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the danvers sisters band au for @fiddleabout

why the speak now world tour is literally the best concert tour to ever exist:

  • i don’t think you should wait, i think you should speak now
  • the extra long intro of sparks fly that just builds up the tension and excitment for when taylor appears
  • the gold sparkly dress
  • the way sparks fly slows down and you can hear the piano play
  • the red electric guitar
  • when taylor takes a pause during mine to make her infamous hand hearts
  • the way taylor shouts “GO!” before the story us starts playing
  • the agency and every single way they are involved in this tour
  • the extended “now now noooooooooowwwww” in the story of us
  • that dancer performing and cheering on the crowd before taylor jumps out
  • the way taylor and the dancers just pop out of the stage during performances
  • taylors cute side braid
  • the banjo/fiddle intro before our song
  • the porch with the front steps
  • those random fake animals
  • the pure country jams with our song and mean
  • the cute little white dress she wears when performing our song and mean
  • the violin intro before back to december
  • back to december being played on piano!!!!
  • the white piano
  • the mashup of back to december/apologise/you’re not sorry aka the best mashup to ever exist ever
  • he said it’s too late to apologise it’s too laaaaaattttee THIS IS ME SWALLOWING MY PRIDE STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU it’s too late to apologise SAYING IM SORRY FOR THAT NIIIIIIGHT it’s to laaaattteee he said you’re not sorry nooo no nooooooo
  • the beautiful blue gown that taylor wears
  • the fact that she’s wearing the better than revenge dress underneath
  • that red sparkly dress
  • how after taylor sings “let’s hear the applause” caitlin and liz sing “show me how much better you are”
  • the guitar solos playing after better than revenge
  • the fact that taylor performed speak now right after better than revenge, like what a master of story telling
  • the wedding march playing before speak now is performed
  • the fact that there was an actual wedding on stage
  • but you are not the kind of boy who should be marrying the wrong girl *CLAP CLAP*
  • taylor fricken swift literally ruining a wedding
  • that beautiful purple dress
  • taylor giving the gloves she wore to some lucky fan in the audience
  • taylor walking through the crowd while an extended version on speak now is playing
  • finally finishing speak now when she arrives at the b stage
  • the b stage being a fricken tree
  • the many amazing covers taylor performed eg nashville, drops of jupiter, bette davis eyes, sweet escape etc.
  • the cute little ukulele she plays
  • the upbeat ukulele version of fearless featuring hey soul sister and im yours
  • the acoustic version of ours
  • the koi fish guitar
  • taylor playing last kiss on the koi fish guitar with the harp being played on the main stage
  • taylor playing the beginning of you belong with me and then making her way through the crowds to get back to the main stage
  • the way she orchestrates the crowd to sing the chorus of you belong with me
  • taylor sitting on the stairs singing dear john
  • the beautiful piano/violin intro with the ballet dancers before enchanted starts
  • the fairytale style dress taylor wears while performing enchanted
  • the whole fairytale theme for enchanted
  • the extended ‘please don’t be in love with someone else etc’
  • when the extended intro to haunted starts playing and taylor acts scared and runs off the stage to change outfits
  • the haunted bells
  • the tattered black/red dress
  • the haunted into + the bells = perfection
  • taylor disappearing under the bells and then returning from underneath the bells like a minute later wearing the black and silver dress and with the sparkly guitar
  • this song is so completely 100% for you
  • the way the crowd screams when she sings “the crowds in stands went wild”
  • the way liz sings “this is absurd”
  • we have absolutely loved spending time in your town and you’ve been so amazing to us. I mean, you guys know every single word and you’ve danced this entire night and it means the world to me and every single person you see on stage. thank you.
  • taylor sitting on the couch with the agency performing fifteen
  • the pretty pink princess dress taylor wears
  • how on the screen there are photos of the agency from when they were fifteen and them at the present
  • how the last photo shown during fifteen is taylor at fifteen
  • how in some shows taylor performed safe and sound
  • that show when taylor performed eyes open before it was officially released
  • taylor of course performing love story
  • flying around the stadium/arena in the balcony
  • all the special guests she brought out during the tour
  • the arm lyrics
  • when she wore the 13 on her hand
  • the way the stage was inspired by central park
  • the fact that this tour so completely portrays the magic that taylor manages to capture in the album that she wrote and produced all by herself when she was 19 years old

Title: Radial Highway (Acoustic Version)

Artist: Devin Townsend

Album: Unplugged (Originally from “Contain Us - Stuff That Was Almost Stuff” and planned for “Ghost II″)

Transcribed lyrics below:

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GO ACOUSTIC: Twin Atlantic - “Brothers And Sisters”

love songs

falling slowly - glen hasard & marketa irglova // fire and the thud (acoustic) - arctic monkeys // i love you - woodkid // skinny love - bon iver // video games - lana del rey // i hate seagulls - kate nash // xo - beyonce // i always knew - the vaccines // hallelujah (leonard cohen) - owl & simone // sea of love (philip phillips) - cat power // you’ve got the love - florence + the machine // ten storey love song - the stone roses // crazy for you - best coast // me and you - she & him // la la love you - pixies // luv, hold me down - drowners // you and me song - the wannadies // yellow - coldplay // i’m gonna be (500 miles) - sleeping at last // i’m sticking with you - the velvet underground // you really got a hold on me (the beatles) - she & him // lovin’ you - minnie riperton // take care - drake ft. rihanna // lovesick - peace // angels - the xx // cosmic love - florence + the machine // lovesong - the cure // can’t help falling in love (elvis presley) - ingrid michaelson // my mistakes were made for you - the last shadow puppets // songbird - eva cassidy // anyone else but you - the moldy peaches // my favourite book - stars // mine - beyonce ft. drake // fire in my heart - super furry animals // together - the xx // california daze - peace // i love how you love me (the paris sisters) - camera obscura // maps (acoustic) - yeah yeah yeahs // there is a light that never goes out - the smiths // at last -etta james //



Me and my sister made a little mashup/cover song. Check it out and give it a like, if you like. ;)

My mom went with me and my sister to the ATL acoustic show in Baltimore on Friday and I dared her to wear her shirt that says “Master Baiter” on it, just in case we would see them. Idk, I thought it’d be funny. Anyway, later that night we went to The Rockwell and my mom went up to Jack and said “I wore this just for you” and showed him. He stood there for a second with this priceless look on his face and then pulled her into a hug. It was seriously one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. He is so adorable.


Cimorelli - “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran

running·for·cover: a mix for the bandit regina and her devilishly handsome “competition”, robin hood.

01. Home/Dirty Paws (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes / OMAM) - Gardiner Sisters (acoustic cover) | 02. Running For Cover - Ivan & Alyosha | 03. Shake - The Head and The Heart | 04. Love That We Stole - Bear’s Den | 05. Us Against the World - Coldplay | 06. Gold - Wake Owl | 07. Fire Escape - Matthew Mayfield | 08. Outlaws - David Lambert | 09. Cover Your Tracks - A Boy & His Kite | 10. Stole You Away - Benjamin Francis Leftwich

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Timshel & Sister (Acoustic) - Mumford & Sons GOTR Waverly