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Pairing: Mirajane/Sorano BroSisTP

Genre: A bit of angst, but mostly friendship 

Rating: K+

Summary: She hadn’t remotely thought that she would ever consider being friends the with happy-go-lucky forever-grinning angelic barmaid that she hated upon first sight. She was wrong. Sort of.

Warning: Spoilers for chapter 493

Notes: Inspired by this amazing fanart of Mirajane and Sorano by @blamedorange!

It was during the party celebrating the victory over Zeref and Alvarez that it had all happened.

She had been watching her for a while, that elder sister of the girl that reminded her so much of Yukino. 

And immediately, she hated her.

She hated how often the barmaid would smile sweetly at everyone, or make small talk and even entire conversations that were clearly unnecessary or help out people who never even asked for it. 

Sorano especially hated how the woman would try and make conversation with her. It was annoying. She was annoying. 

She was also persistent, and no matter how much Sorano threatened or cursed or prodded and teased, she would smile and walk away, before returning sometime later once more.

Jellal was now (finally) allowing his feelings for Erza to show, Erik was cozying up to Mira’s purple haired side-kick, and it seems like everyone in her ragtag guild had found some company.

Even Racer had found someone of similar tastes among those Fairies. 

‘Jet? Spout?’

Which left her alone at the bar, even though she would have definitely liked to be elsewhere. Often, she would look over her shoulder to carefully watch Yukino - who was actively respecting her request for space - interact with that goodie-goodie blonde who now held her keys. Ugh, keys that used to be hers.

She wouldn’t admit how relieved that thought now made her, for the spirits’ sake.

She also wouldn’t admit how that was just another reminder of why she couldn’t simply walk over and hug her baby sister.

She didn’t deserve that privilege.

And so she stayed at the bar, avoiding interacting with any non-Crime-Sorciere member as far as possible. And most got the idea after one or two attempts.

Except this one. 

She watched, attempting to and failing miserably at holding back the rolling of her eyes, as Mirajane approached her once more. 

“Would you like a refill Sorano? Or maybe something to eat?”

Sorano was about to ask her to shut up, when that meddling pink-headed guy wandered up to them.

“Mira, can I have a - ”

“Natsu I’m a little busy right now. Could you ask Kinana, please?”

“But Miraaa, you know you make the best - ”

“Natsu,” she said softly. Smiling. And yet both nearby parties felt the temperature drop by two whole degrees. 

“Uh-huh, yeah, right, sure, Kinana it is, or I can wait, no problem, I’ll go now,” Natsu spoke rapidly before bolting out of there.

Sorano repressed a shudder, not denying how impressive the subtle, but potent, suggestion of dark repercussions had been.


Maybe there was a bit more to the cheery barmaid than met the eye. 

“Please excuse him, he can be a bit…enthusiastic at times, but he’s a nice guy once you get to know him,” Mirajane apologised.

“Yeah? That would probably mean something…if I cared,” Sorano grunted, taking another deep swig of her drink, but she continued as though nothing had been said.

“He was one of Lisanna’s best friends at the guild when they were little. He had been particularly upset when news came of her supposed death.”

Supposed death?” asked Sorano, unable to feign disinterest, looking over at the Yukino-doppelganger now talking to the big lightning guy and his team. 

“Yeah. She took a particularly bad hit during one mission, and was then whisked away to Edolas. We all thought her to be dead,” she explained, her throat audibly tightening towards the end.

Sorano watched guardedly at Mira, observing her eyes cloud in pain at the memories she was recollecting, her heart silently going out to her. She knew better than most what the losing a sibling could feel like. 

“Well she’s here now ain’t she? Looking pretty peachy, I might add,” she said gruffly. 

But Mirajane understood what she was trying to do and smiled, coming back to the present.

“She is. Much like Yukino is. You know, she reminds me a lot of Lisanna.”

“Oh I wonder why,” Sorano responded dryly.

“No, not just in looks. But because of her spirit, her heart. She is a very kind, passionate person. And also very strong. She was expelled from her guild so cruelly, but stayed strong and moved on, even joining the ranks of the Royal Guard.”

Sorano watched in surprise as Mirajane spoke, not having known any of this.

“And then she and Lucy helped the battle to save the capital in a huge way, taking care of the Eclipse Gate. After that battle finished, there was actually a battle among all the guilds to have her join them, right there within the palace! It was a mess!” Mirajane giggled at the memory.

“And then?” asked Sorano, her voice simply ringing with quiet curiosity.

“She chose Sabertooth. She forgave them, and wanted to be a part of the new Sabertooth Sting envisioned - and that’s exactly what she did.” Mirajane blinked and wiped away the little moisture that had gathered in her eyes, turning towards Sorano after.  

Only to see her gazing quietly into her cup, her attention clearly elsewhere.

Mirajane blinked at the sight - the soft, yet proud smile she had on. That been the first time she had seen the ex-celestial mage smile so warmly, and she committed the sight to memory.

“You know,” she began softly. “I’m certain she has these and a lot more stories to share with her nee-chan.”

Sorano swallowed thickly at that, her little sister’s earnest requests at their reunion ringing loudly in her ears.

“Someday she will,” Sorano choked out, though resolutely, turning away from Mira as she teared up. She promised herself, yet again, that she would earn the right to be called Yukino Aguria’s elder sister. 

Mira watched ruefully, silently moving so she shielded the other big sister from the guild’s view, allowing her a little bit of privacy in the crowded hall, as she gathered her bearings.

Days later, Crime Sorciere was being given a multi-guild send-off, the first guild to be leaving Fiore after the week-long festivities had culminated. 

As Jellal bid his team good-bye and a lot of emotional hugs and kisses were shared, Sorano found herself being approached by the oldest Strauss once more. 

And, weirdly enough, she didn’t even feel averse to her anymore. Okay, well, as averse.

“Good luck on your journey,” she said with that angelic smile that usually grated Sorano’s nerves.

But she didn’t have the heart to be her usual salty self. “Yeah, thanks,” she mumbled instead.

She was then pulled into a big, warm hug by the older mage, and made no honest effort to push herself away.

“She’s waiting for you, so make her proud” Mirajane whispered, before releasing her. “And if you’re ever around Fiore don’t hesitate to give me a call, we’ll go shopping!” the Take-over mage added enthusiastically.

Sorano chuckled at that, before offering her a smirk. “They better not be the place you bought those rags from.”

She then matched the responding glare targeted at her evenly, before waving and walking away to the rest of her guild as they began their long journey towards redemption.

She turned around one last time to look at her sister, and then the persistent barmaid.

Hmm, maybe she really could be a friend. 


Ayyy! *high fives* I thought Ultra Maniac was rather a popular series? Lol

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OMG I know how you feel! ;__; *huggles Lon’qu* And yes, I’ll most definitely be reprinting my Chrobin doujin once I finish the sequel~ : )

Thank you, you two! *HUGS YOU BOTH*  ;___; I’m probably spamming everyone’s dashboard with my lame art, but I hope it’s entertaining at least. orz||

My thoughts on them? I like Saizo (because he is so similar to Lon’qu). I let Kaze die in my initial Birthrights run (oops). Kagerou would make a fantastic wife and older sister~ 8′D

….omg. I’ve seen a couple of those from Japanese artists and it’s so cute~ I don’t think I could pull them off though. xDD;;

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“You don’t know what we’ve been through…”

I spent a good two hours on this owie, and my first time drawing Baby (╯°▽°)╯ ┻━┻

Watercolor everywhere!! I tried a new painting style!

DS by @blazenstarlight~ Hope you like waifu!! (*≧∀≦*)


A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

When at last she slept, she dreamed of home. The kingsroad wound its way past Winterfell on its way to the Wall, and Yoren had promised he’d leave her there with no one any wiser about who she’d been. She yearned to see her mother again, and Robb and Bran and Rickon … but it was Jon Snow she thought of most. She wished somehow they could come to the Wall before Winterfell, so Jon might muss up her hair and call her “little sister.” She’d tell him, “I missed you,” and he’d say it too at the very same moment, the way they always used to say things together. She would have liked that. She would have liked that better than anything.

What your favourite Italian author in high school says about you
  • Dante Alighieri:you got beef with like 900% of the people you know and won't stop talking about your crush. it's creepy. please stop.
  • Francesco Petrarca:you use the too good for this world too pure meme a tad too much.
  • Giovanni Boccaccio:you probably laugh out loud watching cinepanettoni but won't admit it
  • Nicolò Macchiavelli:egalitarian; anti-sjw; anti-feminism; #AllLivesMatter
  • Torquato Tasso:you think vergil's aeneid is way better than homer's iliad + odyssey. you're wrong.
  • Ludovico Ariosto:self-righteous ass
  • Alessandro Manzoni:just as self-righteous but with a pinch of #mainagioja
  • Ugo Foscolo:sideburn fetish
  • Giacomo Leopardi:i really hope therapy worked for you
  • Giovanni Verga:who the fuck am i kidding no one likes giovanni verga
  • Giovanni Pascoli:you wanna fuck your sister
  • Gabriele D'Annunzio:fuckboi
  • Luigi Pirandello:existential crisis 24/7
  • Giosuè Carducci:damn giosuè back at it again with the self-righteousness
  • Italo Svevo:just stop smoking already
  • Giuseppe Ungaretti:basic bitch
  • Eugenio Montale:you thought Leopardi was going to be your all-time fave but damn boy them cavallo stramazzato feels

You’d been having a mental debate all day on whether you should introduce your boyfriend to your brothers or not. He’d been texting you recently and you decided they deserved to meet him. Only, you were sure Dean would be too terrifying for Y/B/N to deal with so maybe just Sam.

Thankfully, it seemed it was your lucky day as Dean went off to the pub and left you and Sam alone for the day.

“Hey, uh, Sam?” You pipe up, poking your head round the door to his room.

He looked up and gave you a smile, silently telling you to continue. “There’s someone I want you to meet.”  You practically drag Y/B/N in the room and look between the two of them awkwardly. Sam knew you had a friend round but he didn’t think it would be him.

“Hi….” Y/B/N looked a little awkward and you smiled sheepishly.

“Y/N, could you get my laptop charger please?” Sam asked and you thought nothing of it, leaving to go and find yours as you had no idea where his actually was.

Sam looked over to him and rose from the bed. He glared down at the boy’s shaking figure, who was only just taller than you. “If you dare hurt my sister I will singlehandedly rip every single bone from your body, grate them up and feed them to the bears. Do you understand me?” He hissed.

Y/B/N nodded, his eyes wide with terror and backed away slightly. “I- I…” He stuttered but before he could find the courage to speak you arrived back and handed Sam the charger. “Thanks, love.” He smiled and plugged it in before sitting back down.

“You two have fun!” He called smugly as you closed the door.

“He’s uh…tall.” Your boyfriend comments anxiously.

“Haha yeah, but he’s not that bad. Wait until you meet Dean.” 

Requested by @ijspn

I hope it’s not too late (finger cross) can you do one where the reader (sister) has a boyfriend and she just introduce him to Sam ‘cause she thinks Dean would be all badass and scared him but then when she leaves Sam and her boyfriend alone he puts the fear of god into him? pleaaaseee
I’m sorry this took so long! But thank you for requesting, I had fun with this one xD

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Idk man, the mystery behind Angelica Hamilton always makes me curious. I'd love to hear your thoughts about her!

Ok, I first want to say to read @madamejumel‘s tag on Angelica for lots of facts and some great questioning of the sources that are out there.  

What follows here will be a bit of a combo of facts and speculation:

We know that she got the typical education of upper class girls of her time, though she was never sent off to boarding school for a year (that we know of) like Eliza was.  Given that she was the only girl for so long, I think she may have been incredibly close with her mother.  I wonder if Eliza felt bad about not giving Angelica a sister like she’d had.  And I think her being the only girl meant she was often singled out in both good and bad ways.  I don’t get the sense there was a tomboy in her like there was in her mother, but as the only girl, there could’ve been more pressure to act the part of a young woman, especially when they lived in the city rather than rural Albany. 

After Philip’s death, I’m not sure what I think happened.  The letters where Hamilton requests birds for her…I don’t take it as more than a father wanting to please his daughter.  We don’t know WHY he wanted to please her though.  I don’t take from that that he was doting on her hand and foot. We know in 1804 she was having parties thrown for her/throwing parties at The Grange.  What I wonder is if she was depressed after Philip’s death and this was her starting to come out of it.  She was also 19, time to get her back into society!  Make sure she’s not behind. 

I wonder/worry too if they pushed her or what may have been done in the name of curing her. 

I wonder, too, if whatever she had may have been there before but worsened after the deaths.  Given that she had a first cousin who may have had something similar happen–and not until he was about the age Angelica was–I wonder about the genetic thing.  Could something have happened regardless of Philip’s and Hamilton’s deaths?  We just don’t know. 

I’m really curious how long she stayed at home.  I’ve seen actual published works characterize her as violent (based on nothing) and I cannot imagine that to be true.  Remember, Eliza still had toddlers in the home.  Just given that and knowing Angelica was there with them, I do wonder if she was just not completely lucid all the time.  But it is really important to me that people not think she was locked in a room, separated from her family, or treated as a burden to them or some angst black hole.  They loved her and she loved them.

I wonder if her talking to Philip and playing those songs was actually a comfort to Eliza, a way to transport herself and remember that time when her husband and son still lived.  As if she could imagine that Philip was only just out of earshot.

And I kind of wonder if Eliza kept Angelica home until she moved to D.C.

It seems it was important for everyone that she be provided for.  John C in a letter is pretty clear about making sure funds set aside for Angelica were protected.  Eliza H H received letters about Angelica’s status.  We don’t know how often they visited with her, but I hope it happened.  They didn’t forget about her, but I don’t know if she knew that or not.

I wonder if she was happy!  I really hope she had some happiness!  

So, i was watching this video from Ashens with my friend Pirill a few days ago about some italian knockoff blindbag thing ( i’m not even sure you can call that thing a knock off but whatever ) and as soon as i saw how it was posed

External image
i felt i had to try to redraw that pose and try to make it a bit cuter…of course rarity was the perfect choice because that’s clearly very ladylike and fits her perfectly ( yes, that’s sarcasm ). Once i was done, she looked very lonely so i added her sister as well :D

dA link

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Aunt Cor, I do hope Kaneki and Touka will adopt the Zero squad and make them their children. Touka "Mama" and Kaneki "Papa" are the next simbolic parental figures, I'm calling it.

OMG when did I become an Aunt :’D 

But what about Papa Hirako though!!! Maybe the Garden Kids can join Hinami and have Kaneki onii-chan and Touka onee-chan :3

I’m so looking forward to more of the Garden babies- ever since last chapter I can’t stop thinking of them. I love them already and I don’t even know their names :’)

NCT  Reaction - Older members catching younger ones looking“accidentally” at a sexy photo of their girlfriend 


Jaemin feels deeply shy and embarrassed watching Yuta’s girlfriend photo in a bikini. He just wanted to play a simple game, instead, he pressed by mistake the gallery icon. But Yuta cheers him up, telling him it’s fine, it could have been worse…releasing his inner sassy mood! “You want to see more Jaemin-ah?Come with us at the beach and you’ll see her sister too…:D” He just loves teasing his younger fellow member! 


Taeil cares deeply about his younger members, but when he catches Jeno looking at his phone his mood changes completely! YAH, what are you lookin’ at?” grabbing the phone out of his hand…omg! He was looking at his girlfriend photos… and one he took when she was wearing that sexy lingerie he bought on her birthday!! Come here Jeno-yah, I’m gonna give you a hard beating today!”. Thank goodness the other members are stopping the wild hyung, if not this would be his last day for sure!

Ten & Johnny

Since both share the same computer, but different accounts, they are comfortable saving their private pictures…until Mark and Haechan somehow get hold of their passwords! These 2 boys are having too much fun watching Ten’s girlfriend cos-playing sexy costumes and Johnny’s one wearing cheer-leading revealing costumes! But their fun won’t last longer, since Ten and Johnny are already behind them, ready to tweak their ears and make them stand up with their arms lifted, until they feel deeply sorry for their naughty behavior! These hyungs are so harsh..Who uses “10101010101010101010″ and “foreign swagger” as a password? It’s their fault after all!” Ahahah poor babies! 


He catches Jisung looking at his phone pictures, but feels relieved he doesn’t have any naked picture of his girlfriend. Since the group maknae is the most cherished member he feels really bad scolding him, leaving it with just a cute shy laugh…On the other hand, Jisung may just want to hide somewhere far away, feeling sorry towards his hyung. Poor baby, he just wanted to see their last dance performance Taeyong recorded for them…


“Come here Donghyuck-ah!”  Doyoung hates that he stole his vroom vroom show success, now he’s making a fuss about his girlfriend wearing a sexy pink bunny costume he saw by mistake, when he unlocked his phone? Let this guy live in peace with his fluffy kinks! Be prepared to be chewed up in 5, 4, 3, 2….


He is so pure at heart, even if his dongsaeng Jeno saw his girlfriend’s sexy pictures, he knows who’s gonna beat later when they’ll  arrive at the dorm. It was actually the cutie Haechan, like always, getting hold of his phone password and pushing innocent Jeno to do such a naugthy action!


It was actually his idea giving Jisung his phone to play a game, but when he saw the younger one looking at a sudden call he received from his girlfriend, showing her sexy chest picture on the incoming call…he felt flustered…that was unexpected! Poor baby Jisung, he just hopes he won’t have “bad” dreams at night! Next time he’ll make sure to change his gf’s profile picture, unless he wants his other members to get shocked too!

harbingerofbooksandbakedgoods  asked:

If you have that glitch where you toss a pokeball but it doesn't blink and just zoom in DON'T immediately restart (a mistake I've made.... Oh 274 Nidorino.....). Just wait 45 seconds-a minute til it's about the normal catch time. THEN restart. Check if you caught the pokemon--This has happened a dozen times to me and l just discovered waiting means it isn't all a waste

Good information! That happened to me with a Ponyta. I was pretty frustrated so I sat there for at least a minute hoping it would unfreeze, it ended up not unfreezing, so I restarted the game thinking I’d lost Ponyta.

Showed my sister what Pokemon I’d caught on my walk later and, surprise! Ponyta had been caught! This is the only time it’s happened to me personally though.



Additional information/clarification from the sender: “DON’T immediately restart” meaning don’t close the Pokémon Go app out right away when it does not zoom in on the Pokeball and the Pokeball does not begin to pulse as it tries to capture the wild pokemon.

Let the app remain open and running for at least 45 seconds (though, the longer the safer it seems) and THEN close out the APP and reopen it. This seems to make it so that you still capture the Pokémon despite the animation not being triggered and the app seemingly freezing.

(In my experience, the background continued to animate and move as normal, it just would not zoom in on the pokeball and the pokeball would not pulse. I believe that is the same thing that OP is describing. I won’t say that this is a guaranteed fix as the results can vary from person to person, but it’s worth a shot regardless)