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Hi, about that Prague post...have you study czech? :)

no, but I really wanted to - basically my top two university choices were Sheffield and Newcastle. I really wanted to do Czech at Sheffield, because it’s a beautiful language and the Czech Republic has such an interesting history, but in the end I chose Newcastle because I didn’t want to go to university so close to home

Czech is definitely a language I hope to pursue after I finish my degree, though ^^ 

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I have seen the post about Prague and I was really confused by your tags 'cause I thought you were Norweigian...I am almost certain I would noticed another fellow Czech. So my question is: are you Czech who lives in Norway of Norweigian who lives in (or just visited) Prague? :)

Oh yeah, I understand the confusion ^^ I am in fact half Czech and half Norwegian, but usually just say I’m Norwegian because I’ve lived here longer and identify more with Norwegian culture. But I lived in Prague for 8 years and I visit my family there every year so I still regard Prague as my city c: So where in Czech Republic are you from? :D

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Say five facts about yourself and send to 10 of your favorite followers!

ahhhh hello there! >u< i feel so honoured for being in that list<33

so ok five facts hmm

  • scottish accent is my favourite accent
  • ultimately i’ve been feeling really artsy and i’ve been painting some shirts and bags with the acrylics i have (all hs related)
  • Donna is my favourite companion
  • i have no idea what i want for christmas
  • i got into sherlock because we watched study in pink at school with the english teacher

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No no, you are right. Like how can some people have such a strong emotion towards something so unimportant as a for example tv show or someone else otp or food? They can always say they “don’t like it”. I don’t like lots of things and hate few (and one of them is when people…

yeah i feel ya

but i guess some people just do and it’d be wrong to say that they shouldn’t even if it doesn’t seem right