Command Team Relationships

-Spock to Kirk: I am and always shall be your friend.

-Riker to Picard: Serving with you has been an honor.

-Chakotay to Janeway: The woman warrior was brave and beautiful and very wise.

-Kira to Sisko: I…don’t think you’re the Devil.

on the subject… i get really sad when people characterize sisko as this super grim hardass. like. he absolutely CAN be very severe. that’s pretty necessary for a man in his position. (even “soft boi” kirk could lay it down when it became necessary). but. he’s also 100% a family man too. he loves cooking. he invites his crew to come cook and have dinner with him. he loves his son so much. he’s always so loving and supportive of jake and his dreams. (honestly, he loves kids in general.) he likes nostalgia, baseball, folktales, and shipbuilding. and he is always, always showing how much his staff means to him, both verbally and in his actions. how many times did he bend the rules to protect his staff or to allow them to do something spiritually/emotionally important to them? and GOD, is he clever. 

i hate to see his character flattened out to “done-with-your-shit guy”