I wanted to write something awesome about this photoshoot but now that I got the photos I simply have no words. I’m extremely grateful to the amazing greencat for making my dream photoshoot come true and of course to my loyal lady-in-waiting mimi clothing for the help! <3

Sissi - Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary
Location: Schloß Schönbrunn, Vienna
Cosplay: Elyon Cosplay (
Photo: greencat (

Sisi was only 16 years old and woefully unprepared for married life. Traumatized by the consummation of the marriage on the wedding night, she remained secluded in her bedroom for three days, refusing to come out. Afterward, she struggled to adapt to the Habsburg court life with its rigid expectations and practices and stringent etiquette. Before long, she fell ill, but her illness turned out to be her first pregancy.