Apparently there was an odd smell in the office today at Lochwinnoch. The source of the smell was only found a couple of hours later when one of the staff members was talking to us about dead birds and remembered there was a dead siskin in a box under one of the desks. So I ended up bringing him home, he’s a bit far gone to try and mount so I’m drying his wings, feet and tail. We are also trying his skull with the beetles so we’ll have to see how well that goes. He also has some jewellery so hopefully we’ll be able to learn a little more about him.


Aberdevines & Alders

Ystwyth Trail, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales

Towards the end of our walk a large stand of Alder, Alnus glutinosa (2)
were busy with feeding Siskins, Carduelis spinus (4)(5)(6) these are small acrobatic finches which can commonly be found feeding upside down on alder cones. Siskins are a widespread species being found right across Europe. It is one of the few birds which has benefited from conifer plantations which have greatly increased it’s range.

It was a lovely walk and I look forward to walking along it later in the year when all the spring flowers are out.

Farewell fair siskins.

Well they disappeared as quickly as they came. After 2 weeks of constant siskin visitors to the feeders and getting used to their presence the siskins completely disappeared 2 days ago. I still have my wonderful goldfinch but it’s really quite sad. Bon voyage sissies, do come again for one of our all inclusive finch holidays. x

(This is one of the last pics I took of a lovely male on with some goldfinch).