Expelling imperialism from MENA necessitates recognition of the oppression and marginalization of non-Arab and non-Muslim minorities. Then solidarity.

The criminal bomber was of ISIS – and the need to distinguish ourselves from a fascist formation like ISIS is understandable – but what’s important to realize is that the daily discrimination experienced by Copts comes from their own Muslim countrymen. Muslims expressed frustration at the bombing of the Botroseyya Church in Egypt, but others entertained theories of the state committing the crime (some outrageously blamed Copts themselves). Some nearly excused the crime, citing “Copts support Sisi”. Never mind that the Patriarch is no political representative and that Copts are not politically homogenous, excusing violence against a community for their perceived mass support for this regime or that foreign power should remind us of how Turkish nationalists excuse the historic crime against Armenians (when they don’t outright deny it).

We must be vigilant in preventing fascist ideologies from taking root in our communities.

Sisi was only 16 years old and woefully unprepared for married life. Traumatized by the consummation of the marriage on the wedding night, she remained secluded in her bedroom for three days, refusing to come out. Afterward, she struggled to adapt to the Habsburg court life with its rigid expectations and practices and stringent etiquette. Before long, she fell ill, but her illness turned out to be her first pregancy.