SPX / SIS 2012 Stockholm

Small press comic convention in Stockholm Sweden

This weekend it was the yearly comic convention I usually attend. I’m still a bit exhausted from it all. It was wonderful though, I sold really well and had a lot of fun.

I was afraid it wouldn’t be nice because of the loss (see earlier blogpost) but despite getting sad the times when I realized I was looking over the sea of people at the con trying to see where she was, it was one of the nicest ones so far. Seeing so many old friends and making many new ones!  There was sooo much good stuff/talented people all around, I was surprised at the boost in the quality of work all around. It was really nice to see. ^v^)/

I can’t wait for next year.

Some photos:


  >>Whole photo-set from the weekend<<

Back from Stockholm International Comics Festival! This is a pile of loot from the comic market and Stockholm at large.

Note: The Red Hood and the Outlaws issue was in a one dollar bin and I bought it for Rochafortes art.

Rans Magiska Värld/Ran to Haiiro no Sekai  is also the most beautiful and charming comic I’ve seen in a while. I fell for it instantly.

We’re showing our Conversation board at the Social Innovation Summit taking place in the computer history museum in mountain view , California. Colabo has partnered with CDW to be part of the Humanitarian Cloud getting cloud technology in he hands of non profit organizations and enabling them to spread their goodness efficiently and effectively. It’s always so much fun watching people mesmerized by the social conversation taking place about their cause or organization of choice.

 For more on Colabo, check out our website: