I finished my Sist’s faceup… two weeks ago (the one from Mandarake)?  The ice and snow delayed the shipment of eyelashes I had incoming, so she was just hanging out on the shelf unfinished ;_;.  I’m gonna call her Chanterelle :D.  Soon, she’ll have a fantastic wig from beansproutmomo *squealing*.  I’m just not a fan of this Kemper wig, but it’ll do, for now.  I gave her some of the DIY eyes with pink glitter and I think I love it :3.

Yui~ so lovely in the setting sunlIght!
I am really tempted to buy a tan GPD Tofu 😭 I’m going to be swimming in mini boys if I dont cool it though lol. I’m expecting a tan minifee Renida boy, the potato head minifee event doll whenever he comes out, and whenever GPD rereleases Mini Kai again I’m jumping on that shiet.
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