The genus Spinus, containing mostly New World siskins and the American Goldfinch. These species were once included in Carduelis along with Old World goldfinches. 

The Black Headed Siskin (Spinus notata) is thought to be a “patriarch” species from which similar South American siskins radiated after the founder population crossed the Panama isthmus in the late Pliocene. 

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New York-based food artist Jessica Siskin has an awesome motto:

“because everything tastes better when it’s made of rice krisp treat. except pizza.”

Siskin seems to have mastered the art of recreating just about any food or food package in the form of a yummy Rice Krispies Treat sculpture. She also recreates plenty of otherwise inedible objects as well, which means we can finally enjoy satisfying bites of turntable and boom box.

To check out many more of Jessica Siskin’s mouthwatering Rice Krispies Treat creations and keep up with her latest work, follow her on Instagram at mister_krisp.

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Siskin, Waxwing, Redpoll and Crossbill taken from ‘The Illustrated Book of Canaries and Cage Birds’ by W.A. Blakston, W. Swaysland, and August F. Wiener.

In the nineteenth century wild birds were caught and caged for their songs hence their images in this book of cage-birds. It is illegal today (in U.K.) to catch and cage wild birds or steal their eggs.                

Published 1878 by Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co.