one of my favorite speeches in all of the treks and something really interesting to take into consideration when seeing how the federation interacts with non-federation species

A Complete Guide to the Captains

If the Captains were transported back in time to 2016-17 

 Kirk: Would see trump and the republicans and lead protests and show people how to contact representatives to get shit done. 

 Picard: Would look at the trump presidency and write speeches condemning the actions of trump, but also tells the american people to be calm and tell them that rioting is not the answer. 

 Sisko: Would go back and forth about whether or not he should punch trump in the face.  ultimately decides that changing the future isn’t worth it. 

Janeway: Say fuck this and takes Sisko back in time to before the primaries through the Starfleet Temporal Agency. They both rush the stage to punch trump in the face. It was glorious. 

 Archer: Straight up Punches trump in the face. Calls up everyone involved in the temporal cold war to Punch Trump in the face.