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New Coliseum “Bad Will” video by Max Moore, illegal outdoor show in sweltering heat, shut down by police, ends in handcuffs!

 PRODcast 44: Reginald Martinez Jackson's Vintage Vehicle Vice
  • PRODcast 44: Reginald Martinez Jackson's Vintage Vehicle Vice
  • Productive Outs

We’re back from yet another unintentional hiatus with a killer show for you, Internet denizen. Here’s it’s is:

  • Intro
  • Emails from lunatics
  • Musical Guest: COLISEUM
  • Human Guest: Eno Sarris of FanGraphs
  • Baseball Talk
  • LA BP event -  Parks, Miller, Thorburn, Sutton, Kasten, Colletti & boring baseball
  • Ian’s trip to
  • The Halos BLOLpen
  • It’s a bad time to have hamstrings
  • Why are the Rockies?

What’s Next?

  • Ian bought a new bass and some other stuff
  • Riley guest posting at McC, Getting Blanked, PureVolume

Goodbye world!

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Coliseum’s new video for “Doing Time,” created by Erik Denno (a name some might recognize from the long gone / eternally killer Kerosene 454). As I understand it, the band plans to create a video for every song from Sister Faith.  Of the videos not actually featuring the band members themselves, this is my favorite so far.

Album Review: Coliseum - Sister Faith

Coliseum’s fourth album, ‘Sister Faith’, drops at the end of this month and it is a damn good one. Full to bursting with fuzz-laden riffs, driving drums, and powerful vocals, this record will make for excellent listening across the summer months. The album absolutely explodes into being; dirty guitars come crashing from the start as ‘Disappearing from Sight’ sets the tone for the rest of the record. Throughout ‘Sister Faith’ what Coliseum showcase is their ability to keep things fresh. For every time something seems predictable, there’s something you didn’t see coming, it can be something as simple as an unexpected chord that keeps the entire album safe from growing boring.

Something else Coliseum seem to have made a habit of is fantastically gritty bass intros. ‘Under the Blood of the Moon’ comes with the pick of the bunch. It’s thunderous sludge and soon matched by similarly roaring backing. This album twists and turns often without ever straying too far from the solid path set from the beginning. On bass or guitar there’s a riff for every occasion on ‘Sister Faith’ – provided every occasion calls for a wonderful amount of distortion and grit, something every occasion could probably do with.

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Ryan Patterson answers some burning questions about the punishing new record, occult imagery, side projects, and the state of the music video.

I find occult imagery to be magnetic, in the same way traditional religious imagery is appealing and interesting; it is mysterious and dark, vague, and often confusing in its intent, beautiful when executed well and frightening when perfected. I also find the occult to be somewhat ridiculous or silly. As with any fantasy elements, it can be interesting and exciting, and even fun, but ultimately is meaningless.


If you go, I’ll follow. Say the words just once.
Coliseum's Sister Faith album streaming in full via Pitchfork

Our new album Sister Faith comes out April 30th and it’s streaming in full via Pitchfork Advance until April 29th. I put together a full visual package for the stream with lyrics, credits, photos, unique graphics, video loops and more. It’s pretty cool and worth checking out.

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Coliseum were recently asked to perform as part of the new season of AV Undercover. When I heard that there was some sax axxxtion I thought, “Oh, maybe they’ll do some Laughing Hyenas or something….” I forgot that each band is presented with a list from which to choose their song. The results are, well, right on the MONEY. Good lord.