Horror Blogger Turned Killer
Ashlee Martinson

In June 2016, 18 year old Ashlee Martinson was sentenced to 23 years in prison for the brutal murder of her mother Jennifer Ayers and her partner Thomas Ayers. After suffering years of abuse by her mothers partners, Ashlee finally snapped.

On March the 7th 2015 in Wisconsin, Ashlee shot Thomas multiple times and then stabbed Jennifer over 30 times. It’s claimed she got into an argument with her parents about dating 22 year old Ryan Sisco, Ashlee took Thomas’s gun to kill herself but switched. After the murders she locked her siblings and step siblings in a room with food and water, Martinson then ran away with Ryan, he had no idea of the crime but they drove to Indiana.

Ashlee Martinson was revealed to be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Martinson’s real father abandoned the family, and a string of her mothers boyfriends would burn her with cigarettes and she was raped at 9. Thomas Ayers was the final straw, he was mentally and verbally abusive to Ashlee whilst psychically to her mum and other siblings. It’s also reported Ayers would kill animals in front of the family.

Martinson had been known online as ‘Vampchick’, and wrote horror stories and poetry about vampires and serial killers, with lines such as the ‘sweet horrors of blood that I thirst for’.

no surprises: a dystopian mix

This is a mix that I made for jadeddiva, but she thought that you might all like it as well, in case you’re feeling particularly post-apocalyptic.

no surprises → dystopian mix. and there is nothing left but silence and ash and you and the entirety of the empty earth

[i. marideth sisco - missouri waltz ii. the decemberists - burying davy iii. sia - paranoid android iv. lorde - everybody wants to rule the world v. the castanets - you are the blood vi. jamie n commons - lead me home viI. the be good tanyas - waiting around to die vIii. hozier - it will come back ix. sun kil moon - heron blue x. the dead weather - will there be enough water? xi. crooked still - wading deep waters xii. sufjan stevens - seven swans xiii. mother falcon - karma police xiv. thee silver mount zion orchestra - little ones run xv. amanda palmer - no surprises xvi. civil twilight - the courage or the fall xvii. anaîs mitchell - a hymn for the exiled xviii. the dead science - sign your name xvix. carolina chocolate drops - pretty bird xx. black prairie - red rocking chair xxi. the felice brothers - goddamn you, jim xxii. the barr brothers - the devil’s harp xxiii. king britt - new world in my view xxiv. johnny cash - farther along xxvi. bahari - wild ones xxvi. bob dylan - tomorrow is a long time]

why tf don’t more people watch deep space 9??

  • julian bashir?? and his friendship w/ chief o’brian? it’s literally the best???
  • odo being super confused about humanoids 24/7
  • jadzia dax and dax’s multiple lifetimes “I’ve been a father a couple of times” and also her entire lack of fucks for anyone who tries to tell her how to live her life
  • sisco’s baseball obsession
  • kira nerys being amazing in general
  • quark slowly gaining *gasp* MORALS?!?!? rom in the background not giving two fucks about ferengi traditions
  • garak being a pleasant asshole
  • jake sisco being bffs with nog (nog becomes the responsible one)


2015’S BEST SUMMER SONGS // [listen

1. the mowgli’s - whatever forever | 2. cruisr - go for it | 3. phases - i’m in love with my life | 4. x ambassadors - renegades | 5. san sisco - run | 6. boxed wine - innocent | 7. langhorne slim & the law - strangers | 8. sunset sons - blondie | 9. max and the moon - actor | 10. hunter hunted - blindside | 11. flyte - light me up | 12. superfood - mood bomb | 13. kyko - headlights | 14. kodaline - ready | 15. san sisco - bitter winter | 16. anthem academy - every little beat | 17. smooth ends - southbound | 18. nova and the experience - we made | 19. compny - lovers | 20. fort lean - cut to the chase | 21. only real - yesterdays | 22. the mowgli’s - i’m good | 23. freedom fry - yeah you | 24. kid astray - it’s alright | 25. best coast - heaven sent | 26. new politics - west end kids | 27. mat kearney - one black sheep | 28. rac (ft. nate henricks) - back of the car