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“Gianni taught me that you have to start from your mistakes, not from your successes.”

- Donatella Versace

OITNB Character Back Stories
  • Galina "Red" Reznikov: While we do not know what exactly got Red in prison, we do know she was involved with the Russian mafia.
  • Poussey Washington: Poussey was arrested for selling marijuana.
  • Yvonne "Vee" Parker: Vee was arrested for running a drug ring as well as hiring someone to murder someone in the ring who ran a side business secretly.
  • Lorna Morello: She was arrested for stalking and attempted murder.
  • Gina Murphy: While it is unclear why she was arrested, one can assume that embezzlement and murder play a part.
  • Gloria Mendoza: She was arrested for food-stamp fraud.
  • Yoga Jones: She is in jail for murdering a child; she claimed she mistook the child for a deer while hunting.
  • Brooke Soso: She was arrested for "illegal political activism."
  • Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren: We do not know much of her backstory or why exactly she was arrested.
  • Nicky Nichols: While the reason for arrest is not obvious, we do know Nicky was a former drug addict.
  • Piper Chapman: She was arrested for smuggling drug money.
  • Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett: She was arrested for shooting an abortion clinic worker after the worker made a remark about Pennsatucky's fifth abortion.
  • Dayanara "Daya" Diaz: Her exact crime is unknown.
  • Sophia Burset: She was arrested for credit card fraud (she stole the credit card information because sex change surgery was too expensive) and her son turned her in because he was not accepting of her transgender identity.
  • Alex Vause: She was arrested for being a drug smuggler in a cartel.
  • Aleida Diaz: She was involved in a drug operation.
  • Miss Claudette Pelage: She was imprisoned for beating a man to death.
  • Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson: Taystee was involved in the drug ring ran by Vee and was arrested for dealing drugs.
  • "Black" Cindy Hayes: She was an airport security guard, and often stole from travelers.
  • Miss Rosa Cisneros: She was arrested for being a bank robber.
  • Sister Ingalls: She was arrested after handcuffing herself to a flagpole at a nuclear test site.
  • Carrie "Big Boo" Black: She was arrested for running a gambling ring as well as theft or fraud.
  • Marisol Gonzalez: She was arrested for fraud and endangerment after selling fake drugs.
  • Janae Watson: She was arrested for armed robbery.
  • Leanne Taylor: Leanne was arrested for drug possession.
  • Gina Murphy: Gina was arrested for embezzlement.
  • Angie Rice: While the cause of arrest is unknown, it is likely to be drug-related.
  • Anita DeMarco: Her offense is unknown.

New Peggy Suave music

Lost and Found
Mark Meltzer

Mark: I found her… found Cindy, by this… this rusted carousel. But she was just standing there, staring, waiting for the music. She doesn’t even recognize me… What have they done to her? Listen to her…

Cindy (Little Sister voice): The man on the moon is a girl, Mr. Bubbles!

Mark: …Uh… Listen, if anyone hears this, I have to know how to cure her. I –

(Big Sister sounds)

Mark: No! Get back! She’s my little girl!

(Gunshot sound)


New electro swing. New Peggy Suave

Robbie’s Awakening Part 7

(Crap I think it’s part seven. I’ll check after posting lmao. I can’t believe we’re on part seven now. I thought I was only going to post one part and no one was going to like it but now everyone loves it and it makes me so happy! Anyway, enough me, the fic):

Marvin knew it’s good that Robbie is remembering things, even if the memories aren’t with him. And he knows he shouldn’t be growing jealous of Chase, but he can’t help it. He has been working with Robbie for three days now, trying to say things that they used to speak of together. Anything to trigger his memory. And then Chase comes in for five seconds, says five words, and Robbie is remembering so many things they had done.

He leads the zombie to the car, trying his best to get over his ridiculous jealousy. Robbie remembering things with Chase could lead to him remembering the things he did with Marvin. He helps Robbie into the back seat this time and Henrik climbs in after, needing to reattach the arm.

Chase takes the driver’s seat before he could and so he hops into the passenger’s seat. As they pull out of the driveway he glances into the backseat to check up on Robbie and Henrik.

The doctor had pulled out the medical needle and thread once more and Marvin begins to wonder if that’d be enough. Then he pulls out a miniature and medical staple gun as well and the magician has to look away because he has such a light stomach. These past few days have been hard on him with the eating of flesh, body parts falling off and all of these medical procedures.

For Robbie, however, he can push those weakness aside.

It takes them about thirty minutes to get to Chase’s house.  These minutes are filled with Chase rambling about how wonderful his kids are and how much Robbie will love them again. Also Robbie attempting to speak but failing every time and Henrik chuckling at the attempts. Marvin stays silent, listening to Robbie’s attempts with a small smile.

They eventually pull into Chase’s driveway and Marvin gets out to help Robbie out. The zombie stumbles a moment and he graces himself to catch him but Robbie catches himself with one of those stereotypical zombie groans(like in minecraft) and begins to sniff at the air. Marvin half wonders why he does that but then he remembers it’s probably his way of seeing. At least, he guesses that.

Henrik steps out of the car and moves to the front seat, bidding everyone goodbye before driving back for Jack’s home. Anti would be getting there soon.

Marvin glances over at Chase’s house and is impressed. He’d actually never been here before. Chase normally brought his kids to Jack’s and didn’t like people coming to his own home. Probably because of Anti, which is totally understandable. That’s the exact reason why Marvin hasn’t told anyone of his secret house in the countryside he uses as an escape and place to create new potions and such. It’s small, but it works.

Chase’s house is one that is in a row of connected houses, stairs leading to the door with a small space for both his car and a tiny area for a flower bed and grass. It’s a light brown color and it’s actually quite cute.

Marvin grabs Robbie’s hand and this seems to scare the zombie a moment before the hold is returned and he can’t help but smile. At least Robbie still seems to trust him and feel most comfortable around him. He should be staying just because of these two facts, not just because he knows how to “control” him. Which is true, to an extent.

They reach the door and as soon as Chase turns the key in the lock it flies open and three kids coming running out, flinging themselves on Chase. “Dad!” They cry in unison, not noticing the two visitors.

Robbie’s muscles tighten and his nostrils are smelling at the air heavily and saliva is dropping in his mouth. Marvin readjusts his hold on the zombie and makes sure it’s tight enough to hold him back because he’s always like this around new people, it seems. Even if he doesn’t want to be. Maybe it’s the new scent of flesh or maybe it’s because he feels the need to be defensive. Either way, Marvin knows he can’t let Robbie especially attack the kids.

Chase pulls away a moment later and motions to the two visitors. “Kids, this is Marvin and Robbie. They’ll be staying with us for a while,” he informed. “Please introduce yourselves… but don’t get too close to Robbie.”

It’s a necessary precaution Marvin is glad Chase is setting.

The tallest of the three kids steps forward first, a large grin on his face. His hair is also dyed a shade of green and it falls a little bit into his face. “Hi! I’m CJ!” He introduces and reaches a hand out. Marvin smiles in return and takes it with his free hand.

“I’m Marvin,” he said in return. He then motions to the zombie he has to hold. “And this is Robbie.”

“He looks kind of funny,” CJ remarked and chuckles when Chase tries to smack the back of his head, but he ducks just in time. “He does! He’s got purple hair!”

“You’ve got green hair!” the little girl behind Chase points out and CJ runs at her and she runs off with a loud laugh.

The remaining child watches them run off before he shrugs and looks up at Marvin, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’m Steve,” he informed and Marvin has to admit that for a young child he sounds deadly serious. “The girl that just ran off is my idiot sister named Cindy.”

“I’m not an idiot!” Cindy called from the other side of the driveway before letting out an “oof” when CJ tackles her to the ground.

“Though, CJ does have a point,” Steve continued speaking before Marvin could say anything. “He does have a different appearance than the average person.”

Marvin sighs heavily. Yes, these are children, but their remarks about Robbie are still getting to him. In fact, he can tell that they may even be bothering the zombie. His eyes are locked on the ground and his head is more lowered than usual, shoulders more hunched.

“He looks fine,” Marvin told Steve, moving the hand from Robbie’s hand to wrap his arm around the zombie’s shoulders, pulling him in closer. Robbie glances up at him, or, he would if he weren’t blind, but doesn’t push or pull away. In fact, he seems to lean into Marvin like he enjoys the half hug. “People can look different from the “average”. I do, your dad does, no offense Chase.”

“Nah, dude, I agree,” Chase said dismissively before looking from Steve to CJ, who is now being repeatedly punched by Cindy. “CJ! Come here!” Once the boy has run over to them Chase places his hands on his hips and gets a stern look on his face. Marvin has to stop himself from snorting because Chase is “being a dad”. “You and Steve should know better than to rudely remark on someone’s appearance. Now, say sorry to Robbie.”

CJ pulls a face but slowly turns to face said zombie, kicking at the ground like the ten year old he is. “I’m sorry, Robbie, that was mean of me,” he said.

“Yeah, what he said,” Steve agreed and when Chase sends him a glare he sighs heavily and tries again, “I’m sorry, Robbie.”

Robbie’s ears twitch and so Marvin knows he heard the apologies, he just doesn’t know if he actually understood. “He accepts your apologies,” Marvin said for the zombie, not wanting to strain him too badly with speaking. He always seems to have such trouble doing it.

“Now, let’s go inside,” Chase said and straightens his back, stepping inside, his kids following behind him much like ducklings follow after their mother. “Cindy, could you show them where they’ll be staying?”

“The couch?” Cindy quipped and giggles at the teasing look Chase sends her over his shoulder. She hops onto the first step of a flight of stairs leading upwards, holding onto the bulb at the top of a small pillar connected with the rest of the railing. “Come on, the guest room is upstairs!”

“I’ll start to make dinner,” Chase informs and pauses when he hears Robbie let out a loud and long grunt of hunger. He meets Marvin’s eyes who presses his lips together in a thin line. “We’ll take Robbie to eat later today.”

Marvin once more helps Robbie up the stairs, waiting on each step for the zombie patiently. He is getting much better at going up and down stairs, but he is still quite slow. Marvin never forces him to go more quickly, however, because he can already hear his bones creaking through his flesh with the speed he’s going now.

The guest room that Cindy takes them to is at the end of a hallway at the top of the stairs. Of course it is on the opposite side of the hall that they stand at now. It’s a reasonably sized room with a single and large bed tucked in one corner and a small dresser on the other wall beside it.

“Here ya go!” Cindy exclaimed, leaning against the door frame. Marvin smiles back at her. He’d have to guess she is around the age of six years. He’s sometimes envious of Chase… Having kids and a kind of family. He has always felt lonely in that aspect of life. Then again, he doesn’t think he could ever raise kids. “I’mma go back downstairs. Bye!”

And with that Robbie and Marvin are left to be in the room.


He doesn’t like this.

Marvin, Chase and Schneeplestein are not in their usual places. Not where he likes them to be.

He’ll need to fix that.


Technically it’s two parts in one but that one anonymous part was too short to post on it’s own lol. Oh, I wonder who it could be!!!!!



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Gay Teen Movie Ideas

1. Cinderella story EXCEPT when the prince guy finds Cindy, his sister and Cindy are dating bc his sister actually bothered talking to Cindy

2. typical jock/nerd trope where a girl working for the school newspaper is assigned to interview the First Female Football Player at their school and they fall in love

3. girl breaks up with her girlfriend bc of distance, falls in love with her best friend, she and best friend live happily ever after. that’s it.

4. cute best friends go on a roadtrip and come back cute girlfriends. everyone is happy for them. good for them.

5. literally any cliche trope but gay. no one dies. they get a happy ending. my gay heart can’t take the angst anymore