning that Ruby and Yang better buckle up for “the real world” of Huntsmen, we’re back with the Schnee sisters. They aren’t wasting any time! Weiss is going straight for summoning practice.

Yeah, it’d be good trick to learn for the upcoming 2 vs 2 match she’s scheduled for.

Weiss struggled, then failed to conjure anything. With that, the conversation turned to why Mr. Schnee canceled Weiss’ card… Winter said that it was because he wants to force Weiss to talk to him. No more avoiding her father now…

Rather than think about it, Weiss escaped to summoning practice again. Man. Mr. Schnee must be scary.

Winter gave Weiss two options… Either call her father, beg for more money, and explain once more why she chose Beacon over Atlas. Or… Explore Remnant, develop your own legacy as a Huntress, and stand on your own two legs.

I think we all know what Weiss will choose.

Winter is a cool sister.

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//Oh my gooooosh congratulations, hon!! ❤️

And thank you to everyone who also left me so many kind messages that day as well! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  It really means a whole lot, especially for my sister and nephew! ^^ 

Both are doing very well and came back home a couple of days ago! Little boy will be spoiled rotten by his family 24/7 ❤

Thank you again! Sending lots of love your way!~❤

My cat of 15 years died last night. He was very old and in the end was having trouble even moving around, but he always had a fantastic life. He was a cat who wasn’t like any other. When my sister was younger she had appendicitis, but the doctor kept sending her home with “a stomach ache”. Tiger did not leave her side and cried out at us constantly, alerting my mother to something wrong.
If he hadn’t, my mom would not have taken my sister back to the hospital and she would have died. When we got to the emergency room, after my sister’s surgery, we were informed that my sister had minutes to live when she was rushed into surgery. He literally saved her life.
I miss him so much already and my heart is absolutely shattered.
One day I will see him again, but right now there is a hole where he isn’t.

Humans are Weird: Siblings

So Siblings. If you have siblings, most likely you know how siblings act towards one another. Competitive, and Playfully Hostile.Most of the time. But just imagine how an Alien would react to the difference between how we treat our siblings from how we treat our friends or somebody.

Faul-iar: *Teasing Marie and is overall being a Dick*

Lana: Hey! Back the fuck off my sister!

Marie: Lana! *Hugs her*

Faul-iar: I see you doing this all the time!

Lana: Yeah, Im her older sister. Im allowed to annoy her and shit. You, however arent. And if I see you teasing her one more time, Im gonna fucking beat your ass.

Faul-iar:…Understood…. *Walks off and is now worrying his life might be in danger.*

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For the ask meme who's the funniest?

Now this is one I can really go after!

  1. Takeru (naturally- always quick with a joking comment and eager to tease)
  2. Taichi (playful and when he sees a target, he goes all in)
  3. Mimi (always lightening the mood with a joke or funny comment)
  4. Hikari (you can’t be Takeru’s friend and Taichi’s sister without learning how to dish a little back)
  5. Koushiro (let’s be real here- kid did improvise both parts of a manzai skit on the fly)
  6. Sora (she has a sense of humor, but other than picking on Joe doesn’t go out of her way to be funny)
  7. Yamato (snuck a couple moments in when we weren’t looking, but usually not in the mood for laughs)
  8. Joe (will sometimes ramble on and embarrass himself, but his actual attempts at comedy usually fall flat)

(The Ask meme in question is that I will rank the eight Chosen, but you need to tell me what I’m ranking them on.)

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I'm bored so I'll tell you something not many know. 3 or 4 years ago I was in London visiting my ex's sister. I had the worst day ad I wanted to go back to her apartment, but I was a bit lost and at the time I had a crappie cell phone with me that didn't even work properly. So I decided to just ask the first person I see for directions, so out of corner of my eye I see this guy, I call out to him and walk towards him. He turns around and all I see is this beautiful man I've only seen on TV /1

/2 So I just stare for what fels like a minute at him and he smiles politely and asks if I want an autograph or photo with him. I should have said yes, but that crappie cel couldn’t take photos and I didn’t have a pen, also my brain and mouth stopped working the way they should. I shook my head and I think I said ‘sorry no time’. Then turned around and walked away from Kit Harington aka Jon Snow. I had all the freakin time in the world, I malfunctioned completely and I want to kick myself for it

omggg ahahaha i am jealous but also……oh my dear friend……oh no….im laughing

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness