I keep seeing comments about how idols don’t have the right to complain or feel sad because they’re “celebrities” who are “rich”. Honestly, that makes me really mad. Idols are humans too. They have their own thoughts, emotions, and feelings. They’re not perfect, just like us, and that’s okay. I understand that some people may not like some idols for certain reasons. However, that does NOT give you the right to be leaving hateful/hurtful comments on their social media accounts or music videos. 

The idea that mental illnesses are not real needs to stop. Mental health issue is very much a real and serious issue. Idols have their own problems and struggles that we fans will never know about unless we become idols ourselves. You can’t just go around telling them how to feel or what to do because you have this particular view of them. They’re always under constant pressure to be “perfect” and that’s already hard enough on them. They do NOT need any hateful/hurtful comments to read. For all you know, those words could be the last straw.

Ever since the devastating news about Jonghyun was announced, I keep seeing those terrible comments about him and other idols. That’s why I decided to make this post talking about just a few idols who talk about these issues. Isn’t one death enough for you all?? How many deaths does there need to be until you realize that this is a serious issue that needs to be handled delicately? Why do you have to continue to criticize idols and tell them to go die just because they’re not doing/didn’t do something exactly the way you want them to? Why do you make their mental health issues invalid simply just because they’re celebrities? Remember that these idols are human beings too. Think before you post, comment, or say anything. Once you say it, it cannot be taken back. Don’t say something that you’ll regret later on. This goes for any mental health issues regarding a human being, idol or not.

It’s the year 2040


Momoland Boom Boom has once again begun climbing back up the charts.

CL and Blackpink have yet to release an album.

Jay Park still looks twenty three years old.

ARMYs and Exo-ls are still arguing though this time it’s because of a mistranslation.

ReVeluvs are still trying to figure out the meanings behind each Red Velvet music video.

Twice are still criticised for making girly bops.

Girls Generation have not disbanded and are still going strong despite dropping two songs every few years.

NCT now officially has over seven hundred members.

Mark is in in every single NCT sub-unit.

Dean has collaborated or produced a song for every artist known to humanity.

Jessi still remains the unbothered queen she’s always been.

Monsta X have become the international meme resource.

Namjoon still hasn’t received a hand shake.

Yixing has returned to multiple idol making shows, constantly shutting down contestants to the point some shows have had to be cancelled due to lack of contestants.

Somi has joined and left fourteen different groups.

Sistar still hold the crown for iconic summer queens.

B.A.P are still making songs about betraying each other.

Day6 Jae has yet to receive his lunch money.

BamBam is. Still. Dabbing.

iKON are still in Japan, slowly becoming a jpop group.

G-Dragon still can’t recognise his own music in 2x dance segments.

Why ARMYs Need To Stop

ARMYs are really making a lot of people avoid bts and Kpop tbh… I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I’m just so tired and wanna rant

Before I continue, yes I understand that not all ARMYs are toxic, a lot of you are some of the nicest coolest people I’ve ever talked to

But because BTS is so big and the fandom has grown, there are plenty of toxic people within it now and it’s soooo fucking annoying

ARMYs start shit all the time now… like all the time, they say whatever whenever because they think BTS are THE only talented Kpop group for some dumb reason

“This groups rappers could never compare to ours” “Ok but has anyone noticed they’re copying BTS?” “It’s cool that your group won that little award, but BTS went to the BBMAs so…”

I’m so sick and tired of this shit

I know that in some cases y’all are just trying to defend yourselves, but honestly the majority of the time now, I see ARMYs starting stuff before anyone else, not just saying things out of defense

Y’all constantly talk down on other groups like they aren’t talented or something, just because BTS went to the BBMAs, well news flash: Western recognition for a band doesn’t determine their level of talent

All Kpop groups are talented and have worked very hard to get where they are

YES! Even idols under the big three companies! They all trained for years, stay up late working on songs and choreo, and put in lots of time to be the best artists they can be

All Kpop idols have put in their fair share of time and work to be recognized. They all deserve recognition. I’m proud of all of them.

Let me repeat that:


Let me say this again:


Don’t get me wrong, I love BTS, and I have for many years. The boys are so talented and I’m glad people are seeing that and yes the BBMAs were a big deal and I’m very proud of what they’ve accomplished

I’m just annoyed that y’all will shit on every other band, start rumors about members, and trend rude things about them on Twitter because of your weird obsession of keeping BTS at the “top.”

Which once again, I’ll mention, getting recognized in America isn’t really the “top.”

BTS love other Kpop bands. They love being friends with them and hanging out with them. I’m sure it rips their hearts out when you attack their friends for no good reason.

Other bands deserve the love BTS has, so stop acting this way. It’s embarrassing for the rest of the fandom that knows better and it’s embarrassing for BTS. The way y’all talk about them now paints them as arrogant jerks, but we all know they are far better than that. I’m tired of hearing

“BTS knows they’re better than all other groups” “They won’t let other groups ride on their coattails” “BTS knows they ended all other groups”

Like seriously stop, BTS doesn’t think that way about other groups, those people are their friends, they’re not constantly trying to show them up or be above them.

BTS is doing what they love. They’re making music and sharing it with the world. But because of you guys their messages don’t come off the same way they used to. And people don’t see them the same way anymore either.

You’ve turned them into a spectacle, not artists.

“There’s that Kpop group with the crazy fandom”

It’s not about you ARMY. It’s about the boys you’re supposed to love and support and carry through everything.

It’s not about starting fanwars or acting like other groups aren’t as talented. It’s about sharing how amazing BTS is and showing the world how truly talented they are.

Just share positivity. You know that’s what your boys want. They want you to be kind to others and enjoy their music. Stop constantly hating other groups and accusing them of copying BTS and other such nonsense. (Y’all almost ruining Minos life the other day by passing around misinformation bc that’s how ready y’all are to destroy anyone who isn’t BTS is a whole different rant of mine).

Just love. Spread love. Be kind. Support don’t discourage. Lift up don’t take down. Love don’t hate. I know you know better ARMY. Do better for your boys

-Someone who has made her own mistakes in the past and just wants all of us to move past silly fanwars and unnecessary hatred

Trust me, I know from my own experience that passing around hate helps nothing, be bigger, be better, be kinder


ARMYs aren’t the only ones to blame for unnecessary hate, so I hope you will all take this to heart

An edit to the original post for anyone about to comment what I’ve already been reading in comments today:

1. Yes I know, not all ARMYs, I clarified this originally, I know there’s plenty of people within ARMY who aren’t toxic, I get that, I’m just saying that ARMY grew significantly recently for obvious reasons and therefore by sheer numbers of new fans, there’s a lot more toxicity within this fandom recently, many new fans don’t know how to act and surprisingly I’ve seen a lot of people feeding into their attitudes instead of condemning them for starting shit

2. If you comment hate below this post you’re just proving my point

3. Yes I understand that other fandoms are toxic too, I understand that there’s toxic people in all fandoms, I concentrated on ARMY bc they’re the fandom the whole world is looking at right now due to BTS going to the BBMAs, however just because I used ARMY as an example doesn’t mean what I’m saying doesnt apply to all fandoms, it was a message for all of you to take to heart and understand that fan wars are ridiculous and they need to stop, and if we just let toxic people be and ignore it instead of condemning it as some people suggested, the toxic people will just get worse since they aren’t facing consequences for their harmful behavior, everyone needs to be kept in check

4. My only message here is to stop hate, it’s not to encourage you to push blame to another fandom, or try to argue why someone else is worse. I wasn’t trying to tell y’all you’re wrong for only liking one group. It’s completely ok to like one group and one group only. But it’s not ok to be rude in any way or form to another. That’s my whole message. Stop hate.

5. Something else I guess I didn’t word well, sorry: you can think your favs are the best, that’s why they’re your favs, in your own personal opinion they’re the best, my real problem is when you specifically put down another group to call them the best aka (as I’ve seen on twitter before) “it’s sad that people listen to SVT and not bts when their rap line can’t even rap” THATS when I have a problem with it, go ahead and support your favs and call them the best, but don’t use your own personal opinion of what’s best to put down other groups


If you’re about to comment about the fact that people should just be able to separate their love for a band from the fandom, please go ahead and read the comments to see how many examples there are of people having such scarring times with ARMYs that they literally cannot even look at BTS anymore, once again, I didn’t write this post for you to try to move blame, the whole world is looking at you right now ARMY, you’re causing people to avoid BTS and Kpop altogether, you really cannot separate the two when you love a band because when you scroll through tags and social media to learn more about them, you just see that stuff, it’s not avoidable, and ya, you can ignore it for awhile, but sometimes it becomes overwhelming, and like people in the comments have mentioned, sometimes they were part of ARMY but because of mistreatment by others, being in the fandom and loving BTS were ruined by them, don’t you dare lecture people about “separating fandom and band”


I need you people who are commenting hate below this post to really stop and think what you’re making yourself look like to everyone who reads it

Also big shoutout to the ARMYs reading this post that are legitimately reading the whole thing, actually considering what I’m saying, agreeing with me, giving legitimate and respectful arguments where they think I’m wrong, and not just seeing that this was about ARMY and immediately sending a flurry of rude comments my way without even considering what I was saying, y’all are amazing, thank you for being so graceful about this

Different Fandoms in Fanwars

“This is for comedy only. I had too many Kermit pictures that I had to use”






Shinee/BigBang/Super Junior/ all older groups

Rookie Groups

“Just arrived and doesn’t know what’s happening”

Underrated groups who lost instantly

½ Year old groups

some of the most beautiful kpop music videos ~

SHINee- Tell Me What To Do

VIXX- Dynamite 

Mamamoo-  Décalcomanie

EXO- Universe 

Sechskies- Couple

Red Velvet- Peek A Boo

K.A.R.D- You In Me

F(x)- Four Walls

BTOB- I’ll Be Your Man

Some more: 

Something I wanted to say…Leaders

I have to say this after just realizing it with some of my favourite groups…personally I am NOT a fan of any kinds of hierarchy because I think we can only survive if we finally accept equality as a common thing for everyone. Now in kpop, there is this thing with leaders I lately felt like talking about because of that… what makes leaders the best and what doesn’t.

Being a leader means to guide the group, NOT to dominate it.

I’m not saying this because I want to shade or blame any other group, it’s just that some give different vibes here than others. NCT for example has almost 20 members by now, but somehow, they still manage an equality.

And that is what a leader has to do - bringing balance in the individuality of members to make them a team. And this is why being a leader is so hard.

You have to take care of every single member, every individual problem and need, every opinion. And then, you need to bring these together in ONE and balance them out to create the right vibe of the group because let’s be honest here, that makes 60% (at least) of a group.

I know not many people see this but it is also one big reason why some groups become big and others don’t, no matter what talent they have. It is the energy the group creates, and it is the leader’s job to guide them there.

People don’t see what thesee groups go through, we only see the outcome. A leader has to take care of all of it despite their own needs, need to solve every issue without being biased not only for the group but the company, and besides that, protect them from the wrong influences or possible scandals. They have to keep the face of the group and make it as easy as they can, no matter what.

And through all of that, fight their own insecurities. We don’t see the burden. And of course, some of them might get scared or overstressed because that’s hell of a position to be in.

You need to make it fit for everyone. And that includes the group, the fans who can be just as cruel, the management, media, and sometimes even families to please. Only one mistake you do can destroy it all for the members.

Now imagine being in that position without any of these giving you the respect to keep you stable. Let it be immature fans, bandmates in a difficult position, contracts you signed burning your freedom away or media on your heels. This is not a job for everyone, especially not for those who try to deal with it by ‘ruling’ over their group and keep control. This causes imbalance, and noticed or not, you will be able to feel when the dynamics in a group change.

Leaders are there to balance it all out, and some need to remember what it’s like to hold more strings that anyone can see - and that they are still only human.

True leaders chose the group over anything else. Fame, issues, insecurities. And that’s why the group accepts them as a leader.

I just wanted to say that because I find some of them are doing a great job.