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Princess of Themyscira: Part 4

AN:This chapter came fairly easy, I love how it turned out.

Words: 1813

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

The only thoughts on your mind as you climb the steps up towards your grandmother’s palace are ones of sleep. Your body aches, your spirit is sore, and to be completely honest, you feel a bit hollow inside. All you want is to collapse on your bed and sleep. Of course, life isn’t that easy.

    At the top of the stairs, you find your grandmother and your sisters waiting for you. You’re a bit surprised. Usually, by this time, they’ve drunk themselves into a stupor, having told each and every one of your mother’s battle stories. The hangovers typically last for days, and you’re usually the one to hold back your sisters’ hair in the morning.

    You say nothing as you take a seat at the top of the stairs, and turn to face the horizon. The sun is just beginning to rise, and no one seems inclined to say anything, so you sit in silence until Io finally asks, “What was she like?”

    You turn towards your sister and stare. You’d heard the stories, how Io had been madly in love with your mother, and how she had cried for days when she had been officially banished. After a moment you say, “You knew her longer, shouldn’t you know?”

    Artemis’s hand lands roughly on your shoulder, “We knew Diana, Princess of Themyscira. Warrior of the Amazons. We did not know Diana, mother of Y/N, Warrior of Man’s World.”

    You bite on your lip, “You don’t want to hear what I have to say.”

    “And why not?” Euboea asks.

    “Because it involves Man’s World. It involves my brothers. It involves my father, and however much love you have for my mother, and for me, you have just as much resentment for them.”

    “Have we ever shown this resentment? Said bad things?” Hellene asks.

    Your answer is swift and unforgiving, “Yes.” You can see the shock on the faces of your friends, of your grandmother, and from the rest of my sisters. “It didn’t take you long to accept me, despite being hesitant at first. But I remember the hushed whispers in those early days, what you all would say when you thought I wasn’t around.”
    You swallow thickly, “You hate my father for having taken my mother away, but if you knew my mother as you claim, then you would know that no one could make her do anything. And to understand who my mother became when she left here, you’d first have to understand my family. And that starts with my father. And to be honest, I don’t know if it’s a story you’re going to like.”

    There’s several long minutes of silence before Io finally says, “Diana was our sister. We wish to know her. You come from her, if you say we need to start with your sire, then that is where we shall start.”

    You take a shaky breath before nodding once, “Well, to start, he wasn’t my sire. He was my father, and whatever your misgivings toward men are, he was a good man. He was born into wealth, to a loving mother and father. My grandmother, his mother, wanted a child desperately and it took several miscarriages before she was able to have my father. But he was her world. And my grandfather, Thomas, was a doctor. He turned away from corporate America to help people. To try and relate to those less fortunate than him.

    “They were murdered in front of my father when he was eight. That one moment defined the rest of his life. He was left in the care of the family’s butler, Alfred.” You smile at the name, and pause for a moment as the memory of the older man takes center stage in your memory.

    “Alfred was amazing. Managed to raise my dad, and my brothers and even helped raise me. He and mom got along so well. He took care of cleaning and cooking, and everything, and anytime one of us had a problem we would go to him.”

    You pause to wipe away a tear, before continuing, “As my father grew up, he became obsessed with vengeance.”

“Of course.” Artemis’s voice is sure, understanding, as she says, “If any of us were in the same position we would do the same.”

You smile, “Except he didn’t.” You receive puzzled looks before saying, “He found the man who murdered his parents, only to find out he’d been hired to do the job. He had a gun in his hand, he could have killed the man but decided against it. Decided that he wouldn’t become the very thing his parents had tried so hard to fight.

“He went on a journey across the world. Trained under hundreds of masters in escape and martial arts. He was gone for nearly eight years, and when he returned, he took on the persona of Batman. He donned a mask and a cape, and worked to protect the city he loved. That’s how he met my brothers.

“Dick, Jason, and Tim all came to him in different ways. Each had their own journey with him, but they all were of the same mentality. To protect. It’s the same way he met Mom. The Justice League was formed out of need, not desire. Some Earth shattering crisis, where Mom first appeared. She thought dad was too broody. She worked so hard to get him out of his shell.

“The thing that did it was her almost dying. She took a hit for him. It would have killed him, but it only wounded her. Unlike most of the League, Dad didn’t have any powers. He was extremely smart, cunning, and a master of fighting. But he wasn’t invulnerable.

“Tim said that he never left her side after that. He refused to even eat until she woke up. And her first words to him were, ‘Your rules be damned, Bruce Wayne. I love you, and no matter how hard you push me away, I’ll fight even harder to get close.’ Jason said he just gave up after that.

“Dick said they became one of the most sappy couples ever after that. Only at home though. When they were in uniform they were all business. At least that’s what they claim. Dick said that a lot changed when he let Mom in. She didn’t let him isolate himself, or deny his feelings. She forced him to admit stuff, to become more open.

“My father, who apparently had a hard time admitting he cared, finally admitted that his number one fear was to lose those important to him; my brothers and my mother.”

You pause again to swipe at the tears running down your face. “I remember coming home from a night out with my brothers to find them dancing in the kitchen. We watched them for an hour. He was singing to her. Mom was the only one who could convince him to sing. He had such a pretty voice. He would have given her the sun and the stars if she had let him.

“My brother Damian came after they had been together for about two years. When my father had been traveling he met a woman named Talia. She was a smart woman. A strict woman. And a hell of a fighter. Unbeknownst to my father, a night together had created Damian.

“Damian resented Mom at first. Said there were months of snipes back and forth but my mother never backed away or coddled him. Any smart alec remark was met with one of equal standing until something happened that nobody would talk about. All I know is that Talia never came around again, and my parents were given full parental rights. I came about two years after that.”

“And?” Calyce asks.

You smile, “We were happy. We were a family. I grew up with four older brothers who meant the world to me. Who I could go to. My father wouldn’t go out on patrol without reading me a story before he left. Damian taught me fighting basics to defend myself. The others tried to coddle me too much, he said. But neither Mom nor Dad wanted me to join the family business.

“They wanted me to have a normal life, and I did. Or at least as normal as it can be in that situation. I grew up with the other league kids. I had chores and dance class. We had family trips and family dinners. Mom would tell me stories about her childhood. Dick taught me how to tumble, and Jason would taught me how to ride a bike. I’d spend hours playing video games with Tim. He made me my first cup of coffee for exams. Alfred nearly blew a gasket. Mom just took pictures.

“On weekends Mom would take me horseback riding, and we would race. My favorites memories are the ones of all of us together. Birthdays, galas, movie weekends. But my favorite is one of my mom and dad dancing.

“There was always something going on in the world. Some crisis, but I remember thinking I had never seen two people so at peace in that moment. I had never seen two people so in love. He used to call her ‘princess.’ And it wasn’t some in some condescending way either, it’s because that’s what she was, and she deserved that respect.”  

You take a deep breath, “My dad died about three months before I came here. It sent Mom into a rage. She destroyed that incoming fleet. Despite his own resolve not to kill he never tried to persuade her otherwise. He knew she did what she thought was best, that it was a last resort.

“What she did to that fleet though, it was pure vengeance. They had taken the love of her life away, and she was going to kill them for it. She became a different person after that. She was very withdrawn, and when the invasion got worse, they decided as a family that I needed to be saved.

“Alfred drugged me. Slipped something into the coffee Tim had made. They were all there as my eyes closed. They all told me how much they loved me. When I woke up, my mother was carrying me on the beach here. She’d packed a trunk with things she said were important. Put the key around my neck, and well… you know the rest.”  

This time, you let the tears come, you allow yourself to sob as you say, “She wasn’t so different from the woman you tell stories about.”

Artemis’s arms surround you, and she pulls you close, “She was very different, little one. She was a mother, not only to you but to your brothers. She was a wife. She was in love. She was a warrior.”

You swallow thickly, “She was Wonder Woman.”

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The stalker's name is Nora and while she stopped stalling the boys now she did in the past (I think that how she met Gemma) and she's still friends with a big number of stalkers. I think Gemma even spent time with them. Like, they went on vacation with Gemma a week, and the week later they were back stalking Harry and tracking his movements. Sister of the year!


“Thursday June 10, 1993. Awfully busy day. Los Angeles. Hot. Then a loose evening with my sister and friends; we came back to the hotel at 1am. I knew that River was late for his plane and that he arrived after 10 pm. I thought he would be asleep (in Florida, where he came from, it was already 4 am) but a receptionist gave me a bunch of messages from him, and i’m told he’s still awake. I called him; he demands we meet immediately. He was sweating, drunk, tired, very beautiful. I suspected he had just read Jack and Jill, a screenplay by Robbie Baitz which is supposed to be my next movie. He very much wants to play Adam. He played Adam for an hour. He achieved what he wanted; I escaped from his room, I was dying of fatigue, but I was sure that none of the other wonderful actors I had met for this role would have such truthfulness, would have such courage and self-awareness of auto-destruction as River does”

- Agnieszka Holland, Director, World Cinema: Diary of a Day

I fell in love with @skiretehfox’s LiS sibling AU and though they said Rachel didn’t have any siblings I couldn’t stop myself from sketching a possible little sister for her.

So here’s Teddie, Rachel’s baby sis. She’s a big dork but tries to look intimidating. She’s pretty smart so she skipped a few years in school and got into Blackwell early - when she and Warren met, they immediately bonded over having had such an experience, as well as their love for science, and eventually became best friends. When they were kids, Rachel and Teddie were close, though they drifted apart as they grew up. They got closer again about two years ago when Teddie came out as trans, since their parents didn’t quite show support in regards to Teddie’s identity (and still don’t much), so Rachel had to turn back into the protective and supportive older sister she was when they were younger.

Hoping For Dandelions (Pt 2)

Betty had always hated her bedroom. It was too pink, and too frilly, and too childlike. It reminded her of an innocence she wasn’t sure she ever had. She’d let her mom decorate it because she’d learned it was easier to go with the flow. Even before sister had her breakdown, talking back was an exercise that resulted in screaming and nails cutting through palm to stay quiet – so it was easier just to be quiet to begin with. The only comfort had been that her window aligned with Archie’s, but even that wasn’t comforting anymore. It’d begun to feel more like a wound you had to ignore while it healed, or else you’d end up scratching it.

Most days, Betty felt as though she was trapped in a plastic Polly Pocket toy with no way out.

“Knock, knock.”

Her mother’s voice broke through her self-pitying thoughts just in time for Betty to plaster on a fake smile. As she stood, she smoothed her skirt down self-consciously, not wanting to give Alice anything to criticize.

“Hi, mom. What’s up?” Betty asked.

Her mom entered, pushing the door that had already been slightly ajar fully open. She ran her finger over the white vanity, checking for dust before speaking.

“You have a very curious visitor,” her mother said, mouth turning down at the corners as though she had been sucking on a lemon. Disapproval. It was one of the only looks she got from her mother these days. “Jughead Jones? Or was it Bowlhead? He claims he’s here to work on the school paper with you.”

“Oh, wow. It’s already four?” Betty said, glancing down at her small gold watch. “I’ll go get him. Thanks, mom.”

“Have you taken your medication, Elizabeth?”

Betty ground her teeth together so hard she feared they would crack. Any time she forgot anything, her mother’s response was more medication. Her purse was beginning to sound like an oversized Tic-Tac container, so she’d started cheeking her pills ever since a late night viewing of Girl, Interrupted – after all, if her mom thought she was crazy, Betty might as well learn how to play the role to her best advantage.

“Yes. I just got distracted cleaning up, that’s all. You don’t have to worry,” she said gently.

“I’m your mother. I’ll always worry,” Alice said, looking at her daughter with hard eyes. “Is that what you’re going to wear, dear?”

Betty looked at her reflection in the mirror. A pink cardigan, white top underneath and white skirt. It looked fine – she thought she was the perfect Polly – toy or sister, she couldn’t be sure anymore – but either way, she was scrubbed so clean that she gleamed.

“What’s wrong with it?” Betty asked in a small voice, feeling hurt despite herself.

“Nothing. It’s just maybe not the best for your shape. We should start running together again. Wouldn’t that be fun?” Betty hummed, neither agreeing nor disagreeing before her mother continued. “Anyway, please keep the door open, Elizabeth.”

Finally her mother disappeared out of the room and down the hall. She waited until she heard the click of Alice’s heels going down the stairs and completely out of view. Betty let out the breath she had been holding slowly, like a balloon with a slow leak. She steeled herself, smiling so wide it hurt, and went to retrieve Jughead, who she imagined was standing awkwardly just inside the front door. Instead, she found him in the hallway, right next to her bedroom.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, startled. “I thought you’d be downstairs.”

“That is where she left me, but I decided to practice my sleuthing skills.”

“You were eavesdropping, you mean?” Betty said as she walked back into her bedroom.


Betty watched Jughead shrug out of his messenger bag as he sat on the edge of her bed. He looked so unabashed and mischievous. She wondered what it would be like to go through life like that – taking what you wanted. Jughead always seemed so… free, to Betty. She envied that. Of course, there was a darkness around him – one that she related to (quietly, privately).

“So, did you bring them?” Betty asked.

“Obviously,” he replied, pulling a manila folder out of his bag.

They weren’t working on stuff for the school paper – or at least, nothing that would be in the school paper any time soon. This was about Jason Blossom; the specter that had spread over the town like fog, making every block of it seem like a gruesome mystery. In the folder were new reports – new claims – people who had saw something, or heard something… or maybe people who just wanted a slice of the spotlight, however perverse. It was their job to figure out which – well, theirs, and the cops, Betty corrected herself.

“How did you get all these?”

“Haven’t you heard, Betty? There’s no rest for wicked,” he said with a roguish smile, beanie slightly askew atop his head.

For the next hour or so, they flipped through pages, circling promising leads in green and the ones that seemed false were crossed out in red. Betty especially enjoyed the crossing out aspect. There was something satisfying about it. After her mother’s first pass across her room, Betty had slid off the bed and onto the floor – not wanting to incur her wrath – and now her butt was completely numb. She stood up, stretching, and looked over at Jughead who had been watching her with sharp eyes.

“Guess it’s about that time, isn’t it?” Jughead asked her.

“What time?”

“You know, where your family sits down and eats a meal together? I believe they call it ‘dinner’ around these parts.”

“Right,” she said. “I could ask my mom if –”

“It’s alright, I wasn’t fishing. I just don’t want you to get in trouble for me overstaying my welcome,” he said, gathering the pages together.

“If it were up to me, you couldn’t overstay your welcome. I mean – you’d be welcome any time.”

“Thanks, Betty,” he said with a genuine smile.

The folder was put back in his back and his jacket shrugged back into. Betty wished he could stay. Jughead felt like one of the major missing puzzle pieces in her life the last few years. His presence always made her feel… more genuine; less pull-string doll and more person.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at the Blue & Gold, before classes?” she asked.

“You got it, boss,”

“Goodnight, Jughead,” she said. “I can walk you out if you want?”

“Nah, I can handle the dragon on my own.”

“Dragon?” Betty asked, feeling confused.

“Ah, your mom, that is,” Jughead said sheepishly.

“Alright. Watch out though – she’s eaten more than one visitor whole,” Betty laughed, making him smile.

Jughead exited, leaving her standing alone in the room she hated, in a life she wasn’t sure would ever be fully her own. Betty felt her anxiety creeping back in, tightening her muscles, when suddenly Jughead popped back into view – just his face around the edge of her door.

“And Betty,” he said quietly, so her mom wouldn’t overhear, wherever she was, “I thought you looked nice today, for what it’s worth.”

And just like that, he was gone again.

Almost a year ago Mark inspired to create again. The other day when he posted his late night video he inspired me yet again. You will never be alone Mark. Even my sister is backing you up. She oddly inspired me with her own words and that inspired this painting. I took a long time making dots. So many dots and specks and still it won’t be enough. For each dot is a person in this grande scheme of something bigger than we could imagine! Because together we make a galaxy and without that one piece, like my sis said, it would not be complete. I love you guys . @markiplier

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Wait, people broke into Jay's cloud? How despicable! Are there any receipts on what happened then? I wasn't around then and this is the first I've heard of it I think

I can’t find it now! Ugh how annoying. 

But basically a “fan” broke into Jay’s iCloud I believe (might have been her computer idk) to find proof that Larry was real. Instead, and here’s the small silver lining in all this shit, they found pictures of her wedding and a ton of them were of Louis and Eleanor! The fan was like “idk if Larry’s real anymore” and the Larries were like “SHE WAS PAID BY MODEST! GAR BLAH BLAH !” 

I have to go to Dave and Buster’s with my sister’s soon lol. I’ll continue to do research when I get back. If anyone else wants to help look or knows where this can be confirmed feel free to message me! :)

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GrM x LP platonic headcannons where LK does not like the friendship both have and is overall being bitter of how much attention Elesis is giving to Add.

  • As far as Elsword can tell, Add and his sister are always together.  This annoys him.  A lot.

  • He even starts misbehaving to try and get his sister’s attention back.  She glances over to scold him, then goes back to talking with Add, which just makes Elsword feel more left out.

  • It starts getting so bad that his nightmares shift subject, recalling the time when Elesis and Elkashu left him in Ruben for five years - only this time, it’s Elesis and Add running off together.

  • Elsword can’t keep his mouth under control when speaking to Add.  Add has been told by Elesis to try and make friends with her little brother.  This causes more tension.

  • As is wont with such problems, it’s only solved when Elsword tells Elesis how he feels - in this case, by blowing up and yelling at her.  They have a fight.  All of Sander hears it.  They both go off to sulk in their separate corners

  • Add is, for once, the one who solves the problem, forcing Elesis to pay more attention to her little brother and trying to extend an olive branch to him.  Elsword ungraciously accepts in the end.
Our parents know

We sent out a super cute picture via group text. My mom called and is super excited and glad that we didn’t wait until we knew if everything was okay to tell them. She’s so supportive. Oh I love her. Everyone else at least texted, except my Dad… which is upsetting. I mean it’s only been an hour but I did confirm with my mom that he’s seen it and knows. He’s so proud of his “grandpa” status with my sisters kids. So yeah. We texted everyone while we were driving back from a friends bridal shower so I have no idea what my husbands parents have said since we had to drive separately. So hopefully I can stop being so anxious and just enjoy now.

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.