sister dimension

Ah! This was so much fun to write and I really enjoyed it! I love Hekapoo and I’m glad you liked my sister headcanon! I hope you like this! I wanted to make Hekapoo a bit meaner but couldn’t bring myself to haha, I wasn’t sure how she would act because we don’t have a lot of info on her yet, but I tried my best! Enjoy!


“And I chased her down for years! And when I finally caught her she gave me these scissors!” Marco explained. He showed Tom the scissors. The demon showed no interest, in fact he actually seemed to resent this.

“Yeah that’s great, Marco.” he huffed. “I have to go.” Tom said with no more explanation and walked off. Marco watched him go with confusion. He thought Tom would think his story was cool! And maybe be impressed by it. But Tom walked away leaving Marco alone. He sighed.

Of course Tom didn’t like him. He was a human, boring.

Marco tossed the scissors aside on his bed and flopped down once Tom had left. He sighed a saw Star poke her head onto his room. “Any luck?” She asked. Marco shook his head and sighed, playing with his hoodie.

“I guess he just doesn’t like me… he probably doesn’t even care.” Marco sighed. “I thought telling him that story would impress him! He’d think I was super cool… but he was just annoyed with me.” Marco sighed. Star bit her lip.

“Hey! I’m sure that;s not it! They has to be something more to it than that.” She tried. “I bet Tom really likes you and just can’t say it.” She promised. Marco sighed.

“That’d be something…”


“It’s not fair! Hekapoo has no reason to talk with humans!” Tom insisted.

“Your sister has her own dimension, her own way of life and she tricks mortals and works as a demon should.” Tom’s father hissed. Tom backed away. “And what have you done? All you ever do is mess up and make a mockery of all of us! If you were even a little bit more like your sister you wouldn’t have to rely on humans.” He snapped. Tom’s ears dropped and he flinched at each harsh word.
“I don’t understand why she has to-”

“ENOUGH!” Tom’s father screamed. Tom jumped and started shaking. “Hekapoo did a wonderful job, she wasted a human’s time and caused distress. Although I do not see the progress in it, this has led her to be very successful. Meanwhile all you’ve done is hang around that human boy! Treating him like a companion!”

“I’m sorry…” Tom whispered.

“You should be.” His father growled. “You’re a disappointment and a mistake. Try to be a little more like your sister. At least she knows how to speak up. All you can do is whimper out an apology.” He snapped.

“I’m… sorry.” Tom whispered again. His father pointed to the door and Tom ran out, as fast as he could. He closed the door and curled up in a little ball, sitting outside his father’s throne room and curled against the huge wall.

“Hey Tommy!” He heard a teasing voice. “Did dad yell at you again? What did you do to get him so…” Hekapoo trialed off when she saw her brother so clearly in distress. “…Mad.” She finished. But she all the sudden didn’t feel like teasing him. That was her nature. She joked and pulled pranks, but this didn’t feel as funny all of the sudden.

“You’re perfect.” Tom hissed at her, he was looking away but his crying was clear in his voice. “Everyone loves you. Your work is perfect and everyone values you! You’re good at everything! You always were able to fight and do magic and control your flame… but I was always a mistake. I could never do any of that right.” Tom muttered.

“That’s… not true… you do plenty right.” Hekapoo tried. She wasn’t a nurturing person by nature, and she had never had this happen before. Did their father’s yelling really hurt Tom this badly? Was it something more than what she assumed? Hekapoo gulped, thinking she should have been a better sister.

“That’s not what dad thinks.” Tom muttered. Hekapoo bit her lip.

“Well… dad’s stupid.” She tried. Tom laughed a little bit. “It’s true. He’s a total jerk. And he only treats you like crap because you look like mom.” She told him. Tom gasped and looked up. Hekapoo shrugged. “It’s true. You look just like her and he doesn’t like it so he treats you bad and… you don’t deserve it.” She finished.

Tom sighed and looked away. “Why did you have to take him too?” Tom asked. Hekapoo looked curious.

“Who?” She asked. Tom growled angrily and punched the wall.

“Marco!” He screamed. “Marco Diaz! The human! The one you gave those scissors to! He was the most important thing to me… he;s my ONLY friend! And now all he talks about is you and that adventure you took him on! When the most interesting thing I’ve done with him was eat cereal on a curb.” Tom sighed. Hekapoo played with her dress.

“I didn’t think you liked him all that much.” She responded.

“I do… but he probably doesn’t even care.” Tom sighed. Hekapoo rubbed the back of her head, she didn’t know what to say. “He must think I’m so annoying and boring.” Tom frowned and Hekapoo sat down next to him. “You have everything… why did you need to take Marco too?” Tom asked. Hekapoo was silent.

“I didn’t mean to take him… I don’t even…” Hekapoo trailed off. Tom shook his head and pushed away.

“Save it.” He growled. “I don’t care anymore. He would never like me anyway so you mind as well be better than me at this too.” Tom hissed and walked away.


Tom opened his door a bit confused, not many people came by his own area. But Tom was taken back when He kapoo waved at him. “Hekapoo? What are you doing here?” Tom asked. She handed him a pair of scissors. “What are these?” He asked.

“Marco’s scissors. I took them back from him.” She laughed. Tom madea face.

“Great! You have the attention of the love of my life an ll you use it for is a little game!?” Tom demanded. Hekapoo shook her head.

“No! I took them back from him, so you could return them.” She explained. Tom looked confused. “I stole them and said some stupid riddle to make him think.” She scoffed. “Something about the thing he really wants returning them to him. And I thought you could give them to him to make him consider it. I don’t know.” Hekapoo shrugged. “Even if he didn’t believe the riddle I’m sure he’ll be grateful for you returning the scissors.” She explained. Tom grasped them tightly in his hands and smiled up at her.

“Thank you Hekapoo!” Tom cried and for the first time in a while gave his sister a hug. “Thank you so much!” He cheered.

“No problem… and if he doesn’t like you… then he really didn’t deserve those.” Hekapoo smiled and motioned to the scissors. Tom smiled a bit as well and ran off to go impress his crush.

Magic is weird.
  • Anna : so how do your powers work ?
  • Rapunzel : well i cry and my tears heal-
  • Elsa : wait so your powers comes from your tears ?
  • Punzie : well no, it uh comes from my hair originally
  • Elsa : oh okay so its your hair that was magical
  • Punzie : eeeehhhh no, to be fair it came from a magic flower...
  • Elsa :
  • Elsa : ...ok i'm done i can't
  • Elsa : Anna i'm guessing you're lost too you haven't said a w-
  • Anna : wait so basically you just have to peel onions and can fill flasks and give it to people who need healthcare ?
  • Punzie :
  • Flynn :
  • Elsa :
  • Anna :
  • Elsa :
  • Anna : what ?
  • Elsa :
  • Elsa : jfc i love you so much
What she deserves - Dean Winchester x Reader (Deanna x Male!Reader)

Title: What she deserves

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Deanna Winchester x Male!Reader

Word count: 1,386

Warnings: None

Original imagine: Imagine having a talk with the female versions of Dean, Sam and Castiel that ended up in your universe due to a spell going wrong. (Third and final installment is Dean.Deanna. Dean and Reader are dating. Deanna and Male!Reader - the male version of the Reader - haven’t met (yet). Everything that happens in the Supernatural universe happens in the gender-bend Supernatural universe that Deanna/Samantha/Cassie came from)

“So you and Dean…” the blonde girl next to you started but trailed off.

If somebody told you that there would be a day that you would be talking to the female version of your boyfriend while said boyfriend was in the next room trying to find a way to get her and her sister to their own dimension, you would have laughed in their face.

Here you were, though. Talking to a girl that basically was your boyfriend, from another dimension, though, where every person you knew was gender-bend.

“Yeah?” you asked Deanna, averting your eyes from the pie that was in the oven.

“You and him- He and you-” she struggled to form any words.

You chuckled lightly “Yeah, he and I are together.” you said with a smile.

“Y-yeah, well, I can see that but- Y-you two are- You two have been dating for-” Deanna struggled to say how long you and Dean have been together, finding it impossible to believe it herself.

“Five years, yeah” you chuckled slightly “Is it that surprising?” you raised a playful eyebrow.

“N-no it’s not- It’s- W-well, basically-” Deanna paused for a while, pursing her lips “Yeah, it kind of is. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but you know how he is- How I am. I mean I’m just-” she pursed her lips for a few seconds “-Rolling through town, no stings attached. One night stand and all that. Never had a relationship, an actual relationship that lasted this long. Or more than two weeks for that matter” she shrugged slightly.

You laughed slightly “Yeah, everybody does know that. I don’t know, though” you shrugged “Maybe it’s just all that it took for you to finally, you know, settle down”

“It-it’s just that-” Deanna shook her head with a small laugh “I never thought that I would find myself in a long term relationship, still hunting but -” she pursed her lips, not sure if she should say it.

“Happy?” you asked with a small, though sad, smile.

You sighed and sat next to her “That’s the problem I guess. That’s what always was. You don’t think you deserve it. Do you?” you finally asked and she looked down at her hands.

You let out a sigh “I can’t really tell you how we’ve managed this. Hunting and still being together, have a relationship and the whole pack, but- What I know is that, even though you don’t believe it, you do deserve it Deanna. You may have not met me yet. Well, the other me in your universe, whatsoever. I do know it and I do believe it, though. I do believe that you deserve it. In all honesty, I do believe that you above everybody else deserve it.  I know what you think about yourself- Hell I’ve stayed up till late at night comforting you, the other you, about it. Telling you how damn wrong you are about it. So I’m telling it to you too. It is true Deanna. You do deserve it. You do deserve it a lot. More than you know it. More than you will ever realize it.” you said with a small smile.

You got up after a while with a sigh; making your way to the oven to take the pie out of it after the sound signaling it was ready was heard.

“Y-you… You love him?” Deanna asked almost in disbelief.

You smiled warmly “Yeah. Yeah I do. More than my life or anything else, for that matter” you said “Surprised?” you smirked a little bit.

“Yeah, I- I never thought there would be someone that cared so much for me. I have always been used to taking care of others and now-” she shook her head.

“That too much to comprehend?” you asked with a small smile and she nodded.

“Yeah, well… better believe it cause once you meet me, you ain’t getting rid of me that easily” you said trying to lighten the mood.

“Don’t think I will want to” Deanna mumbled and you laughed.

“Oh yeah, better go ask yourself. I’m sure he’s planing something these days that surely has to do with me, he might be trying to get rid of me” you said and you both chuckled.

“Or maybe something more important” Deanna murmured and you didn’t hear her.

“No wonder, though. After so many years of us being together I would have gotten tired of seeing my ass everyday, for sure.” you said and she mumbled something that sounded like “I doubt it”

You raised an eyebrow at her.

“Believe it or not if I found a guy like you then I would never get tired of him. You’re a keeper, ya know?” she smirked.

“Yeah, not sure about that. Dean must have gotten so tired of my ass that I don’t think he would say that too” you chuckled.

“You haven’t gotten tired of his ass though” she remarked.

“Well, first of; and don’t tell him, have you seen that fine piece of ass? Who would get tired of that?! And secondly; I guess I love him too much to even think of letting go” you ended up mumbling; looking down at the pie.

“And I guess… I would never be able to get tired of him, no matter what” you added in a low voice and she smiled.

“What?” you asked with a laugh, at seeing the look on her face.

“It’s nothing” she shook her head “Just- Never thought there would be someone that would- love me. The way you love him. That there actually is someone out there that will feel that way for me. Despite all my damn flaws and jerk-y behavior you still- You still are with me - him, you still love him so much. I’m the worst at long term relationships, I suck at being a good boyfriend, girlfriend as far as I am concerned, and sure as hell cannot provide what a girl, or in my case guy, like you needs… deserves. Because you clearly deserve so damn much that it surprises me how you still haven’t sought for someone else, someone better. Because you could clearly have any guy you want and you’re stuck with-” you cut her off.

“You still haven’t met me, that’s why you’re saying all the things you are. Deanna I know, and I am fully aware of what I deserve. Certainly it is not Dean, because he is way out of my league. You have no idea how happy it makes to wake up every morning and find him next to me. I know I don’t deserve him, he’s an amazing guy and I could never ask for anyone better. I find myself lucky to actually have him by my side, and I would never change that” you said with a smile and she smiled too.

“Wow” she mumbled “So you do love him huh?” she asked in awe and you nodded.

“Yeah, I do” you chuckled “So when you actually meet my other version, in your own dimension, don’t doubt about it. Or the fact that he will fall head over heels for you from the first second” you said and she chuckled.

“I’ll keep that in mind” Deanna winked and you nodded.

“Oh and if you don’t mind, I would like for you to send me a mail with… you know” you made motioned with your hands “Size” you added with a wiggle of your eyebrows and she chuckled more.

“You got it!” Deanna said with a smile.

You opened your mouth to speak but were cut off by another voice.

“Do I smell pie?” Dean got into the kitchen.

“Yep. I baked some” you motioned to the pie.

“What are we waiting for, then? Give it to me, woman!” he said and you rolled your eyes. Deanna doing the same.

“All this research got me hungry” he mumbled through a mouth full of pie.

“When are you not hungry?” you asked with a smirk.

“I’ll answer that. Never!” Deanna said and Dean rolled his eyes at you and her both.




1 New Message

You opened your phone and read the message Deanna had sent you. A devilish smirk appearing on your face.

“Ha! You hear that Winchester, my dick is bigger than yours!” you yelled.

From Way High Up


You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen! Or maybe you would. What do I know?

Worlds upon worlds of wonder have embraced my many new selves. I’m living a thousand lives at once! And those are just the lives I’m aware of. For instance, in a place called Middle Earth I am reborn a beautiful elf queen. And under the ice shield of a moon called Europa I am a strand of plankton! And in a world we both know  well, I’m a bunch of little girls who look just like me, and maybe other things too… Anyway, my umbrella consciousness has reformed for just a moment; my caretaker, in his mercy, has allowed me to show you these things.

But you definitely won’t believe the most amazing thing I’ve seen. Lately I’ve been looking through a window… A window into bygone years. A man sits in front of a screen, speaking his soul to the world while playing a game. I think I know who he is!

I see this man forming friendships with those who also speak to the world. I know who they are too. They project themselves as tiny box figures into a world made of boxes. It’s so much less detailed than the world where the man and his friends sit. I would not have known Ruxomar and its sister dimensions to be so childlike in appearance except by this contrast!

The days go on as the friends play. The boxlike world is ruled by two gods. Of course I know who they are. The man is faced with a choice between the two. His life is riddled with choices! And like the stubborn idealist he is, he carves out a middle path. He’ll take neither god. He’ll have a goddess all to his own.

He created me.

A man named Jordan Maron created the goddess Ianite in a world beyond worlds. And Jordan Maron looks just like you. He is one of your countless alternate selves. He looks so much less boxy! I think that if I did not already know you and Spark so well, I would call him my favorite version.

Now I grasp the truth I have been seeking all my life. I have seen what is above gods. It is ____________.

My umbrella consciousness won’t hold much longer. Let me say a few choice words before the final goodbye between this version of you and this version of me.

Thank you for choosing to create me. I believe that had the other you not made that choice in that far off world, none of my present selves would exist. In a strange sense, you are my god. Thank you for believing in your creation enough to make it real. Thank you for continuing to love me and make choices for my wellbeing. I hope another you loves another me in another world soon.

If Jordan looks out his window one of these days, he might be able to see me.

Not even creeping. Just fyi.

Forever Your Lady

(((So yeah, I forgot to post this on the actual days of the Prom, because I’m an idiot like that. Instead of an arc, have this picture and a diary entry.)))

The 16th of May, 20–

It was a night like none other. While I don’t recall exactly what happened before it, I do remember plenty of awkwardness when asking Daytime to accompany me to the dance. We spent the next few hours trying on outfits and digging through closets… like we like Luna and Celestia did, all those years ago.

When we arrived at the ballroom, we tried out best to blend in, but, it’s not easy when one is taller than most ponies… and when one’s hair floats in the air. It was rather difficult to act casual with all the ponies staring. Oh, the scandal! The Queen out with a mysterious pony they’ve never seen before, and another alicorn at that!

The music was playing a lovely piece at the time, and it sounded divine. Obviously, we couldn’t do anything but try our hooves at dancing. Anypony watching us must have broken down in laughter as we stumbled and stepped on each others hooves. I don’t know about Daytime, but I hadn’t had the chance to practice in a long time.

Soon after, we left the ballroom for the royal gardens. It was much less crowded there, and the flowers were in bloom. The wonderful scent of roses filled the air and the stars were shining brightly in the night sky that I didn’t remember bringing out. We sat down by the lakeside to gaze at the stars. For once that night, it wasn’t awkward between us. We talked about politics, gossiped about the latest trends, it was actually fun! I felt close to her, like we were actually sisters, instead of sisters across dimensions. It was like I was with Celestia again…