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“I’m already dead myself.”

If ever there was a Ace Attorney/Ghost Trick crossover, I’d imagine it something more like Investigations.  More than one terrible person like Kristoph or Dahlia in the universe probably has a bone to pick Phoenix and friends, so they’d probably wind up murdered. Except not really because, oh hey, ghost tricks.  So the attorney’s team up with ghosts for some reason to figure out who the killer(s) is, only to discover that maybe some not so friendly ghosts on the killer’s side are also using tricks of their own to keep them dead.  Bonus points for spirit mediums allowing ghosts to take temporary human forms.

I don’t know.  I like pretending it’s possible.

thepersonwhoexists  asked:

Haha! M!A, Prince Fluff goes mute for 5 asks (or as many as you want) ((Also, I know I just started following you but browsing through your works you have inspired me to work on a project of mine, thanks! Hope you have a great day.)) ~Admin Sissel/Quirty

((Sounds fine with me.))


It was the strangest sensation, what with Fluff opening his mouth but hearing no words escape from it. While he knew the words he wanted to say and did his best to formulate his lines, he was unable to express his mind and let his words be heard by anyone around him. 

A panic mode took hold, as the poor yarn child began to flail his nubs about during the onset of the chaotic spell that had taken place.