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“Not all of us can be the cool older brother like me.”

Tio Hippolito, or Hip for short: older brother of Santi’s father, Javier, and married to Gloria; obnoxious and boisterous, owns a closet full of Hawaiian shirts, always the one to say “pull my finger” at dinner

@colorfulwatcher here it is! The Tyler sisters dressed as E.M. Uni and Corn! This was incredibly fun to draw… thanks for the request!

(Also streamed this a little bit, so thanks to everyone who watched that happen haha)

I combined a few ideas brought up to me from @Mantor9841 on Deviantart (the other ideas are commented on my Day 3 Inktober of Yuzu on DA)~

these are the ideas I combined~

2) Serena and Emiba doing Yoga (You can do it with either, Yoga outfit or Serena’s lancer oufit and Emiba’s casual outfit but they have to being barefoot [No shoes and no socks] i suggest mainly a standing pose)
8) Emiba or Serena doing morning exercises
9) Grace Tyler doing a successful yoga standing pose while Gloria Tyler is sitting in the floor after failing to do the same pose.

Really fuking cute~

noplacebutserenity  asked:

Yo! do you have any musical reccomendations for a fellow ITH's fan?

Of course!

On Your Feet!: gorgeous jukebox musical about the life and career of Gloria and Emilio Estefan, touching on topics that are also the core themes of ITH such as: complicated family relationships, Latinx American as an identity, progressing in business while Latinx American, love, hard work. The music is just amazing, some songs were translated/adapted for the musical, it’s just overall amazing. The original cast featured several members of In the Heights, including Andréa Burns (Daniela − Gloria Fajardo, Gloria’s mom), Eliseo Roman (Piragua guy − Jose Fajardo, Gloria’s dad), Nina LaFarga (Yolanda − Ensemble), Genny Lis Padilla (Carla in the National Tour cast − Rebecca Fajardo, Gloria’s sister). Gloria and Emilio were part of the writing process. 

Hamilton: I don’t think I need to explain this. Hamilton is an excellent musical, if you’re not listening to it and keeping up with it, you should. May it stay on Broadway for another fifty years. 

West Side Story: specifically, the 2009 revival. It’s very special and, in my opinion, adds an extra dimension to the original in that many scenes between the Puerto Ricans are now in Spanish. Lin-Manuel Miranda did the translations and did an outstanding job (not just in the sense that it’s well translated, but he had such a nuanced view of the characters to pick which lines to translate, which lines to keep in English, etc., adding a very meaningful layer to the interactions between the Puerto Rican characters). Karen Olivo played Anita and is the best Anita you will see in your life. It’s just unbelievable. The story is very well known, a Romeo & Juliet 1950s gang AU, so I don’t think I need to go over that.

Matilda: I know this is absolutely different than ITH but I think that there are similar takeaways to take from this. Both stories, at their core, feature oppression: racist oppression in all storylines of In the Heights, and child neglect/abuse in Matilda. I think both stories have a similar turn of making the oppressed ones stronger by being empathetic towards one another and urging each other forward, keeping a good spirit of love and compassion. I think it’s a very good message and one I got from both of these stories. 

Allegiance: an incredible story of Japanese Americans around WWII. The songs are amazing, it features George Takei as a lead character and the story is so very needed. This part of history is often erased. It reminds me of ITH because it also deals with another community erased from its American identity. Especially “Paradise” is a punch in the guts. There are so few musicals about Asian Americans so it’s just as refreshing as In the Heights to see that kind of representation brought at the forefront. 

These are the ones that come to mind that specifically remind me of In the Heights and are therefore a relevant answer, but I’d also recommend Waitress, Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, Groundhog Day, Falsettos, and of course Wicked. They’re all very good stories as well. 

Shelagh and Gloria: Some Headcanons

•They write letters back and forth from the day they both leave the hospital, and soon in the Turner flat there is a drawer filled with what become known as The Gloria Letters.

•Whenever something funny/exciting happens at the Maternity Clinic Shelagh has been known to get out a notebook and write down the details “because it will make Gloria laugh”.

•Everyone at Nonnatus House becomes increasingly curious about Gloria, as Shelagh barely lasts five minutes without mentioning some story Gloria had told her in the latest letter, or Gloria’s opinion on a certain topic.

•Shelagh discovers that Gloria’s husband is angry at her for the death of the baby and Patrick has to stop her from marching over to Gloria’s house on the other side of London and teaching him a thing or two (he’s secretly very proud of her)

•Instead, she organises a series of coffee dates with Gloria, and although she’s nervous that her baby bump will remind Gloria of all she has lost, the meet ups in the café are a resounding success, and during Shelagh’s maternity leave, Gloria instead visits the Turner house for tea and cake.

•Gloria becomes a fast favourite with Angela because she will always play with the dolls

•Gloria is at the Turner flat when Shelagh goes into labour, and she gets the midwives from Nonnatus House, then takes Tim and Angela over to Nonnatus out of the way and looks after them, much to a grateful Patrick’s relief.

•She also has a little cry because she never got this far with any of her babies, and Phyllis is there to provide a shoulder to cry on and an endless supply of tea.

•Gloria takes Tim and Angela to meet their new baby sibling, and when they go in she hangs around the door feeling out of place. After a while Shelagh notices her and beckons her in to meet the new baby Turner.

•They both have a cry.

•Gloria helps Shelagh out when a toddler, a teenager and a newborn become too much to handle, and she’s there when Shelagh needs to moan about Patrick’s working hours or Tim’s teenage strops.

•When Gloria finally leaves her husband, Shelagh makes her cups of tea and hugs her while she cries. Sister Julienne helps Gloria to find a new house, which is much nearer the Turner flat.

•Both Shelagh and Gloria are so grateful that a friendship that began in such sadness has found such happiness.


“On Friday night, when the storm will be at it’s worst, we’re all going to be together in the dark, watching The Sign of the Cross; A movie full of fire, sex, and the death of Christians. What fun.”

Nor’easter, American Horror Story: Asylum 2x03


gUYS CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW FUN THIS WEEKS EPISODE WAS,the Tyler sisters were having a ball with the tomato’s dueling style.i couldn’t stop smiling it made me so HAPPY!! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

//next week might change the mood though,so i’ll enjoy this a bit *sigh*

Ermes walking out after having another fight with Gloria

My favorite JoJo character right here, I really do love her. This started out as a practice for reflective surfaces and lighting, but weirdly came together as a fun painting about Pre-Stone Ocean Ermes. 

She is taken care of by older sister Gloria, and they make their money with their restaurant. Someone I know kinda has a history similar to Gloria, having to take care her parents instead of going off to college. It says in the manga that the two would argue a lot, since Ermes was working towards a scholarship in track. I imagine Gloria isn’t the type of person to yell, more that she would look disappointed at you until you caved. Ermes is a pretty emotional character too, so it probably worked a lot. Really she probably was torn between losing her sister and taking away her chance. 

Really this whole thing is full of subtle references and details about the character, see if you can collect them all!

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