siskos tho

that post tho where sisko is just a bystander and does basically fuck all bc he doesnt want to mess up the timeline like a) no and b) he’s probably the most morally grey character on trek. he wouldnt give a damn about the timeline. he’s literally lead protests in the 21st century before. sisko would happily punch tr*mp.

he’d do more than that to- he’d lead BLM rallies and not my president protests, he’d quote fucking,,, philosophers who arent even alive yet and then he’d laugh when the temporal investigators come to question him. heck, he’d get garak in on a scheme to Fuck Tr*mp Up lmao he wouldnt be like “oh no,,, the timeline” look @ picard for that 

edit: should clarify that i think sisko a) wont be as much of a stickler for rules by the end of the series and b) would replace someone to do this like he did w/ the bell riots