Favourite Star Trek Episodes - Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)

Maybe we’re nothing more than figments of his imagination. For all we know, at this very moment, somewhere, far beyond all those distant stars, Benny Russell… is dreaming of us. 

celebriian asked:

Jadzia and Kira start the biggest prank war anyone on ds9 has ever seen. Even Odo gets involved, though he won't admit it of course. Sisko attempts to bring order back to the station but ends up being locked out of his room for 3 days and followed everywhere by a small crowd of Bajorans.

Odo decides to prank Garak, and Bashir nearly dies of laughter when Garak walks into their shared quarters and gets hit with a bucket of water.

Jadzia pranks Sisko by replacing all his baseballs with Earth oranges painted identical to baseballs. The holodecks need a lot of cleaning, so she essentially pranked Quark as well.

Jadzia and Kira are in their quarters laughing at their ability to annoy and prank the crew when all of a sudden they start talking in high-pitched voices: Garak and Bashir worked together to release helium into Jadzia and Kira’s shared quarters.

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