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1. the mowgli’s - whatever forever | 2. cruisr - go for it | 3. phases - i’m in love with my life | 4. x ambassadors - renegades | 5. san sisco - run | 6. boxed wine - innocent | 7. langhorne slim & the law - strangers | 8. sunset sons - blondie | 9. max and the moon - actor | 10. hunter hunted - blindside | 11. flyte - light me up | 12. superfood - mood bomb | 13. kyko - headlights | 14. kodaline - ready | 15. san sisco - bitter winter | 16. anthem academy - every little beat | 17. smooth ends - southbound | 18. nova and the experience - we made | 19. compny - lovers | 20. fort lean - cut to the chase | 21. only real - yesterdays | 22. the mowgli’s - i’m good | 23. freedom fry - yeah you | 24. kid astray - it’s alright | 25. best coast - heaven sent | 26. new politics - west end kids | 27. mat kearney - one black sheep | 28. rac (ft. nate henricks) - back of the car


On this day in history July 14, 1789: The French Revolution begins with the storming of the Bastille prison during a popular uprising in Paris. The event symbolized the beginning of a revolution in France, leading to the overthrow of the old regime and the execution of King Louis XVI, his wife and many leading members of the French aristocracy. The event is celebrated in France as Bastille Day or Le Quatorze Juillet. 

Why attack the Bastille? According to the Bastille Day - July 14th, 1789 page from the Bastille Day and the French Revolution (1789) website:

On the morning of July 14th, 1789, a group formed of craftsmen and salesmen decided to fight back and ran to the Invalides to steal some weapons. The mob stole 28,000 riffles there, however no powder was to be found. The crowd knew that a pile of powder was stocked in the Bastille, a prison that was a symbol of the King’s absolute and arbitrary power. So they decided to attack it.

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Ace in space

@terrafey here is a list of possible aces in space.
1.) Chekov, TOS.
Idk. Idk why. Idk why not. Good enough for you, God enough for me.
2.) Guinan, TNG.
you never see her in a romantic or sexual relationship, or thinking about either.
Only being cryptic and or badass.
3.) Sisco, DS9.
Well, he never says anything about sex so maybe. He’s actually one of the only characters who never has a “morning after” scene or a “sex fantasy” scene.
In fact, this one time a telepathic alien came on board and long story short everyone started making out with their subconscious crushes, i.e. people they’re sexually attracted to. He was unaffected and VERY confused and concerned.
4.) Kes, VOY.
Well, she doesn’t go through puberty for some time (maybe never I don’t remember). Also her people only do the do once in their lives. And only if they want a baby. Which grows in the shoulder of the female.
5.) Hoshi, ENT.
She never has/thinks about sex in cannon that I’m aware of. In fact there was this one alien that made everyone have super crazy sex fantasies to distract them and we saw everyone’s EXCEPT hers, but it’s implied that she had one. I like to think that she was thinking about something else, like linguistics (she’s a linguist).
One ace in space from each series.


On This Day in Baseball History July 18, 1927: Philadelphia Athletics outfielder Ty Cobb became the first Major League Baseball player to reach the 4,000 hit plateau against his former team the Detroit Tigers at the Tigers home Navin Field. He would hit his 4,000th hit against Tigers pitcher Sam Gibson in the top of the first inning.

Baseball Sisco Presents: Ty Cobb Becomes The First Player to Reach 4,000 Hits July 18, 1927

anonymous asked:

most attractive fictional characters?

snake plissken
carmen sandiego
robin hood from disney’s robin hood
mulder & scully
karen sisco
mr. darcy
foxy brown/jackie brown
indiana jones
that time paul rudd played phoebe’s husband on friends


On This Day in History July 13, 1863: The New York Draft Riots erupted in New York City leading to the deaths of over 100 people and the destruction of over 100 buildings due to the burning that occurred during the riots. What led to these riots.

There were many reasons that led to the riots. One was the divisive nature of the Civil War in New York City. Trade was disrupted in New York City among business and Southern trading partners.

A second reason was the arrival of many blacks to New York City following President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. The blacks would fight for many of the lower class for jobs, especially the Irish dockworkers. Many of these Irish would become eligible for the draft while the blacks would be exempt since they were not citizens of the United States. This would lead to simmering tensions that would erupt during the riots.

A third reason was the belief that the war was benefitting the bottom line of the rich at the expense of the poor man who went and gave up his body and life on the battlefield. This was highlighted by the passing of “An Act for enrolling and calling out the national Forces, and for other Purposes,” aka the Civil War Conscription Act of 1863, which was enacted by Congress on March 3, 1863. According to the post New York City Draft Riots 1863 webpage of the MAAP Mapping the African American Past website:

The act made all male citizens between 20 and 35 and all unmarried men between 20 and 45 subject to military duty. However, anyone who could pay $300 could avoid service. Blacks were not considered citizens and were exempt.

To read the entire act, go to the “An Act for enrolling and calling out the national Forces, and for other Purposes,” Congressional Record. 37th Cong. 3d. Sess. Ch. 74, 75. 1863. March 3, 1863. at The Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition website which is a part of the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale.

The first examples of rioting occured against the military and government building by white potential draftees. According to the article Four Days of Fire: The New York City Draft Riots By Barbara Maranzani from the History In The Headlines website dated July 5, 2013:

Remarkably, the first day of the draft, Saturday, July 11, passed largely without incident. However, as the initial lists of the conscripted began to spread, a large-scale protest movement got underway. When officials (accompanied by just a dozen police officers) arrived at the city’s Provost Marshall’s office on the morning of Monday, July 13, they found a restless, anxious crowd of roughly 500, many of them armed. Shortly after the draft’s 10:30 a.m. start time, a volunteer fire company, angered at the military conscription of their chief two days earlier, arrived on the scene. Known as Black Joke Engine Co. No. 33, the burly group was just as famous for their fist-fighting skills as they were for their fire fighting. The men soon began to smash the building’s windows and force their way inside, followed closely by the growing mob. After breaking in, they destroyed much of the draft equipment as local officials fled the scene. The protestors, meanwhile, began to spread out across the city, growing in numbers.

An early target of the mob was the pro-war press, particularly the New York Tribune, run by ardent abolitionist Horace Greeley. By mid-morning a group of protestors had descended on the city’s lower Manhattan media district and were only turned away under heavy fire by armed newspaper staffers. Around the same time, another mob contingent laid waste to the one of the city’s armories.

As the riots gained momentum, the shift changed from the military to blacks. According to the article New York City Draft Riots by Daryl Worthington from the New Historian dated July 12, 2015:

The mob then descended on the Colored Orphan Asylum, a refuge for some 200 orphaned African-American children. The teachers and carers at the orphanage saw the approaching mob and quickly evacuated the children to safety. The building was wrecked, looted and then torched. One child, who had been left behind during the evacuation and was found hiding under a bed, was murdered by the rioters. The attack on the orphanage marked the point when the racial tension behind the New York insurrection became abundantly clear.

African-American men were the biggest targets of the violence, highlighting that the protest against the draft had been used as a gateway to vent dangerous frustrations. Close to a dozen black men were beaten and lynched by the end of the rioting, with newspapers carrying harrowing images of three African-American men hanging from a telegraph pole with a mob below.

It would take Federal troops sent to New York City by President Lincoln to quell the violence by July 16, 1863. The draft riots would become a black mark on the history of New York City.

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Raylan Givens, Karen Sisco, assorted creeps, criminals, and ne’er-do-wells

TylerDFC is just getting into Elmore Leonard and recently checked out the short story collection, Fire in the Hole. Fans of the FX series Justified know the title story is the one that provides the series with its backbone as well as almost entirely encapsulates the first episode. The story is so good if a TV series hadn’t been made based off it you would certainly be forgiven thinking someone should do so and quickly. This collection isn’t just for Justified fans though, TylerDFC gives it 4 stars.
McAuliffe: Tired of waiting on deal to rework port's $1 billion-plus lease #vagov
NORFOLK The governor of Virginia fired a shot Tuesday over the bow of Virginia International Gateway Inc., whose executives have been talking with state and port officials about possibly reworking a lease of the facility that the Virginia Port Authority signed five years ago this month.

The governor of Virginia fired a shot Tuesday over the bow of Virginia International Gateway Inc., whose executives have been talking with state and port officials about possibly reworking a lease of the facility that the Virginia Port Authority signed five years ago this month.

“We’ve negotiated long enough,” Gov. Terry McAuliffe told the authority’s board in brief remarks at the start of its July meeting. “If we’re not going to do a deal with them, we’re going to do it ourselves. Send a message back: I’m tired of waiting. We’ve got strategic decisions to make.”

Eric Sisco, chairman of Virginia International Gateway, declined to comment Tuesday, other than to say that “the parties are meeting and having a good-faith, cordial and productive discussion around a common objective.”

In July 2010, port officials signed off on a 20-year, $1 billion-plus lease of a state-of-the-art container facility in Portsmouth built by a unit of Denmark-based conglomerate A.P. Moller-Maersk Group.

Click on the headline to read the full story.
~ The Virginian-Pilot


On This Day in History July 17, 1744: Elbridge Gerry (7/17/1744 - 11/23/1814) American Revolutionary leader as a member of the Continental Congress, a Representative in the United States Congress (1783-85), Governor of Massachusetts (1810-1812) and U.S. Vice President under James Madison (1813-14) was born in Marblehead, MA. 

As stated above, Gerry would be a public servant on both the national and state level but would be forever seen in a negative light due to two acts.

The first came as Gerry was appointed as member of a three-man commission by President John Adams to help bring a peaceful resolution to what would become known as the XYZ Affair between the United States and France. The post  A Biography of Elbridge Gerry 1744-1814 from the American History: From Revolution to Reconstruction and beyond website briefly describes Gerry’s role in the affair:

In 1797 President John Adams appointed him as the only non-Federalist member of a three-man commission charged with negotiating a reconciliation with France, which was on the brink of war with the United States. During the ensuing XYZ affair (1797-98), Gerry tarnished his reputation. Talleyrand, the French foreign minister, led him to believe that his presence in France would prevent war, and Gerry lingered on long after the departure of John Marshall and Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, the two other commissioners. Finally, the embarrassed Adams recalled him, and Gerry met severe censure from the Federalists upon his return.

For a more in depth explanation of the series of events that were led to and were part of the XYZ Affair, read the post The XYZ Affair and the Quasi-War with France, 1798–1800 from the United States Department of State Office of the Historian’s website.

The second negative act by Gerry comes from the coining of the term “Gerrymandering”. According to the Google word search for the term Gerrymander:

(To) manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class. achieve (a result) by manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency. "a total freedom to gerrymander the results they want"

Early 19th century: from the name of Governor Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts + salamander, from the supposed similarity between a salamander and the shape of a new voting district on a map drawn when he was in office (1812), the creation of which was felt to favor his party: the map (with claws, wings, and fangs added), was published in the Boston Weekly Messenger, with the title The Gerry-Mander .

For an excellent description of how Gerrymandering is used in today’s political landscape, click on the article This is the best explanation of gerrymandering you will ever see by Christopher Ingraham from the Washington Post dated March 1, 2015.

Gerry would pass away on November 23, 1814 and is the only signer of the Declaration of Independence that is buried in Washington D.C.



Odo: kira no
Kira: kira yes

Worf: jadzia no
Jadzia: jadzia yes

Bashir: garak no
Garak: garak yes

Bajor: Wyn no
Wyn (and the pa wraiths and dukat): Wyn yes

Rom: quark no
Quark: quark yes

Kira, Sisco, the dominion, the proffets, the pa wraiths, Gul Damar, Weyoun 1-8, all of Bajor, Garak, Cardassia, Zyal, Wyn, all Dukat’s followers: DUKAT PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD AND EVIL AND IN BETWEEN NO
dukat: dukat yes

Sisco: sisco no
The proffets: sisco yes or we destroy bajor from the future past or something lol


On This Day in History July 19, 1960: 21-year old rookie Juan Marichal of the Dominican Republic makes his major league debut for the San Francisco Giants and does so in an impressive fashion. Marichal would defeat the Philadelphia Phillies 2-0 by throwing a 1-hit, 12-strikeout, 1-walk complete game losing the no-hit bid in the 8th inning. 

Baseball Sisco Presents: Juan Marichal Debuts With a Complete Game 1-Hitter on July 19, 1960

danthescott asked:

what about if russia china the european union and liberland invaded the usa by way of landing on virgina beach to the east and san fran sisco to the west.

That’s so hypothetical that it’s not even really a question. It wouldn’t happen. EU is allied with the U.S. and relies on the U.S. heavily. China’s economy NEEDS the U.S. and Liberland does not have a military.

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  1. Ninguna.


  1. Dylan Sprayberry +48 hrs.


  • Halsey.
  • Francisco Lachowski
  • Arleen Hendrix


  1. Ninguna.


  1. Jayden Miller-Zayn Malik  ✔
  2. Bianca Sanchez-Lucy Hale  ✔
  3. Charlotte Frost-Phoebe Tonkin  ✔
  4. Nicholas West-Ashton Irwin  ✔
  5. Max Benedetti-Luke Hemmings  ✔
  6. Damian Leblanc-Grant Gustin  ✔
  7. Chloe Benford-Zoe Sugg  ✔
  8. Keira Cawkwell-Camila Cabello  ✔
  9. Ruth Kingston-Selena Gomez  ✔
  10. Serena Sisco-Lauren Jauregui  ✔
  11. Kyle O’connell-Niall Horan  ✔
  12. Alec Prince-Finn Harries  ✔
  13. Grace Munroe-Sophia Turner  ✔
  14. Hunter Wells-Harry Styles  ✔
  15. Louis Tomlinson-Luca D’antuan  ✔
  16. Nina Cortés-Ariana Grande  ✔
  17. Claire Davis- Adelaide Kane  ✔
  18. Jude Harding-Liam Payne  ✔
  19. Lancelot Mace-Joey Graceffa  ✔
  20. Dominic D’antuan-Louis Tomlinson ✔
  21. Aileen Antzas-Claire Holt. ✔
  22. Mckenzie Stefanov-Vanessa Hudgens ✔
  23. Sofía Russell-Cara Delevingne ✔
  24. Delilah Aboud-Gigi Hadid ✔
  25. Dante Lorenzetti-Matt Healy ✔
  26. Joseph Griffin-Dylan O’brien ✔
  27. Astrid Jhonson-Ashley Benson ✔
  28. Aelan Millock-Naya Rivera ✔
  29. Jax Turner-Lucky Blue Smith  ✔
  30. Bethany Montgomery-Shelley Hennig  ✔
  31. Ivo Moniz Garcia-Daniel Sharman ✔
  32. JC Pradox-Calum Hood
  33. Antara Schulz-Holland Roden ✔
  34. Paulina Moncada-Barbara Palvin ✔
  35. Elyse-Fournier-Amanda Steele
  36. Sebastian Talbot-Nathan Sykes ♡
  37. Cody Prince-Jack Harries
  38. Ares McQueen-Jack Falahee
  39. Liam Sherwood-Cody Christian


  • Elyse Fournier-Amanda Steele. +4 días.
  • Dante Lorenzetti-Matt Healy. +4 días.
  • Serena Sisco. +4 días
  • Nicholas West. +4 días.
  • Charlotte Frost. +4 días.



  • T O D O S bc yes.

[ FEMENINOS 19 ]  + [ MASCULINOS  → 21 ] = 40 pjs y reservas.

ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ Okay este recuento fue difícil, muy difícil y si me preguntan, no tengo ni idea de cuando llegamos a esa cantidad. I’m so proud, ahr.-dianna portando la inseriedad desde 1997-. Los amamos mucho bebotes.

  • CUPOS FEMENINOS: 3 CUPOS DISPONIBLES. No hay gran diferencia, pero hay muchachones que también se nos van (si continúan con la inactividad), así que preferimos abrir poquitos para probar. 


                           RECUERDEN QUE TENEMOS PAUTADA UNA ACTIVIDAD MAÑANA. TIENEN QUE SUBIR SUS VÍDEOS EL DÍA MIÉRCOLES A MÁS TARDAR.♡ ♡ Para más información, toquen el siguiente link (pinchame). Estaremos preparando otras cositas para el fin de semana y tal vez una actividad rapidita para el jueves. 

Besos en las pompis y tengan un excelente día ♡


On This Day in History July 16, 1790: The District of Columbia was established as the seat of the U.S. government when Congress empowered by Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the United States Constitution authorized President George Washington to select a location for the permanent capital of the United States. 

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 states the following:

To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;

In a compromise between the North and the South, an area was selected that would appease both groups whose interests would continually butt heads in the early history of the United States. According to the Washington, DC History page of the website

The choice of Washington’s site along the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers resulted from a compromise between Alexander Hamilton and northern states who wanted the new federal government to assume Revolutionary War debts, and Thomas Jefferson and southern states who wanted the capital placed in a location friendly to slave-holding agricultural interests.

The capital was moved from Philadelphia to the new city of Washington D.C. on December 1, 1800. To further illustrate how the young city would grow past the ten miles square limitation in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the United States Constitution, the DC Home Rule page of the Council of the District of Columbia website states:

The form of government for the federal district which consisted of five separate units–Washington City, Georgetown, Washington County in Maryland, and Alexandria and the County of Alexandria in Virginia–was debated in Congress. One bill gave residents no self-government while another provided a territorial legislature and partial home rule. In 1801, Congress passed emergency legislation dividing the District into two counties, Washington County where Maryland laws would apply, and Alexandria County where Virginia laws would apply (The Virginia part of the District was returned to Virginia in 1846).

Nearly seventy years later, Georgetown, Washington City, and Washington County were absorbed into a new territory 

So how big is Washington D.C. today? According to the post How Big is Washington, DC? from the Washington DC Go website:

The US capital of Washington, DC, currently covers 68.3 square miles or roughly 43,712 acres. The entire area that it occupies constitutes a federally-administered territory and was ceded to the federal government by Maryland State Legislature in 1791. Borders of the District are fixed, and the city limits cannot expand without Congress approving a law changing territory’s area.

Originally, DC was a quadrilateral of 4 borderlines that were each 10 miles long. Due to the retrocession of Arlington County and Alexandria (see below), DC has irregular dimensions with each boundary line a different length. The city is 14 miles at its longest from North to South, while 9 miles at its widest from East to West.

When the district first came into existence by an act of Congress in 1791, its total area was 100 square miles. Virginia, which had ceded roughly 31 miles to the District, successfully petitioned Congress to have the area returned to the state in 1847. The city was much smaller than the district for many decades.

For Further Reading:

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  1. Sasha Pieterse.


  1. Phoebe Tonkin
  2. Ashton Irwin
  3. Luke Hemmings
  4. Zoe Sugg
  5. Lauren Jauregui
  6. Cara Delevingne
  7. Matt Healy
  8. Amanda Steele
  9. Lucas Till -No se recibió la audición.
  10. Marzia Bisognin -No se recibió la audición.
  11. Dylan Sprayberry -No se recibió la audición.


  1. Ninguna.


  1. Grace Munroe
  2. Jax Turner
  3. Liam Sherwood
  4. Bethany Montgomery
  5. Aelan Millock
  6. Astrid Johnson


  1. Charlotte Frost
  2. Max Bennedetti
  3. Nicholas West
  4. Serena Sisco
  5. Chloe Benford
  6. Dante Lorenzetti
  7. Sofía Russell
  8. Elyse Fournier


  1. Paulina Moncada
  2. Mckenzie Stefanov
  3. Demian Leblanc
  4. Ruth Kingston

Bien chicos, vamos a ser bien claras: estamos atravesando la época más difícil. No es sencillo que un rp supere las dos semanas y aquí estamos, intentando romper la maldición, lol. Estamos en la obligación de ser exigentes, al menos por ahora.

En primera: las personas que están en peligro de unfollow, tienen chance hasta el sábado en la tarde de aparecer, de lo contrario, sus personajes serán despedidos como el resto. Muchos merecían unfollow, pero aún me queda la ligera (y tal vez absurda) esperanza de que vuelvan, nos den una explicación detallada de su inactividad, excusas y blah, se queden. Mañana publicaré el recuento informal, no obstante, si quieren volver y sus personajes siguen libres (en caso de ser canons) saben que son bien recibidos por nosotras.

Lo que si queremos pedir porque admitimos que nos disgusta muchísimo es que; de querer irse lo digan, tengan la decencia de visitar nuestro inbox y pedir unfollow, no borrar la cuenta y darse por perdidos. Chicos, es desagradable y una falta de respeto hacía la administración e integrantes. No nos vamos a molestar, es su decisión y como cualquier otra, la respetamos. Pero por favor, nada cuesta avisarnos de su partida.

Plantearemos las siguientes cositas: snaps, sms y demás redes sociales no se consideran como actividad desde hoy. Evitemos desaparecer tres días, volver al cuarto (evitar que nos den unf) y publicar algo. No es justo que se desperdicien los personajes de esa forma, vaya que no. Se requiere responsabilidad, constancia y al menos una o dos horas continuas de su tiempo. No es un indie, tampoco un grupo reducido donde estos aspectos son menos importantes. Es un grupal y todo grupal necesita su tiempito o se nos muere. No piensen que somos ogros, severas o demás cosas, pero ustedes mismos son testigos de las condiciones que presentamos y medidas hay que tomar, tarde o temprano.

Muchísimas gracias a los que siguen con nosotros, muchísimas gracias por quedarse y darnos la oportunidad, pero ahora necesitamos de su parte. Estamos al cien por ciento seguras de que podremos salir de esta con la colaboración de todos. Un besote enorme y diviértanse.