「 Impey Barbicane & Sisi 」

“You saw Sisi’s leg, right? Apparently, some complete stranger lopped it off. Impey brought him home, saying he felt sorry for him, and made that prosthetic leg, bawling all the while. His love is still one-sided, though. But Sisi is still alive because of that. He loves his food, too.”


When we’re together, I have fun. When we’re together, it makes me want to dream. No matter what happens from now on, I know that this day…will be a precious memory to me.

Marchesa Luisa Casati dressed as Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi) in 1934. Photo by Man Ray. 

Tribute to Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi)

The Telegraph


The Signs as Famous Queens pt. 2

*I don’t know why some of the descriptions are bolded but I’ll try to fix that

Libra-Katherine the Great, Empress of Russia (1762-1769)
This Queen is first and foremost famous for her irresistible charms and political brilliance. Coming to court aged 16 she already learned strength of will and ambition in her youth. As a ruler she used her good education to teach humanism and diplomacy for achieving her goals. That is why she was admired by her nation and love affairs equally. She also put great effort in creating a surrounding of art and beauty which is why she collected jewelry, paintings and sculptures.

Scorpio-Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt (1351-1334 B.C)
Nefertiti is the embodiment of feminine beauty and power. Although she was very strong, at times even ruthless, she shared a genuine romantic connection with her husband Akhenaton. In paintings they are often shown riding chariots together or kissing in public. They were inseperable and had equal rights and influence on the country. Today the Egyptian Queen remains one of the most mysterious women in history and an icon of elegance.

Sagittarius-Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt (51-30 B.C)
Cleopatra is famous for her feminine and erotic aura and her beauty. The reign of this temperamental and charismatic queen lasted 21 years and was fueled by love affairs with Caesar and Marc Antony. Cleopatra is described as ambitious for power and ready to take what is needed to preserve it which is why she came off as ruthless and cunning. This queen is also known as a risk-taker not afraid to take what is hers by fighting as well as negotiating. She was very clever and well-educated and especially interested in foreign languages.

Capricorn-Victoria I, Queen of the United Kingdom (1837-1901)
This Queen was brought up as a curious and intelligent child and grew into a self-confident, independent and conscientious woman. She possessed good judgement which is why she just knew which people to trust. Her husband Albert became the one person in her life she could rely on and both enjoyed a harmonious marriage which was based on domesticity and decency. After the death of her husband, Victoria was broken-hearted and lived mostly in privacy.

Aquarius-Elizabeth I, Queen of England (1558-1603)
Elizabeth is famous for her strong will, intelligence and a long period of political stability. She enjoyed great popularity with people and was held in a kind of supernatural awe. While she was a strong and decisive leader on the one hand, she had a fear of making political mistakes on the other. Typical paintings show her with red hair and pale skin. Elizabeth was a lover of peace like no ruler of England before.

Pisces-Elisabeth of Wittelsbach (Sisi), Empress of Austria (1853-1898)
Sisi married when she was only 16 years old, making her empress and an important part of Austrian aristocracy which she was not prepared for. Her independent nature was afflicted with the nobility making fun of her and the ambitious stepmother. Being seperated from her children caused Elisabeth serious illness and depression. After two years of recovery she regained her strength and took political control. Her liberal ideas and the effort on the poor but also her beauty and fashion sense gained her popularity.

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